Secret Circle Recap Episode 13 Happy Birthday Adam

Here we are at lucky 13, this episode gets us closer to the mystery of the secret circle witches.

Adam arrives at the Blake house as Cassie is about to leave after gathering more clothes to go back to Diana’s. He confronts her with the fact that he knows that Cassie went with Jake to her father’s grave only to find out it contained an animal skeleton. He is upset that Cassie is having adventures with Jake because he thinks that Jake is dangerous. Adam tells Cassie the things she has been doing lately cross the line because before she arrived in town they were taking the whole witch thing slowly.

Finally someone to clearly tell her she is the WILD CARD. Yes they want to know answers the same way that she does but she is stepping in the line of Fire and bringing them with her. Adam insists that he too will do everything to find if her father is alive because he cares about her NOT because he is obsessed with her dark magic, emphasis on that is what Jake is doing according to Adam LOL. He brings up their kiss saying that there is no room for Jake in between them, then he leaves again.

Across town, Fay sees Jake outside a store and tells him that she is well aware that he is only helping Cassie so he can find a way to get REVENGE on the people that killed his parents. She does not believe he has changed from his old manipulative ways. Jake does not deny it he just smiles and walks away.

Back at Cassie’s it seems she never did go back to Diana’s after Adam left. She sits in her room looking at the Medallion. It seems as though she hears something outside or suddenly feels at a loss as to what to do so she hides the Medallion in the same place as where she keeps her book of shadows. Note to readers: if you have a precious object never hide in the place with Another precious object just in case someone decides to steal it *hint*.

Cassie goes back downstairs to try to leave again only this time she opens the door to find a lady standing there with dark hair. I instinctly assumed it to be Lucy, but my mistake last time was to think that Lucy who we saw in the ship when the others died was Diana’s Mom but it was not. Lucy was a friend of the group of parents.

I am getting ahead of myself LOL any who Cassie also recognizes Lucy but she is not sure why or from where. Lucy tells her Yep its from the boat yard fire. Cassie is confused as she should be except we all know that Cassie has been to the location of the old fire recently.

Lucy has been reliving the memory of that day for sixteen years; last week she saw Cassie at the fire. Now she keeps seeing Cassie in the cafeteria the day of the fire over and over again. She then starts to look around outside like she afraid or being watched. She asks Cassie to let her inside.

Her name is Lucy Gibbons now in the Episode the Witness they listed in IMDB a Lucy Mead, which would have been Diana’s mother. WHY in the world would one show need two LUCY’s…I mean of all the names in the world that begin with L why LuCY, yeah I know Diana’s Lucy is Dead but still it confused me it might confuse others..moving on.

Lucy Gibbons explains to Cassie that she was a friend of Amelia’s and that when she first saw her in the ship that day she thought she was Amelia. I totally think that is a LIE!! She had to have known at that point that Cassie was not Amelia though I am not sure how relevant the statement needs to be. Lucy also figured out that Cassie was tethered to someone who was at the ship the day of the fire. This is according to Lucy the reason that Cassie was able to appear there at all.

Looks like Lucy had a lot of time to figure it all out; perhaps too much time. Why was she reliving the day all the time? What did she have to gain? Was she trying to help or was there other reasons?

According to Lucy every event in time has its on imprint she says psychic imprint I believe Personally that this is true psychic or not. Anyway the point is that Lucy believes that Cassie’s presence on the ferry that day altered the imprint and that is how Lucy saw Cassie. I keep saying ship but it was a ferry I believe. Lucy says that she knew John Blackwell as a hero and his death was a tragedy.

Cassie says she saw him escape the fire. I totally would have kept that information to myself Actually I would not let someone I didn’t know in my house. I would have said hey lady or Lucy whatever you call yourself you can meet me later at my friends house so we can ALL talk, end of story. Cassie should be consulting the others instead of doing so much on her own. Yeah she has wicked dark magic but what could it hurt to be cautious now and again?

Outside a car alarm goes off and Lucy jumps then seems nervous. Lucy tells Cassie she actually came to warn her that the witch hunters were asking about her. She gives Cassie her room information for the hotel she is staying at for the night.

At Dawn’s she is showing signs of an alternate personality again LOl just like I said. She has scratch marks on her hand, very creepy. I keep saying that Abaddon is in her maybe he is hiding behind her already hideously greedy personality or she is fighting being taken over.

Dawn is standing looking at her hand as though she has no idea why its scratched and bleeding at the sound of a knock on the door. She finds Charles at the door pissed that she had sent Ethan after her. She invites him in for coffee. They argue as usual with Dawn saying they have the same end goal of getting back their power. Charles is more concerned with getting back the crystal from Ethan and that Dawn wanted to kill his mother. LOL he has not gotten over that one. “The next time you cross me will be your last,” he threatens her before he leaves.

Diana goes looking for Adam at his dad’s bar only to have Ethan invite her to help him throw Adam a surprise party. It’s not like she can say know to his father right? LOL
Adam arrives in time to hear them talking about the surprise party which now won’t be a surprise but he is psyched for it anyway. They tell him just to show up so they will do the rest.

Jake meets up with Cassie at the house where she gives him the news about Lucy and the witch hunters. Cassie wants to find out NOW how to get the Medallion to help them stay alive the way her father used it at the fire. Jake suggests trying the Medallion downstairs since it matches the symbol on the ceiling.

They go downstairs to try to figure out how it might work. Jake thinks there might be a spell to activate it but Cassie can’t recall the words her father spoke. She is holding it and staring at it when the house starts to shake like an earthquake. Jake looks at her like what are you doing LOL. The wind blows and Cassie says that something feels completely wrong. She then yells for Jake to run but she can’tmove. He starts to leave but instead returns to dive on top of her; they both go flying. They are still half way on the floor as Adam walks in, he is not a happy camper at the sight of them together looking so intimate.

After the break, Cassie chases Adam as he leaves in a hurry. Cassie explains the situation with him. You gotta wonder why she didn’t call Adam before? Why does she always call Jake? Adam is the one who WUVS her.

Adam suggests that using the Medallion might consume her the way it did her father. He fears she is not thinking straight which will again put them all in danger. My input well I agree with Adam. Adam suggests the Power of the Circle is all the protection they need. She says she agrees but she goes back inside the house anyway. Liar much?

Jake who is still inside the house speaks with Cassie after she returns to get her bag, “Let’s go talk to Lucy,” she tells him you know because the person I just met has all the answers LOL.

At the bar, Melissa tells Fay that there were dog bones in John Blackwell’s coffin. Its sounds like she is freaked out about it a bit. Fay rants about how horrible Cassie is with her dark magic then she pulls out the bag of Devil’s Spirit. Hmm who is more horrible Fay; you and your drugs or Cassie and her Magick? She tells Melissa its to help tap into their inner strength and power. They see Diana coming in with the decoration for the party which leads Fay to tease Melissa about helping her. Melissa rolls her eyes before Fay hands her the Devil’s Spirit bag which she looks quite interested in investigating.

At this point I am surprised that Melissa is back pacing to let Fay lead her astray. I was hoping Diana would keep her attention longer. She looks uncomfortably interested in the dangerous herb. She seems the tight that is easily distracted by dangerous obsessions.

I was going to mention that while Capping this episode I noticed all the fascinating shots of the back scenes. The floating clouds, the sunshine, and it all looked very almost Indian Summer like to me; it has been distracting LOL

Meanwhile Jake and Cassie arrive at the hotel to see Lucy. Oh and Lucy is in Lucky Room Number 7 LOL I guess its symbolic. She comes to the door looking all terrified. We get to hear her move something from in front of the door….ooo the boogey man might get her.

Cassie goes shooting off her big mouth again. She tells Lucy that she has the Medallion that saved her father and she wants to know how to use it to protect them from the witch hunters. Jake gives her a look but YOU know he should know better than to just trust anyone that says they want to help. I suddenly wonder how REAL Jake is in all of this?? Yeah he likes Cassie but he may have learned ways to deceive people by hiding his true feeling. Lucy tells her the same thing that Jake had told her; they have to activate the Medallion. Hmmm isn’t it odd they would use the same words……wow suddenly I don’t trust Jake too much, cute or not.

I know it may just be that is how it all works but *shakes head*

Lucy wants to know if they are seeking protection or revenge? Jake says both. Lucy says she can get the spell. Oh my gosh I would want to know how and where she can get it oh and why not just let them get it? She is what passing through town all scared and stuff? Oh she can stop running for a day to help them do this thing? She makes a plan to meet up with them at the old house later with the spell.

Dawn is the next person to appear at Lucy’s hotel room; she doesn’t look out the peep hole because she assumes its Cassie since they had just left seconds before. Dawn bursts in without asking. Dawn says that the day you betrayed us I marked you. OHHHHH so the scar on Dawn’s hand was a sign that Lucy was in town…….YIKES!! Creepy stuff.

Cassie goes to get the Medallion for later only to find it missing from its intense hiding spot LOL what did I tell you about not using the same spot for hiding things.

After the break, Lucy lies to Dawn about why she is in town saying she came by to check up on Amelia’s daughter because they were good buds in school. Dawn accuses her of not doing her job as John Blackwell’s psychic she was supposed to see that the hunters where coming on the fateful day of the fire years ago. Lucy is all they must have blocked my sight. Lucy would do anything to get that day back or so she says.

Dawn asked Lucy if she can find the other crystals as a pay back for what happened long ago. Hmm one track mind much, Dawn. Lucy says those don’t belong to her but its not like Dawn cares about formalities like what belongs to whom.

Cassie is still with Jake trying to decide where that lonely Medallion has gone off too. She realizes after a few moments that only one person could have taken it. Hey my guess is Adam, what do you all think? LOL

It’s birthday party time at the Boathouse. Adam thanks his father for the party but Ethan says it was mostly Diana, “boy can that girl plan.” Adam smirks.

Outside on the patio, Melissa is with Fay again. Melissa is talking like she is stoned kinda whispery and saying things are shiny while some pastry’s tasted like gold LOL its funny and sad too. They are about to take more of the Happy Dust aka Devil’s Spirit when it blows away in the wind. They looks sad.
Melissa says call the biker guy for more….oh my she is hooked.

Inside we see Adam with his alcohol free champagne drink, hmm right LOL and this talking to his pops. It is alcohol free at the bar right? If not well how does that work for teenage parties?
Diana shows up with a kiss on the cheek for Adam appreciation night…..oh so sweet but so sad. Adam is all appreciative of her hard work; its bittersweet.

Cassie walks in just before the all too sweet toasts to Adam. Ethan says Son I love you then Diana has to speak though it had to have been embarrassing for her being his ex and all. He was her rock or shining example all her life or something like that. Cassie is standing right beside Adam during the toast looking totally uncomfortable.

Charles approaches Ethan but mostly to talk long enough to bore him so he looks away long enough for him to put something in his drink. Yes that’s the way of greed. Ethan turns again and Charles is gone but he drinks from the cup that was roofied LOL.

Cassie is waiting for a moment with Adam when he arrives in the arcade area. I had no idea there was an arcade area but oh well. Adam confesses to taking the Medallion to keep her from hurting herself. Cassie tries to convince him that Lucy wants to help them with a spell that will activate it. Adam is curious as to why they should trust Lucy. Hey I am right there with you Adam, Cassie is so naive she is willing to trust at the drop of a hat as though that has worked so well for her. Remember Charles’ mother? Remember Jake and the witch hunters? Remember doing her own research and how that turned out with Heather? A long line of reasons for them STOP, THINK, RESEARCH, QUESTION and then Maybe Act!!

Adam tells Cassie that Jake has killed people since he begun to get revenge for his parents but she doesn’t believe it.

After the break, Callum arrives to make his delivery to the girls who seemed to be fast getting hooked on his herb. Callum gets an eyeful of Melissa as she says hello. Watch it Callum, underaged girls can get you in trouble. Callum wants to stay at the party, probably to entice more youngsters but Fay asks him to leave. Jake arrives a few seconds later; I assume he saw the stranger walk in.

Callum say he is a friend of Fay’s Voodoo boyfriend. Jake doesn’t seem to care but he tells Callum to leave before Callum looks closely at Jake. I think he could tell he was a witch, just sayin’ he looked kinda scared.

At the bar, Adam returns the Medallion to Cassie because he doesn’t think he has the right to make decisions for her. Hey but according to Diana, Adam always knows right from wrong…..hmmm so does that mean that he always does the correct thing? Uh No! It was just the way that Diana viewed him.

Adam reminds Cassie that everything he has said about Jake is true and inside of her she knows too. She still wants to gather the circle to activate the Medallion so they can be protected.

Then we see Ethan weaving like he has been drinking but he tells Adam he has not; its the effects of drinking form Charles’ poison cup. Adam thanks him for the party before Ethan goes off to get aspirin. Charles happens to see Ethan go off to the back room, convenient no? .

Outside Cassie asks Jake if he has ever murdered a witch and he gives her a nod before she walks away. Hey does that mean that Adam was right? Hmmm don’t you just hate that when someone you really want to like turns out to be a murderer YIKES.

Lucy arrives at Dawn’s looking all mysterious and sounding dangerous. Dawn is ready to find out how they can get to the crystals but on her approach to Lucy she is stabbed in the stomach. Lucy looks satisfied in an evil kinda way. Lucy informs her that the witch hunters are coming back to Chance Harbor and she was never on the wrong side but on their side.

After the break, there is a circle meeting at the Boathouse about activating the Medallion. Adam is against it but the others agree. They are going to meet in the woods behind the house. Cassie tells Adam that he was right about Jake. He doesn’t think that Cassie is defined by her dark magic like he believes that Jake feels.

Meanwhile Charles takes the crystal from a knocked out Ethan thanks to the handy potion Charles added to his drink.

Lucy arrives in the woods acting like she is in a hurry. She tells them to stand around the fire in the circle; they obey without question. OH by the by that is never a good move especially when you met the puppet master the day before.

Meanwhile Ethan wakes up wondering why he feels different; you know less powerful LOL he finds out real quick that the crystal is no longer with him. He knows who took it; there is a light of anger in his face that tells it all.

Back in the woods, Lucy tells them to focus on the fire. She has them chant then she tells Cassie to focus. Melissa is suddenly feeling sick but you know we might think its the Devils Spirit right? Lucy tells them its the Medallion activating then tells them to chant more. She seems real cocky and you would think someone might think maybe Jake that something was very wrong. They all start feeling sick then and Cassie speaks up. She says something is wrong she can feel it. Melissa adds it feels like when Fay tried the tethering spell at the dance. Lucy is all smiles. I tell you I wanted to Smack her I didnt like Dawn but she didn’t have to kill the woman in cold blood. Cassie says the Medallion is taking our magic. Lucy mumbles, “I’m sorry,” liar liar. The Medallion channels magic in or out it has stolen the magic from thousands of witches so that’s why its strong.

Uh Oh I messed with the Wrong Witch!

Lucy looks scared when Cassie tells them she remembers the spell her father used now…..see picture. Cassie chases her down with the fire. Lucy says the witch hunters told her to get the power from the circle or to find what was going on not sure. She demands that Lucy tell her if her father is alive. Cassie sends Lucy on her way with the command that she never return after she has found out that her daddy is alive some where.

I like Britt Robertson’s acting but it would work so much better if they didn’t feel that she had to be tall because the high heeled boots just look awkward in a scene like the one in the woods LOL. She doesn’t walk with confidence on dirt wearing heels, who does? She is short they should deal with it as it is. Or am I the only one that sees that.

After the break, Cassie finally turns down Jake’s help to find her father. She doesn’t want to be him, chasing after revenge. She leaves him in the woods.

Charles arrives at Dawn’s probably ready to show her that he got the crystal back but sees through the window that Dawn in on the floor. He uses the crystal to bring her back to life. She seems surprised that he chose to save her.

Near some storage place Melissa meets up with Callum, looks like home girl might have some drug issues. I really had hoped she was doing better hanging out with Diana but no she is still influenced by Fay. I know Fay is not around I think its just her natural tendency from a life of bad choices or maybe she does miss Nick. She tells Callum that he reminds her of an old boyfriend as she stands talking to him at his window. Are we all kind of disappointed that Callum is on a Harley? LOL Callum warns her to slow down on the herbs but she says she can take care of herself. Um yeah we will see how that turns out.

Fay shows up at Jake’s after he texts her; um see she was right for Jake to be himself he has to be like her. They make out and no doubt hook up LOL

Adam meanwhile finds lots of cookies in the cupboard I assume a surprise from Diana.

Elsewhere, Lucy meats with Evin and we find out she had gone to him after she saw Cassie in the ferry. She knew Cassie saw the Medallion or so she says. According to Evin leaving the Medallion behind opens the door for Blackwell’s return. Lucy says Cassie was just too strong and Evin wants to see for himself. He slices her throat like no ones business.

I think these witch hunters or at least him are demons not regular people; who does that.

Cassie is at the old house giving it a good shaking; does she not think it might crash in on her? It’s old LOL. She loves the feel of the wind in her hair and the dark magic in her bones before she says, “Daddy.” Very creepy.

Wow another good episode with lots of twists and turns; please leave comments.

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