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This episode of the Secret Circle begins with Faye trying to unlock her locker the way she used to do it you know with magic; only now she can’t use her magic alone since they have bound the circle. She doesn’t seem to remember the combination or just thinks what fun is that LOL. I have to wonder about the purpose of this is it suppose to be a safety but in reality if a group of people are evil then having them bound then only makes them more powerful. In this case they are high schoolers so was it so bad if they had their own powers; I know Sally got hurt last week when Faye’s power went haywire but normally with the exception of Faye how bad could it have been before?

Diana explains how Faye hasn’t lost her magic and she needs to relax. The camera pans out and we see Sally watching Fay after Diana leaves. I get a weird vibe from Sally I definitely think she knows something or is up to something. She wasn’t afraid of Faye before and now she just looks upset. It’s there maybe another coven in town?

Later that day, Diana approaches Cassie about hanging out but Cassie is still stuck on the idea that just because they are both witches doesn’t mean they have to be friends; hmm doesn’t it ? LOL

Over at Nick’s he and Melissa are skipping school in lieu of other activities like sex. Looks like Melissa can’t get enough of this bad boy. She invites him to the school dance but of course he gives her the expected answer of no. He just wants to have sex with her not a relationship; now she knew that ahead of time no big shock right?

Oh I have to mention that I saw on a website that someone has found out that Jessica who plays Melissa is almost ten years older than Nick in real life, the person thought it was creepy. Ok I found it interesting on the other hand, fans have to consider that most people who play teens on television tend to be in their early to late twenties. I think its based on finding the best person for a role and age is not an issue as it shouldn’t be in life. By the way, Adam who is played by Thomas Dekker is almost 24, Diana played by Shelley Hennig is 24, Sally played by Logan Browning is 22, Faye played by Phoebie Tonkin is 21, Cassie played by Britt Robertson is 20, so it seems young Nick played by Aussie hunk, Louis Hunter is the baby in the group LOL.

Back at school, Sally asks Cassie to help with the dance. Sally says she doesn’t quite remember what happened when she had her accident. Cassie isn’t very good about hiding that she thinks its weird that Sally thinks Faye was involved.

Adam’s friend, Luke approaches him about asking Cassie out as if Cassie needs his permission to go out with someone.

Dawn and Charles conspire over her eliminating her father in law, Henry last week. Charles thinks she did the right thing, “you had no choice.” Okay I am not in agreement with that but lets see where it takes them. They have to move fast on whatever their master plan might be either way. Diana sees Charles with Dawn and asks him why he is at school. He lies and says its business since he does the schools legal work.

Adam brings Luke over to introduce him to Cassie while Sally stands near the lockers. Sally notices odd looks between Adam and Cassie before she walks away. Cassie seemingly has little interest in Luke but she is nice and says the basic hellos nice to meet yous, AWKWARD.

For some reason this reminds of the episode of Sex and City where Charlotte’s friend is suppose to introduce her to the perfect guy for her only to find out that her friend, the married man, has a crush on her LOL, so he never did tell the single guy about her.

Despite the awkward looks between Adam and Cassie; Luke still asks her out as they walk the halls. She turns him down twice; once as she tells him she is decorating for the dance therefore going with Sally LOL again as she gives him the “raincheck” answer. Now I don’t know who this random Luke is or if he is just eat the paste guy while Adam decides what he will do about Cassie but he just seemed a bit to perky for Cassie for some reason. I did like Britt Robertson’s dry wit in the way she answers his questions. There are times I don’t feel like she is ALL IN with her part in this show.

At the diner, Sally with Cassie work out the details for decorating for the dance while Adam thoughtfully watches over them. Sally can’t seem to shut up about the fact tha Cassie can’t stop staring at him.

After Adam asks if Luke is taking Cassie to the dance she suddenly decides to call in that rain check.

Outside she meets Zachary who knew Amelia or so he tells her as she heads to her car. He starts out complimenting her on her resemblance to her mother but things go bad quickly. He had no idea, he says, that Amelia has died, because as a fisherman he is out to see a lot. He does know that Amelia promised to never come back to Chance harbor. He threatens Cassie but she and Diana are able to fend him off using shared magic but he still tells her she shouldn’t have come to the town.

The circle meets up at the old house to go over what happened to Cassie earlier as well to explain that they still have power if its used with more than one of them present. Faye laughs she still isn’t getting into the idea she is so used to be a rebel its funny. Melissa leaves with Faye as they go off to find a way to regain their solo powers. Adam feels he needs to explain to Cassie that they as a group are not always in solidarity, duh, like she couldn’t figure that out on her own.

Cassie still has little interest in being a WE with the rest of the circle but I believe its mostly because she is sooooo drawn to Adam. Diana immediately brings up the fact that she helped save Cassie hide; see I thank Diana isn’t as sweet as the tries to portray but only time will tell.

The next morning, Diana is asks by her father what happened with Cassie the day before she was able to lie very easily. Zachary Larson is bad news Charles informs Diana in his fatherly tone. She acts all excited that he tells her he is seeing Dawn which is just a lie to cover up anytime they are seen together LOL. Oddly enough she tells him he is a bad liar, yeah she doesn’t know him at all that lying gene runs both ways.

Cassie finds a picture of Zachary with Amelia and a woman named Heather in Amelia’s old year book while she searches for clues. Despite what Charles said about him he looked like a normal teenager back then not the bad news Charles told Diana that he was.

Melissa is with Faye trying to figure out how to make their bound magic work when Nick arrives. Melissa brings up going to the dance but Faye gives her a hard time about it which only seems to make Nick uncomfortable. Faye takes a dig at Melissa saying that she doesn’t mind being alone because she likes herself, implying that Melissa does not. Its obvious Faye knows something is up with Nick and Melissa.

Charles meets with Dawn on the dock some place to give her the update on events. He mentioned that he had to tell Diana they were dating. LOL Dawn smirks, “she believed it?” LOL that was amusing. He, of course, was not as amused.

Zachary shows up at the old house while Faye is alone trying to get her magic to work.

After the break, Zachary reiterates what we already know which is alone they have no power since they bound the circle. He stands menacingly in Fay’s way but she runs out the door which proves he only wanted them to know he is aware they are witches and just to frighten them or at least her. I don’t really see what else he could do without getting himself in more trouble. I don’t know maybe I missed something lets see what else happens.

Luke is with Cassie at the dance before we see sexy Nick walk in. Melissa blushes when she sees him. I think they are a cute duo, maybe its just my love of interracial couples.

Diana feels she has to tell Dawn she is glad that Dawn is dating her dad, Dawn’s only reply, “your dad is a special man.” LOL that says a lot but none of it means they are dating. I get the feeling Dawna and Charles are two wild tigers that would tear each apart if they tried to mate LOL.

Sally pushes Adam with Cassie out on the dance floor just before we see Faye running in the back door somewhere of the school. I guess going to where there is a party is great while fleeing from a possible attacker or you know because its where the rest of her coven is that night LOL.

On the stairs somewhere in the school, Nick asks Melissa if she just liked being dumped on and she replies actually NO, which leaves us to believe she really likes him and accepts him as is, so sweet.

Faye finds Melissa with Nick as she is looking for them all. She tells them the news, Zachary knew about their witchy powers. So he wasn’t only aware of Cassie’s situation but he knew about the circle.

Adam in his guy liner, he’s goth right, are on the dance floor with Cassie trying to define how they will stay just friends when their being together can cause street lights to go out LMAO !! I loved that Cassie said that it was right on acting, BRAVO BRITT! Diana, ever the dump-er of water on their parade,comes over to tell them that Faye has arrived with news. By the way was she watching them dance? Why didn’t she just break in? The idea was to get others to dance she could have grabbed Luke LOL, oh well, I still think she is seething over the Cassie thing.

Luke arrives just when they have done the review of what they know of Zachary, just in time I think. So I’m wondering who Luke could be? Is he someone like Sally who is a bit too nosy and maybe there is an Anti Circle in town? Wow that would be cool right. I know I am trying hard to AMP up the mystery on the show, like there aren’t enough secrets already right? I guess its just the way he kinda strolls in like wasn’t Cassie dancing with Adam instead of him minutes before so basically she forgot her date LOL.

Cassie goes with Luke while the others use Dawn’s master key, supplied by Fay LOL, to go check for more information on Zachary. So far we know he knows about the circle, he was a friend of Amelia’s and not much else.

Charles finds Zachary on his boat where we hear what Zachary has come to town to kill one of the circle to avoid further tragedy in the town. Don’t you just love simple plans? Charles is lying hurt on Zachary’s boat after an altercation with him.

After the break, Melissa and Faye have a heart to heart while Diana and Adam are inside the office looking up more information on Zachary. Melissa, who is almost in tears, tells Faye she doesn’t know why Nick hates her. Faye, being the good friend, tells her that he doesn’t hate her he hates himself. Nick suffered the most from the fire because he lost both parents. “He’s double damaged,” says Faye. This is the first time Faye has seemed to be a bit softer with Melissa. It shows what we as the audience may not have seen, that she really does care and its not using her like someone she has to hang around with since they are all witches. In the office they learn what they believe to be the motivation behind Zachary’s obsession with them. His girlfriend Heather died in the fire.

Luke blows Cassie off after he realizes she is not into him or so he thinks; since there is no way she can explain why she has behaved the way she has he leaves. This reminds me of another show, ah I think it reminds me of several other shows, like lets see: Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Nine Lives of Chloe King LOL. Those are the most recent shows I can think of where the characters are leading double lives so they have a strange social life if any at all and usually limited to those who share their secrets, but I digress.

Faye finds Nick to tell him the low down on Zachary, she also adds that if he is going to hang out with Melissa he needs to treat her right because Melissa likes him. I do wonder if possibly Faye likes him too, hmmm.

Cassie goes looking for the others since she is now dateless, only to run into Zachary of course.

After the break, Dawn is looking for Zachary because Charles arrives wounded to tell her what is going on, Cassie is hiding from Zachary and the others are trying to find Cassie who left the gym twenty minutes before. I have to say its a long walk from the gym to the halls LOL.

Any who, Zachary attacks Cassie just before the others arrive in all their witchy glory. The sound of thunder can be heard as they round the corner, Zachary looks up to see them. The lockers fly open and papers fly, which I guess is to show us they have the power of the wind behind them, Diana apologizes that Heather died. Okay maybe she is just a nice girl LOL. Zachary tells them that what happened to Heather was worse than death. Adam rounds the corner his/their power slams Zachary’s head to the ceiling before he lands face first on the floor. They all look like they think they killed him. Adam checks his pulse and he is still alive.

Dawn shows up and the slx of them concoct a lie on the spot. Something about him rummaging in lockers and falling over the paper on the floor where he hit his head. Oh but they don’t know for sure because the floor was a mess? A convulated story to be sure or I just missed some parts LOL. The idea is they work good together. Then Dawn makes up her own story about Zachary saying he was an addict that broke into the school all the time, which should totally give all of them red flags since they know his real story..hmmm Dawn have you stepped in it now?

If I had been them i would have stayed close enough to see what she did next; I mean they have clues on Zachary already, they can surely smell that something is up with Dawn.

After the break, we return to find that Dawn has told the teens that she will get Zachary to the police station. They are all relieved except Cassie who wants to know what he meant when he said what Amelia did to Heather was worse than death. Diana offers to take her home but its weird because Adam volunteered to take them both home. Does that mean that they were going to leave Diana’s car there? Hmmm intersting huh? I doubt Diana would walk Cassie home because that would make less sense. Oh and we know Cassie met Luke at the dance so where is her car? Plot hole anyone?

Nick and Melissa make up when he says he wants to hang out with her without having sex, cool now that is progress. Don’t you love it thirty eight minutes ago it was all about sex??LOL
Fay watches with a half smile as they leave.

Cassie and Diana bond over sodas at Cassie’s house that night. Diana never had a chance to know her mother while Cassie’s lose is recent. Diana also mentions that she sees how Adam looks at Cassie but of course Cassie denies that it means anything. Diana is needy and she wants Cassie as a friend, you know the kind you keep an eye on when your beau is around LOL.

just out side of town, I guess, Charles and Dawn put a spell on Zachary, that marks him so that no matter where he goes Dawn will be able to find him. Hey that is from the bible, God marked Cain so people wouldn’t kill him.

GREAT solid episode; I look forward to next weeks episode.  Here is a preview.

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From Twenty things we learned from Secret Circle Episode 3; they are really cool.

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