Spn Recap S07 Episode 7 – It’s Lilydale

This is a recap of the episode called: Mentalists, for those who might have missed my notice a while back letting you all know I rename the episodes for the site 🙂 just a fun thing I do.

Screencaps Credit: http://www.homeofthenutty.com

This episode begins with a séance that goes horribly wrong. The medium dies bloody after her customer riles up the spirit, YIKES.

Next up we see Dean stealing a blue muscle car. He gets inside only to hear the news that Mediums are dying in Lilydale, yep that’s the place, it’s the most psychic city in America.

Dean heads to town to see what is going on in Lilydale. The only thing he finds at the first house is tricks of the trade; there are switches for the wind machine and the like but no evidence of what happened.

Dean is about to leave the Good Graces restaurant because the perky male owner seems overly friendly I guess. LOL the guy told him he would receive a free affirmation with his order;hey I am all for affirmation but you know Dean he isn’t much for touchy feely from men. Dean notices that Sam is in the restaurant so he goes over to chat with him. Dean has a seat to talk to Sam who isn’t exactly talking to him. Dean ordered than got his Affirmation: He is a virile manifestation of the Divine. LOL, “What did he say to me?” Dean asked Sam who has yet to utter a word.

Sam does agree to work with Dean to try to stop the killings even though its been for a week and a half since Dean has seen him.

A lady walks in the restaurant and notices that they guys look like the serial killing bank robbers from last week; they assure here that they are harmless while the look alike were put down like the dogs they were, says Dean LOL.

Her friend, a Russian psychic guy, Nikolai, guesses the guys are FBI, he brags about knowing how to spot the law LOL YIKES will that seem stereotypical to some? He is a spoonbender.

They notice in the crime scene pictures that Sam has acquired that both dead ladies are wearing the same necklace. One of them had actually given it to the other. “He broke my spoon,” Sam says as he tries to stir his coffee with the utensil touched by Nikolai.

At the house of the granddaughter of the second dead psychic they find Melanie Golden. She is a psychic herself who works on the road like hotels and such. She reads body language. She can tell Sam is pissed off and Dean is stressed, it’s not brain surgery LOL. They learn also that all of her grandmother’s items went straight to the Emporium including the missing necklace. The Emporium is owned by Jimmy Tomorrow. He tells them the Orb of Thesela is what is on the necklace. They take the state’s evidence discount. “The loss ways on you, you are angry, its complicated,” Jimmy tells Sam. Sam only walks out the door.

Outside, they see the necklace is made in Taiwan and more than likely not related to the killings LOL

Spoon bender guy is playing with his spoon and forks before they suddenly stand up on the table, he goes floating over them then lands hard on them. YIKES

After the break the guys investigate the death of Nikolai. According tot he cop, popular theories from other local mediums include a ghost. It’s also learned that the Nikolai had a vision of his own death before it happened. Dean receives a call from Melanie while still at the scene.

At Melanie’s they learn that her grandma had a vision of her death too. Dean tells her they think it’s a ghost; she has a hard time believing that. They also confess to her that they are not FBI, then we see them leaving so I can only assume they gave her the short version of who they really are.

My fave quote from the scene
: “I need a drink,” Melanie says, “I support that,” Dean replied LOL.

Quartz, used in crystal balls, acts a satellite for ghost type energies according to Sam. With so many potential people in danger they decide to split up and canvas. How exactly do you canvas psychics?

Camille, Psychic name – Sister Thibideaux, Melanie’s friend is just finished doing a reading when she gets a vision. Her eyes turn all white and she looks terrified. She sees herself being strangled then the time on the wall is two o’clock.

Melanie goes over to Camille’s with Dean to try to figure out what is happening to her friend. Dean has her show him what has been recorded on her camera in the eyes of the mask on the wall. Good eyes, there Deano. They review the video and see the ghost. Dean says the ghost is the one giving out the visions. They have until two in the morning to find identify the ghost is then take care of it. Luckily they same time because Melanie remembers the ghost from a photograph at the museum. Yep lets keep this party moving no reason to have to call Bobby or research at the library LOL

While they are searching at the museum, the owner comes over to the guys and chats them up. He says that siblings rarely do well in the psychic business. He points out the Campbell brothers who were an exception because in reality they were lovers. *wink wink* Sam then notices the person they have seen as a ghost on the wall. She is one of a pair of sisters, Margaret and Kate Fox. Margaret looked after Kate but had no true psychic gift or so it’s believed. The owner guy tells them sometimes the best gift is taking care of others. I think he was implying that was Dean’s gift. Sam thanks him for the information, the main part being the ladies are buried in the cemetery, before he walks away. The man grabs Dean’s arm then gives him a word from Ellen, “If you don’t tell someone how bad it really is; she will kick your ass from beyond.” Dean has to trust someone again eventually.

Outside, Dean confronts Sam about his just the facts attitude. Sam comes back with Yes he is still angry but Dean killed his friend, then lied about it. Dean insists that Amy was a monster that killed four people; he did it because Sam could not. Okay I totally agree on that but maybe he should have just owned up to the fact or even warned Sam he might do it so Sam would have time to process it. Just sayin’ According to Dean he would have eventually told him but Sam is still dealing with the Lucifer thing and he did’t want to burden him. “You can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch,” Dean says before walking away, conversation done I guess LOL.

They are trying to burn the body at the cemetery that night when they are interrupted by Kate; I think I honestly can’t tell them apart. She is trying to tell them something but they ignore her.

They call to tell Melanie and Camille the good news.

At Camille’s they are gathering her things when the vision begins to happen in real-time. The clock goes off and they ladies both panic. They call Dean and Sam who tell them to go to the kitchen to get salt. The salt works at first but they run out; Sam tells them to find iron. Then suddenly we are in a commercial ? Ugh When I returned to the video, Camille was strangled in front of Melanie.

Kate was actually trying to warn them about Margaret according to Dean; he feels stupid that they were fooled which caused Camille to be killed.

Melanie tells the guys it was all about getting Camille for Margaret she ignored her. It seemed odd to her but it showed the killing wasn’t random. Ah Yes the plot thickens.

They go to the grave yard to find Margaret missing from her casket.

To put her to rest they need her bones but they notice on a flyer in the trunk that the headliners for the Psychic festival where the people that died as well as Camille who was also killed. Melanie is actually the next person in line for the festival.

Sam goes to the Emporium to get the information for who bought certain items from him.

Meanwhile Dean is putting Melanie in salt circle.

Sam goes to the address on the page only to find a Lamaze class. Oddly enough the class was being led by the woman from earlier who was with Nikolai at the restaurant LOL.

Sam figures out the real culprit with Mags bones has to be Jimmy the Emporium guy, since he sent him on a wild goose chase.

Margaret shows up at Melanie’s as Sam goes to find the bones that Jimmy has hidden. It looks like he is the one making all this happen using binding magic.

Jimmy sneaks up behind Sam with a gun as he searches his place.

After the break, Dean with Melanie fights off Margaret while Jimmy tells Sam why he used the binding spell with Margaret. She is happy to kill for him he tells Sam. Jimmy is a real psychic but he can’t pay his rent, basically its all about being jealous of other people’s success then and now.

Sam was able to divert his attention long enough to shoot him then get the bones to burn them on the bed in Jimmy’s room.

After the break, Melanie shows up at the restaurant to thank Dean for saving her life. She mentions she would not mind him coming to visit again sometime. Dean looks almost hopeful, I like Melanie that might be cool.

At the car, Sam finally gets why Dean killed Amy. Sam just wants Dean to be honest with him. Dean insists he is having a hard time trusting people since the way Castiel behaved. Sibling acts are tough, according to Sam using the quote from the museum. “I still want to know how that guy bent my spoon,” Sam says, “It’s Lilydale, forget it,” Dean replies.

That was it as they leave town it the blue car that Dean stole. I do want to know how long they will drive it since someone will be missing it LOL.

Good episode, please leave comments.

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