Secret Circle Recap Episode 16 Casino Night

Hi all you Secret Circle lovers, our favorite Witchy show is back and I can’t wait to get start so let’s get to it.

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This week begins with Fay drooling over Lee’s website. I suppose after sleeping with him last episode she thinks they might just be a thing. Dawn walks in all huffing and puffing about Fay acting like she is the principal’s daughter at school. It’s funny but don’t all kids act about the same way but those with parents in the authority tend to be a bit more can we say challenging LOL. Fay senses her mother is a bit tense and needs to have a date or you know get laid LOL she thinks that maybe Cassie’s father could do it for her LOL, Dawn pretends to not know that J.B. is back in town.

Cue creepy music

At the Blake house it seems Jane has yet to return from her secret mission to get healed and return to being her all – knowing guardian self to Cassie. Instead J. B. is at the house with his daughter being served the blackest coffee ever created courtesy of snarky Cassie LOL. “the blacker the better,” I assume she thinks it matches his soul. He smirks.

He then volunteers to stay at the house with her till her Grams returns but with even more Snark she declines his offer. “You are a stranger who people in this town are terrified of,” LOL touche, daughter.

J. B. is all ready to answer her questions but the first thing she wants to know is if he loved her mother, Amelia. He says that he did but because he allowed the dark magic to overtake him, Amelia became fearful of him. Cassie thinks that is a cop-out. She has dark magic and she is doing fine; Hmmm really so far so good, you should review the last few episodes, Cassie LOL.

She tries to demonstrate how she can control her powers but he says NO, the more you use it the more it takes control of YOU. He thinks that a person cannot control dark magic; she disagrees.

On the way out of Cassie’s house, J. B. runs into the third guardian of Cassie’s that is Jake with his so HOT self, *fans*. They look all Manly like at each other, you know heavy breathing, chests out LOL, then John verifies that Jake does watch over Cassie then walks away. Then oddly enough as they walk off in different directions they look back at the same time LOL, AWKWARD.

Later at Cassie’s job during her break she tells the Circle about what is up with her Daddy. They also discuss, Cassie’s having another sibling, Ebin’s miraculous recovery, Cassie being lucky to get her dead father back and then Fay leaves because they are tired of her snide remarks regarding Cassie LOL. Fay has to go find out about a date for the Casino night/random party of the week; Melissa is helping Diana decorate. Jake suggests the best way to get a heads up on when the hunters might return is to talk to J. B. but Cassie doesn’t trust him that much. Cassie gets the heads up that her break is over then Adam invites her officially to the Casino Night as his date. She gives him a, “Hell Yes,” plus a kiss as an answer.

At Lee’s he is at Eva’s bedside. She wakes up to see his not so smiling face; she thanks him for saving her life but he doesn’t look all that excited. I get the feeling he has helped her because he felt guilty since his friend, Callum, was the one that introduced her to the Devil’s Spirit, that she O’D on. Lee suggest that she call her parents but she will have none of that. She says he is her only family now, then she hugs him. Lee doesn’t look happy or even smile.

Over at the Boathouse the girls arrive to get the Casino Night supplies. Ethan goes off to get the napkins he forgot then a British guy starts talking to Diana and Melissa. He is young and cute oh and I did I say he was British? I love that accent. He tells them that champagne glasses are called Flutes even thought they didn’t ask him. Flutes are tapered to hold in the bubbles, yes more information about glasses than we need to know; but I like to hear him talk so I am good with that. Diana inquires about his expertise on the subject which he replies that he spent summers on the Vineyard. Diana rushes out with Melissa without saying anything else.

Melissa comments, “You just ran away from a guy that looks like something you win in a raffle,” LOL that was funny. Diana is of course stressing over a possible relationship even before she knows the guys name LOL. Melissa basically lets her know maybe she could have a little fun not a relationship LOL. You go Melissa you know about fun.

Handsome Brit follows them outside where Melissa tells him about the Casino Night which happens to be open to the public. I of course figure this cutie is not just some random guy but is there for nefarious reasons but we will see. He tells them he is leaving that day so he can come tonight though. His name is Grant and he is meeting friends at Prince William Sound on the next day. He tells them to have fun then gives them some blackjack advice that I can’t understand because of that lovable accent.

Grant is played by Tim Phillips. HE has been recently seen on Once Upon A Time also, I love that show; he is not to shabby to look at either.

Over at the witchy Outpost, formerly known as J. B. old house, Cassie arrives to find her father looking for something in a hole in the wall. She watches without him seeing her. He is not happy when he comes up empty on the search. He backs into a table then turns it over on the floor. HE seems upset to say the least.

After the break, Fay invites Lee to Casino Night and seems confused that he has plans he can’t get out of Or more likely people he can’t get away from LOL. Fay of course is not understanding about him saying no, she leaves instead of staying around to hear any answers.

Over at Jake’s Adam shows Cassie something they had gotten out of the house after they first found it. Adam believes its what J. B. was looking for. The item is a SWAY, according to Adam its used to take a witches powers which is why they hid the item after it was found. Cassie wants to take it with her to confront her father on why he was looking for it but of course Adam is hesitant.

Over at the coffee house, Fay complains about Lee while Melissa tries to understand why Diane “blew off” Grant. Melissa then has to leave, though I have no idea where she would need to go LOL. OH before she leaves she advises Fay that she doesn’t usually take NO for an answer.

Cassie confronts her father after he arrives in answer to her summons of him. She wants to know why he needed the SWAY. He explained that the item temporarily transfers witch power to a human. He insists its how Ebin was able to hold him back during the big fire. He also says that only another witch can spell with the SWAY he wants to know who betrayed the group back then. He needs the SWAY to find the trader because they might be working with Ebin again. Cassie won’t give it to him, though its obvious she doesn’t know what to believe.

After the break, Fay shows up at Lee’s shop looking for him only to find Eva. Eva tells her she is his girlfriend, she thinks that Fay is a customer. Lee arrives and gives Eva a kiss in front of Fay who of course leaves again. I think this time she had no choice, its confusing to me too LOL. Eva can’t blame the girl for having a crush on Lee.

Grant arrives at Casino Night flashing his hundred-dollar bills for chips. Diana seems impressed but confused since he was leaving town. Grant tries to do some cheesy chip thing through his fingers and fails miserably but Diana still isn’t biting LOL.

Melissa comes over after Grant goes inside, to remind her that Grant is at the event for Her, Diana. Diana rolls her eyes.

At the Blake house, Cassie is doing her makeup when Adam comes by to pick her up for the date. Instead, if being all lovey dovey they get into an argument about what J. B. told Cassie earlier. The only person that comes to mind that could have been working with the hunters years ago is Ethan, yep Adam’s dad. Adam ends up leaving without Cassie.

Cassie who really doesn’t want to believe that Ethan was involved goes to Jake to see what he thinks. He also thinks that it could be Ethan but he doesn’t recall all of their little head trip to the ferry the way that she does.

Jake calls J. B. to talk about Cassie.

After the break, over at the Boathouse Adam tries to get Ethan to tell him what happen when he was younger with J. B. but he is not talking. Ethan leaves with drinks to go to the school.

Lee shows up at the school; Fay tries to tell him off but after he explains he kisses her. HE really wants Fay its just he is still being nice to Eva because she has been in a bad place a long time. OH Lee, hmm lets see how long this relationship will last. I do love these too together, so much spitfire.

On the other side of the party it looks like Cassie is a server or something. I guess she is getting used to carrying trays LOL. He father follows her as she goes down the halls but instead of finding her he runs into Dawn Chamberlain. She seems happy to see him. The way she is already for him and her to be a team again makes me think I was right about Fay being his other offspring, the dark one LOL. Dawn thinks with him back in town they can find a way to get their power back but he says he has changed.

He tells her he is looking for Ethan so maybe he didn’t see Cassie when she had gone that direction.

Either way the next scene Cassie is ready to do more serving as she sees Adam. They apologize for the fight but just as Cassie goes to put down the tray so she can go back and kiss Adam, Dawn is suddenly there in the room.

Dawn looks like she is up to something after she tells Cassie she saw J. B. who was looking for Ethan. She wonders why he is looking for his old friend but Cassie pretends to have no idea. IN the background Dawn looks like she knows something that she should NOT. I still think something is up with Dawn. Cassie leaves in a hurry.

At the blackjack table the witches, Melissa and Fay are have won seven in a row LOL. Lee watches in amusement. The blackjack dealer says its impossible to win so many times in a row; Melissa leaves to get a drink and Lee pulls Fay away. Yep this is the point where the dealer would have gotten suspicious I would think LOL, fun over ladies.

Eva arrives just then, she looks shocked to see Lee with Fay. Lee explains that he is with Fay now, Eva thinks that Fay is a coping mechanism LOL she thinks he is better than this, Fay raises her eyebrows LOL. Eva leaves but Lee stays behind.

I love Alexia Fast, I just wish she was playing a more sympathetic character, cause now I have to hate her, cause Fay/Lee trumps Eva/Lee in my book LOL.

After the break, Grant shares his two monkeys that he won with Diana. It’s a lame scene and I know Grant is up to something. I doubt this guy is rich or just visiting by accident. Everyone they have met in this town have been there for a reason not passing through, it’s really too bad I could get used to his pretty face LOL.

We see Cassie run outside looking for her father she sees someone stab him so she runs to J. B. to help with the knife in his side. She runs after the culprit seconds later in anger, she cuts the guy off using magic. The culprit turns out to be Ethan, but J. B. comes to his rescue even though Cassie was going to WACK him with a wooden board till he said uncle LOL. Ethan just runs off afterward, no explanation NO nothing. Seriously what is up with him?

At the house, J. B. says that he doesn’t think Ethan was the trader, but Ethan blames him for all things related to Amelia. Cassie finally thinks her dark magic was pushing her to places she didn’t want to go. He wants her to stop using all magic.

Regular magic is connecting to the energy around you while dark magic is using anger and hate to fuel it. Trying to protect J. B. could have caused her to lose herself forever, he tells her.

Grant is walking Diana to her car as he tells her he has been traveling around the world. HE thought it rude to not visit America, YEAH right? No way it’s that simple this guy is NOT up to something dimples or NO.

Anywho, he is leaving the next morning but he plans to return. Diana kisses him. She says goodbye then thanks him for her monkey.

Over at Lee’s he arrives back home Eva is all I came back for you, how could you let Fay get in the way, I came back from the dead for you LOL, Lee’s is like “it just happened.” She slams the door with her mind, Lee is surprised as she was when she found out she could do things, you know Witchy like things okay psychic like things maybe. He wants to help her over the hump but she wants his forever love OOPs, not the way to get it. He says they are done, but she recalls a time when they were to grow old together so the turns him to an old dead guy. or at least an old guy in a coma……oh man that sucks. I liked Lee. Hey if this was Once Upon a Time, True Love’s kiss would save him…..hmm is there something like that on this show? I hope so, Fay needs a beau!!

More surprises, J. B. goes to see Ethan, he really is the trader. Ethan proclaims that EBin was only supposed to take J. B. you know because Ethan hates him. Ebin was not so truthful and most of them died; oops and J. B. is alive. Ethan insists that Amelia was the one that wanted J. B. dead. J.B. informs Ethan that Blake’s and Conant’s written in the stars means a curse. Ethan didn’t seem to know that so things are gonna go down hill from now on I can see.

Cassie tells Adam about the fight with J. B. and Ethan. Adam says their fate is their own “screw them,” He loves her no matter what is up with the fathers;they finally have their moment. They get their “sexy on” while the birds gather above the house, the curse is going to come me thinks.

WOW, I can’t wait till tomorrow for the next episode.
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