PLL – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Family Business

Hi all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers, welcome to a new recap, so lets get started.

This week we begin with the liars hanging out at he coffee house eating brownies and chatting about last weeks episode. They have a new A list that includes Lucas and the Black Swan. In an odd twist we notice that Melissa is also in attendance as well as Mama Hastings.

Now I am not sure how all that came about but how often do the girls hang out with their entire families to discuss A? AWKWARD? I know they are different tables and they aren’t talking loud but still; it’s not a very careful situation.

Anywho, a couple of the girls comment on how small Melissa has become since she is no longer pregnant, Hanna guesses she is about a size 2. I gotta say small yes but I don’t see a size 2 LOL oh well that is just me maybe. Hanna goes as far as to say she is Black Swan skinny and speculates about how long Melissa was pretending to be preggers. Hmmm hey I said that before !!

Seconds later Jason burst in the room to confront Mama Hastings on defending Garrett. You know she is all lets not talk about this here. She is full of propriety and standards despite what she herself is doing, right? I’m with Jason everyone is going to know anyway why not discuss it in public? She comes back with everyone deserves a proper legal defense which is all kinds of wrong. Melissa looks oddly at her. I really wonder what Mama knows that she isn’t telling anyone.

Spencer rushes after Jason on his exit. She wants to know if he is okay. He is putting up signs offering a reward for the return or location of Allison’s missing remains for fifty thousand dollars.

The girls have followed Spencer and as they stand looking at the sign they get an A message, “Imagine what I could do with fifty grand, A”

Cue Creepy Theme Music

At Spencer’s house later she asks her mother if she saw the flyers around town. She finds out that her mother believes the person who stole the body might also be Allison’s real killer which would prove Garrett innocent. Spencer seems surprised by this news. I gotta say this short scene was not really needed it didn’t move us forward at all it seemed a waste. I mean really Spencer had to have known her mother saw the signs that Jason put up and we already knew that Mama Hastings thought Garrett had a good case.

Moving on, at school the next day Aria is attacked by an animal from her closet, I think a tiger or a leopard in the form of an overpowering dress, LOL. I do love the butterfly necklace however, I want that. I think this same dress in a smaller print version of the same animal would have suited her much better she is too petite for such large print.

Anyway she and Hanna are discussing her father going out on a date with Meredith, plus how he is wearing strangely baby wipe smelling cologne lately. They look up to find Ella in the hall seemingly unaware that her Ex-husband is starting to date. Hanna suggests that Aria be the one to break it to her mother.

Aria goes into Ella’s classroom to tell her about Byron, but decides against it at the last-minute. She talks briefly with Ella about meeting up with her on Sunday to hang out, tries to convince her to go out with friends, which doesn’t work then with a flippant I love you leaves the room. No hug, no mess hmmm interesting but they live in the same town and they haven’t ever been really the hugging type, I suppose.

Across town Hanna arrives to visit Mona at the Nuthouse. She is told that Mona can’t have visitors but she is sure they don’t mean her until a orderly/security person gives her a look like we aren’t kidding. They don’t explain why Mona has lost her visitation privileges but its all kinds of odd the way the security guy hovers and the nurse seems suddenly snooty with Hanna. I know its like a conspiracy or something. Where is Wren when you need him LOL.

At the coffee shop we see Emily on her first day of work. Em has just begun working when Nat, who claims to be Maya’s cousin arrives. Ok the guy is handsome but I watched this episode twice last night and I do not in any way believe its Maya’s cousin. I will tell you what I do believe as we go along. He goes so that Em won’t get in trouble for chatting on her first day but they plan to talk again later or soon.

Over at the Marin’s, Hanna is on the phone with Wren about why she can’t see Mona when Caleb arrives all smiley and happy to see her. Caleb has tickets to some exciting concert, he expected her to be excited about but instead she is not concerned at all about it.

It turns out Wren told her that some guy visited Mona at which time she freaked out. Hanna speculates it was Lucas but Caleb confesses it was him. They argue over why he went to see Mona, about her talking to Wren about the issue, about why Mona is bad for her even in the nuthouse and why she is going to do whatever the hells he wants because she is Hanna LOL, Caleb leaves after squashing the tickets in his hand. Unappreciative Much Hanna???

Oh before I forget again, don’t we all love Hanna’s new shorter hair? I hated her extensions last season they looked so much like everyone’s else’s hair on every other show LOL. Also I wonder why we haven’t heard when this change was made, maybe it will be in a flashback.

After the break, Hanna is talking with Aria about how much she wants to tell Caleb about A and all that stuff. Aria insists that she should tell him because if it was her she would tell EZRA. So maybe this season will be the season they decide to keep less secrets from those around them and tell A to move along already. I can hope right?

Aria is also looking for her mother a new guy on a dating website as they chat it up. Hanna isn’t convinced that Ella, who is a catch, needs to find a guy online LOL. Really its more about convenience then desperation dear Hanna banana LOL. Ashley walks in while they are browsing the site and we find that she has been online dating herself at she tells the girls its a much better site. She of course is unaware that Ella doesn’t know she is dating online just yet hahaha LOL.

At the school Spencer is stalking her half-brother wearing knees socks and high heels LOL not liking that look, where is the basics LOL. He comes out of the room where he has been encouraging some youngsters I assume. You know Jason the poster boy for volunteers. I personally think he does it all to try to find Allison’s killer or because he is rich and bored LOL.

So they chat about the abilities of the Rosewood cops, the money for the reward, the reason that Mama Hastings took the case for Garrett and the thought that a Hastings might be involved with the remains of Allison. Jason has to take a call so he wanders off leaving Spencer to stare after him after he mentioned to her basically that he knows when he is being lied to, does she? Oh and I do love the dress/jacket combo.

Back at Marin’s they decide that Ella is a gourmet cook and athletic which Hanna doesn’t quite agree with but she does choose the profile name, get this, its HotMamma LOL.

Meanwhile Emily the only working one of the Liars is meeting up with Nat. He shows her a picture of herself that she sent to Maya when she was at True North. Now wasn’t that the time that Maya had started dating a guy briefly we found out later. Interesting that he would have that picture, yeah yeah he said Maya sent it to him so they were close huh, right. This so-called cousin that Maya didn’t think enough about to mention to Em suddenly has arrived in town. See I totally think that he is the guy she dated the Stalker guy that keep calling her that night she went out with Pam and Em, remember??? I think that he killed Maya for not returning his love maybe even for being gay, does anyone else see this?

Oh and he says the funeral was small, just family like maybe he watched from a distance. Emily should have been invited to the funeral of her girlfriend, NO, yes hell yes. Is all too odd that he knows some stuff but not other stuff. As far as the tee-shirt which he gives to Em that Maya had made for her, he could have easily stolen that from her room. He was probably stalking her a long time. I am not sure why he is talking to Emily except that he has a sick mind and wants to be with the girl who was lovers with Maya.

Emily tells him they saw the movie on the tee-shirt on their first date but they were busy doing other things so didn’t see much of it. HE says that is his kind of way to watch a movie, sounds PERVY from a guy who says he is Maya’s cousin, right? Emily looks oddly at him.

Over at the nuthouse, Hanna is trying to sneak in to see Mona when she sees Wren talking to Darren in the hallway. Darren insists he has the right to question Mona because he has a court order but Wren looks doubtful.

Emily is still talking to Nat but inside the coffee shop now. They talk about how Maya wasn’t real good at swimming but she tried. Here is where I wonder if maybe he wasn’t someone who Maya knew growing up Or she told him the stuff about swimming at her grandfathers. Before he leaves he tells Em that Maya talked about her all the time, saying she was her first real love. I don’t know but I just don’t trust this guy. OH and when Emily asks for Maya’s parents address he doesn’t have it with him, Um if he is related why doesn’t he know where they live by heart????? Yep another red flag!!! HE says he is glad he finally got to meet her, Em, before he leaves for class, supposedly. Emily notices he has left a book on the table, on purpose I am sure so he can see her again.

Back at Radley asylum, Wren and Hanna are discussing what Darren is doing talking to Mona. Wren who must have been listening outside the door tells Hanna its something about Allison’s missing remains. Hanna thinks its dumb because Mona has been in Radley all this time. Hanna keeps touching Wren’s hands while she talks to him, kinda intimate like. Hmm is this going to be a romance, Wren and Hanna, I can’t see it but she has been learning all those new words, she can hold her own with Dr. Wren LOL!

It seems Wren has already been in trouble with Mona’s doctor for helping Hanna to see Mona later than it’s normally allowed. Hanna didn’t know because he didn’t want her to know it seems. So Wren really did think Hanna was helping Mona Or did he have his own reasons, like he has a new crushie?

The girls meet up later to discuss the Mona situation. It all turns around because they think that Melissa was the black swan and now they know she lied about the baby; they want more Hastings miscarriage information. It’s really too bad Spencer is the one girl in the group with the most family baggage. Spencer says fine, she picks up the house keys for the Philly apartment of Melissa’s, “We’re going to Philly,” she concedes.

Later at the coffee shop, Ella runs into Ashley. Ashley mentions the dating website of which, Ella has no clue, oops.

Meanwhile in Philly the girls wait for Melissa to leave her apartment.

Back at the coffee shop, thanks to Ashley, Ella gets to see her online profile. Thanks Ashley for the support LOL. Luckily the coffee shop also serves wine so I guess it’s really a diner not so much a coffee shop, good to know. As they sip their wines they talk about, dating, being divorced and men as well as why Ella isn’t ready to start over with guys just yet. Ashley gets a text from the website telling her someone wants to meet for coffee, oh how convenient, Ella gets a chance to see how it all works LOL she isn’t interested I don’t think just yet.

Back at the apartment Melissa has already been gone twenty minutes and still no go inside call from Spencer. They decided they waited long enough, then we see Spencer waiting still and no Melissa. Is it possible she went somewhere else first she never does seem to be in a rush to meet up with her sister. We also know everything that comes out of Melissa anyway, I kinda wonder if she didn’t know they were waiting/watching for her to leave.

Either way the girls go inside the apartment, my first thought is it’s not as lavish as I had always assumed it might be. They start rifling through all sorts of papers, Em even looks through books on the shelf. Aria is sent to the bedroom to browse.

Spencer gets a text from Melissa saying she has to go back for her wallet, I want to know where she was all that time?

Spencer messages the girls but as they look through Melissa’s things they miss the message. They chit-chat about some of the receipts they find, like one for expensive boots as well Hanna wants to see the fake baby bump.

Hanna goes to the closet to look and finds its totally neat and organized; we can also see the boots are stored by height LOL, really. I think those are signs of a killer right? Oh and who needs that many pairs of boots oh I get she spent all her money on shoes not the size of the apartment.

Emily notices out the window that Melissa is coming back inside the apartment building. Okay its hilarious that they try to put every thing back in its place but the cheap desk it just rocking back and forth, REALLY??? I doubt the Hastings would buy anything that was not sturdy okay folks pay more attention on props LOL!! Now the desk in the other corner was clearly wood and solid which doesn’t match up at all.

You know Melissa takes her time going back in the apartment despite the fact that she has Spencer waiting for her. This chick is all kinds of wrong. She takes forever to meet Spencer then is in no hurry after telling her she was on her way again.

The first thing Melissa notices is that a book is on the table that should have been on the shelf, it’s the same one that Emily had looked through almost as soon as they walked in the room.

They give us a quick shot of the girls in the closet hiding, Melissa shakes her head as she puts the book on the shelf.

She goes to the closet to find her wallet in one of her other outfits then leaves again. The girls are quiet lucky the outfit she needed wasn’t three outfits further down LOL. It was a close call for sure.

Before they leave they find a bag from the costume store in the closet inside is a blue swan feather.

After the break, Hanna and Aria present the feather evidence to Spencer. I gotta say why doesn’t she see how horrible her family behaves? Anyway the feather matches the one that Hanna found before. The girls proclaim Melissa as A ,they want to go back to Philly to talk to her. They think she may even be somehow connected to Allison’s death. Spencer looks all sad but suggests they wait for Em to get off work at eight o’clock so they can all go together.

At home Spencer finds Melissa waiting with a knife as she chops veggies. She goes on about how horrible she thinks that Jason was to Mama Hastings at the diner/coffee shop before. I bet she just came back to town so she could keep an eye on Jason. She waves the knife around near Spencer like it’s no big deal. Spencer tells her she knows she was dressed as the Black Swan at the masquerade ball, that she knows she didn’t lose the baby in June. Melissa gets all weepy eyed while she tells Spencer she lost the baby the night they found Ian’s body. Spencer is all why didn’t you tell me but big sis says I tried to the night of Ian’s funeral. Yeah I doubt that I think Melissa is getting her second wind. She is lying out of her teeth on this stuff no doubt. She then says she saw Ian’s phone in Spencer’s bag and thought she sent the texts. Hmm what texts? Oh and no way she wouldn’t have reamed out Spencer for something like that!! Was she getting A texts too, that would mean she wasn’t A. So in her story Melissa says she pretended to be preggers because she didn’t want anyone to know she wasn’t any longer which sounds selfish because really who would care besides her family, who deserve to know the truth. Mom walks in about the time that Melissa is going to tell Spencer why she was at the ball as the Black Swan.

Over at the Marin’s Hanna tells Aria she is going to tell all to Caleb on his arrival. Okay so wait Hanna gets a message from A before she hangs up with Aria but she thinks its Caleb so she hangs up. It occurs to me that maybe her phone is tapped again, maybe all their phones are because its odd that anyone would be aware she was going to talk to Caleb about A but she and Aria because I don’t think she told the others. Any who, she gets a message from A, “I’m everywhere Hanna”, plus some pictures that show someone is Montecito in an accident before she contemplates her next step.

After the break, Melissa tells her little sordid tale about the black swan dress. According to her it was left in the hallway of her apartment with a note. The note said she had to wear the dress or the person would tell everyone she wasn’t pregnant. She also had to distract Jenna at the ball, convenient right? Oh you know pretending to be her friend, so that means that not only did Jenna know who the black swan was but also Lucas. It would seem like they were all aware, sounds like the A team to me. Melissa assumes now that the note was written by Mona, because that all happened the same night she was taken away to Radley aka local nuthouse.

Hey but wait, last season Spencer told Mona that night that Melissa had designed the Black Swan costume she had plan to wear at some point. Seriously doesn’t Spencer remember that?

Yeah I ain’t buying most of the story, but Melissa is all now this is all out in the open we can put it all behind us. She goes upstairs to supposedly lie down. I think her mother knows she lied; she just had that look about her as Melissa told the story.

Spencer asks Mama who else knew that Melissa was faking it, Mama replies, “your father and Garrett.” Mama tells us that one of the witness in Garrett case was the P. I. they hired to find Allison when she went missing, that’s why she grabbed on to Garrett’s case huh. YEah we all knew she was hiding something. Melissa calls for her mother to come upstairs, what is she three? got to have her mommy? LOL. Before Mama goes up she tells Spencer she can’t tell anyone that her sister is rotten all the way through and that she herself is not helping at all by trying to help her or something like that LOL!!

Mama has the nerves to add, “Like it or not this is your family.” Why would she say that? I want to know what else Mama is hiding she seems suspicious and has been that way a while. She practically glares at Spencer.

Spencer should tell everyone especially the girls; I hope she doesn’t keep this to herself.

Caleb finally arrives at Hanna’s, now this is where she should have shown him the photo, the message and told him all about A…….but no instead she lies even after he came over so she could tell him something important. His mother was the one that got run off the road in Montecito which again makes it the best time ever even though Hanna says she has decided it’s the time to tell him what she has been hiding from him.

Caleb thinks there is no more A and can’t understand why she is lying to him. He doesn’t want to exist in only half her life, but she doesn’t know what to say. They argue and in the end he is over her they break up, he can’t deal with her pushing him away. I’m sure the whole Wren in her life didn’t help at all. I hope Caleb just backs off and keeps trying to figure out what is up with Hanna, he doesn’t look like the type to just walk away.

That was really sad because of all the guys I think Caleb would have taken the A news the best. He already knows somethings. Well maybe Anne Sullivan can help him get back with her the way she did with Tobey and Spencer, maybe.

After the break, Ella arrives at the house to get more of her things. She lets Aria know she is aware of her online dating profile. She isn’t mad but she also isn’t ready for that step just yet. She does know about Meredith and Byron; Ella thinks that is his business since they are not together any longer. They decide they will leave HotMamma up online a little while longer nevertheless LOL. Aria just wants her Mom to be okay. Girl, not everybody wants or needs a man LOL, I’m telling you the truth 🙂

Em meets up with Nat again at the coffee shop to give him the book. OH and he happened to forget Maya’s parents address again, hmmm see there is something up with this dude. I hope Emily figures this out before it’s too late. He is supposedly mailing a package to them in the morning, why I don’t know kinda weird makes no sense, writers. So he has her give him the letter she wrote to them to put in his package because yes that makes sense, she has known him all of five minutes but she trust her mail to him. I totally think he is going to read the letter and is not going to send Maya’s parents anything, I’m just sayin’.

She suggests they meet up to eat some time soon, but he replies he might leave Hollis for a new college. Yes because that makes a lot of sense. I doubt he was ever going to Hollis, he has been in town what a week and he is just going to give up? NOPE not buying it.

His excuse is that everyone is talking about Maya’s death so it’s bugging him. Emily says that Maya would want him to stay and not look at the difficult stuff but embrace the good. He suggests that Emily will have to let Maya go eventually.

Em walks away and he has this strange look, that tells me I am very right about him being Maya’s stalker or he is doing a good imitation of a bad guy. LOL

Later we see Hanna crying with Aria, Emily looking over the tee shirt, Caleb looking tired and worn in his room or some place then Spencer taking a walk. She stops to chat with her neighbor/brother Jason for a moment.

He has received over two hundred calls about the missing remains. HE says Obama and Spencer have been accused LOL. Spencer changes the subject and says she is eager to leave town for college but Jason replies that Rosewood never leaves you even after you leave it. HE basically tells her he has stuff to do not long after she has a seat, he gets a call. HE has things to do before he meets his parents the next day. HE now is giving up on offering the reward or so he tells her. She tells him the truth always comes out one way or another. She walks away then we see him with a check book. HE writes it to cash for fifty thousand dollars. HE basically found someone he does believe; we hear him make and appointment to meet up with someone in fifteen minutes.

On her walk, Spencer talks to Darren as he drives by, he asks her how far is her parent’s lake house. Why she asks, “Just curious,” he responds before he drives away. Spencer looks stunned she actually thought their alibi would hold up.

Last scene, is A who has a Montecito guide-book on her laptop tray. She/he changes Mona’s visitors status from none permitted back to permitted. She then puts a fifty dollar bill on the black money holder. I guess this is to lead us to believe that she has money since she couldn’t have received Jason’s money that fast because he is in another part of the country. The announcement overhead gives us the idea the person is at the airport in California.

Hmmm so who is an adult, I say that because A has been drinking a lot lately, who is not in town this week and who like to jerk everyone’s chain besides Allison? Yes maybe that is what we should consider as A characteristics.

Great episode, two weeks till the next FRESH one, I can’t wait.
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