Spn S07 Episode 6 Recap-Winchester Crime Spree

Screen Caps Credit: http://www.homeofthenutty.com

This episode starts out with Dean and Sam in a bank. Dean goes over to chat up the bank clerk while Sam cases the place. Things go wrong quickly when the Winchesters pull out guns then shoot up and rob the place. Oh and they kill a vault load full of people, YIKES.

Over at Rufus old place Bobby is still torturing/trying to kill the computer guy monster.
Oh the boys are there too, hmmm. Any who, the Leviathan guy informs them that Edgar the monster they thought they killed with the car a couple of episodes ago is still alive which means that they don’t die easily, well go figure.

Bobby calls the guy a MENSA monster now I know what that is but for those that don’t See HERE Basically a monster with an extremely HIGH IQ, I guess the leviathans know how to recruit LOL.

We also learned that while the monsters were nestled inside of Castiel they got a download of the Winchester Aliases and so much more. Bobby wants to know why the guy is telling them the information only to find out that He is the least of their worries. Okay but I don’t understand how he can tell him with certainty what is going on in the real world when Bobby has had him in the basement for days trying to kill him?? I realize he might have know what was coming but he WOULD NOT know if it happened, I think its a plot hole, anyone agree?

Bobby, Dean and Sam go upstairs to find out that the boys were XEROXED according to Dean, and the bank robbers on the news wasn’t them. WAIT for IT, big shock LOL. So to recap in the recap, some monsters are going around robbing banks with the Winchesters faces, oh and to add to this the monster in the basement yells up to tell them that their DNA was grabbed from a hotel shower along the way. Can I just say, is nothing sacred LOL EWWW!!

The boys aren’t ready to roll over and die just yet so Bobby sends them to an old friend to get new Identification, something new they haven’t used before. I gotta say this was kinda lame because you know they are still wearing their faces. Why didn’t they just wear disguises until they got things figured out that would be my first move. You know go Blonde then dress up totally opposite then use the fake id’s.

On the way to the guys house they stop for gas and Sammy gets “made” so they have to take off without paying for the gas. I guess since the Fakes are on a crime spree that would only had confusion LOL no biggie.

The next scene is the cops show up at second of the banks that was robbed. They actually get a lead while talking that the Winchesters were spotted a thousand miles away. Yeah in real life we would think that was kinda impossible but I know its TV, LOL.

The arrive at the man, Frank’s house, then walk right in to find him holding a gun. Yes that’s the only way you can leave your door open LOL you have a weapon.

After the break, Frank is amusing, he makes jokes about doppelgangers and time machines but its all kind of lame. He is supposed to be a over the top paranoid person which he partially pulls off but maybe there was a lack of chemistry or something with the guys. Anyway, it seems he isn’t that enthralled with Bobby but he is willing to help them. Who have we met that is enthralled with Bobby, right? He thinks they are clones, Dean indicates to Sam its best that he keep thinking that, but Frank also suggest they go to Cuba instead of sticking around the states. They are by the way number two on the most wanted list, impressive right up there with how fast Donna Summer made it to the top of the charts, some kind of comparison right.

They need to use cash only, not use rock aliases, try to stay away from cameras; Frank also breaks Sam’s laptop but gives him a different one before he asked for five grand in cash LOL. Tom and John Smith from now on Frank tells them. It’s all very interesting but lets see what’s up next after they leave Franks, LOL.

At Bobby’s he is trying to kill the monster still, he says if you can bleed than you can die. Bobby cuts off his head because he won’t shut up.

Back at Frank’s he gives them a map with all the places that the doubles have hit so far. I guess they paid him or he was just kidding not sure. He tells them to ditch their car and it pisses off Dean like nothing else LOL. Poor Dean.

Bobby gets a visit from Sheriff Jody who seems all kinds of smitten with him. HE doesn’t seem that happy to see her but we know he really is LOL. She doesn’t care he has monster business downstairs she came to visit him with the excuse of wanting to thank him. It’s all kinds of obvious that she likes Bobby. “Let someone be nice to you,” she says. I like her, she can cook-ish LOL. After watching this the third time I wonder if Jody is real though now she is almost too good to be true.

Downstairs Bobby has to chop off monster head again because it has reattached.

In the car with Tom and John Smith, Dean is bitching because Baby is on Lock Down , “No one puts Baby in a corner,” LOL. Then Tom/Dean starts singing, I’m All Out of Love, well mouthing it, and its Sooo out of character, am I right LOL Sam can’t take it and turns off the radio LOL.

Sam notices a pattern on the map where the doubles have been hitting the banks, etc… They are all places where they had jobs in order from when Sam left Stanford. Dean gets excited at the thought of eating burgers at Connors diner in St. Louis.

But, at the diner the Evil/Monster Dean thinks that eating cheeseburgers everyday is horrible. Evil Sam talks about how he hates Sam. They hate the meat suits basically but they don’t even find enough to like about them to switch. The have a guy in the diner video tape them as they rob the diner then kill the patrons and staff.

While they are talking to Bobby the real Sam and Dean hear Jody in the background. They tease him before he tells them the clones already hit the Connor’s diner in St. Louis. Poor Dean can’t even get a decent cheeseburger.

At the diner the Feds get a chance to view the video tape that was taken especially for them by the Monster Winchesters. The video tells them where the fake Winchesters next stop will be. Obvious much? Really can’t the cops see something is up?

Bobby touches the Monster he has tied up, accidentally, which gives monster a chance to turn into Bobby, it was freaky to watch Bobby talking to himself. The Monster goes to talking again about what Bobby is really feeling it does get a bit amusing though only briefly LOL.

In Ohio the real Winchesters are walking down the street when they see the Fakes drive up. Dean covets the rims on the car, a duplicate of BABY, they are driving LOL. One track mind much, Dean LOL.

They call Bobby hoping he has gotten a cure in the few hours since they last spoke. The cops drive up to arrest them as they are on the phone with Bobby. The Fakes see them and wink at them.

Fake Bobby is still talking at Rufus’ old house that Bobby has taken over as his own. I suppose all the exposition is to show us what Bobby what never tell us…real Bobby mentions Robert Browning, a poet that Bobby likes, “mans reach should exceed his grasp.” I am sure there was a meaning to that but Yeah I got nothin’. The ceilings starts dripping something that burns the skin on Fake Bobby. Bobby goes up to see what Jody was using to clean the floor that happens to be the answer to what they needed to stop the monsters or at least slow them down.

At the jail in Ohio, Dean is insisting he gets a phone call as they take Sam off to the interview room. Some time later the two cops that are leaving get exchanged by the Fake Winchesters. Now this only last long enough to get them inside the building, kind of a waste because with no one around it wouldn’t have mattered. *shakes head* I guess its just to show how easy it is for them to change places.

After the break, we find the sheriff who is holding the phone between the cell bars, listening in on the conversation Dean is having with Bobby. Bobby tells Dean about how borax that will help to slow down the monsters as well they need to chop off their heads. The sheriff thinks they are sick as he closes the phone. He actually thinks Dean is crazy, until he goes around the corner to see one monster eating a man. Sheriff also sees that man turn into a Winchester. Hmm not so crazy now LOL.

He goes back to Dean to tell him he doesn’t understand what he just saw. Dean tells him to get the borax.

In the interview room Monster Dean shows up to torture Sam mentally.

Real Dean runs into Fake Sam in the office and tries to shoot him before Dean goes flying against a glass case.

Back in the room Monster Dean tells how he hates the Winchesters and how they are so caught up in being good as well as caring for each other.

The sheriff pours the borax on Fake Sam then Dean chops off his head.

“Is this some kinda play with your food,” Sam says to Monster Dean before the big reveal about Amy. HE told him because Monster Dean likes his food a little Bitter. OOPS, Dean comes to the rescue just before Sam can be eaten by Monster Dean.

The Sheriff is happy to help them as long as he can be done with the monsters. Sam is still reeling from the stuff that Monster Dean told him.

A bit later, in the next scene the sheriff is lying about how he had to kill both Winchesters to the Feds. The girl medical person who must be related to him I imagine says according to her exam they were gunned down after trying to escape. The sheriff has sent the bodies to the funeral homes for cremation, boy that is some tall tale they told LOL oh and he says its per their living wills and religious requests. Now how many hours later is this LOL. The Feds seem all impressed at first but then one guy is a bit upset.

Back at Rufus old place, Bobby is with Jody watching the news report, “that should take the heat off,” Jody says. She smiles at Bobby hoping for a kiss but instead he hands her the monster head in a box to get rid off. OH Bobby you old romantic LOL. He does finally kiss her on the cheek; its sweet.

Oh we find out for sure that the girl in the sheriff’s office was his daughter,s he doesn’t know what to think of the black ooze just before Fake Fed guy comes in. Looks like he needed a snack because he goes after them; all the time at least one of the feds was a MONSTER.

After the last break, Valenti the Fake Fed talks to his boss, some snooty looking guy walking toward his limo. He tells them the bad news that the real Winchesters are in the wind also that the Fakes have been decapitated. He has hopes to get the Winchesters at a latter date. Snooty guy gets a visit from Crowley who give him an organic muffin well a basket of them, HUH? Crowley tries to make a deal with him to be friends because Crowley says he brought him to earth. Snooty guy doesn’t like ugly lazy gold digging demons. Crowley goes away without the muffins, LOL and without a deal.

In a cemetery some where Dean and Sam are getting ready to get rid of the heads that went with the monsters. “You know my motto here to help,” Dean says to Sam before Sam tells him he knows about Amy. Sam wants to be apart form Dean again because he can’t talk to him at this present time.
And here Yet again, Sam and Dean are apart 😦 I so hate that but that was it for the night.

Sorry it took all week to get this done, yesterday really messed me up when I was almost done there was a problem and I lost half the recap.

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