Supernatural S07 Episode 13 Recap Just Call Me Daddy

This episode begins with a man sitting in his apartment wearing a lot of eyeliner LOL. He hears noises but isn’t for some reason concerned too much. HE calls out the name of a woman, Barb, but receives no answer but he goes back work even as the audience sees the shoes of a man carrying a knife walking into the apartment. I say a man because the shoes look real utilitarian like. The eyelinered guy turns off the music, opens the window despite the rain outside and with only a slight look of concern on his face goes to work on the computer again. He is then thrown across the room before he is slashed up with a knife. The assailant puts a carving on his chest that looks like a kokopelli on crack at least to me LOL.

Unfortunately we get a better view of the victim which shows up that his legs and hands were cut off; I totally could have done with out that view, thanks.

On the road we find a sleeping Dean who wakes himself up minutes later with his snoring LOL Yeah my husband does that too. He takes out a flask, that we soon find used to belong to Bobby Singer. It’s some type of grief therapy for him to use an item that once belonged to his mentor I suppose.

Sam then gives us the low down on the monster of the week case. There is something killing men that is so strong it can throw grown men threw walls. YIKES!! Sam is convinced its there kinda case but Dean isn’t so sure.

They arrive late at the coroners, who looks familiar and I found him right away on IMDB, he is Craig Anderson who played in HELLCATS as Morgan Pepper.

IN this episode he is Eddie the friendly coroner guy who asks Dean about the FBI benefits package since Dean brought it up LOL. Dean says they get ten percent co-pay on all drugs….huh??

Anyway, Eddie explains that the hands and feet of the victim, eyeliner guy from earlier, were removed while he was alive because it seems the murderer wanted him to suffer. Sam takes a picture of the carving then asks about the blood. The dna doesn’t match anything available in the database. Eddie emphasis that there is no human match for the blood.

ON the way out of the building Dean admits that it could be their kinda thing LOL Sam says the blood not matching anything human sealed the deal for him. Sam wants to go back the hotel and start trying to find the symbol which is great for Dean because he is going to go mingle with the locals, well go to a bar, same thing.

At the Cobalt room where all the upwardly MOBILE yuppies hang out we also find Dean talking to a strawberry blonde chick named Lydia.

Lydia our cutie of the week is played by Sara Canning formerly Useless Aunt Jenna on The Vampire Diaries. I think its sad that Sara left the show just when she showed us she had some real strength but she did play her role of whining Gilbert benefactor to the hilt. It looks like she went off to make movies, I wish her well.

Any who, Lydia talks to Dean about not being the type to settle down which is music to horn dog Dean’s ears. Yes I do love DEAN don’t get me wrong but my love for him stems from his horn dog attitude, love em, leave em…. Hell to the YES!!

She then compliments him on his suit before he tells her he is an investment banker. He brags about making fortunes before they clink their glasses. It’s obvious she is sizing him up and she keeps thinking and stopping like she is a little unsure of what to do with him.

Now the next part is kind of odd but I think its a concession to all of us Dean girls who have ideas about who we want Dean to have sex with. I personally prefer Cassie Robinson, others like Anna or that dreadful Lisa but here is the scene.

They go back to her house and start to kiss then back up to the bed. Then there is a shot of a guy watching tv in another location then there is a knock on the door. Then we go back to the kissing with Dean and Lydia. She pushes him on the bed then we see the guy in the other location at his door looking out of the peep hole. Then a quick back to the kissing with Dean and Lydia, then back to the guy opening the door. The guy says hi to some mystery person he seems smiley and not threatened, then we are back to Dean and Lydia. She throws Dean against the wall/window and our other guy gets thrown against the wall but not in a sexy way. There is more kissing then Dean is pushed against the door again and it opens to show us the bed. We also get to see Dean’s tat briefly.

Lydia takes off her skirt. Dean takes off his pants and lays on the bed while she climbs up on him then leans down to kiss him while he holds her with his arms around her. He rolls her over so he is on top. Then we are back to the guy who we see has a wound in his back. HE turns over and there is more blood under his shirt. Lydia rolls Dean back over to take control.

The guy gets knifed I think they are taking his feet because he yells and his arms are over his head. Lydia and Dean are still at it. We see Lydia taking off her bra as Dean looks hungry eyed then a show of them taking photos of the symbol on the dead guys chest. HUH!! Seriously not exactly comparable shots but oh well. Dean and Lydia are at it hot and heavy in between we get dead guy pictures. It gets confusing it goes so fast now.

The next morning Dean is with Sam on the way in to the new crime scene. Dean actually says he thinks he is getting too old for the all nighters. Sam says he didn’t find the symbol so they will need an expert. Dean reminds him their expert is dead.

Inside they see Eddie and Charlene who is the lead local cop. Charlene tells them its just like with the other victims. No forced entry, thrown across the room, symbol on the chest then she walks away when Eddie says the person was a monster. Yes, I noticed that what he said seem to cause her to move on though it wasn’t obvious to the others. Yeah yeah I watched it before I confess LOL.

Sam talks to a neighbor at the door, a tall brown haired dude, he tells Sam that Jerry the dead guy’s wife was unhappy with him recently. Anne the wife found out Jerry had a one night fling so she had left him.

They are leaving the scene when Dean remembers he left Bobby’s flask at Lydia’s. He calls Lydia his work out partner, ha ha. Sam thinks its sweet that Lydia gave Dean her number but Dean says the Always give him their numbers. I guess that means he just NEVER calls back, typical LOL.

Any who so Dean calls Lydia about getting back the flask but she seems distracted. She hangs up on him after telling him she will call if she finds the item. We then see she is very pregnant.

After the break, we see Lydia in a lighted ceremony with several ladies standing around as she is having the baby. The dark haired lady tells her to keep control and that the pain is an honor. We then hear the baby crying. She doesn’t get to name the baby someone else gives her the name of Emma off of a list of sorts.

Oh my what kind of cult is this? It reminds me of some sort of coven but not the kind I would enjoy where the members are led around like sheep with no input.

Meanwhile Sam and Dean are with Professor Morrison in his office at the Anthropology building of a university. They are asking for his help in the name of the FBI, on finding the meaning behind the symbol which should lead them to a solution. He wants to know how much money he can get for helping but Sam says he will gain the respect of a grateful nation then Dean add a good word with the IRS.

The professor says it could take a while to figure it out the guys tell him a Serial killer is on the lose and Professor Morrison hits his bottom line. LOl His housekeeper needs a green card, it figures he had what he wanted in mind all the time. They are both disappointed to have to use outside help on the case.

Dean is antsy to get the flask back so he goes to Lydia’s to get it.

Lydia calls him Don as he stands in her door. LOL oh wow memorable night there Dean. He follows her inside after she sees she is going to get the flask. Dean notices immediately that there is a baby in bed but not an infant because she is standing and he hears her talking as he is standing waiting.

Dean who always tries to be a kid person goes over to the baby. He says you didn’t tell me you had a little one. Lydia replies there are probably all kinds of things we didn’t tell each other LOL; He tells her he has heard babies grow like weeds, her response, “you have no idea.”

Dean’s phone rings as she is standing near the crib but he takes the call standing in the other room. It’s Sam trying to find what is taking Dean so long to return. Dean hears the baby talking in clear sentences as Sam is on the phone. Lydia tells her not to talk.

At the crime lab, what I have been calling the coroners, Sam arrives alone and is with Eddie when Charlene walks over. She wants to know why the FBI is involved in the case. Eddie says its the similarities to other cold cases and Sam grabs on to that as the truth.

Did anyone find it odd that Eddie answered for Sam? I think we might see Eddie again somewhere down the line right?

After Charlene is gone, Eddie gives Sam more information on cases similar to the one they are on now. Sam also notices that all the local victims had visited the Cobalt Room, Eddie adds that is a good place to go if a person is looking to hook up, Sam says yes he has heard that. Part of the profile is a bunch of busted up marriages and men picking up women at bars…..hmmm is that a connection?

Meanwhile, Dean watches Lydia’s house. Sam calls him after he sees two women go inside Lydia’s house. He tells Sam he has been eating at the buffet of strange all day but there is no time to explain. Sam doesn’t have a chance to share his finding before Dean has to hang up.

Dean watches as the baby he saw a little while before leaves the house as a child of around five. The women take her with them to the car and leave. Lydia only goes back inside the house. I guess she is just the baby making machine, though this is her first baby or so she told Dean. Dean follows them down an alley where they stop to take Emma with her stuff inside the building. WE don’t exactly see what type of place it is but Dean turns around and leaves.

At the hotel Dean explains what has happened during his day with Sam but Sam seems doubtful for some reason. I think that is odd considering all the things they see in their line of work. Its kinda strange that he seems to be discounting the things Dean is telling him. Then Sam’s phone rings and its the professor.

At the place where Emma was taken we now see she has grown older. She is being told that they want her and the other girls that have gathered to make them proud. They are eating something that looks like raw meat. It’s some sort of Tribute to a HER. The lady says they hunt for HER and Kill for HER. They are consuming the kill as a symbol of unity with those who have completed their blood missions and furthered the life of the tribe. It looks like Emma is holding out they have to tell her again to eat, then she does.

After of the break, we find from the Professor that the symbol is associated with the Greek God Harmonia. The combination of Harmonia and Eris created the Amazons. They were a tribe of women who had no use for men whatsoever except procreation. IN mythology they killed the males after impregnation by cutting off certain body parts.

Then we see Charlene talking on the phone about our boys, she knows they aren’t FBI because she has been investigating them for hours. She tells the dark haired lady from earlier that was talking while Lydia gave birth, she explains that the boys are the people that went on the cross country killing spree a while back. She says the guys are after them the tribe they are hunters. She calls Sam and Dean thugs, how dare she LOL. The other lady tells her that since one is already on the list to be taken care of, you know like the rest, then they will add Sam to the agenda.

They are so calm just like they are ordering up a pizza; there is no softness in these women.

Dean is trying to find Bobby’s encyclopedia of weirdness but comes up short so he complains that Bobby had no system. Sam says the files were set up like Bobby’s brain LOL. They really are missing Bobby so sad. I do think that using someone else’s flask is gross but then again I don’t like germs LOL.

Sam has found more on the Amazons that the professor didn’t mention. Dean says its typical because if you don’t believe something its a handicap when you are trying to deal with it. Wow that was insightful, thanks for sharing that Deano.

Because of a long bloody war their Amazon population was decimated so they bargained with Harmonia to replenish their ranks and make them stronger. I want to know how a bunch of women decimated a population? What they couldn’t control what was left of the men?? They became more than human. Nowadays they give birth in around 36 hours. The mating cycle is every two years, they send out all the women who have reached child bearing age to do the process.

They narrow down that is what his happening in the current town. Dean tries not to think about what he knows is true, that Emma that he saw growing up in one day is his kid with Lydia.

This is interesting I wonder will we see Lydia again some time.

WE see the lady sending out the girls to do their blood rituals, she brands them with hot irons like a cow while giving them speeches about being warriors. This is another one of those episodes that makes me kind of angry about traditions. I know people are raised different ways but I despise those traditions that INVOLVE killing others as a way to live……you can call it sacrifice, ritual or whatever its just MURDER……..Heed my words this kind of stuff happens ALL the TIME for REAL…..

Today they learn how to endure pain and how to inflict it……………*shakes head*

Back at the hotel they comment that going through Bobby’s files is like dumpster diving. The Amazons want to hook up with decent looking business type guys so Sam wonders why Lydia picked Dean. Hey he is decent looking and a liar LOL Dean admits he told Lydia he was an investment banker. I bet he is wishing he hadn’t lied this time, because he is on their hit list.

Dean looks at the bed and swears the papers had moved. Sam gets out the EMF but because of the open window and powerlines near by the readings are useless. Its obvious Dean thinks that something else was in the room he surely hopes it was Bobby.

They both want it to have been Bobby as pointed out by Sam who picks up the paper that happens to now be on top of the pile on the bed. The paper is written in Greek to he heads back to see the professor about it leaving Dean behind.

The professor groans about having to help again and Sam says fine we will remove his wire tap LOL of course he is assuming that the professor has one LOL.

On lockdown Dean gets a visitor at the hotel. Yes its Dean’s baby girl, Emma. She says she is in trouble and no one can help her but Dean, her father.

After the break, she tells Dean they have been watching him ever since Lydia got pregnant. She supposedly escaped after lights out. She appeals to his gentler side the side that wants a family and a kid. She says they tortured her and have them all do terrible things she doesn’t want to be like them. She wants him to get her away out of town. Lydia told her she was a good man, she says. Dean is doubtful now, as he should be.

Then she pulls the I just want to be normal card and throws in a few tears to boot. Dean seems to be weakening just a bit.

The professor tells Sam that the difference that is shown on the paper says that the person born of the mating process must kill her own father. Oops Sam has to warn Dean to stay away from his unholy offspring……YIKES!!

Missy Bender aka Emma aka Alexia Fast tells Dean that she is feeling kinda tired and hungry.

Sam tries to dial while walking and runs into Charlene in his race to save Dean. He sees the mark on her arm and it hits him that she is one of the Amazon tribe people. She calls him Sam Winchester so she also knows who he really is too. She says she could take him in for impersonating a Federal agent then she throws him against the door but before she can stab him with a knife he turns over and shoots her. His phone suffered in the crash so he has to rush to the hotel without being able to call Dean to warn him.

Dean is still talking to Emma in the mean time. I don’t know maybe he is stalling or just wants some time with his possibly only offspring. WE all know he has to have realized that she is lying by now.

HE asked her what happens when the others see she is gone. She says they will hunt her down and they need to go now. Hmm sounds like she needs to do her little deed while Sam is gone huh? He offers her a left over burrito or some cheese before she pulls the knife on him HE of course has a gun. I think Gun trumps knife, especially wnen the knife welder is inexperienced. What exactly has she learned in one Day? oh except how to lie and cry?

Sam is driving like a crazy man to get to Dean.

Emma says she knew he would be a challenger, yeah because he spent his LIFE learning to kill monsters like you little girl. He says he had assumed Lydia would do the killing and was surprised she had shown up. She mentally tortures him with saying its hard to kill me right you are my father. Dean says No we aren’t going to discuss that. Sam is at the door now. Dean tries to convince her to walk away since she hasn’t killed anyone yet. Poor Dean even seems hopeful kinda like when Sam told Dean his friend, Amy could change… Sam comes in the door sees Emma’s eyes change the way that Charlene’s had earlier and shoots her in the heart. Dean flinches.

Now we will all wonder if this was payback for Amy or Sam just saving Dean’s life.

They go to the mother ship as Dean calls it, the place where he saw them drop off Emma, to find that everyone has cleared out.

After the break, we see Sam driving again. Dean is trying to soothe his brother with talk of we will get them next time and the like. Sam is quiet.

Sam finally does speak though I don’t get why he was upset except he thinks Dean was going to let Emma go. He says he choked like Sam did with Amy. I think it was just a reason for them to argue if anything Dean would have been the one upset but he says Emma was a crazy man killing monster. Sam insists that Dean’s head is not int he game. He supposedly has been messed up since the Castiel fiasco. Sam just doesn’t want Dean to get killed.

Great episode though the fun part was way at the beginning and was overshadowed by all the blood/guts LOL. I give it a 7 🙂

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