Secret Circle Recap Episode 12 I See Dead People

This weeks Secret Circle begins with last weeks ending. Jake comes down the stairs again to find a guilty looking Cassie with Adam in the basement of the old house.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jake Asks………OOPS!!

LOL Cassie confronts him about being at the school, she speculates he was the one that saved her and Melissa. Jake smirks. Adam calls him an avenging Angel LOL. This is going to be some kind of Love Triangle. Jake asks Adam if he doesn’t usually have a different girlfriend? I forgot how amusing this part was. Cassie ignores the flying testosterone and asks Jake where he has been. Jake confesses to leading the witch hunters away so he could come back to watch over her. Now I am not saying I totally believe that but it does sound kind of HERO like.

According to Jake discovering that Cassie’s bloodline was from Balcorn discouraged Isaac from dealing with her because she is too powerful. Yeah that’s a true witch hunter just turn tail and run LOL, I don’t think so I would think they would just regroup and return. The bad news is there is a Council of Witch Hunters that have a ritual they use for people like Cassie. The last time the ritual was used was sixteen years ago to kill John Blackwell.

Cue Creepy Music

It’s interesting that Jake only knows what happen with John Blackwell but not the others. The beliefs the gang have had about the fire until now have only been because of piecing information together. Someone named Evan was the person speaking of these things but Jake only heard a bit of it, Isaac doesn’t even know. The only way to protect Cassie is to find out about the ritual.

Does anyone else wonder if Jake is pulling at straws trying to help Cassie? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is he now only interested in being her suitor to get back at Adam? Adam who is now available whereas before was only in the shadows with Diana.

In the car later, Cassie reasons that Jake is the one that saved her life but Adam points out maybe Jake just didn’t have the proper ritual before to kill her properly. Adam always on the defense with Jake. Adam warns him to stay away from Cassie before he leaves.

Confused much? I don’t know what to think so surely Cassie is confused too but at least she is not helpless she can burn him, literally, if she needs to LOL.

He wants to understand how she can trust Jake but she JUST DOES, I guess its a feeling. I get those sometimes, the KNOWING about someone. She says that Jake cares about her but Adam is not so certain its not just her powers that obsesses Jake. Adam knows Jake from the past so his thought on him is that he Uses people.

Diana shows up at the car wondering where they have been gone so long. She clarifies she was worried for Cassie not worried about them being together. Poor Diana will she ever get over Adam? Cassie gets out of the car with Diana, “I’ll fill you in,” she tells the other girl.

The next day, Charles is innocently walking down the street when his attention is drawn to a nearby window where is innocent daughter seats with the bane of his existence, Dawn. He goes in to learn that Diana had lunch with Dawn, lets just say he is not happy about this situation at all. He demands that Dawn never use Diana to get to him again. Dawn accuses him of not getting over the fact his mother doesn’t like her but he clarifies it could be because Dawn wanted to kill her. Yep that will do it every time.

Dawn is already to make up to him just to get the crystals to work but he lets her know she is not getting near his; the one that works. She looks horrified like she can’t believe the actually is still upset with her. She realizes she will need another way to get what she wants. He knows that she is up to something and he plans to find out what it is.

In Lee’s garage, Fay is talking about a possible way to get her magic back when Lee gets a visitor. This visitor is an acquaintance of Lees, well more of a customer. His name is Callum

So I googled Callum and he is a Young and The Restless Alum…..kinda cool I like shaggy haired guys so I had to know more. His real name is Michael Graziadei, hmm he was discovered why bartending more info at the link.

Okay so this guy walks into Lee’s garage/place of business looking all mysterious and dangerous. Lee doesn’t seem real happy so see him or excited that he wants to know about Faye.

Meanwhile at Jake’s Cassie is waiting for him when he arrives in his room. Hmm that is kinda sexy right LOL. Her waiting for him in his room is like she is getting BOLD. Go Cassie Go Cassie. Jake asks if she got Adam’s permission to stalk him basically. She wants to know if he is in town to kill her before she TELLS him she has been getting a hang of her dark magic, Threatening huh? I’m scared. Jake tells her the same story he is there to help her. He brings a new twist to the story: he was there the day his parents died. He wants her to help him remember because he so young she would have to go into his memory of that day.

After the break, Jake begins to tell his story. He hid under a blanket in the back seat of his parents car the day they went to the boat yard. He snuck onto the ferry boat after his parents had gone on ahead. Adam arrives at this point which we notice is them now at the old house. “I didn’t know you brought along your pet psychopath,” Adam says after he sees Cassie with Jake. Oh Adam got all the zingers this episode, touche.

Luckily for our gang, Jake has been working on a memory spell for years to give him a chance to go back to that day to see what happened on the boat when his parents disappeared. Cassie with her dark magic is supposed to be able to create a link between what happened and what is blocked out. Cassie confesses to having done it with Faye at the lake house as she was able to see what only Faye could see that was the little girl, younger Fay.

Jake tells Adam the spell is safe if they are grounded to each other as they experience the memory. Adam doesn’t quite get the idea of it. Cassie is desperate to find out what happened again she thinks this is their only chance. Hasn’t she sang this song before? Wasn’t something else suppose to help? Oh yeah the rogue plan that killed Heather, not so long ago that led to Nick’s death. Yeah the same old song its like on rewind. Well it’s not like she needs Adam’s permission but she is at least willing to explain.

Over at Lee’s, Callum is on the phone while the other two wish he would just Go AWAY!!
Callum asked about Eva, Lee’s ex girlfriend, when he gets off the phone. I guess Callum and Lee used to hang in the same circles less than a year ago. REMEMBER EVA, she will be heard of again. *Spoiler*
WE learn from Callum that Lee used to be a drug dealer of sorts, something called, Devil’s spirit that gives you super powers he tells Faye who finally looks excited instead of bored.

Callum threatens Lee with a knife and gives him two hours to get some Devil’s Spirit. Fay agrees to stay with the strange man while Lee goes off to get what Callum wants. Now I don’t know why Fay does this because cute or not the guy looks kinda sleazy and he has a knife YIKES, I guess she knows how to fight off guys or something LOL.

Over at the diner, Diana talks with Adam about Cassie and Jake plan to do that night. Diana seems excited about the idea of finding out what happened that day. She says she would do it if she could; she suggests they should all be there that night with the others either way.

For the spell they need something from the boat that would have been there sixteen years ago. They go to the boat yard to the same boat where he and his parents had gone to gather some dust stuff to take back with them.

Later at the Boathouse diner, Dawn arrives looking stressed. Ethan asks if there is a way he can help her. She tells him he is sweet and always was sweet even while dating Amelia. Dawn says things got confusing for all of them back then. Dawn blames her current mood on Charles. According to her there was an argument and she lies that Charles choked her. Ethan says that he also choked him too. Dawns doesn’t want to press charges because of his magic. Ethan says that Charles was always a bully. Dawn thanks him but she just wants him to get the crystal for her from Charles.

Jake and Cassie are at the old house now ready to do the spell. She has to read it aloud then they will touch the dirt and ashes from the boat and visualize. They are transported back to the boat. Cassie is disoriented but Jake seems to know exactly where they are.

On the way to the abandoned house Diana reports that Melissa is in Seattle with her father and Faye is not answering her phone. Diana states the obvious, she thinks the circle is falling apart. Adam suggests maybe finding out the truth about the day of the fire will bring them back together. So only she and Adam are available to go to see what is going on with those two crazy kids, Cassie and Jake, road trip LOL.

Charles gets a call from Ethan who says he knows that Charles has a crystal he also knows that he killed Henry Chamberlain when he found out that Charles had a crystal. Now I don’t know why but Ethan sounds like he has been spelled. I just feel like Dawn has been compromised if not she is always a B*tch but somehow her insistence upon being the hard As* seems over the top to me. Where is Abaddon? Did drowning Nick really kill him because I do not believe that. On the other hand Jane was the one that said drowning a demon worked so yes I am confused or don’t know many people as evil as Dawn LOL.

Anywho, Charles tells Ethan his drunk but Ethan claims to be sober as a church mouse. He announces that he plans on telling the Elders so they can stop Charles which is illogical. Who tells a killer that they plan to report them??? NO you just DO IT, because if a person has killed they may not hesitate to do it again. HELLO !!

Don’t you hate shows where there are tOOOOOOOOO many threats and NO actions LOL not to say this show is like that, they will kill a character in a Minute BOOYAH !! Ethan tells Charles he can’t kill all the elders.

Over at the boat of the PAST, time has stood still because our fearless heroes are still in the same spot wondering what to do next LOL. Then two people who are in a hurry to go somewhere walk pass them without seeing them. Cassie calls out to them but its useless. Two other people walk passed that we find out are Jake’s parents. Jake suddenly has a bad head pain then screams out. They follow his parents.

Cindy Busby played Sarah Armstrong; who was also in Shut up Dr. Phil an episode of Supernatural.
Marcus Rosner played Richard Armstrong; Richard is a new actor but will be seen in the upcoming series, This American Housewife.

So the conversation that his parents are having involves them stopping using their magic. Sarah the mother says that John Blackwell doesn’t believe they should trust the people who want them to stop. Jake’s headache is getting worse all the while, as well his memories are getting confused I guess he is losing track of reality. Jake tries to convince Cassie that to go any farther is dangerous he says the rest of his memory is blocked. Cassie wants to go further on the boat. Jake wakes up but Cassie is still stuck on the boat.

After the break, we see Jake’s parents arguing about consulting with John Blackwell about the truce to not use their powers again. All this time I thought the parents would be younger when we saw them you know about the ages that the circle is NOW!! They look at least in their twenties to me LOL my assumption is that they were only kids when they became parents.

WE hear Sarah say that Dawn is on deck with Charles who agrees with Charles not to give up their powers. Cassie is near by trying to hear the conversation. Sarah says there is NO truce without the entire circle. Amelia wasn’t on the boat because John somehow betrayed her according to Sarah. She is worried their circle is falling apart; hmm we heard that earlier right?

Richard thinks they might be safe again if they stop practicing. Safe? How were the ever unsafe? OH yeah dark forces want to use witch powers for evil so witches tend to be a magnet for them? Ok got it?

Sarah finally agrees so they can go home to their children, that would be Nick and Jake.

Ethan walks through the room just as Evan arrives, hey we heard his name earlier, he was the one that Jake mentioned. Hmm so he was around back then?

Evan cuts Richards throat yes he is a bad guy witch hunter elder council person. Sarah is horrifies as Evan drags her away. Cassie goes after them. In the room where Evan takes Sarah Cassie sees other people and someone named Lucy. Okay Lucy is Diana’s mother I looked it up on IMDB LOL.
Sarah hugs Lucy as Evan drops her off in the room. We can see a little curly-haired Jake at the window just above the seal. Jake is calling for his Mommy. Cassie sees him too just as in present Day, Adam and Diana show up at the old house.

Jake starts to explain what happened especially why he is back but Cassie is not. They all just sit and watch Cassie not respond as they try to decide what to do.

At Lee’s Fay finally gets around to asking Callum about Devil’s Spirit. It’s a None Addictive herbal enhancement according to Callum. Yes that is why he wants to get his hands on it soo bad. Wake up Fay, Callum looks like a dealer of the worse kind. He is all long hair and sexy looking. It’s supposed to tap into your inner strength and open up your mind or in her case give her power to have or do whatever they want.
This is the time of course that Lee comes back.

A fight breaks out when Lee asks Callum to leave after he gives him the herb because Callum offers some to Fay. Overprotective much? The fight stops after Fay knocks over more of Lee’s stock LOL, she knows how to get his attention still. “Damn it Fay,” Lee shouts. It’s a good thing he shouted because this storyline is moving a bit slow for me. I love me some Fay and Lee looks interesting but something needs to happen SOON!! Fay said they were acting like idiots LOL, Callum admits that Lee was protecting her from crazy him, oh like we didn’t figure that one out.

Back at the boat Cassie has been waiting to see what will happen next. Some guys drag in a person in a hooded robe and tie him to a pole in the middle of the floor. Evan calls the man in the robe, John Blackwell. John has been accused and found guilty, of what he does not say what is his true charge.

John says you know you can’t kill me but Evan says they have some root now that will work. They put it in a circle around the pole then set it on fire after they chant a spell. Interesting how these people don’t want them to have powers yet they use THEIR powers on them. Hypocrisy much?

Cassie is about to rush in the room when Lucy sees her. Now no one else has seen her so how can Lucy? Lucy Meade, Diana’s mother tells her she doesn’t belong there and they she needs to leave. She has her follow her out. Well she tells Cassie to follow but you know hard-headed Cassie lol she stays behind. The door closes before the smoke starts to over take her.

In real-time, Cassie starts to choke on the smoke also.

After the break, Jake reveals that Cassie’s brain is telling her she is really in the fire; though I guess that is pretty obvious by the choking since in real life they are not in a fire. They all put their hands on her and concentrate on expanding her lungs, per Adam’s instructions. Adam demands that Jake go back in and get her out since he was the one to take Cassie to start with. Adam is very angry about all of this, its kinda sexy really.

Jake agrees and lands back in time on the boat with his same headache. You have to wonder if that is psychological he didn’t have it in real-time.

In the room with John, Cassie is better now even though there is still smoke. I made note again this time that John had something in his hand as he was NOT dying on that pole. He says a spell while holding a pendant with a symbol, which releases his ropes and the men who were trying to burn him in turn have the fire pushed toward them.

As they are burning up he allows the pendant to fall to the floor. Now I believe he saw Cassie in the room just as Lucy saw her but he doesn’t acknowledge her. He pulls his hood back as he leaves the scene but its only a nose shot LOL. Cassie is mesmerized but Jake’s banging on the door gets her attention, she opens the door and he grabs her in his arms. Jake then sees his mother who can’t get out of the room so he sees her die. It might be why he dreaded going back to the boat. They both wake up in real-time.

Lee explains to Fay how Devil’s Spirit destroyed Eva because she took too much it’s also why he stopped dealing it.

Cassie thinks the truce was a trap and the circle was split over who to believe. Those that trusted the witch hunters were led into the cafeteria and massacred. She tells them that John Blackwell got out unlike what the witch hunters say. Cassie tells Jake how brave his mother was before the fire and that she saw some of the parents but she doesn’t mention Lucy who tried to get her to leave, but she would not have known her right? She is a witness to the fact that the Witch Hunters started the fire that killed their parents. I wonder what will come of that information? Ethan who has said he wasn’t at the boat that day was someone Cassie mentions too but Adam is unsure what to think since all the years that his father has told the story he wasn’t there. Cassie tells the others to go on ahead as the get ready to leave.

Ethan punches Charles after his arrival at the Boathouse.

Cassie goes to the boat wreckage to find the pendant her father dropped sixteen years ago. Okay my issue is that it looks brand new and if it was a powerful pendant why didn’t he keep it.

Ethan accuses Charles of being a bully especially after the way Dawn made him think that Charles choked her. Charles realizes immediately that she is involved. Charles tried to warn him about Dawn but Ethan is not listening. Ethan gives Charles the whole drowning on dry land treatment before Charles yells uncle. Ethan likes the power of the crystal I guess he somehow got it from Charles as he lie unconscious on the floor.

Jake finds Cassie on the boat. HE is glad to know the truth because Isaac had been using his innocence against him. Cassie wants to know if there is another reason that Jake came back but its complicated you know because of Adam 🙂 Jake seems hopeful or it seems. Cassie is sure that her father did not die on that ferry. Jake says he is buried at the cemetery near her parents. Of course they go investigate.

Adam drops Diana off at home where Diana gives Adam the news that Jake Loves Cassie. She still doesn’t know how to be friends with Adam but no one else knows Adam like she dos.

Dawn shows up to get the crystal from Ethan but he tells her she can wait till tomorrow. Dawn is not happy but she leaves without it.

Fay arrives home in a taxi but Callum is waiting. He wants to give her a sample of YES you guessed it, Devil’s Spirit. He says she expressed an interest and he is Sensitive to a pretty girls needs, Yeah I bet dude. Fay takes the bag before Callum tells her to call him if she develops in more needs. Hmm are this kids underaged LOL. Fay yells “don’t hold your breath.”

In what should be John Blackwell’s grave they find what looks more like an animal skeleton; what is that all about? Cassie and Jake are speechless as you might imagine.

Great Episode: I can’t wait for more of this show, please leave comments.

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