The Secret Circle – Pilot Review


Hi gang, I am going to attempt to review The Secret Circle without watching the video for the third time. I have to say up front I was a bit disappointed that I had already seen so most of the premiere over the summer LOL in my curiosity I had watched all the clips. On the other hand, that does not by any means indicate that I didn’t like the show; I had just hoped for more content. I am going to try very hard to be spoiler free or I will not be able to write about the show.

Trivia for those who have not watched yet:
In Chance Harbor they abolished witchcraft when something went very wrong. The six in the circle now lost parents in a tragedy. The family’s have been around since 1692.

The Witch Trials of 1692

Cassie Blake–
Cassie is the orphan on the show because except for her grandmother she has no living relatives at least as far as I can tell at this point. The pilot begins by show us Cassie stuck on the highway. It is also revealing that Cassie is more angry than frightened when her car her tire has a blow out. In hindsight its obvious that the man who took the time to make sure Cassie didn’t make it NOR pick her up when she asked for help wat the culprit in her mother’s death. She calls her mother, Amelia, to tell her she will be late because she is repairing her tire. The car incident reveals to us that Cassie is the independent sort; she even makes fun of Amelia who offers to get a cab to come help her. It was cute but immediately the tone changes as a man sets Cassie’s house on fire with Amelia inside.

I have to say this better be a good secret to kill someone within the first five minutes of a series. I am a lover of mysteries and I hope this one holds up to my scrutiny. As an avid fan of Pretty Little Liars over on the ABC Family I can say its hard to hold on to a mystery for long before pot holes aka plot holes began to appear. However since this is a series of books that might be avoided but I still am more than ready even at this early date to know what was so darned important that Cassie’s mother had to die so tragically.

As I finally have a chance to view the Pilot again its blatant that the murderer had a vendetta against Cassie’s mother the way he showed no emotion as he set her house afire then watched her try to get out. I do hope that Cassie’s mother has left behind some clues in her special book that Cassie found at the end of the episode that might lead to the culprit. However since this is only the beginning of the show I am certain those clues if they exist will be forthcoming down the road.

Grandma Jane–
Cassie arrives at her grandmother’s house a month after the death of her mother. It makes me wonder where she stayed in the interim. The house her mother grew up in seems foreign to her so either grandma only spoke with her on the phone before/after the funeral? or she just stayed away because Cassie made her own arrangements. I suppose this is something else we will see a flash about later or I am just the only that considers these things LOL.

Grandma is keeping her own secrets and its obvious she is asking her questions in a way as not to tell Cassie more than what her mother might have revealed. I wonder if this will not be a stumbling block later on between the two of them. If grandmother has things she needs to tell Cassie why not just spill them? It would be easier to hear what she needs to hear from a relative, no?

In other grandma news, she asks Dawn Chamberlain straight out if the kids were practicing magic and Dawn lied because later in the show we find she and Charles discussing the kids practicing. It looks like its going to be another show where you can trust anyone. YIKES At least it doesn’t look as though Grandma Jane believed Dawn’s lies or maybe I am just hoping.

Adam is played by Thomas Dekker. The reason I bring up his real name is because I have had almost no exposure to him whereas at least with Cassie played by Britt Robertson I saw a scant few episodes of her on Life Unexpected. Thomas Dekker is a relative unknown to me even though he was on the Sarah Connor Chronicles and some movies. I look forward to see how he tantalized my taste for the hero in this show. As far a Adam, I can already tell since he kissed Cassie in the first episode despite being… head over heels in love with Diana, that he is being set up to be a complex but efficient character. Adam is the son of an alcoholic and he seems to be the parent in his situation which again will be quite a feat to accomplish. He has to go to school, keep his witchy secret, watch the diner and his father at what around seventeen years old. He has a lot on his proverbial plate.

Adam’s Father, Ethan..
The local drunken diner owner is in a bad way because he loved Amelia, Cassie’s mother but it seems his love was not returned. HE is the person who tells Cassie her father was a bad man. He also has an encounter with Charles who threatens him about keeping his mouth shut; it seems this is only one of many times they have had the conversation.

Faye Chamberlain–
Now Faye was immediately an interesting character to me because she is the saucy bad girl to Cassie’s whiter than snow good girl OR so it seems. IN the pilot when Faye starts a thunderstorm and realizes she can’t stop it Newly informed about her powers Cassie is the one to stop it. I have to say of the entire pilot I felt this was the part I did not like. Cassie seemed too in control for someone who only days before had no idea she had power inside of her. Now maybe the three of them together is what made it work but still she, Cassie, suddenly took control. On the other hand, I love that she can face up to FAYE that way but … didn’t work for me. Faye as a character is intriguing because even though she wants to do the right thing she has soooo much more fun being bad and I think she will be fun to watch. You can see the conflict in her when she tries to push Cassie to use her latent powers and she was rooting for Cassie. I think its great that all characters are so different in their ways of dealing with their powers. Faye’s mother is the principal at the school and the woman who is supposed to be the most two-faced.

I couldn’t quite get a feel for Diana. She is Adam’s girlfriend and the supposed leader of the secret circle but she came across as wishy-washy and a little two-dimensional. I believe it might be why Adam was so easy to kiss Cassie either that or he was just plain drawn to her. I was actually surprised to hear she was considered the leader though I missed why. It was a twist to see that when Diana faced off with Faye about her testing of Cassie that she had a look in her eyes that showed she had potential to be a bad girl herself.

Charles–the murderer–warlock
It seems Charles is Diana’s father who introduces himself to Cassie as a good friend of her mother, Amelia’s. You know with that kind of friend, Amelia didn’t need enemies. He demonstrates his power to Peter, Adam’s father by giving him a taste of how drowning would feel. Okay this guy is creepy evil. He also shows up at Dawn’s house later to let her know that the kids better do what she has insisted they will do with the secret circle, of course we don’t get to hear what that might be.

So far Melissa seems to be Faye’s side kick; there wasn’t much else about her so far in the pilot at least worth writing other than that she tries to keep Faye under control.

Principal Dawn Chamberlain… The Evil Witch

She tells Cassie that her mother was very special to her the first time that Cassie meets her. I found that and odd statement from a woman about a woman. Of all the things she could have said like: we were close friends or we went to camp together or were in certain activities together LOL. Cassie blows off the fact that her mother never mentioned her with a she never talked about Chance Harbor comment.

Cute neighbor Guy–Nick
No information has been given on him yet; except that he lives next door to Cassie and likes to play with her curtains.

Bottom Line:
The Secret Circle isn’t just about witchcraft but also about doing the right things, using the gift properly and being a part of something important.

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