Secret Circle Episode 17 Recap One Wonderful Night

Hey all you Witch Lovers welcome back to another recap for your fave new show, Secret Circle.
Last week we left off with Cassie and Adam about to take their first dance in the sheets.

This week we begin with them basking in the after glow. Adam asks her if maybe they could do a spell so that time went backward, I assume its so that perfect first time could happen all over again LOL. Cassie says then they would be stuck in the bed, he of course replies, “we could think of something to do.”

They then begin to reminisce about their first memories together. Adam couldn’t stop thinking of her since the first time they touched. Yes we know he spent like what nine or ten episodes trying not to think about her back and forth.

Outside J. B. arrives at the Blake house he finds the front yard covered with dead birds.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

WE return to see Adam and Cassie have indeed gotten out of bed to be told that their activities the night before have activated a CURSE. JB reveals that Amelia knew about the curse, its supposedly why she went away from Chance Harbor and Ethan, that is implied. *** I have to say after viewing this the first time its hard to watch this episode knowing what I know***

Anyway, JB says that the birds are harbingers. According to the dictionary Harbinger is an OMEN. He is saying basically only evil can come from Adam being with Cassie. HE knows this information but he does NOT know anything else about the Curse. HE wants to go see Jane to see if she knows anything else about the curse, despite her present state of mind as well as her location he insists on going to see her which I find ODD.

In other news, Fay goes looking for Lee but only Eva is at home. Eva tells Fay that Lee went off to think over his situation with them. Fay doesn’t believe it but Eva kicks her out anyway using magic.

At the coffee shop later, Fay tells Diana and Melissa what happened with Eva. She thinks that Eva is nuts and perhaps has done something to Lee. It’s funny I can see Alexia(Eva) and Phoebe (Fay) being great friends they work good together. Fay is genuinely concerned about Lee, she asks the girls to help her find a way to make sure he has really left town.

Over at the Institution for Mentally unstable witches, Cassie arrives with JB to see Jane. I personally find it strange that Cassie isn’t more concerned about her grandmother. I get she likes having the house to herself but Jane was acting beyond WEIRD before she left town to go to the so-called healing center too. Jane can’t remember from one minute to the next if Cassie is Amelia or not. She totally freaks when she sees JB. Anyone getting the hint that maybe this guy is BAD, he had to have been more than a bit EVIL for the entire town to treat him like the Son of Satan LOL. Take the hint Cassie.

So Jane tells Cassie the same thing that JB told her except well Jane thinks she is talking to Amelia and she also adds that someone in the circle will die which is because of a Jealous Seer Witch.

After the break over at the old house, Cassie and Adam tell the others what has happened. They are surprised but the girls rush off to help Fay with her Lee problem. I loved Fay’s reaction to the finding out that Cassie and Adam finally had sex LOL. It was just that look of amusement on her face.

Jake who didn’t show up for the update, is at home hearing things, while he is still in the bed. Cassie comes in the room after knocking for a while, I guess the door was open not sure. He tells her that he has been feeling sick and his veins are showing through on his arm; he looks out of it.

Later at the Blake house, Adam with Cassie breaks the news to him about a possible death in the circle. Jake comments that it took something like this to decide that Adam isn’t the right person for Cassie LOL.

Before we can consider his words, JB shows up with a recipe for an elixir that he found in Amelia’s book. Adam asks JB if Amelia had the way to make things right then why didn’t she use it??? YES Adam good question. JB is all it doesn’t matter we can use it. WARNING red FLAG……….UGH!! Any who the ingredients are rare but Calvin the occult store guy might have the ingredients so says JB who remembers him.

At the store we find that Calvin’s niece is running the place because WAIT for IT, he has been missing for months. HMMM anyone recall what happened to dear Calvin?

Meanwhile Jake is looking very sickly; he is also having hallucinations about Calvin while he is in the store. He wants to go help with gathering other ingredients for the potion despite his illness so he goes with Cassie and Adam to the forest for that special item from a tree.

After the break, the girls go snooping around Lee’s car that is parked in the alley behind his house. They barely make it inside the car when a cop car pulls up behind them. Diana pulls the cop aside to talk I assume with hopes that she can convince him that one of the other girls is distraught. She is doing that but suddenly her blouse burst open revealing her bra. Of course, the bra thing was courtesy of the other two LOL. One of my friends said,it would have been weird would it have been if Diana didn’t have on a bra LOL yeah that would be on another network, like ShowTime LOL.

Next thing we see is them inside the back of the police car. The cop is looking at the car as Eva comes out. She decides to help out the girls by not filing charges. LOL its their lucky day.

In the forest, Jake is stressing out Cassie and Adam with his delusions, hallucinations and accusations. Yep its kinda sad/funny/strange to behold. It’s obvious even in his illness that he is jealous of Adam.

Over at the Healing Center aka Institution for Mentally unstable witches, Charles and Dawn arrive to see Jane. Yeah that isn’t something she wants to happen LOL. Charles uses the crystal on Jane to try to get her to talk about what JB spoke with her earlier about. Now this is after Jane who is playing with a deck of cards, tells them that Amelia will be back soon, AWKWARD.

You know I really wish that Jane was doing all this just to trap them, I miss the smart Intelligent Jane we started with this one SUCKS and I hope they don’t keep her in this STATE for long, YOU hear me writers it’s not working for me not one IOTA. NO I didn’t read the books !! So I have no idea but strong powerful woman is always best.

In the forest Cassie talks to Adam about the night before, they can’t believe as wonderful as it was that it has caused this Curse. Jake is a mess by now hearing things still.

At the old house, Diana and Melissa help JB with the potion. JB tries to bond with Melissa by saying that he knew her mother; they used to look for herbs together. Hmm I would think he dated Amelia, knew Ethan and the rest is no wonder that he knew her mother too what is the big deal?

Back in the forest they find the item/tree they have been seeking to get the last rare ingredient.

Here we go; somewhere along the way there was an altercation with Jake where he fought with Adam, I missed it this time. Anyway Cassie almost took Jake out to defend her Adam thanks to her dark magic. She thanks Adam for stopping her at his point. They believe together they can do anything. They also are now aware that Jake killed Calvin, I think Calvin was stalking Jake in his hallucinations.

Fay goes snooping at Lee’s again, this time she finds his motorcycle which they were told earlier he had ridden out-of-town on. Eva catches her of course. Fay tries to leave to go get someone to tell maybe a cop but Eva stops her with magic.

They chat and Fay convinces Eva that she can help her bring Lee back to life even though she has seen his body. This isn’t the exact order because of another video skip 😦

Over at the house, they give JB the rest of the needed ingredients. JB tells Cassie they need to talk he also cannot guarantee the elixir will work for Jake to live.

Eva is with Fay in the room with Lee, as Fay tells her they need to kneel on either side of the body, EWW. Eva isn’t convinced that Fay is telling her the truth though, LOL. They start to chant but Fay is all the time trying to get the voodoo totem from under the bed. She tells Eva they need candles but again Eva is doubtful. Eva catches her trying to get the voodoo doll and they end up fighting in the shop. Fay breaks the doll and suddenly Eva is back to being herself, this is after she has thrown a bunch of stuff using her mind, at Fay LOL. Eva can’t feel the power any more and she apologizes for killing Lee.

At the house, Cassie gives Adam the bad news that they are the ones that have to drink the elixir cause they caused the Curse to start. They won’t even remember that they love each other NOW but they will remember they used to but not know why. What kinda strange explanation is that?? Very specific I think TOO Specific, does it sound like a SPELL in itself.

After Jake is getting better, you know after the sacrifice was made by the young lovers, he has a heart to heart with JB. They want to believe that a MAN can change. Jake killed one man whereas JB killed witches or at least took their powers not sure how much other damage he has done.

The next morning it turns out that the elixir worked on Adam just fine but not on Cassie. He leaves to go to the Boathouse after kissing her on the cheek, Ouch that has to hurt more than anything.

Fay is with Diana and Melissa telling them about poor lonesome Eva, I wonder if they will be Bestie’s now? She is a girl alone with a dead boyfriend. I don’t know but I loved seeing Missy Bender aka Alexia Fast aka Eva, but I gotta feeling her time on the show is over. Fay is now officially mourning Lee, I miss him too already.

Later that day, JB stops by Cassie’s house where she tells him that she remembers everything about Adam yet he has forgotten. She still loves him. She cries on JB shoulders. Hmm is he becoming the father that he always wanted, doubtful? He tells Cassie he had no idea what would happen. He tries to console her then she says she needs to be alone.

Charles go back to see Jane, this time he wants to make her better so he can destroy JB. Now you are talking Charles. I gotta see where this line of reasoning takes him. So earlier/before he was trying to impress Dawn or keep her out of his hair; I bet he planned to come back all along. Before he told Dawn he was done with her so he is trying a new tactic.

Meanwhile outside the house, JB runs into Dawn. Dawn confronts JB about trying to tear Cassie away from Adam, here is the RUB, he confesses to manipulating the situation. He recalls a time when Amelia was going to run away with Ethan and out of the circle. See we know it takes the entire circle to do magic he couldn’t have that right? Now I am not sure they bound their circle but I assume they had. Ok he says if the circle had been all together the rest of them would not have been defenseless against the hunters. But wait didn’t someone bring the hunters to town? I am not buying what he is selling here.

He did use magic to spell Jane, kill birds, fake the curse and put Jake through agony…You would think with as loud as they are talking someone would hear them……Yeah I don’t like him at all. Sounds like this show is going to be changing their title to Dirty Little Lying Witches, the secrets are piling up LOL.

JB also reveals to Dawn that the hunters are back and someone is working with them, he warns her not to questions him because she doesn’t need him as an enemy.

Upstairs Cassie goes to bed and she is still seeing something written in the stars, a Clue maybe. Seriously everyone else said don’t trust JB but NO she did and look where she is now?

Oh well great episode. I hate that I am going to miss this weeks……..I will be looking for a way to watch it before next Tuesday. Thanks for reading.

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