Lying Game Spoilers – Episode 3

Sutton meets up with Mads Uncle Thayer and explains how she is convinced her adopted parents are keeping something from her and tells him what she has found out about her birth mother. Sutton and Uncle Thayer make some shocking discoveries in LA in search of the twins birth mother. This leads Sutton to wonder what everyone has been hiding for all these years.

Sutton’s family now know about the relationship between Sutton and Ethan. The Mercer’s insist Sutton should invite Ethan over for dinner. Ethan comes to dinner but dinner is interrupted by a disturbing visit from Dan.Emma’s starting to develop feelings for Sutton’s boyfriend.

At the dance conservatory, Char, Madeline and some other girls are practicing ballet for an upcoming recital. When one of the girls gets cut from the recital it’s her mother that takes the news hardest. Mads is interested in Eduardo, the choreographer, and will do just about anything to spend time with him.

Laurel finds herself attracted to a new guy at school. She is sick of being in Sutton’s shadow and is looking to have something of her own. However, Char steps in and crushes Laurel’s dream. Justin is interested in Sutton’s sister Laurel, but Emma wants him to be with Char.


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