PLL – Season 3 episode 7 Recap Patience Thy Name Is Tobey

Hey all you Pretty Little Liars Fans welcome back for another recap. This time I am going to go against my own nature and attempt to make the recap shorter, it will be hard but i will do more summarising with less quotes or I will try LOL.

So lets get this party started.

This week Hanna is home alone as we hear her conversation with Ashley which is all to reveal to the audience that Mama A is out of town at a conference. Not a second after dhe hangs up with worry wart Ashley does Hanna get a visit from Wilden. He wants to make sure that Ashley is around because he wants to talk to Hanna but he has been instructed that her mother has to be present. Interesting I thought the police station was where a person was interviewed not in their homes? Wilden you bad boy, always walking on that Line between propriety and inpropriety. Yep you got the hots for Mama Marin, don’t you now.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

Later that morning Hanna reveals the information about Wilden stopping by to visit; she is concerned that the blood on the bracelet somehow belongs to her. She is feeling guilty about something that is for certain the others are less concerned. Certainly they all have the same thoughts on who’s and whys of the blood matching up with any of them. Hanna doesn’t want to deal with the issue any further for the moment and for some reason is the only one that has to go off to school. The others walk in the coffee shop where they hear a familiar voice, someone who sounds like Allison.

It turns out this blonde girl was a good friend of the Dilaurantis family at least for one summer, in Cape May. She, Cece Drake, dated Jason for an intense couple of weeks and hung out with Allison. It seems Cece was Allison’s muse as far as walking, dressing and even standing. I bet she was the mystery friend Allison referred to in the previous episode.

Anyway this Cece person insists that Allison told her all about the girls even though she mistakes Aria for Hanna, as the one that shoplifts. Oddly enough I don’t think it was a mistake, but either way Cece is staying in town so much so she already has a job at the new boutique across from the coffee shop. Hmmm she is really ready to stay. How could she have been in Rosewood long enough to get a job and the girls not have seen her around. She seems really intense, do you think that she is A?? It sounds like she knows enough to be dangerous. Watch out girls, she could be a Trojan horse.

After Cece leaves they comment on her resemblance to Allison, how freakish it happens to be. I swear before she said who she was I thought she might be Allison’s sister LOL

Later that day, Aria meets up with Ella in the classroom where Ella has hung her going out on a blind date dress. Aria is excited that Ella’s choice of dress is a bit daring. They discuss the silver fox with smiley eyes that Ella met on the website that Aria had signed her up for. It was a nice scene, Ella seemed less tense than usually plus it felt natural for her to tease Aria for having dated in the last decade. whereas she herself had been married for twenty years.

Later that morning we find Spencer researching Cece on her computer outside the school. She has some strange chart with pictures and arrows which is disturbing to me. I imagine its just her way to process events but in itself is intense. Tobey arrives to confront her about sending him with Hanna and the fact that she lied about the reason. She confessed to having gone with Jason for investigation as well as being with him to turn in the bracelet. Tobey understands that part but he doesn’t understand her lying to him, I am with him on that why not just tell him she was with her brother? I know at this point she is just used to lying though its really sad. It makes her looks so guilty. She is insistent that Garrett is guilty which in itself is off because with so many suspects and clues all over the place is a bit insane to be honest. Tobey even says, remember the days you thought I killed Allison. The bell rings before they get any real settlement on the issue and Spencer just walks away like she has a reason to be upset. I tell you Tobey is a patient guy with the way she is behaving.

At the coffee shop, Emily has a quick chat with Nat where we learn that he is going on a date with Jenna, that Jenna considers Emily a good friend and that Jenna also took Maya home from school more than one time. Emily isn’t happy about any of the developments based on her facial expression.

Later at Hanna’s, she and Aria find a spirit type board on her kitchen counter. Hanna goes to touch it and pokes her finger on the guide part. It falls over and there is a note from A of course, it says, looks how easy it is to get your blood. Hmmm not liking that its just too much. I really hate the times the A stunts are OVERKILL. No way anyone would know she would poke her finger on the item.

After the break, Hanna is in a panic that A was in her house. Aria calms her down because she doesn’t understand why this item means anything to Hanna. Hanna reveals that she had placed the hand guide that goes with the spirit board, in the casket with Allison. Its so strange the things they put in that casket, wouldn’t Allison’s mother wonder what all the stuff meant. It is possible she took it all back out and stored it away some place instead of it crowding the coffin that belonged to her dear child.

Moving on, Hanna tells Aria a sordid tale about how she and Mona on a stormy night, used a Spirit board to find out if Allison was still alive. The board spelled out that she was then Hanna had a vision of Allison at the door.

Back in present Day, Aria suggests that maybe someone was hired to pretend to be the living Allison on that dark night but Hanna has no way to ask Mona because she is still on the no contact list at the crazy house. Aria volunteers to go that very day to talk to Mona about her possible past activities just before a plant falls o the porch frightening them which gives the idea that Hanna better stay with Aria.

At the school, Spencer who is still stalking Jason, as in being everywhere he happens to be as well as knowing his schedule, LOL runs into him. They briefly discuss the fact that he is a screw up in his own eyes, his disappointment that he doesn’t have the Hastings detective gene as well as the fact that he indeed used to date the Intense Cece Drake. HE has to hurry off to get showered to pick up his pops so their discussion is cut short.

Nat and Emily are at the new boutique shopping/talking to Cece later that day before Cece sends him off so she can find out what the deal is with Em and handsome as she calls Nat, LOL. I think she might be liking him but for all we know they came to town together LOL. She is uber suspicious to me just like he is in every way. Cece of course knows from her time with Allison that Emily was the one who had the huge crush on her. She does however pretend to not have known at first LOL she knew everything about them except exactly which girl was which? Hmmm not buying it. Again I think she has been in town a while.

Nat pulls Emily away from her none chat with Cece to ask her about several options for the gift he is choosing for Jenna. He remembers a pair of earrings that Maya wore but Emily says that she had just bought them for her a week before she went missing basically. Nat clumsily ignores the answer saying he must have seen a picture, which of course is so obvious that he is lying at this point at least to the audience. Emily hunny wake-up this guy is a bad guy. All the A drama would surely make them all more cautious of getting to know NEW people in town if nothing else. I guess the figure A has to be someone they know, but even with that its hard to swallow their innocent trust.

Nat says that if Emily were available he wouldn’t be trying to date Jenna, Emily looks at him oddly. I hope she is getting the message or idea that something is up. I mean why would Maya’s cousin be interested in her when its more than obvious she likes girls but also if he was really related to Maya it would be so wrong still, right?

Cece interrupts their conversation with a hearty, “oh you picked my favorite,” code for shall I ring that up LOL. She is all smiley and Nat seems flattered that she is flirty. Who wants to bet these two are already hooking up anyway?

Moving on, later that day Ella arrives for her blind date dressed in her short daring dress. The owner of the cafe, who we finally get to meet, flirts with her with smiles and offers of pastry. Ella flirts back, its all very cute, I like her this way. I totally hope she ends up with the coffee shop owner at least for a while.

Guess who walks in as her blind date, yep the same guy that Ashley had the hots for last week, Ted, LOL.

Later that day, Aria arrives at the nut house to visit Mona. the receptionist/nurse finds that Mona’s visitor status has changed to permitted. However she now can only have supervised visits so the nurse lady goes in the room with her to talk to Mona though she sits at a distance.

After the break, we catch up with Hanna and Spencer on the sidewalk chatting about getting Mama Hastings to block a court order regarding Hanna’s test for the blood on the bracelet. In the background we see that Daddy D has arrived to town with Jason.

Over at the coffee shop Emily tells Nat that Jenna used to date Garrett. Nat is all well its good they broke up because Jenna could have been his next victim LOL yeah right more likely Garrett would have been her victim LOL. Emily doesn’t know how to explain it so that he really understands because that would involve telling other things she cannot say. On the other hand, we all know that Nat is the stalker/killer or is somehow involved with the death of Maya though maybe not Allison. I think the less she tells him the better for her.

Ella’s ice cream eating sitting on a bench in downtown date goes down the hill fast after she notices that Ted its his ice cream a certain way that bothers her LOL, oops. She didn’t seem that impressed to begin with, I think Ashley liked him better right off.

Later that day, Hanna tries to apologize to Daddy Dilaurentis for some so-called childish prank she played on them, or so he says. He believes that Hanna has gotten worse with age, its all very cryptic but it is related to the earlier incident I am sure LOL. Well at least we got to meet the father of Allison finally. He doesn’t look like a man with a sense of humor at all, very business like kinda boring.

What seems hours later Aria finally has a chance to tell Mona why she came to visit. She came to find out who put the spirit board on Hanna’s counter also who is trying to set her up, basically. Mona insists that its not her as well as saying she is sorry before the nurse takes her away after having told Aria visiting hours are over.

Hanna is outside when Aria emerges but she wants to go in to talk to Mona despite the place being closed to visitors for the night. Aria won’t let her go alone so they go back inside the crazy house were only strange things can happen LOL. Not sure I would be so brave with less than four or five peeps to back me up LOL, how about you?

Downtown, Emily is on the way home when she runs into Cece. The other woman makes small talk then asks to give her number to Emily who for some reason hands over her phone, which you never should do to a stranger SHEEKS Folks. Cece uses the contacts list to find Jenna name then calls her pretending to be Nat’s girlfriend, she thenthreatens the other girl about not showing up for the date. Emily is shocked, she literally could only say that Jenna used to blind because Cece had threatened to scratch her eyes out. Cece seemed to find it all amusing. That will teach Em to be more careful this also goes back to my earlier thought that Cece might be involved with Nat. She was very realistic in her portrayal of the angry girlfriend.

Back at the coffee shop, yet again, Ella goes looking for Em to see if she knows where Aria might be but instead she sees Zack the owner of said coffee shop. They again flirt, its all kinds of cute, I really like this guy. He and Ella have some chemistry, he offers her pastry again this time after a little hesitation she takes it with a smile.

Meanwhile, Aria is with Hanna wondering the halls of the Radley Asylum after hours.

WE finally learn that mystery of why Hanna has been so upset. It seems that in her excitement at seeing Allison that night of the incident with the spirit board, she had called the family to tell them Allison was alive. The incident was taken to heart by Mama D but three days later they found Allison’s body, for some reason they still blame Hanna, saying she was/is cruel. WE see a flashback of Papa D, yelling at Hanna in the street years before. It’s all very dramatic.

While Hanna is revealing this Truth to Aria, Mona leaves the room, her room because they had been distracted as Aria had arrived leaving the door ajar. Well I assume its a one way lock anyway.

Across town we see a car driving wildly down the road behind Spencer. She notices its Jason, who a second later runs into a parked car. She takes off in the car with him leaving her car behind with its door open. You know I understand she was trying to help but really she keeps making things worse.

In the asylum, they wander around trying to find Mona. The see a room that is usually not open has had its door pried open with what appears to be tweezers, the ones that used to belong to Hanna according to her. The room is named the Children’s Ward, can’t get any creepier than that at a crazy house.

At the Hastings Spencer comes running in needing a ride to go back to get her car. Tobey is of course confused but as she tries to explain about Jason, Wilden shows up at the door. Spencer tries to deflect the questions but Tobey ends up having to lie to the police about Spencer being with him all night. He is a guy with a police record so he is concerned to find that he has lied for her because is a felony for him. She asks him to promise to keep what happened with Jason to himself. We don’t get to hear Tobey’s reply.

Over at the Asylum, Aria is disturbed that they used to put kids in the place as she sees all the cribs. Yes I am disturbed also, how crazy could a toddler be really or an infant?
They follow the sound of someone humming until the find Mona combing a dolls hair in the very back of the ward.

They have to rush to hide as the nurse comes looking for Mona in the Ward a few minutes later but before that she is reciting all kinds of weird words that seem to make no sense at all. I will explain later.

After the break, Aria is back at her home talking to Ella on the phone. We learn that Ella is on her second date, that is with Zack now at the coffee house still. Aria laughs when Ella reveals that Ted ate ice cream like Byron, that was what bugged her earlier LOL hey I eat ice cream that way too. Ella feels she is at an age where she can be open to possiblities aka maybe younger guys LOL me thinks. Aria proclaims next time Ella needs to wear her usual scarf, she thinks she is giving away all the goodies LOL maybe I put that in. Ella says she is done with scarves then offers them to Aria. I love their playfulness this episode. Aria hangs up before Ella is ready but its all good, Aria tells Hanna her mother is a slut as they settle down to sleep.

For some odd reason Hanna is fixated on a doll that is beside he bed that must be Aria’s since they are at her house.

Now I don’t know how late it might be but with those two in bed it seems odd that Emily is still roaming downtown and Nat is still waiting for Jenna who officially stood him up. Yeah I know he wouldn’t have waited if he was with Cece right? Or was he waiting because he knew that Em would check on him? I guess time will tell.

Speaking of time, back at the Montgomery’s we see its 11:38 and Hanna is restless. She seems obsessed with the doll then finally it hits her what all the rambling was about that Mona did earlier. It was the code they used years ago to hide the fact they were discussing others in their presence. Hanna suspects that because Mona distrusts Aria its why she didn’t just tell them what she needed to say earlier. I think Hanna is naive if she thinks that would be the only reason but that’s neither here or there, she still totally trust Mona, me thinks. I also don’t know why Mona distrust Aria.

The code works by using the first letters of each word side by side like = She Luvs uncle Todd =SLUT.
Anyway they call over the others then decode the words Mona used earlier.

Message with code
Miss Aria your a killer not Ezras Wife = MAYAKNEW
Where Were We? = WWW
Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet Until Garrett All Rosy Count On Me = MASSUGARCOM
No One to save Allie From Evil = NOT SAFE

Oh look at what the first line means? So Maya did know something that got her killed.
I wonder which word is the password they need for the website, I guess it won’t really matter but I cannot wait to see what the site has to tell us.

Last scene we learn what we already knew; that is that Mona is far from crazy. She taped the conversation with Hanna and put the recorder it in the doll head. We know this because we see black hoodie A retrieve it from the doll later that night.

Mona is seems is playing both sides of the coin; trying to be Hanna’s pal in a way but still on the A TEAM.

Things we learned this episode:

1. Spencer is loyal to her big brother
2. Radley had a Children’s ward
3. Emily can be shocked
4. New girl in town is intense and named Cece
5. Aria and Hanna hang out in crazy houses after dark
6. Ella likes them young
7. Tobey is patient
8. Wilden is getting closer to the truth and watching Hanna and Spencer
9. Zack owns the coffee shop
10. Ted gets around

Great Episode, please leave feedback.

 PLL Cast and Crew at Paleyfest 2015


  1. Hey sassyfran! Awesome recap for an awesome episode. I think this is probably the strongest episode of PLL we’ve seen in a while. Between you and me (and all your readers :)), I was getting a little fatigued with this season continuing to crawl along with plenty of misdirects and sideplots, but little development regarding the main story. I think this episode changed that.

    I love your idea about Ali’s mom not actually including those “keepsake” items in the coffin. I mean, Ali’s not a Pharoah from Ancient Egypt. It’s not like these items have any use where she’s going. 🙂 (Assuming SHE is actually dead.) If that’s the case, it’s entirely possible that “Maya Knew” refers not only to the presumed password to the MassSugar site, but also to the fact that the bag of items Maya had from Ali contained these items.

    Then again, a few episodes back, we saw Black Hoodie guy drinking vodka from a body bag, and I could have sworn that vodka bottle was one of the girl’s “coffin keepsakes.”

    I also love your idea about Nate and Cece already having a history together. It’s entirely possible that Cece is part of the A team. After all, we did see a blonde, Ali like figure at the dance wearing the mask. Many assume this was Ali’s twin. But maybe it was Cece. Then again, I also like the idea that Cece is kind of just an innocent bystander in all this. Many theorize that Ali’s crazy twin took on Cece’s personality when befriending the girls,to hide her own psychosis. And that would explain the similarities between the two.

    As a character, I kind of liked Cece. She had the same loyal to a fault aspects that Ali had. And even though it was creepy, I kind of love the way she instantly ferreted out Emily’s feelings toward Jenna and helped her “save” Nate.

    Speaking of Nate, you are right on that point as well. The whole earring thing was way too obvious. It’s pretty clear to me (and you, and everyone else) that Nate is behind Ali’s disappearance. To me, this is a failure on the part of the writers, who seem so focused on the A team and Ali’s story, that Maya’s death / disappearance is almost being treated like an afterthought, with only one obvious suspect.

    On a more positive note, Janel Parrish owned it as Mona this week. When she was first pegged as A, and the psychiatrists all talked about how smart and sociopathic she was, it seemed unsupported by actual evidence at first. But the way she delivered those codes to help Hanna, while still fulfilling her obligation to the A team, and keeping up the facade of addled psychopath to her caretakers was pretty impressive.

    Oh, and I like Ella and coffee guy too! I haven’t seen Ella this excited about something since the first time she met Fitzy!

    P.S. You know I changed my e-mail address, right? I caught an e-mail from you today from about a week ago, and feel awful that I never responded. Anywhoo, my current e-mail should show up in your notification of this comment. Luv you, girl! All is good between us. I’ve just been going through some stuff lately, and haven’t been as active in the blogosphere as a result. I hope you can understand.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by I am just now seeing that you wrote this too. Wow I had no idea how many emails I had to delete to get to two days ago, its a shame really I love your comments. I will check for that email address thanks for letting me know. As far as Maya being an after thought except for Nat and Emily’s interactions that is a definite side factor. I do suppose there is so much going on this season that hopefully we will get back to Maya more later on. I can’t believe that episode 8 is on Tuesday, the days are flying passed. A thought I am having about Nat is the since his interaction is only with Emily that could account for her lack of foresight with him. If the other girls spent time with them both I believe at least one would see his strangeness clearer, perhaps Spencer. That being said since Emily isn’t dating him and he is not really in college I think one of the men might be the ones to catch on to his ways first, just a guess.

      Hope things look up for you, Have a great week.
      Yes things are great with us *hugs*

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