PLL – Season 2 premiere, If he is Alive Where is he?

As an introduction to recapping this show I have to say I fell in love with the characters the first season especially Emily and Aria. It was unexpected because until that moment I had not watched any ABC Family shows at all. I can’t remember the first moment that I had the whole I have to watch it moment but I will try to remember for next time. So let’s begin as we explore Season 2, episode One.

The episode starts off with a recap from the last few minutes of the end of the Season 1 Finale. The most notable part of the recap is the part where Ian tries to kill Spencer but someone in a hood comes along and pushes Ian off the railing. Ian lands somehow in a noose and is presumed dead by Spencer as well as the girls who came to her rescue, Emily, Aria and Hanna.

The new episode officially starts with the girls outside the church as well as policeman, the ambulance and their parents though we don’t see the parents so much. Garrett the young cops tells the girls he needs to take them to the station despite Spencers hesitancy when she tells him, “Our parents will want to know where we are.” Garrett says that they will meet the parents at the station.
After they leave the church Garrett pulls over in some alley and asked them all to get out of the car. Garrett finally convinces them to get out of the car then tells them its not safe to talk about what he wants to discuss inside the car.

Garrett tells them they can’t tell the police that they were blackmailing Ian and/or that he was helping. He is also keeping the money involved in the scheme hidden. He insists what they are all doing with the blackmail is a serious crime. The messenger, Logan, does not want to be involved at all. I of course think the poor messenger has met his demise we will see for sure later on. Garrett does not seem the type to trust anyone when he is involved in a scheme of any sort. Unless he is in love with Blinde Jenna I don’t think she is safe either but that is yet to be seen.

Spencer tells Garrett they have copies of the video involved in the Allison’s death situation the same ones showing Allison with Ian as well as the ones with Toby and Blind Jenna. Garrett tells them the cops are going to ask about the video and they need to have an answer ready. He then receives a call on his walkie. His superior wants to know where he has gone off with the girls. Garrett tells him they are on the way to the station. He seems so trustworthy when he tells them he hate to ask them to lie and the girls insist they will keep the videos a secret for now. I suppose that is the agreed upon plan for them.
Emily shyly apologizes to Garrett saying she is sorry that he is involved because of them. Despite their actions which at times seems adult they actually think the guy is helping them which shows their youth, I am afraid.

At the end of the scene we see that Blind Jenna which we will call Benna has been listening all the time. She is standing at a distance from where Garrett had taken them in the alley and she who has great hearing certainly has been there all the time. Though her expression is not much to go by its certainly smug to me.

We arrive back from the break to find all the girls in one room. They have returned from the police station where the question went on for hours. The light outside the window shows us its morning.
The conversation centers around A, they say that whoever killed Ian was A and that the death was so they would protect the identity of A. They don’t know who A is but they believe it was Ian so now they are on the hunt again to find out who is A.

There guess is that its not Benna because of the way they were dressed but also the ease with which the person moved when the hoodie person killed Ian. Spencer really could only describe the person’s clothing because she was focused on not falling. Emily is a bit too eagar to tell someone the secrets about A, Allie and all that is happened but the others reluctantly agree it would be nice to be done with the secrets.

The urge to get up and drink some coffee hits them all at once. Spencer offers to make the coffee but apparently she likes her coffee with out the water. She laughts she thinks they are amateurs. This is our clue that we are seeing them at Yes, Spencer’s house.

They all head downstairs to find that the parents, are assembled there. There is Hanna’s mom, Ashley, Emily’s mom, the parents of Spencer as well as Aria. They tell the girls that their accusations about Ian have cast a bad light on them. They suggest they should all seek counseling to gain town sympathy which shows they do not believe their children whatsoever. I am a parent and I find the whole set up with these people to be callous. Their concerns are not fitting for parents just for people who want good standing in the community. Yes I said it.

Now having said that I have to wonder which of the girls is prone to lying or being caught in a lie? Of course Aria’s parents have lied to her and in return she to them but they are clueless about the reasons or details. Emily’s mother treats Emily in a way that makes Emily have to hide her real life from her mother. Spencer who seems the one less likely to lie lives with a mother that is a lawyer who by definition well, has to lie. Then there is Hanna who recently, yes, lied to protect the Caleb she lost her virginity with. Okay so maybe the girls have lied for good reasons but in reality the parents have no proof. They are simply as I see it more concerned with how things appear.

So back to the show, Veronica, Spencer’s mother reminds them all that Spencer is still a person of interest in the murder of Allison and that now the police think they are all involved. Ronni, says this is a manner that makes my skin crawl a bit. She is so professional like she is on a trial. She says her own daughters name like she was a stranger. It’s just not right. Okay let’s try again.
The girls try again to explain what was happening to the parents but Aria’s dad is all about moving forward. It’s like basically blah blah we heard you but we Do NOT believe you. It is no wonder the girls are as well balanced as they appear to be at all.

Then the parents tell them they want them all to see a grief counselor. The parental units basically think that all this stuff that is happening can be eliminated from their minds but having them all analyzed. It is typical behavior for parents that are out of touch at least as far as I can tell.
Veronica cannot even state that she believes Spencer is not lying or that she is not involved in Allison’s Death or Ian’s disappearance. She makes some half baked statement of fact. “Uhh I got one daughter in the hospital and one in trouble,,,,,,duh!!”

The girls try again to make their case but then there is a knock on the door. It’s poor love struck Toby looking to ease Spencer’s pain.

Alas, no one will let him in as he looks longingly toward a stricken Spencer. Spencer’s useless Dad tell her he is sorry after he tells Toby to stay away from her. Spencer runs up the stairs as they shut the door on Toby. The others follow Spencer back upstairs without the coffee as the parents looks useless.

Can I just say the men on this show are best for eye candy well the ones that can accomplish that and no real content LOL ok that does not include Toby or Ezra or Caleb. Yes thanks Jewls at Recaps Anon you got me thinking about that Shirtless Ezra pic. I will refrain from posting it here 🙂

The next scene we see Benna and Garrett stalking Jason’s house. They are sitting in the car in the dark. Garrett wonders why Jason came back and Benna tells him to relax as she puts her hand on his leg.

I want to know how old is Garrett, he seems young for a cop and Benna looks older than 16 but okay. Just before the break we see a shadow in Jason’s window.

Back at school the next time its day out we see Aria and her mother. Now I am a fan of Holly Marie Combs from her Charmed Days she seems cool on twitter too but on this show well lets say she is not my favorite character type. Mom tells Aria that she is moving back in to the homestead despite her husband being a pain in the butt. Oh wait she didn’t say that I just got distracted by Aria’s outfit.
Before I go farther I have to approach something that bugged me from the first time I saw it. Yes, its Aria’s outfit. I will have to pay more attention to her style from now on but that whole orange skirt with orange earrings and black top with wild feather like earrings and blue belt was way out, right.

The girls walk into class a few seconds later to find a hang man on the board with Liars written underneath. I don’t know why that would not have been the first thing a teacher would erase. I know its possible that they said teacher had other things on his mind but still it was awkward for everyone including me.

Well two points for Ezra because we find out as soon as the door closes that its his room and he has only just arrived. He receives a death glare from his beloved, Aria,before he erases the offending graffiti from the chalk board.

As the erasing is happening, Noel walks in the room and goes to sit by Aria. “Miss me?” Noel asks in a creepy voice. Arias looks angrily at him. Now I gotta said if there were ever a guilty suspect it would be Noel, not just because he seems like an bad seed but he just has a creep attitude to me.

The next thing we see is Hanna trying to open her locker while some girls gossip about her friends in the hallway. Mona walks up and makes a comment about people who gossip effectively saving Hanna from having to deal with the mean girls.

Mona makes her own little comment about someone that makes Hanna laugh; it’s a cute moment. I don’t know if I will ever trust Mona though. Hanna moans briefly to Mona about missing the days of glory before Allie died and everything went wacko in their world. Those are my words not hers.

Not a second later we have a chance to ease drop on Spencer and Aria who are wondering why Noel seems all chipper and popular. Ezra ruins the moment by asking Aria to come in his classroom for a chat. Spencer raises her well manicured eyes knowingly but Aria frowns.

Ezra is concerned like a love sick school boy about why Aria seems to be avoiding him since his ex showed up at Aria’s house last season for a meeting. Aria is evasive with him with her body language closed. She is having seconds thoughts obviously because she doesn’t like feeling like a rebound girl or second fiddle. Aria doesn’t say much even though Ezra professes his love for her before he asked, “Are we over?” “I don’t know,” she says. Now I gotta wonder if either of them have any idea what love means, ok I won’t go there, yet.

The next scene we see Spencer at Toby’s house standing nervously in front before she finally knocks. Benna answers the door and basically tells her Toby can’t see her and whatever she had with him is over. Benna literally slams the door in Spencer’s face, ouch that has gotta hurt.

Benna is definitely not happy it could be she is remember the Slap Hanna gave her last season well with that attitude she might get another one.

Emily is at her house watching the forbidden tape of Toby and Benna when some exotic looking man comes walking into her room. Mr. Mendez is the realtor who will be showing their home. It seems distance dad wants his girls to come join him in the great state of Texas where he is in the military so Em has to move with her mother.

Mendez just seems off to me he looks in the closet than around the room telling them what to move and what to paint over but here it doesn’t work for me. It just looks like he has something up his sleeve; he seems more like he is casing the place than like a real estate agent. I have a suspicious mind you might have noticed that. I do not trust easily. As soon as he leaves the room Em closes the door, she probably felt the way I did.

Over at Spence’s house, Melissa, who is affectionately known as Crazy Carrie on One Tree Hill and in the real world as Mrs. Paul Wesley or Torrey DeVitto Wesley, is in a panic because her husband the formerly dead, Ian, is missing. Garrett of all people is over consoling or asking questions but mostly looking for dirt we know. Spencer walks in surprised to see her co conspirator, Garrett at her house. Garrett manages to leave almost as soon as Spencer arrives. He gives Melissa back her missing phone.

I have to stop again and say the whole missing phone fiasco from the finale last season was very odd. Melissa lost her phone then she ended up in the hospital which gave Spencer a chance to go back to the church to find it. While at the church Ian attacks and tries to kill Spencer. If we add all these together one might think, Melissa was somehow involved in trying to have her sister killed.
Now we know there is no real love lost with them because Spencer openly dislikes Ian but why is it that families do not trust each others instincts on this show?

Back to the story, Spencer’s daddy tells Garrett how important finding Ian is to Melissa and Garrett insists that finding Ian is also high priority to the police department. I would almost say that was sarcastic but okay maybe not.

Once again Spencer has to defend herself not just against crazy half baked Melissa but also to her mother, Ronnie, who seems to have no issues not believing her own flesh and blood. I am so sad for Spencer she seems to be a good kid but after this well if I were her I would use this to my advantage, hey that’s just me. Spencer tells her mother that basically she, is only a complication in their lives.

Finally we get to the first counseling session to find the girls are waiting for Hanna to arrive. It turns out a group counseling session has to have all members present to begin. Well good try, Hanna, who walks in carrying several shopping bags which reminded me some how of a scene from Pretty Woman.

Just a note: The woman, Anne Sullivan, who plays the shrink is also the woman who was on Xfiles during the last seasons when they had two other agents working cases while Mulder was missing.

At the same time, we get the first appearance of Caleb in the new season he is with Lucas. They have been together all night or at least Lucas paid for Caleb to have a room at a hotel so he could stay around long enough to talk to Hanna. Lucas tells Caleb not to hurt her again.

The girls tell how Allie was the reason they all hung out together though they had drifted apart over time. They came back together after Allie died to find answers to who murdered Allison. They all seem relieved to hear they can say anything in counseling. They look from one to the other as they try to decide what to tell before two of them receive text messages. “Are time is up,” Spencer says mysteriously. They go outside to find the texts were from their mothers.
Coincidentally Toby is outside waiting but Spencer thinks its for her. She is disappointed to see Benna coming from one of the shops and Toby opens the door for her.

Em notices a newspaper in the rack then looks closer to see its them on the front page. What Really Happened, is in big letters on the paper. They found Ian’s car and ten thousand dollars from his bank account is gone. They think the girls made up a story because they knew why he left. A text from A comes then, “I spy a liar, A”

After the break, Hanna arrives home with her shopping bags going on about the great sale she found. It turns out Caleb is at her house with her mother. Now I will say I always liked Ashley, Hanna’s mother. of the mothers she seemed the coolest maybe it was the single mother vibe. I do like that she is trying with the Caleb situation and its too bad that at this point well lets see what’s next.

Hanna tells Caleb he can’t look at her all dewey-eyed but he just smiles. Caleb explains about the letter he wrote to her. Violins play, in my head, as he says he felt alone until he met her and he mentions he gave the letter to Mona but even though Hanna appreciates that and al it doesn’t change what he did. Caleb wants to make it up to her because he loves her and Hanna can’t forgive that he used her. She believes him but asks him to leave anyway. He said good bye but I predict now that Caleb will save someone whether its Hanna or a buddy of hers but he will get back in her good graces. They have that chemistry that works.

Hanna finds Mona to confront her about Caleb’s letter. They argue briefly over the whos and whys. Hanna says Mona’s betrayal hurts more than the one by Caleb.

Before Hanna can leave Noel enters the restaurant and kissed Mona on the mouth. Hanna leaves.
Noel and Mona just don’t seem like a couple; more than likely Noel is using Mona for one reason or another.
Next up we see a braless Spencer trying on clothes. It looks like she is getting ready for a date.

She gets a message from Emily who it seems has Toby at her place waiting for Spencer. She is still holding her phone when lets-give-everyone-a-whiplash-from-mood-swings Melissa is standing at the door.

Melissa wants to talk but Spencer says she has to leave. She compliments Spencers cute top then says she won’t tell her parents if Spencer is meeting up with Toby. It sounds like a trick to me, watch out Spencer. Melissa apologizes for saying that she doesn’t want Spencer around her new baby and then she reveals the name will be Taylor. Spencer looks interested in the information. Melissa closes the door then tells her sister that she doesn’t believe Ian left town and that blah blah Ian is a good dude. She wants Spencer to recap what happened at the church. The first time I saw this it felt like Melissa was being fake and now I still think she is up to no good.

The next scene is Toby caressing the wall in Emily’s room. He supposedly has gone over to help with the painting but we know its for Spencer. He decides Emily needs to keep the portion that has the growth chart marks on it, ahh so sweet. Emily receives a text from Spencer saying she can’t make the meet up with Toby. Toby is disappointed but he bonds with Emily over being different. Emily kisses him chastely on the cheek.

{okay I had a photo of Ezra’s chest but I only wanted to post in sequence LOL}

Aria shows up at Ezra’s appointment and he is wearing only lounge pants. I do think he was a bit awkward in them but he looked good. Aria didn’t seem to notice the chest. Aria asked why Jackie ended the relationship and he tells her that she is not a rebound love but he implies he may have been still in love with his ex when he met Aria.

The first time I saw this scene I thought Ezra is a guy that has to be with a woman. He is a man that wants to be in love. I wish I hadn’t thought that because it ruins him for me. Aria is young but I think she gets it too. Ezra wants her to stay but Aria tries to leave before he asks to call her on Sunday but she declines again and says she will see him on Monday, OUCH, at school.

Aria gets a text before she is out of the building. The text has a picture of Ezra’s home office and Aria runs back to check the mat to see if the key is there but its gone. Okay all these texts how can this person be in so many places? Is there a tag team of people who are A? This particular scene has me at a loss any insight is accepted.

After the break, Aria is at Emily’s with the others and they decide that A wants them to know she can come and go from Ezra’s at will or well anyone’s. They are tired of being afraid and they decide they should tell Anne, the therapist.

They make a special appointment to see Anne. Aria tells her that they had drifted apart after Allison went missing and her death brought them back together.

Spencer cuts Aria off when she sees a certificate with Ezra’s name sitting on a file cabinet, “this talk is premature,” Spencer says before Aria reveals too much. They end the session, Hanna grabs the certificate than they leave. I don’t think Hanna was really sneaky in these scene but she was fast. I am liking her more each time. Anne has no idea what happened. I suppose if you have a lot of things on your wall you never notice when there is more or less. Outside Hanna shows Aria the item she has taken because Aria had no idea what was happening before they all left. She had been swept up with the others. They have no idea how A is doing what he/she does.

Aria’s parents come to her room to tell her that according to Anne she wants to see the girls as individuals. She also recommends they all stop hanging around together. Anne things the girls are disconnected from the real world. They show each of the girls after they get the news they can no longer associate except Spencer.

After the quick break, Spencer is at home when she sees a shadow of a person outside. She panics, grabs a knife and hides only to found out its Toby.

He hugs her. Awww young love.

Anne leaves her office that night or a night and feels as though she is being followed.

We see Anne drive off in her car but there the same hooded person from the church in the alley. I gotta wonder does this person have a real life outside messing with these people? I know its has to be someone with a vendetta or as I mentioned before more than one person tag teaming. You know what if its another cop like Garrett or that Noel? Noel seems to be all over the place lately. Just some options. I am going to try to notice the height next time that might help also they way the move whether they are more fem or masculine. Yeah that might help.

Spencer is left alone after Toby leaves and immediately hears a phone. She picks it up to see it has a text message. It’s Melissa’s phone. Im sorry its not safe yet, I can’t tell you is on the messsage. Spencer wakes all her friends to meet up. They met at a green house, very odd place to chat but hum. The discuss who the text could be from for a few minutes. They send a reply: “how do I know this is you?” It returns, “ask me anything.”

She sends back a supposed only ian could answer question, “what are we naming our baby?” the reply is ”Taylor.”

There is a crashing sound in the green house then the screen goes blank before it returns with a picture of the group on the screen. The picture includes Allison and the person holding has on black gloves.

We find out the person is at Em’s house viewing it wth the realtor who has no qualms about letting the person roam freely. The person who is in black leaves the room and we see the computer is downloading on the desk. It is erasing the hard drive, completely.

Final thoughts and Half Baked Theories
Okay now I have to admit that is the kind of season opener I like. There is so much to work with and the cast well is used to their roles. I will say right now that I enjoyed the intrigue, the hints of romance to come, the drama with Aria and Ezra as well as the eye candy. I adore Spencer and Toby almost as much as I did Ezra and Aria last season. Hanna has grown since she became a woman and I do not as I said before think we have seen the last of Toby. As far as A goes well here is my final half baked theory of the night. I think Melissa and Ian are in this thing together. I believe that Melissa killed Ian because he did want to make things work and she has found some new accomplices to help her get her sweet goody goody sister back for cheating with Ian. I say cheating because it would be the image in her sick mind. Now I do think Spencer was a victim of Ian but Melissa is a crazy wreck there is something going on with her besides supposed baby hormones. I have a feeling the baby is more an excuse than a reality. We never did get to see much about her hospital visit unless I just missed it. It is too convenient that she is always losing that phone and Spencer is finding it. I am putting that out as my half baked theory for the end of the night.

I can’t wait for more of this show, see you all soon.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Excellent recap! You’ve definitely covered all the high points of this fun-filled season premiere. I actually have REALLY high hopes for this show, this season. As you mentioned, the characters have already established themselves in these roles, and the awkwardness of the first few episodes has vanished.

    For me, PLL really started hitting its stride in the middle of the first Season. And I think things are only going to get better. Though the first half of this episode was mainly recap of the last season, and set-up of what’s to come, I predict LOTS of action in the next couple of episodes.

    I’m glad you and I agree about the generalized suckiness of the parents on this show. It’s funny, all this time we’ve known one another, I had no clue you were a mommy. That is SO cool! 🙂 I never even got to wish you a happy Mother’s Day.

    I must say I’m very intrigued by your Melissa as Killer Theory. She definitely would have had the motive to kill Ali. And it’s possible that if Ian saw her do it, he would have tried to help her cover it up, out of guilt for his underage affair, and fear of being branded as a pedophile. In terms of the church scene though, I do wonder how a pregnant woman fresh out of a car accident would have been able to escape her doctors’ and family’s notice, get down to the church, and move Ian’s body from the rafters like he or she would have to have done. That takes a LOT of strength and cunning. Then again, she always could have hired somebody to do her dirty work for her.

    I definitely look forward to reading your recaps and discussing this show with you, this season!

    • Hey there you are I was just at your blog LOL. Yes the Melissa as A theory does involve at least one accomplice. I mentioned that maybe one of Garrett’s cop buddies could be involved or possibly he is two timing Benna. It could actually be almost anyone including Noel or Jason. Well this is only my first half baked theory 🙂 I am glad you mentioned Allison because if Mel knew about her and or Spencer with Ian then she would be crazy jealous. I do think the chick is unstable as it is. Also consider the person at the church killed Ian to save Spencer it could have been their orders from Melissa to leave her sister around to suffer the scrutiny and to keep everyone’s eyes off of her. She of course is getting the sympathy because of her now missing husband. Thanks so much for the Happy Mom’s day wish. You had no reason to know LOL I’m just one of the girls……I appreciate you stopping by to reply and read. Talk soon. 🙂

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