PLL – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap April Rose Is Not a Girl’s Name

Welcome all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers time for another recap, so let’s get started.
Screencapped by me šŸ™‚

This week we began with Spencer following Hanna around the hospital. I suppose she has called her in for back up regarding the note she found last week under Mrs. Reynolds wristband as she lie in a coma. They have a plan to get A to meet up with them because they assume the note was left/written to A by Garrett. They are going to replace the original April Rose note with one of their own forged by Hanna Marin to look like the same handwriting as the other note. The plan is to meet up with A at the church that same night for a chat LOL. I still think that the note was to Spencer since Garrett thought he wasn’t the only one that saw her snooping around but I guess time will tell for certain.

While Hanna is in the room switching the notes Mrs. Reynolds heart monitor goes off. Hanna races out but as she and Spencer rush off some Blonde woman in the waiting areas sees them. I gotta feeling that might come back to haunt them. They make it to the elevator just as the crash cart makes it to Mrs. Reynolds room. Now if you watch this you can see how it seems Mrs. Reynolds was trying to talk to Hanna but she panicked or maybe that was just me.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

Later that morning, Aria is lying to Ezra about who she is texting as he asks her what is up for her first day of work. The texts are really from Spencer who is letting her know what happened at the hospital. Aria is having second thoughts about taking the job with Laurel, I imagine mainly because she only wanted it for that one night last episode LOL. Ezra doesn’t think it’s a good idea to not show up on your first day, he tries to soothe her nerves despite her lying to him about getting together with the girls that night to make Hanna feel better, if only he knew the truth.

HE makes a comment about pooling their resources since they are on their last package of Raman noodles, now this is my first indication that Aria is staying with him or basically living with him. I know maybe its just a matter of speaking. Anyway he grabs the camera takes a couple of pictures of her then instructs her to show him she can take pictures by taking a few actions shots of him, ahhh so encouraging. He gets a kiss for his efforts.

Moving on, over at Spencer’s Tobey is rambling on about having gotten a good reference for his work at the coffee shop while Spencer is researching April Rose. Hanna texts Spencer that everything at the hospital is back to normal they can continue their meeting at the church plan. Tobey is not happy that he doesn’t have her full attention before she apologizes for being distracted. She of course lies to him about the so-called project that is due monday, we all know its code for trying to filter out who the dreaded A is this season. Tobey agrees to sit quietly by her as she works, likes that going to help him with his sexy abs and sweet looking mouth, DISTRACTING!!

His NOT distracting her last all of a Nanosecond, suddenly they are kissing.

Moments later in walks Papa Hastings with a disapproving glare toward Tobey. Tobey of course promptly leaves as he feels unwanted by the parent you know because he isn’t good enough for Spencer in Hastings eyes. WE find out from Papa that Mama Hastings had to work on this day. The news is that the evidence against Garrett can’t be retested because its tainted so there may not be a case at all. Spencer storms out after hearing the news.

At the coffee shop, Hanna gives Emily the location of the place from where the jacket was originally dropped off for the rummage;which is Riverside and State Street.

In other news, Papa Hastings we find has followed Spencer and sees her meeting up with her big brother, Jason. Darn that girl just can’t leave well enough alone, gotta go getting the relatives involved LOL.

Spencer asks Jason for help on the mystery of April Rose as Peter looks nervously from his car while he watches them like some over aged Perv.

Seriously this is all kinds of messed up, we know that something bad has been going on in this town for years…OOPS……got ahead of myself, oh well we will know a bit more in the episode LOL.

After the break, we are back at the Rummage sale that never ends LOL. Poor Hanna is talking with Ted, the guy that wants her mother LOL, he is going on about his love of Cat Stevens. HE only really wanted to know where her sweet piece of A** mother had gone off too, yeah its true. He finds out Ashley is not coming that day and he moves on LOL. Oh but before he leaves he informs Hanna that they are holding a Thank You dance for the volunteers that very night at the church, really that is the party of the week LOL. This throws a wrench in Hanna’s plans to meet A at the church, or does it.

Back downtown, Jason is trying to help Spencer figure out who April Rose is or was. He is surprised that Spencer knows of the N.A.T. club but Spencer does not expand on her knowledge of the group. Jason confesses to being the one to have the idea to take all the videos that they took of the girls etc.. those years ago, YIKES, well he was young and dumb back then. Jason suggests that Ian and Garrett were paying girls to set up their friends, okay they were other videos they made yep for their viewing pleasure. Jason mentions that at times he felt that Ian was doing the videos for someone else. We see that Peter is still watching them just before Jason leaves the area. I swear he was biting his lip like a lovesick teen, ok maybe not but he was looking all kinds of nervous.

Back at Ezria’s place Aria is looking for socks when she finds a bag of money. My thought on this money is that Ezra was the one that got paid for that tip to Jason. HE of course couldn’t tell though had Aria been honest with him all this time it might have made a difference. I want to know what kind of information could Ezra have on Allyson’s murder/the missing body or anything at all? Does this bring into question Ezra’s devotion to Aria? Does this mean that maybe Byron wasn’t the only one having affairs with younger girls back then? Just things to consider, well Ezra doesn’t seem the type to kill someone to shut them up, but who does seem the type really? WE all have conflicting natures, Aye!!

——okay the one spoiler I saw last week said that Ezra has a HUGE secret but they could just mean this money, it seems spoilers have a shelf life of one week sometimes just to keep you watching LOL…. though I think it has more to do with his past then his present just my guess……….

Aria is freaked out by sight of the money and rushes out with barely a kiss for Ezra who had earlier given her such encouragement. Ezra seems a bit surprised by her rushing off. Now if it were me I would have asked him if there was something he needed to tell me, instead of leaving with only the first idea that cropped in my head to guide me the rest of the day. We always think the worst.

Spencer meets up with Hanna to give her the details of her meeting with Jason. They also consider that Maya found the tapes with Allie’s information which is why she might have been killed. Spencer speculates that Garrett wants April Rose to destroy some type of evidence. It’s all amusing now that I have seen all of the episode how our imaginations tend to run wild with one clue is given LOL.

Aria arrives to meet up with them as they discuss the plan for later at the church which is just to see who arrives but not to engage them according to Hanna. Aria is quiet as they talk. Hmmm she is distracted. Spencer asks her what is up then Aria asked the magic question: how much reward had Jason offered for information? Hmm so she did have that thought especially because they all know he was giving it in cash. Spencer tells her that anyone with that kind of money lying around would have a bomb shelter, dehydrated meat or is a criminal, UH OH that is so wrong, of her. It’s stereotyping, I mean do they know how horrible Banks are? If you have that cash lying around then YOU are a SMART person, I’m just sayin’. I think her response to Aria’s inquiry just makes Aria more nervous about what she has seen. šŸ˜¦

Meanwhile, Peter catches up to his son for a brief chat. He wants Jason to leave Spencer out of things, though I have no real idea what that means. He has to know that Spencer called Jason not the other way around. Papa wants Spencer to focus on her future, you know be normal, not all the mess with Allison, basically. Jason says, “Mama Hastings hates you, not me,” in reference to why she is involved with the trial. Peter looks stricken, he had to know that was the problem, Jason can’t help who is father is or is NOT.

That was a little scene that seemed to be more about Peter taking a moment to talk to his son in public because no information was exchanged that was relevant to the show or moved the episode forward.

After the break, we see Hanna sorting clothes yet again just before Ashley arrives to pick her up. They discuss the fact that Ashley is going with Ted to the dance and that Hanna has somehow gotten Tobey as a date. Hanna says some do-gooder guy has been bothering her so she didn’t want to attend the dance alone.

AT state and Riverside, Emily finds a donation box which of course is no help at all on the mystery of who put her jacket inside it. She does notice what looks like an old-fashioned ice cream type parlor across the street. She has a flash of memory where she sees a guy in a hat drinking at the same counter he is sitting beside a woman with long red hair. She goes inside the shop.

Hanna asks Spencer to get Tobey to take her to the dance but Spencer doesn’t want Tobey involved. They change subjects to all the research she has been doing which distracts Hanna for a moment on her request. Spencer has searched every thing she can think of including the Police Academy roster looking for April Rose. They are sad that the A mystery is not yet over, they confess to having fantasized about not ever meeting Allison but realize without her they wouldn’t have met each other….ahhhh Spencer consents to asking Tobey to go with Hanna before Hanna encourages her that it will all be over eventually they hope it’s that night of course LOL

Back at the old-fashioned diner, Emily received the message from Hanna that she will have to meet up with her at the dance. Emily looks down at the counter where there is a maze type puzzle then has another flashback the same puzzle is written on then it has I’m Sorry I left You also on it.

Another flash and there is the lady behind the counter telling someone to take a girl home who is looking sickly. WE see the people in the reflection of the small jukebox on the counter its either Emily or Maya with a guy that looks like Holden. Hmmm very curious.

Another Flash and there is someone who has an All Seeing Eye type stamp/tattoo on their wrist. You know I bet the N. A. T. club has an emblem like that for their group sign, all-seeing eye and all.

Another flash and the person with the tattoo/stamp is holding hands with someone who has on a jacket that might be the same one that Emily wore the night of the first episode.

Emily looks like she has seen a ghost as she leaves the diner.

Jason arrives with good news just as Spencer is leaving the house, he shows her he has found April Rose which is an antique store, they leave to go find out the mystery.

After the break, Hanna arrives at the church with Abs Tobey. I tell you even a gorgeous guy has to be dressed properly at all times but this grey suit is not working for me at all. I think he might be a dark suit kind of guy, hey I’m just sayin’ LOL. Don’t shoot the messenger you know he looks a little washed out.

Tobey wants to know who the guy is that has been bugging Hanna, you know because that is why he agreed to come to protect her. She points to some random dude that is waving at her but as soon as Tobey looks his way the guy shrinks up into nothing LOL. Yes great excuse Hanna. I really don’t know why she needed Tobey to come except to give Spencer a reason not to be around because she is out with Jason LOL who also has the Hastings researching gene.

Ted and Ashley come over to welcome Tobey which seems all kinds of awkward since he is only a stand in dance date and has not real connection to the church or the charity/donation thingy.

Ashley embarrasses herself as she asks for the alcoholic beverages, really because she knew they were at church right? Oops though I guess all the singles functions she has attended did have liquor. Hey at my old church we had alcohol at functions, to each his own, the option is up to the grown ups.

Oddly enough she doesn’t let her desire for alcohol die, she suggests they get someone with a beard to turn water into wine then she asks Ted if they root beer will ferment if they let it stand long enough. Talking about putting your foot in your mouth, YIKES!! Wasn’t it obvious that Ted didn’t mind the lack of adult beverages? She didn’t seem to get that though, WOW!! It’s sad in a funny way but well it happens I think she was nervous.

Wilden arrives, because yes I can see him at church every sunday, NOT!! Why would he even be at the dance, he wasn’t working. I think he came just to make Ashley nervous because we all know he still wants her something awful. HE is so obviously stalking the Marin’s what else is there to do in Rosewood beside kill under age girls or stalk them and their mothers.

It’s dark and Jason finally arrives with Spencer at April Rose. They ask the man who is just about to close the shop if anyone has left something on hold but they don’t exactly know what it might be. Yes that sound legit, Jason, if it is on hold it most likely has a name attached to it, LOL. Spencer wanders around and sees a bracelet.

We get a flashback of Spencer talking to Allison who is wearing that very bracelet, hmm it’s a bracelet on the mannequin but Allyson wore it as on anklet. She told Spencer it was given to her by a friend but she was never going to take it off. Hmm some kinda friend huh?

Then we go back to the flashback as Spencer is taking the bracelet off the mannequin using her scarf so as not to touch it with her fingers.

This time it’s the same night and Allyson reveals she is leaving to go out to get them fake id’s so they can part with Frat boys on futons because she wants to have the best summer ever. Spencer is not happy because they had plans to watch movies that night. It seems Allyson does this Bait and Switch thing all the time, so why is Spencer so upset?

A friend of Allyson’s that Spencer doesn’t know is picking her up to get them ID’s which I do not understand unless when she says they are going to hang out with Frat boys she means her other friend not Spencer and the Liars ?? I am confused here. I do think that Allyson’s mystery friend thinks that Allyson is older than she really is because of the extra high heel shoes she is wearing plus the slinky dress.

Any who, Spencer is certain the item belong to Allison so Jason pays four hundred dollars for it. Now what if there is something else in the shop that might be the evidence, they looked for like a minute its possible that isn’t what the note was referring to after all but we will see.

Hanna calls Emily wondering why she has yet to arrive but she also tells her that Wilden is afoot LOL no I said that because he is hovering like a nervous father or in this case a nosey cop OR like someone is meeting up with someone right?

Not too surprisingly, Tobey is feeling bored, ignored and let down that he didn’t get to fight the punk that was bugging Hanna, okay not so much on the last part but he does feel lied too. Hanna finally has pity on the poor guy by dancing with him though she spends all her time looking around the room.

Over in the adults corner, Ashley is trying to get another date with Ted when she FINALLY finds out he can’t go out on Sundays because he is the Associate Pastor so he is kinda busy on the Lords Day.

Gratutious Tobey Pic

Hanna is confronted by Tobey about the fact that no guy is bothering her enough to warrant him coming to the party to protect her. He also says he has naps more exciting than this dance LOL, oh hmm what kinda naps there Tobey? LOL Hanna lies by saying maybe it is about Caleb a bit before Ashley drags her off to tell her it would have been nice if she had known Ted was a pastor, OOPS.

Tobey calls Spencer to tell her he doesn’t appreciate being lied to by her or Hanna and he is on the way out of the bogus party/dance. Pouty Tobey is so cute but I feel sorry for him if he thinks Spencer is going to be truthful with him.

Ashley is upset that she is wearing a dress with cleavage to a dance to flirt with Ted. She is really over the top upset about this Ted guy. I bet she has meet better guys on her dating website, yeah he is nice and church going but is it worth all of her self-doubt, probably not. I mean the fact that he is a single pastor might say something about his relationships but I am not judging LOL. I just don’t see the sparks now if Wilden wasn’t a jerk as a cop he would be my choice for Ashley ok at least for some fun flinging LOL.

Now out of nowhere Holden shows up in the episode as soon as Emily arrives at the church. Its odd actually because all night I didn’t see him except earlier in the flashback. HE offers Emily a cupcake which reminds me that I wanted to make cupcakes tonight šŸ™‚

Oh by the way I did make cupcakes with ground walnuts, red cornmeal, avocado, cinnamon, nutmeg and other natural ingredients, YUMMY!! I will share the recipe on my other blog HERE

Holden holds his hand out to Emily at which time she sees the Eye tattoo/stamp on his hand the same one she recalled earlier. Now for some reason his offering her food makes me think that somehow he was involved in compromising her memory before.

Em asks him about the stamp which he uses spit to remove, according to him it’s a traveling party that changes venues. Hmm sounds kinda fun/exciting/strange thing that both Holden and Maya might have interest in. Yes I am somehow putting those two in the same group now. They both seemed eager to walk on the wild side or unexplored areas. Ahh that is why, he says, “He used to see Maya there,” my memory wow is random today LOL. He suddenly has to go before Emily can ask him more about seeing Maya. I assume we will deal with Holden next week, just a guess. Emily has another quick flash and sees that Yes, Holden was there that night at the diner. How did she get there and why? Was she there before or after she was with Jenna? Did Jenna take her to try to sober her up? If so why isn’t Jenna in the flashback? Is there any way that Maya was at the diner that night or is all of this something that Emily saw? I gotta say her flashbacks are not as straightforward as those we are used to I guess it’s the memory thing.

After the break, Wilden arrives on the dance floor just in time to make Ashley uncomfortable as she tries to dance with Ted. It’s obvious she is suddenly nervous around him after her earlier comments and besides having been unaware of his position. Wilden intimates that he knows Ashely but she insists it was the investigation of Allison’s death that Wilden was involved with that allowed them to cross paths. Wilden comments that they will see each other again soon then sees his goodbyes and walks away. Ashely is so upset she lies about a headache not two seconds into the dance then Ted walks her to the car.

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy part 1, turn in the bracelet as evidence at the Rosewood PD, Jason told them he had received an anonymous tip. Spencer asks a random question, “can I see the letters that helped you figure out we shared a dad?” Jason thinks it’s a bad idea to read them as well Spencer is surprised by his answer because if she had asked Allison the same thing she would have been gung-ho for her to see the evidence against Papa Hastings. Jason says that he wonders what kind of person Allison would have grown up to become.

At the dance, Emily finally sees Hanna, they split up to try to catch A coming in the church or coming int he sanctuary. Hanna goes in the sanctuary where Hanna hides as she hears noise. A man walks in but all we can see is his shoes and suit.

After the break, we see the man is Wilden. HE confronts Hanna with the note she left with Garret’s mother. The nurse turned it in to the police so A probably never saw it or well its possible they did see it, maybe in this case it was Holden. Holden was the odd person out this episode who randomly showed up, he was always a pick for me as being on the A team at least for a while.

We learn from Wilden that he thinks the girls are now on Garrett’s side and that all alone it’s why they blamed Ian. Nope doesn’t make any sense, it’s really too bad Wilden is so on the wrong path with this one. He also tells Hanna that when Ashley was Hanna’s age she caused a lot of problems but that Ashley knows how to get rid of problems. Hmm there we go some information on a mother of a Liar. I am sure we will hear more of why she caused problems real soon. See stealing/borrowing money from the bank might not have been her first offense, of course that makes sense.

Over in Ezria-land, Aria arrives home from work where she promptly tells Ezra she knows about the money. HE says it’s from the 1967 JaQ he sold that belong to a relative that he had to sell. The person paid him in cash to save on taxes. Hmm sounds like a FLIB to me, you know Fib plus Flub LOL
Anywho, Aria wants to believe it so she does, but we all know what she thinks in the back of her head. He insists he was embarrassed to tell her about the money because what? I don’t get the RUB here because if he has the money than its a good thing right? So they snuggle on the sofa but Ezra looks guiltily toward the dresser where the money is hidden or stored.

The next morning Spencer gets the news that her and Jason’s evidence was what has ruled out Garrett as a suspect in Allison’s death. Now I get its a shock but if the guy isn’t guilty then he isn’t. Spencer freaks, especially since she was the one that in the end was the reason Garrett was freed. So the blood on the bracelet was Allison’s but the other blood they are still trying to identify but it’s not Garrett’s.

Spencer runs up the stairs and starts to scream in a pillow. She is about to use the phone a few minutes later when she gets a message from A, “Hey Spence I got a surprise for you, Garrett is not their killer, A.”

I have to confess I have serious issues with Spencer’s sanity some times; there are many days I think she killed Allison because Allison was so hard to deal with most of the time. It’s a thought though it might be a red herring they are putting before us.

Last scene is the hoody person aka A, with a bowl of ice cream looking at want adds for rooms to rent as they find the one they seek they circle it then get ready to dial. I gotta wonder is this room for rent isn’t some place near one of our Liars.

Great Episode, please leave comments.
What we learned this week:
1. Hanna has forging talent that impresses even the ever diligent Spencer.
2. Ezra is a ham when it comes to taking pictures
3. Peter Hastings has something to hide
4. Jason was a perv in high school, we knew that one
5. Hanna and Spencer could have done without meeting Allison but without her they wouldn’t be Besties
6. Ashley Marin was a cut up in her school days causing trouble
7. Ted is an Associate pastor that has the hots for Ashley
8. Tobey looks best in darker suits, they grey didn’t work for him
9. Jason is a better Half Brother than he was a real brother
10. Garrett isn’t Allison’s Killer


  1. noche te vi la noche en que Alison desparecion te escuche peleanado pala con mano error de tocar Alison llena de ruidos vi el cuerpo matado a Alison con esa pala no puedo ver cara empuje que no era Alison no estaba muerta desconocida enterre viva protegiendo

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