Secret Circle Recap Episode 14 The Loneliest Holiday of the Year

Wow I hate doing these so late in the week but here it is, Enjoy!!

This episode has an interestingly odd beginning. Fay spent the night with Jake and they get up arguing about what a big mistake it all was only to do it all again a few minutes later LOL teen hormones so funny. What I do find even more amusing is that these actors are in their twenties; why couldn’t this take place with them in college? I know its a series of books but they act like college kids anyway; they are all very adult but moving on…..

At school later Cassie shares her experience at the old house with Diana who seems to have no real interest. Cassie insists that her father was trying to contact her through the Medallion. She is all excited at finding him. Diana is focused on not being focused on Adam because its Valentine’s day and she is alone well they all are except well see above LOL.

In other news, Fay tells Melissa about her one night stand with Jake. She says she has her Girl power back because she was able to show him that she is the one that can make him feel like HIM. It’s all too complicated for me LOL but she is happy either way. Fay suggests they have a anti valentine day slumber party and watch horror movies. Melissa invites Cassie and Diana as soon as they walk over to them even though Fay isn’t happy about the additional guests.

ON the way to grab her book Adam sees Cassie. He invites her out that night but she has to decline because of her girl night plans he then asks her out for another night for dinner which she agrees to. AWKWARD, right? The whole love triangle with Diana/Cassie/Adam is weird don’t you think. It has to be to them even though Diana pretends to be okay with Cassie seeing Adam.

We see a hooded person watching Cassie as she leans in her car to find her book. They are far away from her watching then they are at her car but then they are gone, Cassie doesn’t see them at all. I wish these witches would get some kinda second sense for danger because that comes with being intuitive not just powers folks !!

Cue Creepy music

AT Jake’s house, Isaac is warning Jake, who isn’t a student at high school, to get the Medallion from Cassie because some people are coming for it. He says that by activating it she is in danger more than before. I suppose its like a beacon and its drawing evil to it or something. In reality these people that he mentions are Evin and his pals not to be confused with the hooded folks in this episode or NOT! I am confused now anyone else?? Jake is angry with Isaac because he had always told him that being a witch was evil; that it killed his parents but now he is well aware it was witch hunters because he saw them himself, he is not happy with Isaac at all.

Somewhere around here I think Lee gives Fay a voodo like doll that will help draw out her natural power; she is to put it under her mattress. Fay is doubtful but she takes it.

Cassie goes back to the old house and sees one of the hooded people. The next thing I see is Adam going down to the basement with her so she must have gone upstairs and found him then asked for help. Yes another video jump. I think its kinda cool when I don’t think that its creepy LOL that Cassie just goes walking in the basement like no ones business.

Cassie recalls there was a symbol on the robe of the person that had been there waiting on her. She shares with Adam about how she thinks her father’s energy reached out to her. I wanna know how she knows his energy? She has never met him. She wants to find out for herself about her father. Adam suggests that she ask Jake about the symbol because he is good for that one thing. Convenient right?

Over at Fay’s the girls are getting ready to party. Diana has brought an extraordinary amount of clothing changes, Fay taunts her about it. Diana goes to close the suitcase and stumbles pushing Fay on the chair where she breaks the voodo doll. Fay is of course unhappy about this. Just another reason for her to rant at Diana. Diana knows that Fay doesn’t want her around but Melissa calms her fears because Fay doesn’t know what she really wants. Diana is still unsure but Melissa shows her the Devil’s Spirit, a little something to take the edge off she says. Diana dips her finger in the bag after Melissa before she can change her mind.

Meanwhile Cassie meets up with Jake about the symbol in the robe. Jack tells her the symbol belonged to the Nadaro’s Coven, an old blood group of witches. These witches came straight to Chance Harbor from Europe bypassing Salem. The entire coven is dead, Cassie asks, “now I’m seeing dead people?” YIKES!! I bet she is wishing for the old days hanging out with her Mommy, I would be at least in her shoes. I of course well might have done the same as her but being insistent on something that everyone else says is a bad idea can sometimes be a bad idea LOL. Jake doesn’t know what it has to do with her father, though Cassie thinks he is holding something back from her. What he is holding back is that he is still hanging around with Isaac.

At the party, Diana is feeling free and she is wondering why Cassie has not arrived yet. Fay comes in the room and says the pizza is ordered, Diana says, “we should order a pizza.” Yep she is kinda stoned or something LOL it was funny, Diana is usually not so wild or fun I gotta say. Melissa suggests they do a spell to get free pizza but Fay says she can do that by unbuttoning three buttons LOL. Hey whatever works best right.

Diana suggests they do a spell to make the pizza guy HOT and when he arrives she is going to make out with him LOL now you are talking. They “circle up” and are imaging the hottest guy then the bell rings. Diana runs to the door and ends up kissing Lee LOL well she has no idea who he is. Melissa laughs but Fay does not. Fay finally pulls them apart, “did the fact that he had no pizza mean nothing?” Diana laughs she is amusing this way.

Diana half apologizes before Melissa pulls her back inside the house.

Lee has come to fix the doll I assume. Fay teases him about not exactly pushing Diana away. I think the poor guy was surprised in a good way.

Cassie arrives at her house when the Text comes through from Diana, “Bitch Hurry,” it reads. “Nice,” Cassie says sarcastically to herself. She thinks she feels a presence then she sees her Medallion moving around on the table. –

Over at the party, Lee is concerned because he can tell Melissa and Diana are on something. Fay confesses its Devil’s Spirit before he again warns her that they need to be careful. She says she has her eye on them. She hands him broken the doll to fix. He teases her that now the thinks it might work? She laughs, would you have come by to fix it if it weren’t real? Hmmm I guess that makes sense or he wanted to see her, maybe.

The pizza guy arrives and Diana announces that the spell worked as she lustfully looks at the poor innocent young man LOL. “You did order a pizza right?” he asks, “Actually we ordered you,” Diana says. It’s funny Melissa has to drag Diana away from the guy while she is kissing him, he just seems stunned. Melissa gives him the money then shuts the door. They laugh LOL. The bell rings again and they think its the pizza guy again but its Cassie who is not in the party mood. Surely she had to see that something was up with Diana but I think she is bogged down with her own issues. As they walk away we see Melissa getting more of the stuff; me thinks that girl has some issues.

Jake meets up with Isaac who tells him that the Nadaro’s witches want the Medallion because it holds their powers. Supposedly John Blackwell stole their power using the Medallion. Isaac claims the activation of the Medallion is calling forth ever dead witch that has power inside of it. Isaac wants the Medallion but he doesn’t say why he needs it he does sat that they will keep coming after Cassie while she has it.

Back at the party, Cassie is trying to figure out what the Medallion is trying to tell her by using a ouija board. The necklace spells out SACRED on the board. They can’t figure it out with loopy Diana and Melissa. Fay goes upstairs and Cassie can see they aren’t helping. Cassie gets a text from Adam then leaves to go to see him just before Jake arrives looking for her with his important information.

Her Medallion tries to strangle her right after we see a hooded figure on the road. She then has a car accident where she flips over because the necklace pulling itself tight around her neck. YIKES now that is a scary tale. Can you just imagine wearing a necklace then suddenly it’s strangling you? Wow I can imagine it and it scares me.

After the break, Jake arrives at Adam’s looking for Cassie. Jake informs Adam that Cassie might be in trouble since she has yet to arrive at the Adam’s place that is on the boat. Jake then asks him to assist him in finding her. Adam grabs a knife, I guess he figures he might have to fight off someone or something its best to be prepared.

Cassie in the meanwhile is climbing out of her wrecked car. Isn’t she the luckiest witch ever, she doesn’t even look hurt, okay she does grab her back and adjust that naughty necklace LOL. She sees another hooded person as she looks around but feisty Cassie doesn’t cower in fear she only runs toward it, yelling Hey Hey LOL. She is determined if she isn’t nothing else you know like cautious.

Adam says that Jake seems to be the one lurking every time something is going on with Cassie before he calls Diana only to get nothing bunch of jealous gibberish because the drug is doing something new to her; bringing out her real feelings. She hangs up on Adam after telling him to have fun chasing Cassie with Jake.

Afterward, Diana argues with Fay over being jealous of her friendship with Melissa. Fay points out that she became close friends with Melissa after Diana fell for Adam. Suddenly Fay wonders where Melissa has gone off too. They find Melissa convulsing on the floor.

Cassie chases the dark figure inside a huge church that looks new but has no obvious road leading to it. This scene reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, when they are walking in the high grass, then they get sleepy. You can see the city up ahead but it seems so far away according to Dorothy.

After the break, Melissa is throwing up in the toilet as Diana holds her hair. Fay can’t believe that Diana did drugs with (her) Melissa, and Diana can’t believe that Fay introduced them to (her) Melissa. Seriously ladies she is right there and she is not a four year old, Responsibility folks……

Melissa lets Diana help her get cleaned up but not Fay; oh my is Melissa perpetrating this rivalry a bit LOL.

Inside the church Cassie sees a stone labeled Sacred Heart, not sure if that is the name of the church. I think its lame that it relates to SACRED from earlier because do we really need a lesson on a Church being Sacred ground name or No name? Oh and if the Medallion is full of witchy power why would the Medallion lead her to one church? Although I guess the Nadaro could have been the ones guiding it?? Nope its lame sorry folks, not working for me. Anywho, Cassie demands that they face her before she is surrounded by dark figures. Adam with Jake arrives then but before they can’t run as instructed by Cassie because they too are surrounded.

A few seconds later the spirits inhabit Adam’s body. They ask for their power back this is when Jake finally tells Cassie what he had been looking for her to tell her. Jake is staying way away from Adam, he is climbing over the pews as he talks to Cassie constantly moving. It is a good idea to be a moving target LOL. Jake asks Cassie to give him the Medallion to give to Isaac so he can protect them but the Nadaro spirits want to kill Adam if they don’t get the Medallion. The Medallion holds the power of thousands of witches not just their power; do that know that? Are they good witches or spirits wanting power? What a quandry? Jake tries to jump Cassie for the Medallion but she throws him across the room. The spirit is still threatening to kill Adam the whole time but it has done nothing yet except yell at her to give it.

She holds out the Medallion but crumbles it up in her hands that bleed. Adam collapses on the floor.
After the break, Jake takes what is left of the Medallion to Isaac, it’s mostly the chain LOL Isaac says that it’s too bad he could have helped Cassie. I have no idea what Isaac was mumbling about I know he only wanted that power to give to Evin or something he couldn’t even use it. Isaac you liar, find a job, find a lady and move on already.

Next we see Fay putting her repaired Voodoo Doll under her bed, I suppose she is ready for it now that Melissa is Diana’s bestie instead of hers. She has to have a hobby right.

Speaking of Diana, she walks in the room to tell Fay she is leaving now that Melissa is better but Fay asks her to stay. Diana promises never to leave Melissa again like she did when she was with Adam. Oh so she won’t date again OR she will learn to not be consumed by boys LOL.

Lee takes what looks like Fay’s doll to a girls room, I bet its his girl who lost it using the Devil’s Spirit. Now I wonder if he has the real doll after giving Fay a fake one? I kinda doubt he had two of them or maybe.

At the slumber party the girls talk about Devil’s Spirit, Lee and guys. Fay says she is done with guys for now but Diana tells her its too bad because Lee is a good kisser LOL You go Diana !! A pillow fight starts after that comment.

Now has anyone ever noticed that Cassie is more of a boyfriend girl than a girl friend girl? I didn’t notice that till tonight. You know Melissa, Fay and Diana have a girl friend history that seems natural but Cassie is still not fitting in with any of them to me. Yeah Diana has been close with her but its more Diana than Cassie. I am just putting that out there.

Adam arrives back at the boat with Cassie late for his random dinner LOL. He had it all ready before he went off with Jake now its probably not worth eating whatever it was. Cassie thanks him for the thought then confesses she has let the fascination with her father outweigh the reality of his evil power. She is afraid if he is evil then so is she; Adam tells her it just ain’t so LOL. They kiss and then we see a man near the water with the symbol from the Medallion etched in his hand. I bet its J.B.

Great episode; please leave comments.

I hate that I am going to miss the episode tomorrow but because of that Next Week’s recap will more than likely be earlier than usual LOL.

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