Secret Circle Recap Episode 21 Prom Witch Style

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This week is Prom time in Chance Harbor but our first discussion is all about Nick. Yes Nick is back but not pretty boy Melissa loving HOT Boy Toy from the first few episodes NO this is a different Nick. This is the Nick thats left over with a demon inside well actually he is mostly the demon, Nick is just a passenger in his own skin. Melissa doesn’t want to believe its NOT the same Nick. She wants to go help him. Jake is feeling the opposite about it he wants Melissa to move on and believe that Nick needs/wants to die instead of living in this present agony.

The others go after Melissa when she leaves but JB who walks in during the conversation, wants to chat with Diana who says Nope the less I talk to you the better. Diana leaves Cassie behind with JB; she tries to explain to her dear old daddy that Diana needs time. He is more concerned with Diana being involved so they can assemble the skull. Uh you think that Cassie would see he has an agenda not related to being a father. Open your eyes Cassie!!

Oh then he gives her job to do at the Prom, that is to find the other crystal that Melissa and Adam uncloaked. It turns out its at the school. I want to know why a cloaking spell would be so UNSPECIFIC that it uncloaks every cloaked item in Chance Harbor, kinda weak there writers??? Anywho, Cassie has to go back in time basically to find where her mother hid the crystal Oh but JB doesn’t tell her that is what will happen she finds it by going to the school and putting her tainted blood on the floor to get the images to flow. Cassie looks up and her mother is walking passed her. She follows her but loses her. Amelia was looking to talk to Elizabeth, Diana’s mother.

Cue Creepy Theme music

Cassie goes to Diana to get help with finding where Amelia put the crystal she was carrying. Diana agrees despite her moral outrage against the tainted Balcorn bloodlines that also happen to belong to her LOL. They will try again during Prom the next night.

Meanwhile Jake and Fay are at his house arguing over the way he spoke to Melissa about Nick earlier. He doesn’t want Melissa to get her hopes up and Fay thinks he could have been nicer considering Melissa did love his brother.

The next morning at the house with her father; Diana lets him know she is staying away from JB. Charles gives her a necklace that once belonged to her mother to wear to Prom. She is excited about the gift then gives in to allow him to drive her to school.

At school four out of six of them, discuss the nights plans. They will all be each others dates and the Balcorn sisters will work on getting the crystal while the others watch their posts. Oh but wait Fay is coming with Jake because two years ago he bailed on her for Prom. Hmmm two years ago she wasn’t eligible for Prom but he was a senior ahhh hah she is the wild one.

In other news, Diana arrives with Charles and says hello to Dawn as she comes over to talk to Charles before she goes inside. Dawn reveals that supposedly JB will listen if she tells him that Charles stayed in town because he likes her LOL that is a joke, JB could care less about either of them.

Later that day, Melissa is at the old house earlier than the others when Nick arrives asking for her help. He is not really asking her but seems disoriented despite her trying to calm him he knows all of the plants off the window ceil.

After the break, Nick asks Melissa to help him get the crystal again and add that he is dying. Hmm so why does he need the crystal if he is dying? Does that make any sense? So maybe Nick is dying and the demon wants the crystal again not making sense to me. Either way Melissa looks terrified but she really thinks she can get through to the Nick that is inside but its not meant to be. Nick lashes out at her as Adam walks in the room then he runs off.

Over at Dawn’s house the JB meets up to talk. Dawn tries to convince him that he can’t just kill Charles to get Diana to be on his side. Now in this scene I actually believe that Dawn is Charles’ friend for the first time. After JB leaves to go do something to Charles so that Diana won’t trust him Dawn tries to call Charles to warn him.

Prom night has begun at the old house as the witches have decided to celebrate being teenagers while they still can. Champagne for everyone and smiles from some like Fay while Jake has gone to try to find Nick. HE comes back with bad news that he didn’t see Nick outside then tries again to convince Melissa that what she wants to see in this Nick is not real. It’s not her Nick. They all leave for the Prom finally.

Cassie and Diana are at the coffee shop where they see Grant again. Now again as I said many times before I do not trust HIM. I mean he doesn’t live there but is always around. HE wants to hang out with Diana but she is busy though she asks him to stop by her house later to which he agrees.

At Charles house JB is outside messing with Charles’ mind. Charles gets a call that happens to have been the one between Amelia and Cassie the day she died. It’s all very horror movie like because he is actually hearing things that are not happening as well as seeing the fire.

After the break, they discuss how different the event, Prom, is than other dances and the consensus is that there is a tree and a psycho. Melissa is not happy with that word so Fay modifies by saying that Nick is demon challenged LMAO, I didn’t hear that the first time its kinda funny in a sad for Melissa kinda way right?

Back at the Meade’s Dawn can’t get through to Charles because of the psycho aka JB outside messing with his phone and his head. JB has gotta be stopped. I do hope it doesn’t take all next season to do that; by the by did we get a renewal on this show or NOT!!!!!?????? Charles sees everything that Amelia did the night she died; some kinda weirdness.

Moving on, back at prom night the Secret Circle Version, the Sisters Balcorn get ready to combine their blood on the floor to see into the past. They are doing this all with the intention of finding that last lost crystal. After Diana grabs Cassie’s hand they are back in time.

They see their mothers talking near the lockers. I have to say neither of the moms are half as pretty as the daughters. Maybe its the long/wild hair but yeah very strange. Anyway they hear the conversation that goes something like this:

Amelia: Don’t go to the meet up take Diana and leave town
Elizabeth: Oh You are such a drama queen

Elsewhere Nick has arrived some place, maybe the school anyway he killed the security guard which I found very unnecessary. It was overkill to the Max Yeah I know he was in evil demon mode but really.

After the break, Elizabeth doesnt’ want to listen to what Amelia has to tell her about JB because she believes that Amelia wants to be in control. Amelia then drops the bomb that she knows that Diana is JB’s daughter also. Elizabeth doesn’t care what Amelia says she has no plan to leave Chance Harbor or Charles or listen to anything that anything else Amelia has to say. She does admit she wishes she never met JB. I bet that was a common theme in the previous years there. You would think that sheriff would have been instructed not to let the guy back into town LOL.

The guards outside the room, that is Melissa with Adam get a bit board at being at the Prom but not celebrating. Magically they provide some ambiance for themselves so they can dance to cheer up Melissa.

Speaking of dancing, Fay finally gets Jake out on the dance floor with her….ahhh so sweet. You know he can’t resist her despite how he tries to be into Cassie. We hear Jake confess he thinks its his fault that Nick died because he left him to go away to save himself. Fay thinks its more the circle’s fault because they where around but didn’t help Nick. They all had their own dramas going on.

Back in the past, they follow Amelia into a class room where she speaks with grandpa Conant, who was a teacher in those days. She tells him that JB is going to be killed by witch hunters and its what the circle wants to happen. She also reveals that JB was the one that fixed it so all of the circle members would get pregnant around the same time. HE used magic on those that he didnt’ sleep with him. He wants to built a circle around Balcorn blood.

So this is why Amelia left with Cassie go get away from the Balcorn/Circle/Witch drama she had been a big part of in her life. She also left behind Ethan who loved her so as to protect him or so she thought. They thought that JB would die on that day so their secrets would die with him. Oh well that didnt’ happen. Anyway, Diana and Cassie now know the truth of JB, finally. HOORAH!! They also know from gramps Conant’s input he hid the crystal in the trophy case cloaked just in case Amelia returned to town and needed it for protection.

After they come back to the present time, Diana goes off on Cassie. She blames Amelia for what she did by trusting JB in the past and also Cassie for being the EXACT same way. Diana leaves the room but as Cassie is telling Melissa and Adam where to find the crystal Nick hears them. Nick goes after the crystal while the others try to beat him to the trophy case. IN his hurry Dawn sees him and is shocked that Nick is running the halls since he supposed to be dead. Hmm stranger things have happened right?

In the chase, Fay with Jake arrive to join the fray. Nick slams into Adam as he grabs the crystal. Nick runs outside with it. All but Diana join the chase for Nick outside the building.

Speaking of Diana, she goes home to have Charles tell her that he killed Amelia. Well during the whole he is still hearing/seeing things fiasco. This is what JB wanted to happen for Diana not to trust Charles. Diana runs, out of course, even though JB is outside hovering waiting to be swept in her arms like the PERV he is, instead Grant arrives in his car. He is the one that comforts her in her time of distress. I have said many times I do NOT trust Grant he is just too present in their affairs. For all we know, Grant is JB’s back up plan since they came to town about the same time.

After the break, they have chased Nick to a dirty ole junk auto salvage place. Fay complains why couldn’t it be a mall or a nice hotel LOL. Yeah right because him hiding in those places he might stand out, being a demon and all.

They split up into two groups Fay with Jake and Cassie, Adam with Melissa. Fay gets an apology from Jake that has been long coming LOL, he says she didn’t deserve to be stood up. Ahhh these too are never going to work but its fun with them trying right.

The three see Ebin meet with Nick. Cassie tries to go after them but they shoo her away like a fly when she loses focus after getting her hand on the crystal. DUMB move she could have put the crystal under her feet then dealt with them; then picked it up afterward. JB arrives looking/acting like he is in charge he has NO idea they don’t trust him any longer. He sends them to help Cassie but Fay stays around to watch the face off with him and Ebin.

Ebin throws cars at JB while on the other side Jake wrestles with Nick. Jake loses his knife in the fight and while Nick/demon is trying to strangle Jake, Melissa comes up behind to stab him with the knife.

I suppose this episode gives us a lot of information just in case the show is not renewed??? Because we actually NOW know a lot of the background of the circle. Hmmm does anyone know of the renewal yet?

Cassie wakes up looking for the crystal just before Daddy Dearest comes by to pick it up off the ground. HE has news, Ebin got away with FAY! Yeah sounds like JB made a deal to me but I guess we will see in the FINALE next week, well this week.

I won’t be able to see it when it airs……….I am very sad about that, but by the time I see it I will be recapping so we will experience the fun together.

Feedback Appreciated!!

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