Secret Circle Episode 5 Recap – Ode to a Fallen Witch

Welcome to the first demonic version of TSC

Wow finally a moment to recap the shocking episode from last week. As I review the first scenes I remembered why I wasn’t in a hurry to review this episode; I am more than a bit squeamish about slithery things so lets just see how far I can go LOL.

This episode begins with Nick trying to wake Melissa up for school. She reaches out and pushes him away and manner that shows extra strength but after he lands on the floor she apologizes saying that she is feeling sick to her stomach. He leaves the room then we see the worm/demon crawling under her skin.

I know you are lying to me young lady

After the theme music we return to find Cassie lying about knowing Heather Barnes in the kitchen with her Grandmother Jane. Jane is trying her hardest to get Cassie to open up and talk to her about having seen Heather hit by a car and anything else she is willing to share. Grandma thinks its good that Cassie is friends with the kids of her mother’s close friends.

At school Melissa is acting strange kind of looking like she is not quite all present. She runs into Dawn in the hall and yells at her before she realized who she is. YIKES can we say Awkward

Oh Cassie we all lie to her parents get over it

In the halls, Cassie talks to Diana about why she can’t tell her grandmother they are witches, Diana informs her that in her book it says that the parents were stripped of their powers by some people called the Elders. In Diana’s mind the elders are the previous generation of witches. The whole reason they are keeping the secret about what they know is they want to find out what happened the night their parents were killed and what where the circumstances involved.

Charles you are not my type

On the other side of campus, Charles is in Dawn’s office where they discuss the Heather incident. They have a plan to meet that night under a Blood Moon, for some purpose that is supposed to help them protect their children from what they might find. Yes, they know about the kids but they have no idea what they have been doing since they bound the circle. Hmmmm this will get interesting. “Lets go back to using phones for our discussions,” Dawn says before he leaves. It’s almost like she can’t stand the sight of him, anyone notice that?

Really? my mother has better taste

Diana and Faye see Charles leaving Dawn’s office; Diana is excited because she things that their parents are dating but Faye does not look interested at all. LOL I can’t imagine if they were really dating that Faye wouldn’t already know, duh Diana.

You okay Babe?

Poor Melissa is walking around still acting like she feels something crawling all over her. Nick finds her AT her locker leaned against it and he asked how she is doing. He seems so caring now its too bad she is not in the shape to appreciated it. She turns around and suddenly she is acting different but not all weird like before. She is still not herself though as she asks Nick to help her dig up her family’s book that she suddenly knows is buried in the forest. Now I think Nick would have known the difference between this Melissa and the old Melissa but hey maybe that’s me…….he might be under her spell. Any way the carrot she puts in front of him is that she and him will be the only ones to share the knowledge of her book. Nick likes the idea of them doing some stuff together like magic.

Dig baby Dig don’t complain just dig LOL

Later that night, just when Nick is about to give up the digging they find something in the ground; it’s a suitcase. Melissa seems happy to find it but Nick looks doubtful I mean a suitcase for a book, hmmm I was doubtful too.

Gotta run Grams I am needed where they don’t ask questions

That night at dinner Cassie’s grandmother makes another attempt at getting her open up about the things going on her life. Just when Cassie is feeling the itch to talk to Grandma Jane she gets a text from Melissa to meet at the house right away. Cassie leaves the dinner table to go see what is happening.


Oh Baby not Faye !

At the house Nick is impatient to open the suitcase but Melissa is making him wait. She acting mean and unreasonable not like herself at all. Supposedly there is a spell on the case they have to use to get it open but again Nick is impatient, Melissa yells at him again. I still don’t know why he didn’t notice she was acting different. Faye arrives. Nick is surprised since it was supposed to be all about him and Melissa. Then Melissa lies saying the book is for her and Faye but she had needed Nick to dig it up for her. REALLY isn’t Melissa the most honest besides Cassie? Would she do all that lying? It’s not like this is the Pretty Little Liars LOL Melissa gets real close to Faye like she is coming on to her and Faye looks uncomfortable. Melissa kept saying you are my best friend, you are my best friend LOL, I still dont’ see why they did not question her behavior. Oh and last week Faye ticked Melissa off about Nick or was it the week before so Yeah they should have noticed. Nick looks strangely at Melissa finally, ah he notices something is up. If anyone knows Melissa likes boys its Nick.

Now over at the boat, Charles with Diana are getting ready to do a spell under the Blood Moon to get their true power returned to them. Dawn isn’t comfortable with Charles acting like they are more than friends though I don’t know why. Hey it’s not like she is dating anyone else or that he isn’t cute.

Why are you sitting so far away

Yeah Lick me Baby!

At Diana’s house, I think, she has cooked dinner for Adam as they discuss the lack of time they spend alone together. Now everyone knows I am no prude but when has it become acceptable for teenagers to have dessert as whip cream on each other? LOL, that was interesting little twist but I guess if your dad is away on a supposed date you feel a little free. So Diana climbs on Adam’s lap then starts putting whip cream on his neck before she licks it off. Now its only a fem moments later that they race from the room I imagine toward the bed room.

At the old house Melissa is working on the spell, OH another clue that it’s not really her although she said she found the info in her mothers diary, because she doesn’t have a book yet, um anyway Cassie races in the room as the others watch Melissa.

Melissa finally confesses they need the entire circle for the spell to work. Melissa yells in another voice as Cassie adds her voice to those wanting to open the suitcase. Nick looks strangely at her again. Cassie is texting Diana and Adam again when Nick sees the suitcase move. They finally see the worm/demon moving around in Melissa’s forehead and they try not to let on that something is weird.

OH Yeah that’s it Adam

You know my weak spot

Diana and Adam are on her bedroom making out when they finally decide to answer the phone to find out that the others need their help. This seems like the one time Adam was in no hurry to run to Cassie LOL

Faye and Cassie are considering leaving Melissa in her trouble but Nick insists they have to help her.

Adam and Diana arrive just in time to see Nick knock Melissa out.

After the quick break we find Melissa on the sofa with her hands tied up. They think they know what happened to Melissa but are only guessing. They have no idea there were more of the worms in Nicks bag. Nick seems to be the most concerned. Melissa is not able to hold control of her body the demon keeps taking over and the others are at a loss. She makes weird noises like the demons you see in other movies very weird and nerve-racking, a bit scary/creepy.

Meanwhile the grownups try to gain their power by chanting over what remains of the crystal as the Blood Moon rises. Whatever is supposed to happen does not happen. Dawn says without the other five crystals the circle can not restore their power. She leaves upset blaming Charles.

When Cassie goes to get her grandmother which involves her admitting that she knows she is a witch. Melissa breaks free and attacks Nick with a knife and the others try to help with magic but it doesn’t really help except to make the demon inside Melissa angrier. Melissa directs them on what to do to save Nick. She wants to get them to open the case as they circle it. The others have heard noises from the case already and don’t want to go near it. It begins to open just when grandma walks in with Cassie.

Grandma has her own magic. She has brought her own crystal and she instructs the others on what to do. Nick still has hopes to get Melissa out safe as he talks to her.

They interrupt the goings on to show Dawn at the bar.

Then back to the house where Melissa is back to herself and they realize someone else is the host for the demon now.

They start attacking each other verbally before grandma test each one with the crystal to see where the worm/demon had gone. I was not so surprised to find it was in Nick who was the one who was with Melissa most of the time she was in her ordeal. He goes for the suitcase which has been hissing all this time freaking me out………….I hate those darn snakes……..Adam grabs him before the case opens. Grandma throws something heavy on top of it. Nick runs out of the house. Wow some kind of a wild episode here.

After the break, they take the suitcase to burn it in the bath tub. Grandma says the options to get rid of the demons are to burn it or drown it. Hmm interesting not sure if that is true facts there but okay. We see Nick rolling around in the forest; he looks in pain. Nick then stands up and walks like he is in charge.

The reason this is happening is because Demons need human form to be active and witches are the most powerful ones they can use. Nick calls Adam to come to the boat house bar where he threatened to burn down the bar. He sees Dawn at the bar and he tells her he is Abaddon. There are others who have ideas about this Abbadon too mainly the bible though its similar to the other one. I have heard this name before so I thought I would give you some links.

He says he comes to get the circle. He needs a new body and she pretends to offer hers. He follows her out of the bar as she calls Charles while he isn’t paying attention. Charles goes to help her with the others on the way also. Charles knocks Nick out but they decide they have to drown the demon but um its Nick’s body. HELLO…..this was so sad. Nick wakes up and knows he is being drowned…….NOW this part I have to wonder if the demon went into Dawn. She yells it’s not him it’s a trick but hmmm I don’t know … poor Nick fights till he is dead, it’s very sad.
R.I.P. Nick.

Grandma and Cassie hear the noise but show up after Dawn and Charles are gone. Um how would Nick be on the ground after he drowned himself??

After the break, Melissa is feeling better and she remembers very little of it all. She only knows she felt bad. Faye is glad she is fine. Before Faye can give her more information she gets the news that Nick has died.

Dawn and Charles try to reconcile what they did. Dawn says you saved my life but Charles believes killing a child should never feel right; I am with HIM!! There had to be another way folks.

The Police are saying that Nick’s death was an accident. Adam thinks maybe he was trying to get the demon out himself. Nick had a hard life with no parents. Diana and Adam comfort one another with hugs.

Grandma consoles Cassie

Grandma consoles Cassie about the incident before Cassie asked what happened the night of the fire but Grandma said she has never known. Amelia was a secretive as Cassie started out to be. Witchcraft attracts darkness so says Grandma. I personally believe there is always darkness unless we shine the light in our situations.

WE see Charles on his boat.
Dawn at her house, I swear I was looking for that worm to show up on her forehead.

Faye Consoles Melissa

We see Diana and Adam again, then Faye giving Melissa the bad news and she totally looks like she freaked out.
Last scene is Cassie looking toward Nick’s window……I got chills….I already missed him and was NOT happy at all about his Demise.

Thanks for the Memories, Nick.

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