S07Recap Episode 18 Supernatural Recap Don’t let your Friends Hunt Drunk

Hey all you Supernatural Fans, welcome back to another thrilling Recap.
This week we have the return of our favorite Temp Hunter, Garth. He is tall and  growing on us LOL.

This week we start off with four high school aged kids telling scary stories around a campfire. I was happy to see one couple was interracial. I do have to say that Supernatural isn’t shy about having mixed relationships portrayed and I highly Approve LOL. Of course my fave interracial couple was Cassie with Dean but that was a lifetime ago now 😦

Anywho, the one guy who is telling the story is the guy with the ethnic girl the story is about some girl that froze to death. The other guy’s brother who is a redhead is obviously drunk when he arrives and they talk about how he knows he will be in trouble since the younger brother will rat him out. Next thing we know the red-head is hearing things then goes running in the direction from which he came. The brother goes after him but finds him in the woods dead just like that something is missing from his stomach area. Weird stuff.

Cue theme sounds and picture

Then we get to see Garth drive into town. He is all sneakers and lanky with shades on LOL. Garth gets the respect he deserves from the Burger Heaven employees thanks to fake FBI badge he has a chance to interview them. I notice that one of the girls looks familiar. I was right she is Sarah Dugdale she was on Secret Circle Last week as Kyle’s girlfriend. I remembered thinking she looks very young. 🙂

Anyway the employees believe that the legend of Jenny Greentree which was the story the guy told earlier I guess Jenny haunts the woods or something they think it is the reason that the red-head died so Garth goes to the cemetery to take care of it the way he knows how, burning the bones. After he puts the match to the bones he says, “you been Garthed,” LOL. Not sure how I missed that before.

I totally love that Garth has this rocking music as his theme, something they totally did right. I gotta wonder though why Sam or Dean never had that? I am sure this is some kinda test run for Season Eight to see how much Fandom will like a third lead because Castiel/Misha is all but moved on to other things.

Now in a twist of surprising Stupidity, the younger brother from earlier goes back to the woods to get drunk and hunt. He of course ends up being the next victim.

Meanwhile Garth believes that he has stopped the culprit as we see him talking to someone about firing up the hot tub. He gets in his car to eat then hears on the police radio that there has been another killing. Garth can’t believe it.

Garth decides to call “the boys” for help after we learn from them that Castiel is just a mess of drool thanks to his helping out Sam last episode, oh and Meg is watching over him, AWKWARD.

Garth needs their help in Kansas City Kansas.

Dean and Sam show up in suits at the medical examiners. Garth aka corporal James Brown LOL is already there ahead of them dressed as a military man. He is supposedly grieving his dead cousin, the corpse that was mauled. Well it turns out that Garth didn’t even know the victims were brothers, he doesn’t research?

Moving on Sam finds a beverage called Thighslapper Ale on a website. At first I am like how is that even relevant to the case LOL. Ah but the connection is that the father of the dead brothers owns the brewery. More information comes to light that the guy Dale died also who used to be part owner of the brewery now the part owner is named Randy.

The brewery is the next stop where we learn that Dale actually committed suicide we learn from Randy Baxter. His wife is suing the company. We see a strange box on the table in the office with symbols on it maybe Japanese. Normally the brewery would have been celebrating their sale to a bigger company but with the deaths its not a happy time.

Over at someone’s home there is a woman pouring herself a drink, she also has a second glass with orange juice and no liquor. She takes the glasses in the other room to give one to her daughter. It turns out to be Jim’s house the owner of the brewery. The daughter drinks out of the wrong glass by accident but does not mention it to them, she just says, “oops” as she realizes it.

LOL Jim sits down to talk to the girl but she starts laughing then seeing things. She gets up an walks around trying to find what she seeing and hearing. She sees a dark-haired woman in the kitchen with her mother but no one else sees it till the last second. The dark-haired woman/ghost thing puts her hand through the moms chest. The daughter screams before the mother collapses.

While doing research in the motel room with the hot tub, thanks to Garth who knows a guy has to kick back after a long day, Loving him. They find that Dale was also the brew master of the Thighslapper Brew.

Dean grumbles about Thighslapper not being worth eight awards until he has a taste at which time he labels it as “AWESOME.” Garth drinks his beer all in one long chug LOL. He says he usually doesn’t drink because it messes with his depth perception LOL, oops. Garth is so drunk then he asks for more, of course they tell him no, Dean says, “coffee for you Tara Reid.” I assume that is a reference to the actress Tara Reid who is known for not being able to drink much of the brewsky without getting wasted hmmm LOL.

Moving on again, Sam reveals that Dale hadn’t wanted to sell out the company before he died. The consider that maybe he is the ghost that is doing the killing. Then they hear on the police radio that something is up at Jim McCaanp’s house. Sam is going to talk to the widow while Dean with Garth go check out the McCaan’s.

Over at the house, Garth uses a special sock puppet to talk to Tess the little girl who has not not only lost her two brothers but her mother also. Wow that is a lot of death for a kid to deal with. Garth talks using a sock puppet called Mr. Fizzles and Tess opens right up. She confesses to drinking a grown up drink as well as something with claws.

Meanwhile Sam talks to a furious Widow because she thinks that the others sold out Dale. She says that Dale who traveled for and wide for unusual ingredients for the beer brought back some special Saki for Randy and Jim. It was in a decorative box an she wouldn’t let her touch it. Hmm sounds interesting, you know sweet and all.

In the car on the way back to the hotel, Garth discusses the case with Dean. The common denominator in the victims might be the alcholic drinks. A monster you have to be drunk to see says Garth. Dean takes a shot from his flask then tells Garth he is on wine coolers LOL. After Dean tells Garth the flask was Bobby’s Garth mentions that he EMF spike from earlier might belong to Bobby. Dean doesn’t want to discuss it during the job.

Sam calls for them to meet up with him at the brewery. The open the box from earlier to find that someone has been sampling the Saki. Dean notices there is a camera on the room; good for them so they can see who was the one that opened the box before. The find the controls for the camera on the computer then decide they need to be drunk to find the culprit so they start drinking the booze in the office. Sam is all “can you even get drunk anymore; its like a vitamin for you?” Dean says, “shut up.” Love that Brotherly bonding LOL.

They drink themselves silly or until Dean Winchester looks freaking HOT hmm anyway then they rewind the tape. They see the thing they decide that the first guy must have let it out when he snuck in the office to sample the Saki. Dean drinks the rest of the Gin, “me likey.” Yeah he is even drunk. “I miss these talks,” he says.

Randy walks in on them then tries to call the police but luckily for the guys Garth is on the move and he tasers him.

After the break, they have found someone to translate the writing on the box. Not sure of what the translation was but he does tell them the bottle contained and Alcohol spirit a ShoJo. He admits they are not known for being frienly LOL according to wikipedia they also have red faces but oh well.

Back at the hotel they arrive to find Garth doing some kind of martial artsy thing. He also has the CEO of the brewery tied up in the tub. I so love Garth, he might be lanky but he is brave. Dean and Sam give him the news on the Shojo. The Shojo can be put in a spell box and used when you want even though normally they are not so bound. The Shojo is killing the children of Dale’s enemies because of how he spelled the box. It can be killed with a samurai sword consecrated with a Shinto blessing.

Randy wakes up as they discuss Bobby’s flask again; it seems Sam has already tried to find out if Bobby was haunting them and found nothing.

Garth is left behind with Randy as the guys go to find a sword. Garth confronts Randy on being the father of the janitor at the brewery. Garth warns him that he is in danger now because of the Shojo going after the kids of the owner. Garth leaves to get try to stop the thing.

Dean goes back to the translator guy who does the blessing over the sword while Dean pours spring water over it LOL, its call making things work the ghetto way LOL. HE gets a call from Garth who has arrived at the brewery, he has of course been drinking the mini bar items LOL.

Sam is watching out for Maggie at a bar.

Dean calls Sam to get him to meet them. He has been drinking to so he gets a taxi to take him. Unfortunately for him the taxi driver is the only safe one on the planet LOL.

At the Brewery Garth is having a hard time getting the guy to believe he is in trouble. Garth explains what is going on and the kid gets hung up on the part where Randy is his father LOL like the monster should be the weird part right. He finally believe something it up when Garth goes flying out a window then a door shuts by itself then there are scratches appearing on the wall.

Sam arrives but gets knocked out also then Dean the hero comes in with the sword. Hmm Dean is not drunk though and has to be directed by Sam when he wakes up which is seconds later. Dean kills it and all is well again. WAit Dean he had some help because it was stabbed in the heart I wonder who? Dean noticed it he tells Garth as he comes around that the sword moved. Dean asked Bobby to do something else but all is quiet. Dean looks distressed.

What are you doing?

It’s okay Buddy LOL

After the break, Garth offers to go have Brunch and Brews with the guys but the say no. Garth hugs them both then says Sianora LOL. He drives off in his El Camino blaring his soul man music 🙂

They go back inside and Dean goes on about all the weird things that have been happening including the most recent where the blade was across the room then it was in his hand; AHHH I missed that earlier. They cannot get it figured out but when they leave we see Bobby standing right there.

Outside Dean is in the car when he returns to the room again. Dean gets the flask but doesn’t see Bobby standing right there, “I’m right here you idjit,” Bobby says.
“BALLS,” Bobby says as he fades away.

Interesting, I wonder if that is the last of Bobby or if he will keeping coming and going. You know Dean is a I gotta see it to believe guy it could take him a while see Bobby LOL
Anyway they drive off and that is the end.

Great Episode; loved Garth and the Guys together.

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