Spn-S07 Episode 5-War of the Roses

Hi Supernatural Fans, welcome back to another Supernatural Recap.

This episode begins with a Blonde woman talking on the phone at her beauty salon. She is led to the dring room where a young male hair dresser sets her up to dry with foils in her hair. HE is gone only a few moments before she starts to sweat and moments later her hair is smoking as the dryer shorts out. The hair dresser returns to find the young Blonde Dead under the dryer. YIKES I tell you it scared me because I wonder could that really happen?

Meanwhile Dean is having flashback dreams of the last few weeks all the way back to Castiel disappearing into the water as well as Sam’s freak outs with Lucifer and of course the time he killed Amy. He awakens to find that Sam is not in the room. Hmmm I had a flashback then of the times that Sam would take off with Ruby in season Four but I digress.

Dean reaches for his bottle of liquor, his medicine of choice, to find it empty. The next scenes shows him researching with a new bottle of liquor just before Sam comes in the room after his exercise. Dean calls Sam, Lance Armstrong despite the fact that Lance is known for biking not running LOL Sam tries to correct him you Dean he doesn’t care LOL.

Anyway, so Dean has found a case for them in Prosperity Indiana where two people have died. According to Dean the woman roasted in a bee hive hair drier, LOL while a man boiled to death in a hot tub. Sam tries to get Dean to talk about what is going on with him but well he isn’t having it. So during this scene I had flashes of the ROUGH Cut that Jared Posted on YOUTube but was taking off immediately afterward. We happened to get a peek at the convention. It was basically the scene where Sam comes in from the run accept he was stretching at the desk where Dean sat. It was hilarious. Not sure if you can find it anywhere at this point but there is a rumor that someone posted a link on Live Journal, um you didn’t hear it from me LOL.

So the short haired computer guy from the last episode is at the gas station getting supplies and talking on the phone when we see he has a man in his trunk. Yeah its the Leviathan people I think he must have used the guys organs for a snack or something or he is taking him to the others for one. EEEK

After the boys arrive in Prosperity, Sam talks to Wendy’s, the Blonde’s, younger sister about her and the possibility that she might know the other guy that died. The sister doesn’t believe there is a connection plus she doesn’t think that Wendy had any enemies. Hmmm yeah but we all have enemies even if we don’t know them. I found it interesting that Sam was using the Surname Sambora LOL…Sam Sambora Really?

Dean is over at the hair salon investigating the bee hive hair dryer LOL. He is told there is no way what happened could have occurred. Dean does find a coin behind the machine. The coin is of foreign origin and he hasn’t seen one like it before.

He makes contact with Sam before he sees a liquor store where he goes in for more meds LOL, poor Dean he is the one trick pony we all LOVE.

Over at a local construction site a man’s full bladder leads him to death aka he is attacked by a nail gun before he tries to take a “leak.” Seriously that is sooooo wrong. They could have at least left the man’s eyes in tact. YIKES

When the guys begin to investigate the construction workers death they find he was the owner of the construction company which is the biggest business in the town. They don’t know how the nail gun worked with no generator available, of course that is the least of their worries lol. Dean found another coin on site plus Sam, who set up shop in the guys office, found a connection with all the dead people that was related to a shopping center project. Sam gets on to Dean as he goes to drink booze from his flask, “Really on the job, what are you Bad Santa ?” Sam says, “We are always on the job,” Dean replies. I think Dean has a point they never really live life they just go from job to job LOL.

Bobby calls to let them know the writing on the coin is Romanian but as soon as they get the information they notice that the plants around the bust, sculpture, of Don Stark are dead or dried out. Dean tell Sam he saw the same thing before near bench that had a picture of Wendy.

Then we see a shot of the Leviathan guy as he travels, the song playing says, “No one knows because he is laughing on the outside that he is dying on the outside.” So no idea why they had to show him except so we could hear those words, AWKWARD.

At Don Stark’s house, the next potential victim, Sam is with Dean chatting with to see what they can find out. He tells them he did know the deceased but only as business associates before his assistant comes in to let him know she is going out to run errands. The guys see how he looks at her and believe immediately something is going on with them, but he says its not true. Sam makes on excuse to roam the house while Dean keeps Don busy talking.

Sam finds a box with old symbols in it up in the bedroom.

Sam comes back to the room asking about Don and his wife’s relationship. Dean suggests that Don is a ladies man. Don confesses to an affair with Wendy, the first woman that died. Sam tells him to take his wife out to apologize and Dean says that Don need to grovel LOL. The boys decide that the wife, Maggie, is into the dark arts and out for revenge. Dean references Bewitched but says Nicole Kidman was in the remake he likes redheads LOL funny I though Dean just liked women period. They then notice all the dead plants outside Don’t house.

On the way to car, Dean calls Bobby for some Witchy Terminex before they head over to Maggie’s to do more investigating. Um how does she get a house of her own if they are only seperated? Weird huh?

Over at the house, Sam stays outside pretending to have car trouble while Dean goes inside. It doesn’t take long before he finds an altar with pictures of the victims attached to it. Sam asks Maggie, the wife, for a moment to talk when he sees her but she is in a rush to get inside. Sam sets off the car alarm on her car as a way to warn Dean that she is on the way int he house LOL its amusing because he has to lean on the car to get the alarm to go off and she looks back at him like what are you doing, “Restless Leg Syndrome,” is Sam’s reply LOL

Dean runs down the stairs but barely hides as Maggie walks in the door. He has found the next victim, Jenny, Don’s assistant. The wife notices Jenny’s picture missing from her altar right away.

She chants as she goes after Jenny who is just tasting her fresh cup cakes. It’s so gross, there are small baby beating hearts in them. Dean rushes in with Sam looking for the coin to keep Jenny from dying as she gasps for air. Sam finds the coin then shoots it. Jenny looks horrified.

After the break, Jenny is having a panic attack but they let her work through it. She defends herself against the accusation that she is sleeping with Don her boss, she says, “EW,” LOL. They tell her to get out of town for her own safety.

Over at the museum,Maggie is setting up for a show of her art with her bestie, Sue. Sue seems to be way into her more into Maggie than a regular friend. Don shows up to tell Maggie that FBI agents came by the house asking questions but she already knows they are hunters. Hmmm I like that she knew that and that he didn’t know or even care. He also knows what she has been up to obviously though he doesn’t seem concerned at all with the dead bodies that are piling up. Who are this people to be so uncaring of others? He does tell her to stop, “You are so cute when you try to tell me what to do,” she says after he walks away.

Outside the guys and Don watch as his comemorative bust shakes and falls apart. They get a call from Bobby with what will stop Maggie.

Later while practicing her speech Sue gets a bit too close to Maggie so she makes an excuse to walk away, something about finger sandwiches.

Then we see Dean eating what looks like a cream pie. Sam arrives back with the chicken feet which is part of the spell, it seems they smell or something about the butcher said the town is out of luck. I have no idea what that was all about but maybe Maggie had been blessing the town with her skills LOL

Over at the museum, Maggie’s painting are melting and Sue’s drink has an eyeball in it. Now I think that Maggie made the drink but outside we see Don grinning so he must have been involved some how too. I would guess with the paintings. Sue is trying to console Maggie when suddenly a tray begins to levitate and it flies toward her then cuts off her head. I am not sure if it was Maggie who was tired of hearing the other woman talk or if it was Don outside getting rid of his competition LOL.

Maggie says its war, but she doesn’t seem to be upset that her friend has just died 😦 weird.

The guys finally understand that its not just Maggie but Don that is a witch when they see the art museum trashed. Maggie wouldn’t have done it to her own party they decide.

When the guys leave we see the Leviathan guy sitting outside watching.

Sam and Dean run into the house to say the spell against the two witches but it doesn’t work LOL according to Maggie they chicken feet have to be chilled. It’s kinda funny when things go wrong some times though they try so hard. The two witches start saying a spell against them while Sam decides talking to them will help. Hence the title of the episode, Shut up Dr. Phil, Dean starts talking first but he goes off on a clamps and feathers kick LOL.

Sam takes over the counseling, he thinks they both have issues. He goes flying as they use their anger against him. Dean goes next and gets thrown around. Sam tries again then gets his turn being hurt. LOL Maggie and Don argue about all their years of being together plus their issues. Dean goes flying again. Don apologizes to Maggie finally. Dean ends up with a face full of bees as the witches make up. The couple starts kissing while Dean is still suffering, poor Dean.

Back at the hotel, the Leviathan surprises them; he starts to kick their butts before Don shows up to zap him. Don says the spell he used only last a few days, so they need a bottomless pit to throw it in. Don came by to get the coin that Maggie put in their room. They tie up the leviathan to the car tied up and ready to go into a pit.

Sam suggests that Dean open up like the Starks did earlier but Dean things that everything is on him. Sam begs Dean to unload but Dean refuses. Sam should know that is just how Dean does things its all worked out inside himself.

Very good episode, had some funny moments and some weird moments though it was quite bloody I did like it. Leave comments on how you felt. Thanks for reading.

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