Secret Circle Recap Episode 18 Know Thine Enemy

Hey all you Witch Lovers, welcome to another recap of the Secret Circle.

This week we start out with the sad Cassie. Last time we found out at the end of the episode that she still loved Adam despite him having gotten over her after drinking the elixir. Wow her dad is the worse, he probably knew that was going to happen; she is the stronger witch between her and Adam. It just makes sense.

While serving drinks at the cafe she runs into Adam literally as she turns around too fast with a tray of drinks. Adam is totally out of the loop as far as realizing she is still having loving feelings while he is more confused at this point. Its really sad to watch to be honest, poor Cassie.

Across the room Melissa is feeling the same way that I do, she sees Cassie talking to Adam and feels sad for her though she has no idea how intense Cassie is about it all. Fay on the other hand, thinks its better that Adam is over Cassie LOL.

Cassie brings their orders over where she lies to them about the feelings. Yeah I don’t get why she just doesn’t tell the truth, to be honest it would HELP her for them to know; maybe as a CIRCLE they could Spell her so she does forget that way she and Adam could start over on the same level.

Anywho, Adam stops by the table to ask all the girls a favor. He needs extra servers for an event at the Boathouse but Cassie says NO she is all waitressed out then walks away. We learn from Adam that his father is not okay since JB came to town. Melissa agrees to help but Fay holds out for a better wage and gets it; I assume that Melissa will get the same, right? It’s fifteen buck and hour and a bucket of chicken wings LOL.

Meanwhile in the forest, some blonde guy is being chased. WE see Ebin is the one who was chasing the Blonde who he chased into Chance Harbor. Hmm seems like that would be exactly what Ebin would want. He tells the other hunters they will have to speed up their plans.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

JB shows up at the cafe to make plans with Cassie to do father daughter stuff LOL he mentions miniature golf. Odd it’s not something I have noticed people doing in Chance Harbor. miniature gold if more of a Lying Game activity LOL. Oh I do hope they renew that show, yes off topic I know.

Moving on, Cassie agrees they should play sometimes then she has to get back to work.

Over at the Boathouse Grill the girls including Diana are helping set up for the event which involves the boys hockey team from school. Adam brings over a glass of ginger ale for Diana, but it’s actually sent from Grant who is at the grill to talk to her.

Diana goes over to talk to Grant who asks her out for the day. She gets permission to leave, well kinda, Adam doesn’t think going out with random guy is good but who cares what he has to say right, he is her ex boyfriend LOL.

At Jakes house, random Blonde dude has broken in well unless Jake doesn’t lock the door. HE does get a lot of unwelcome visitors LOL. Jake starts trying to hit him at the same time Cassie sees him through her window. She rushes over to help with involves slamming Blonde dude against the wall with her mind, You go Cassie LOL. Jake says “he’s a friend.”

After the break, we find out that Samuel who is the Blonde guy came to Jake for help. He needs to talk to JB. He has something to tell JB because he is running from who Ebin is resurrecting demons.

Over at the Grill the banquet has begun. The hockey players are happy about their winnings but also that they have to beautiful girls serving them, LOL, now that could be good or bad for the girls. As a girl I am not so inclined to be serving LOL.

The girls take a break but they find out that both of them are wanting a none witch guy and they have their eyes on the same guy; the captain of the hockey team Kyle. Fay rushes over to serve him again, um offer him more beverages while Melissa stays behind with Adam to try to get a favor of the witch kind. He tells her he will help her with Kyle she just needs to go near him and think Hockey. Hmmm interesting. Melissa starts talking to Kyle about the hockey game on television and we can see Adam saying the same words that she is saying to him. Kyle seems mesmerized. The problem with the technique was first off it was too technical and with Adam helping it seemed more embarrassing then sexy to me at least. All the players were looking at Melissa it wasn’t a private Turn ON LOL like a girl would want. Poor Adam he has no idea. Now if one of the girls had helped her I think it would have turned out better.

Over at the ice skating rink Grant has Jimmied the lock to get them inside and they are now skating on. Well at least Grant is trying while Diana skates. They discuss adventures, potato guns, fathers, cars and yachts; then they kiss on the ice. Diana rushes off laughing after he asks her to go to the boat with him, she says maybe on the next date.

At the Blake’s, JB arrives to chat with Samuel but they talk behind closed doors away from Cassie and Jake which I find odd. If he really wanted to be Secret free he would have talked to Samuel in front of the others. I gotta wonder why they didn’t say WAIT we need to know everything!!!

We learn from Samuel that JB had a plan like Ebin sixteen years ago; that is to summon the demons to inhabit humans to use the power of witches combined. JB sacrificed someone those years ago. Ebin has plans to summon demons also he is obsessed with magic and power according to Samuel. Ebin was going to sacrifice Samuel to get the power until he escaped. Samuel who was a witch hunter like Jake used to be. JB hits him then and we see Cassie watching. I doubt she heard it all or she would have been OUTraged right?

After the break, back at the Grill Fay confronts Adam on his helping Melissa “magic flirt” with Kyle. Adam agrees to help Fay this time, really? I think he should just stay with the original plan to help Melissa. ON the other hand I don’t think Kyle was really ever into Melissa. If you notice as they are playing darts he never even looks her way. Then Fay comes over Kyle is all I don’t know what I am doing can you help me alike a little girl LOL. Melissa doesn’t need that she needs a Mans Man like Nick a Bad Boy with a heart LOL. Fay makes a dart go right in the center then so does Kyle with her help. Melissa isn’t happy after that though I am not sure she saw Adam helping, she walks away. Yeah I totally think Melissa gets the “shaft” on this show, I’m just sayin’.

JB is confronted by Cassie who did hear what Samuel had to say. JB lies when he says he didn’t use a sacrifice though….OOPS Spoiler…….Anyway JB says he can make things right if they sealed up the ground where the demons came through before or something. He makes a date to meet them, ALL of the Circle, at the abandoned house; he has tools there that he needs or so he says.

Over at the Grill, Kyle’s girlfriend shows up. He kisses her. Adam goes off on Kyle for flirting with the others while all the time he had a perfectly good girlfriend of his own. Interesting does anyone wonder how much Adam remembers at this point he is awfully upset for someone who supposedly has forgotten his love of Cassie? They pull Adam off of Kyle.

The gang is downstairs consoling Adam when the call from Cassie comes in that they need to meet up for Witch business LOL. No time for emotions folks we are in a war, straighten up soldiers.

Uh oh, Diana has been looking for Grant since they finished the date earlier. She finds him at the docks with the actual Captain of the boat. It seems that Grant lied about having his own boat; he only works on the boat. Diana walks away from him as far as she is concerned he is a liar. Nough said.

On the way to Harbor Woods, Samuel finds out that JB has no intention of meeting up with the others. He just wanted them out of harms way. Right, has he met his daughter ? LOL

WE get a close up of Samuel’s hand and we see a familiar sight, there is something under his skin, like you know a worm thing, he is possessed.

Lucky for Cassie, Chance Harbor is small enough to find someone just by running from place to place. She finds Diana at the coffee shop. Diana is sarcastic about all the drama always being about Cassie. Cassie corrects her by saying that the circle is in trouble. Diana is not in the mood, well the mood that we are used to seeing. She does agree to go along to help.

At the house Cassie is surprised that her father has not arrived yet by the time she gets there. It takes Cassie all of a second to figure out they have been sent to the wrong place to help. She thinks it’s because her father wants to protect them, not you know to cover his butt. Jake is all JB is a good man.

They leave to go find JB and Samuel which will lead to the big show down of the week. Are any of you getting tire of this same OLD tired way of showing the action. It tends to be tethered to the Big Moment of the week.

Over at the place of the original incident JB traps Samuel in a magic circle, the kind you see on Supernatural, Yes he did know the guy was possessed well good for him.

Ebin arrives and gives us his weekly Monologue on what he is gonna do, blah blah I am going to be stronger better faster than you John Blackwell. All the while poor Samuel is being thrown around in the circle.

Ebin uses his mind to throw JB across to the other side of the area then gets out a knife and cuts himself before he starts mumbling some spell all sincere like. I would swear he was saying, “I get the ten bucks” LOL.

Jake arrives just ahead of the others then tries to help Samuel not knowing he is compromised. Jake gets thrown before Diana tells us the obvious, “we can stop him together,” yes I hope so folks. Jake is in charge suddenly telling them all to stop Samuels movements. Well they can’t do it as a group but Cassie thinks maybe she can being all Dark and all. She fires at Samuel with a stick that catches on fire suddenly her father’s eyes open. They are totally connected, folks don’t let them fool you.

At the same time that Samuel goes from being on fire till he has Cassie in his grips Ebin has let out the demons into himself. JB wont’ let them go after Ebin as he runs away into the woods. You know if they had chased him maybe we could have been done with this storyline and moved on to something more interesting. Hmm just a thought.

Back at the old house, JB gives the troups a pep talk about losing battles and the war with the hunters. HE gives them statistics like hundreds of thousands of witches killed since the fourteenth century. Interesting I suppose. It seems he wants to be the leader for the new Witch generation at least in Chance Harbor. Witches have hidden in the shadows hoping that the goodness of people would prevail and change but nothing has according to JB. He wants them to rise up, witchcraft is the answer despite all the years he wanted to believe it was NOT the answer.

HE is ready to end the war with the hunters. The extra power they need is from the crystals. Hmmm I wander if Dawn isn’t going to be “Pissed off” because she could have said the same thing to the Circle instead of Pretending it does not exist LOL You snooze you lose I guess. She could have been the Hero instead of JB. Anyway there are six crystals and they fit together to make the Strongest Power. The elders feared the crystal’s power and split the one into six pieces. They can beat Ebin and his followers, its decided.

Grant is at Diana’s house when she gets home. She doesn’t like liars and doesn’t have room for them in her life but Grant insists he is done lying. He asks for one day to prove he can change. She gives him one day but Personally I don’t trust this guy one bit at all.

Adam drops Cassie off at home he confesses that he was wrong about JB. HE agrees the circle has to go after what they want. Adam believes that the purpose behind what has happened to them is to this end. Cassie is surprised by that statement from him that “nothing else matters.” Liar Liar Cassie he won’t know what is going on with you tell YOU tell him he is a GUY after all LOL

Speaking of LIARS, guess who is at ground ZERO digging up an old skeleton, you know the person that was Sacrificed before, yes of course is our fearless leader, JB, the biggest Liar. I wonder who was murdered? Was it friend or foe?

Great episode, please leave comments.

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