Secret Circle S01 Episode 10 Recap – Let the Force be With You

Hey folks, I was very glad to get a chance to see the Winter Premiere or whatever the CW is calling the shows after the Hiatus LOL

So lets get started.

Cassie wakes up at the sound of noises down stairs. She walks gently over to the door but when she opens it she finds Jake. You know Jake the one that left town in December, Yes him. I knew he would come back, um but he is acting weird. He tells her that her door was open. She backs away as though she is doesn’t trust him. She asked him whose side he is on considering that you know he LEFT with witch hunters. Yeah the girl is thinking. He says that he is on her side……hmmm. Okay Jake then why you looking all mysterious dressed in Black looking all Fine….anyway. The witch hunters weren’t happy with him or so he says because he let Cassie get away. Cassie isn’t so convinced she wants to know why he is there. He brings up the whole dark magic thing again, Dude let it go LOL. He suddenly takes back what he had told her about her being a good person and that she cannot control her dark side. Really choose a side already Jake.

He adds with her Evil Balcorn blood she is doomed to be evil basically so he was just trying to be nice. Seriously bottom line it sucks to be Cassie Blake… Oh wait it sucks to be Jake because she then tries to kill him with her mind he can hardly breathe as the blood rushes out of his mouth.

OH but darn it, its only a dream, Cassie wakes up with a start.

Creepy theme music plays.

Adam shows up later which turns out to be two days later. Looks like Cassie phoned in sick and has not exactly responded to texts. Interesting of the things that Cassie tells him is bothering her you know all the drama she has gone through and I might add some of it her own fault. Yep just playing devils advocate, folks.

She lets him in of course to help her go over her evil family tree. Adam like Jane tells Cassie that maybe she is good like her mother. Just because one parent has an evil bloodline doesn’t mean she is doomed, my paraphrase. LOL Cassie asked Adam to keep the information he has seen as well as what she has told him to himself. Not sure where its mentioned by Jane is out of town at a healers which accounts absence at the house so Cassie is alone with Adam. Oh the possiblities but I digress.

Diana’s grandmother Kate arrives unexpectantly at their home. Her story is that she wants to make sure things are fine since Charles has been so busy. Diana can’t help but reveal that Charles is dating Dawn and Kate reveals that Charles has always had a crush on Dawn. Oh so that’s why he lets her treat him like a ‘tool’.

Strangely enough Kate lies to Charles saying she is in town because Diana emailed her that she and Adam had broken up. Can you see it? This woman is up to something she can choose a story to stick too. Its obvious that Charles had no idea about the break up. “Girls don’t tell their father’s these things,” Kate assures him.

Over at the school, Fay is annoying Melissa about being sappy all the time. She makes note that if Nick was a ghost he wouldn’t like that she was moping around. Fay suggest they do something to get their magic back. Seriously Fay, one track mind, much? Fay tells Melissa she knows how she can do that very thing.

Dawn gets the heads up about Kate being in town just before the other lady walks in her office. Now this is the Kate I like; she cuts to the quick with Dawn. She asks her what she is really up to. It seems years ago in high school Dawn was a stinker and never gave poor Charles the time of day. Kate is aware of the goings on in Chance Harbor. She mentions Henry’s death but also Jane’s neurological issues. How in the world would she know about Jane’s problem if Jane has no idea. I guess its a witchy thing.
Dawn used people in high school then tossed them aside, so says Kate. ” I won’t let you do that to my son,” she insists. Dawn gives her the steely eyed stare before she stands up to ask her to leave her office. Kate tells her she will find out what Dawn is up to no matter what it takes.

At the old house, Adam is researching dark magic when Diana arrives asking questions about why he is researching dark magic because she sees the search on the computer. Innocently Adam answers her questions only to have Cassie over hear them talking. Cassie gives him the stink eye then yells at him; suddenly he can’t breath. She apologizes then he is okay but Cassie looks freaked out.

After the break, the others are also present now and they don’t know what is going on with Cassie. Cassie leaves after they gang up on her thinking that she was just being mean. Diana and Adam don’t tell them the real reason.

Later Dawn meets up with Charles to discuss Kate. Dawn wants to get rid of Kate but Charles tells her they are not killing his mother. “What do you want to just kill all the elders?” he asked sarcastically LOL. They argue but in the end Charles says he will handle it, “For now just stay out of her way.”
You know the issue here is that Dawn is power hungry I totally believe that ABBADON is inside of her somewhere OR she is just ruled by her greed for magic.

On a fashion note I don’t get the way that Dawn dresses because she could be so much cuter and sexier. The actress Natasha Henstridge used to be a beautiful model but this way that she is carrying herself comes across like middle age got the best of her. Now I hope its just acting or I wish it was but the Promo pictures etc.. I have seen are kinda the same, someone feel free to show me another view. Well here is a nice picture with Maggie Q, from the last year or so maybe it is just the character.

Diana arrives at Cassie’s house well oddly enough in Cassie’s room which Cassie doesn’t mention but anyway;she arrives as Cassie is attempting to do an attraction spell. No its not for Adam, but for bad boy B, Jake. You see Jake at least understood Cassie’s dark magic and was trying to help or so Cassie believes. WE all know it, Jake has the hots for her its cool. Diana thinks that Jake who was with the witch hunters is not a good option for Cassie as she speaks with her as though she were a child. I found this interaction strange like Diana was the adult but its what happened in my view.

Diana suggests, that Cassie, who she thinks is a good person, should come stay at her house. I am all for Diana getting Cassie away from an empty house but is this illustrates that maybe Diana is the missing sibling of Cassie’s? I am not really seeing it OR because I want it be Fay real bad.

Back at the old house, Fay shows Melissa a spell she stole from Cassie’s book. Isn’t there any honor with these people. I guess just because they are angry with Cassie they get to treat her stuff like it doesn’t matter. Melissa who I thought was the nicest of the bunch doesn’t even mind that much about what Fay has done. FAIL!! She only notes that she has never seen any of the ingredients before. Fay has done research so she knows most of the ingredients come from ancient Voodoo magic. She was able to find a not too distant place that sells the items by searching online.

Over at Charles’ Diana introduces Cassie to Kate. Kate gives Cassie the stare of someone who knows more about you then they should; creeped me out. She gives Cassie her condolences on the loss of her mother before Charles walks up. “Your mother was a wonderful and independent girl,” Kate says. Diana says that Cassie is like her mother.

The girls go off to the dining room then there is a knock at the door. Dawn walks in then gives Charles a sloppy kiss, its obvious to me that its their first I imagine to Kate also. Dawn carries a bottle of wine that she supposedly has heard from Charles is Kate’s favorite. Dawn goes off to the dining room leaving Kate and Charles to exchange odd looks. Charles looks disturbed as the scene ends.

After the break, while eating dinner they discuss, Jane, Henry and how great they are as well as the death of Henry. Dawn decides this is the time to open the wine she has brought. REallY? Who brings wine then opens it at the table? Normally you give the host the wine and they serve it for you. I believe the word is Gauche LOL. Anyway Dawn pours the wine in Kate’s glass but before Kate can drink it after making her toast “to henry” Charles grabs the wine glass. Yeah he was thinking as were we all that Dawn was trying to kill Kate, LOL. He tells his mother he thought he saw cork in the glass, his mother doesn’t understand what is going as he walks out with the bottle and the glass. Dawn goes to the kitchen to find Charles has emptied the glass as well as the bottle. Dawn says she wasn’t trying to poison her she just wanted Kate to know she was around and would not be intimidated. “I can handle my mother,” Charles insists.

Melissa and Fay arrive at the location to get the needed items for the spell or in this case they say they have arrived for a consultation. Fay makes fun of the guy, guest star, Grey Damon formerly of Nine Lives of Chloe King. Because he is operating out of his family’s garage or so it seems LOL. The guy Lee, tells them that the spell is dangerous and was used by priests to expand their capabilities. Fay wants to know if she can help them or not lol. They follow him inside.

Back at Charles’ house, Diana is with Cassie getting ready for bed. The pebble tapping on the window is Adam who wants to come up for a minute. Oddly enough he is up in a second which makes no sense because they are in a two story house and didn’t he have to come through front door but maybe the back door is near her room??? Anyway he has arrived to apologize to Cassie because he shouldn’t have told Diana when he said he would keep Cassie’s information private. He doesn’t think any of them should make her feel bad for being different. I still don’t believe they told Fay or Melissa yet though.

Speaking of those two, they are inside Lee’s area and he goes about chanting over Fay. He told her that he head and heart need to be connected to use the spell than he draws a pentegram on her before he says he is done. She is to concentrate on something she wants to happen and it will; so says he. The girls leave afterward though I don’t think Melissa believed he was legit.

Later that night Cassie wakes up with a start. She goes to the kitchen to get orange juice but instead finds Kate who says, “you are troubled you have dark magic Cassie Blake.” Now that would have been enough for me but innocent Cassie is different. Kate says the magic scares her and Cassie says she doesn’t know what dark magic means. According to Kate; Cassie has the potential for evil because of her father but that is a bunch of baloney. WE all have the potential for EVIL…..its just life.

Anyway, she tells Cassie that her father allowed his dark magic to take him over. Kate informs her that she can rid her of dark magic before it takes hold of her with a spell. Now Cassie is so eagar to be the good little girl she wants to do whatever Kate says. This woman she only just met. Beware children even adults can be conniving ** spoiler**. Cassie tells her she will do anything to keep from being bad again.

The next morning Diana warns Cassie about outing herself to people especially elders. Cassie says it was like Kate could smell the dark magic on her. SEE even Diana knows its sounds wrong and Kate is her grandmother. However then Diana says if Kate is sure she can help Cassie than she can trust her LOL basically Diana is only concerned with herself. She doesn’t want her family to know that SHE knows she is a witch, REALLY? Confused much?? How does this even make sense?

Kate leaves the house after lying to Charles about her destination.

Over at the old house Fay is trying to get a glass bowl to shatter as Melissa waits near by. The bowl never does SHATTER but Fay realizes she has been duped. She is ready to go back over to Lee’s and bust his balls about scamming her but Melissa won’t come. Melissa tells her she appreciates her helping her come back into the real world but she isn’t going to always be on her coat tails any longer. Fay says fine before she leaves.

Deep in the woods we see Kate with Cassie in the car. They get out and Kate asks Cassie if she is sure she wants the dark to be taken out of her basically. Cassie agrees.

While in Kate’s room Diana finds some odd magic items in her suitcase which is lying on the bed.

Back in the forest they arrive to find that Kate has a box already with a symbolic item laid on top. Kate says a few words then cuts Cassie hand before she lays it on the symbol. The whole forest seems alive now with the wind blowing. Kate demands Cassie open the box next before she tells Cassie to hand her the elderberry branch inside its also known as the death tree. Ummm I think I would be asking more questions about NOW if I was Cassie. “Death tree?” Cassie says. Kate breaks the branch then Cassie collaspes.

After the break, Diana arrives at the old house where Adam is hanging out. She tells him what is happening with Cassie and what she suspects before she shows him the Mandrake root that they remember from the witch hunters. She found it in Kate’s stuff. It’s used to kill witches.

In other news, Dawn meets up with Charles about Kate. It turns out that he had realized by investigation that his mother lied about where she was going on that day. Dawn asks for the crystal after insinuating its time to get rid of his mother. Now how did she think that was going to go over with him LOL. HE tells her they are done before she gets out of the car.

In the forest we find Cassie inside the box with crazy Grandmother Kate standing over her. She tells her the earth much bleed the darkness from her. She covers her up and the ground comes all around Cassie. Looks like Kate is also powerful, great. “You have to die in the ground and let your evil magic die with you.”

Then we hear Cassie scream.

Fay arrives at Lee’s to find fake blood and fake chicken feathers.

Back in the forest Diana arrives with her handy ex boyfriend, Adam looking to see what has happened to Cassie.

Now Cassie who is a powerful witch seems to have forgotten this as she screams like a little GIRL!! It finally does hit her, memory is the darndest thing LOL. She can suddenly hear the sound of her heart beating as she grabs the dirt that was put in the box with her.

“LET ME OUT!, she says forcefully just before the box jumps out of the ground. Now that is what I’m talking about. You go Cassie. Diana and Adam hear the rumble as the box jumps up. Cassie crawls out of the box as they round the corner. “Are you okay?” Diana asks to Cassie’s reply, “I don’t know.”

After the break, Charles tells his mother that the person she supposedly spent the night with is out of town. He wants to know where she has been. She confesses to trying to kill Cassie but has realized she is more powerful. Kate must have been watching right? How else would she know? She tells Charles she is the one they have been waiting for to tip the balance between good and evil.

She faces him down with the fact that she knows he was involved in Henry’s death as well as the issues with Jane. She insists that each person’s magic leaves its an imprint. She has known ever since he started practicing. She knows he is weak and gives in to temptation because of it even though he tries to deny it.

Lee shows up as Fay is trashing his place. He tells her she knows she is a witch because his grandparents were voodoo priests so he has been around enough to know about magic. He can help her access her power if they can work out a deal. Fay is interested in his offer.

At the house Diana apologizes to Cassie for telling her to trust her grandmother; Diana is glad her grandmother is gone this time and hopes she won’t return. She asked Cassie what it felt like, Cassie says she felt like she was going to die. The fear she felt was panic “it flooded her entire body then erupted.” She says she liked it, the feeling of power. Destroying the box that was sucking the life out of her blowing away the dirt and letting the fear save her. She knows it wasn’t right but it felt really good. Without the magic she would be dead right now she adds.

“Just how powerful are you?” Diana asks

Cassie looks toward the window; its like she knows something changed because we see Jake standing outside like she somehow has called him to her. I know that is speculation but he is BACCKK!!

Great return episode šŸ™‚

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