Spn Season 7 Episode 11 Fake it till you make it

Hellatus is Over finally more Supernatural for us 🙂
Screencapped by me via Cwtv.com

This episode begins with a man sitting in a truck stop diner. He is looking out of the window as though he not sure why he is there but he certain something is going on at the place. Not much later he goes outside as though he is following the woman, that looks like a hooker, with the man he saw out of the window in the parking lot. The Blonde waitress from inside follows him. He suddenly is seeing double and looking kinda woozy, never a good sign on this show. She tells him she drugged him before she turns into some type of snake monster, well at least her face changes. With little effort she knocks out the guy who must be a hunter. They seriously need a HUNTERS school LOL. She makes a comment saying “that’s for the crappy tip.” Yeah it was supposed to be funny but came off as LAME!!

IN other news, Two weeks after Bobby dies Sam and Dean still have no idea what the number Bobby wrote on his hand means.

The third week they wonder why they have not heard back from Frank about finding out what the numbers mean and Sam thinks its time they called Bobby’s friends about his death. Dean doesn’t care less about calling anyone.

That same day they get a call on Bobby’s phone from some girl saying that her father told her to call Bobby if he ever went missing. Sam tells her that Bobby isn’t around so she hangs up. Oddly enough some where during this scene Dean’s newly opened bottle of beer is emptied. HE doesn’t know what to think and I am not sure if there is a real mystery but a friend of mine believes that Bobby is a ghost LOL I think its wishful thinking on her part but we will see.

Before the beer confusion they decide that Sam will go check on the little girl who called while Dean will go see what is going on with Frank. Dean doesn’t seem concerned about the girl at all he is still grieving Bobby so heavily. You can tell he only wants to avenge his surrogate father’s death.

Sam meets a the girl whose name is Chrissy at her apartment. She tells him her father is a salesman but hasn’t been home in five days. Sam says stuff happens on the road. He asks Chrissy to make him some coffee as he searches her father’s office. In the closet on the wall he finds clues to where her father had been going to search for a monster. Sam gives her his phone number to call in case he does not get back with her in two days, “same thing my dad says,” she replies.

Somewhere else Dean arrives at Frank’s house. Inside he is met by Frank holding a large gun. Frank isn’t sure if Dean is Leviathan and vice versa, LOL.

After the break, Frank goes on about who is and isn’t a Leviathan LOL then Dean says wait they bleed black goo lets see what I bleed. I hate these parts because the fake blood on a knife never looks real but any who. He does his best using the knife to pretend to cut himself and Frank sees it’s red. Oh and then he doesn’t even ask for a bandage he just moves his jacket down over it EW, could have at least held it a minute to help with the realism *shakes head* MOving on now. Frank has his turn cutting himself but at least he pretends it hurts for a second. Maybe Dean was just being Bad A** I don’t know. So his arm should fall off from the infection some time soon. Ok Ok …..

Dean goes with Frank to his hideaway work center which is really an RV in a garage some place LOL love this Frank. He informs Dean that as soon as he asked him about the number suddenly he became a person of interest for the “Big Mouths” Leviathans. They started bugging his house and stuff or so he thinks because he say he is bi polar LOL Frank can’t even remember that Dean had contacted him four weeks before he thinks it has only been a few days before.

Dean rants about how he paid fifteen hundred dollars to Frank and he needs to know what the numbers that Bobby gave them with his dying breath mean.

Frank enlightens Dean with the revelation that he set up a program to try to figure out with the numbers where and decided they were missing a number. With a drum roll Frank informs him they are coordinates; hey just like Papa Winchester used go give them.

The parcel of land was purchased by a subsidiary of Richard, Dick, Roman Enterprises. Frank says if they are smart they won’t do anything but if they are stupid they will go set up surveilance at the location.

Dean touches base with Sam who has three missing truckers and one blood free body on his case. HE sounds sad when he tells Dean that he doesn’t think the girl knows her dad is a hunter. Wishful thinking right? WE could all tell that Chrissy wasn’t as stupid as she wanted to appear when Sam was around, salesman, right? LOL

Dean and Frank head on over to the empty lot to snoop around wearing uniforms like telephone repairmen. Dean is the one who has to go up in the cherry picker, electronic box that moves LOL. He finally gets up to the line just when Frank realizes the lot has all kinds of cameras on it; they look like red eyes LOL. This was a scene that I thought was a waste of time; yeah we get to see them wear a fake uniform and Dean’s looks good on him but as far as the cameras the only had to look up to see them. It only looks out of place for them to go up then come down again 😦 Now will we see that the cameras took note of their little visit to the lot? Will it cause issues later or was it just entirely wasted scene?

Back in the RV they tap into the existing surveilance equipment. Frank teases Dean about needing sleep. Dean isn’t wanting to hear it. Dean dozes off just when we here his phone buzzing. Sam is leaving a message about what is going on with his case.

Sam is hunting a Vetala; they liked to take their victims home and feed on them slowly. The message also says he could use Dean’s help so they can bring Chrissy’s dad home safe. Ah the days when Sam cared for others is back.

At the truck stop Sam talks to the Blonde that turned into the snake monster at the beginning of the show. He is told that the missing guy talked wioth the girl outside that looks like a hooker. He goes to investigate. Sally is the girls name on her necklace outside she denies knowing the man in the picture, Chrissy’s father. She takes him to what is supposed to be a more private location to talk, hmmm between the two big trucks. She acts like she is scared then the Blonde waitress from inside comes outside to help Sally who is also a snake monster, vetala. Sam is outnumbered and surprised the take him down easily.

After the break, we find that Dean was sleeping for about thirty-six hours. Well at least he got some rest LOL. Dean wants to know why Frank didn’t wake him and is told that Frank is not his butler LOL.

Frank does show him some one that stopped by the lot to do some surveying so that something can be built.

Dean doesn’t see the point of knowing about what is happening because all he wants is Dick Roman on a Spit LOL Frank basically tells him to “Fake it till he makes it” in other words do his job like he always has with a smile because its his LIFE. WE also learn that Frank’s family was “gutted” when he was twenty-six. He doesn’t go in to details more than that but I imagine he thinks it was related to his job or what he knows about things.

Dean’s message on his phone finally beeps. He trying to listen to it when Chrissy beeps in. This is how Dean finds out that Sam has been missing because Chrissy was supposed to call Dean if Sam never called her back.

Meanwhile at the Vetala den Sam gets to know Lee Chambers the missing father. Sam informs him that Chrissy is fine just worried about him. According to Lee if they feed off of you three or four times then you are dead. Lee only has like one more to go then he will be outta blood.

Dean arrives at Chrissy so he can try to find what Sam did at the apartment. He tries to get Crissy to leave him alone in the study but she is hesitant to say the least and hard headed. Dean looks in the closet the same way that Sam had done but only finds a piece of a map. HE asks Chrissy where everything else has gone. She admits she didn’t say she knew what was going on with her father to Sam because he seemed competent LOL its funny the ladies always give Dean a hard time especially after meeting Sam. I guess that goes for girls too. Chrissy pulls a gun on him then goes on about how her dad left and didn’t return neither did Sam. She thinks that Dean might do the same if she gives him the information. She says he will only get if she can go with him. Dean grabs the gun then demands the information. It turns out that she burned the information after she memorized it.

IN the car Chrissy is asking Dean questions though he is being sullen as well as short with her but she just ignores the attitude. She is probably used to being around someone like Dean, he can be great but he is a guy. He has no time for niceties. LOL She asks, “my dad is a great hunter and your brother is the size of a CAR how did they get them both?” Yeah that is a question a real thinker 🙂 Dean explains that because they had the wrong information they other two didn’t know the monsters hunted in pairs. Years ago John Winchester took down a loner and Sam has his journal so somehow Lee thought the same thing that Sam thought. Dean knows because he hunted one that turned out to be two a few years back. Dean explains it was at a time when Sam was at Stanford; Chrissy seems shocked that a hunters kid went to college. He suggest she should try being a normal person and going to college to be maybe a hunter/pediatrician LOL.

Back in the Snake den, Sally arrives all dressed up in her hooker clothes. “All you can eat day for hunters, how are you guys feeling?” she asks as she tries to walk in the high heels. LOL

Sam makes up a story about killing Sally’s sister monsters which angers her and she decides to dine on him instead of Lee who is already running low on blood. Sam collaspes afterward. I guess being his size it will take them longer to finish at least, EWWW.

Over at the truck stop Chrissy is with Dean watching to see anything out of order. They argue about Chrissy being scared and they go back and forth with insults; its amusing. I like Chrissy aka Madison McLaughlin. She is a good little actress.

Suddenly Chrissy notices that the Blonde waitress has gotten into one of the eighteen wheelers. They follow it and just when Chrissy thinks that Dean sees her as a team player he hand cuffs her to the steering wheel. LOL “Jackass,” she says to Dean. She tells Dean that she saw her mother get torn to shreds she guesses that Sam and her father are dead also. She wants to go inside to kill them for payback. Dean is about to leave her in the car but not before he gets her lock pick, smart Dean.

Inside Dean fights with the snake monsters just before Chrissy runs in the room. Sally grabs Chrissy as Dean has his knife at the Blonde’s neck. Dean lets the Blonde go as he gives Chrissy the I told you so look LOL

After the break, Chrissy distracts them as she whines like a girl then looks to Dean as though she needs help. All the while she has a knife that she uses as she turns around to stab her. The Blonde goes after Dean as soon as Sally turns to dust and hits the ground. Chrissy unties Sam and he stabs the Blonde; saving Dean. “Bad actress huh?” Chrissy says to Dean. “I take it back,” Dean says.

At the hospital later, Dean advises Lee to get out of the hunting life so he can raise his daughter normally. Lee looks as though he might consider it. Good job, Deano.

Chrissy catches up to Sam and Dean as the leave the hospital without telling her goodbye, odd, awkward. She tells Dean he is amusing for an old man LOL plus it looks like she is retiring; I guess Lee considered Dean’s words of wisdom. He and Chrissy say goodbye as Sam waits at the car.

After the last break, we see Sam and Dean on the road again. They briefly discuss that is good to finally see a family that has decided to stop hunting. Sam then goes off to dream land while Dean practices his smile, the one that Frank recommended.

Good episode, I give it a 9, I love Chrissy and Frank; I hope to see them again some time.
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