Supernatural S07 Episode 2 Sam’s Invisible Roomie

This episode begins where it ended last time. Castiel’s vessel has been taken over by the Leviathan. Jimmy’s body, the vessel begins to melt down with all the power inside of it so the Leviathan induced Castiel leave Dean and Bobby on the floor of the lab as it wanders out doors and into the nearest water supply.

Mean while Sam is being mentally tortured by Lucifer again as he insists that Sam is in hell. Dean and Bobby find Sam before figure out where Castiel wandered off too.. They can only watch as his vessel explodes into the water. The water supply becomes poisoned by their evil power; Dean notices Castiel trench coat which he pulls out of the water. He looks thoughtfully at it before he balls it up to take with him.

The next scenes are of different ways the locals use their water; a car wash, for drinking water, and over at the park fountain a little girl gets a mouth full of black stuff that looks like crude oil. So basically the Leviathan are traveling using the water as a vessel. The little girl has what looks like a slight spasm then she smiles. In another location a man is in his garage when the water backs up in his sink then spits at him, black gook. Now not sure how that little bit change him but maybe everything it touches changes humans into demon like creatures.

At Bobby’s they are having a pow wow where Sam finally confesses about Lucifer to Dean as he should.

The little Leviathan girl is channel surfing when she hears something that will help her feed her hunger. “At the hospital you can take whatever organ you like and no one will care.” See I don’t think that was what was said but it’s what the Leviathan wanted to hear but it makes the little girl smile this creepy smile LOL

Back at the salvage yard, Bobby tries to get Dean to fess up to having a few issues of his own but he refuses. Dean is ever the hero; no down time for him. I wanna know why Dean stopped chasing tail? That was the Dean we loved, always made time for recreational sex LOL Okay I digress.

Over at the school some jokes must have gotten a taste of the water because they munched down on some of their classmates. YIKES

At the Sioux Falls hospital Sheriff Jody Mills has gotten her appendix removed by a sexy doctor, but now has to deal with a gossiping roomie. The older lady has something to say about everyone and everything it could be amusing but wasn’t just annoying to me and I think the sheriff also.

Sam and Bobby send Dean off on a hunt while the Leviathans, little girl with the mechanic guy, discuss their mutual hunger. I assume these two are the leaders of the Leviathan since they haven’t been on earth before they are a bit naive on how things work. Not much later, the little girl approaches the sexy doctor and takes over his body because hers was not what they needed. Leviathan is under the assumption that doctors can get organs from any patient the want since it is what they feed upon. I guess this is the idea that they need to get a life force of the human to survive or something?

Dr. Gaines aka Dr. Sexy happens to choose the old gossipy lady as an organ donor that night, interesting because surely he had other patients though she might be the eldest. Maybe the appendix was the organ he had dibs on LOL So Leviathans have some sort of moral compass? The sheriff is younger and in the next bed, why not her? She is curious about him taking the older woman away in the middle of night and saying things to her like “I’m doctor sexy I can do what I please,” LOL.

We get a quick scene with Sam and his invisible, Lucifer, as Sam talks to Dean on the phone. It’s doesn’t show us where Bobby is though he might have been researching in the other room.

Back at the hospital, Jody follows the doctor and the older lady as he wheels her down the corridors out to an areas that is unfinished in the hospital. Jody watches as he eats and organ woman before she turns to run back down the hall. She faints just as a nurse sees her.

After the break, Jody wakes up in her bed, Dr. Gaines comes in to check on her and she is understandably nervous. Even though she doesn’t want to be medicated they give her something before the doctor says he will be back later to check on her. As soon as they leave the room she gets up again ready to get out of there. It’s funny because she has to be in pain but she knows better than to stick around after what she had seen.

Sam confronts Lucifer about the way he is dealing with him. I’m with Sam, just playing with his head isn’t getting anyone anywhere. Lucifer seems to need a new hobby; he should play with the people actually in the pit.

Bobby gets a call from Jody about what she saw so has to leave Sam alone at the house.

More Leviathan show up at the hospital; the mechanic and the ball players looking for Doc Gaines. I have to note its fun to see this guy that is playing Gaines, mostly I have seen him on lifetime movies LOL. He explains to his brethren how hospitals work and how they should work as medical people to get the organs they need. He insists that people do not questions why so many die in hospital, that gave me the creeps but you don’t want to get me started on that subject I could have an entire blog devoted to it but I digress.

Dean shows up to get Sam as back up for the case he was working on.

Bobby arrives to help Jody at the hospital; he puts her in a cab so she can get home out of harms way.

Dean starts telling Sam he is crazy as they drive in the car though we can tell Sam is surprised by his attitude but he says nothing. Dean can be wishy-washy but lately he has been on Sam’s side as long as he was not lying to him. I would have thought Sam would have noticed it was a three sixty turn from earlier; Lucifer was probably playing with him because even he knows Dean does not always feed Sam the brotherly love Juice LOL its all about how he sees things at the moment.

The real Dean arrives at Bobby’s to find no one is there.

Dean shows his true self as Lucifer when they arrive at what Sam thought was the place to work on the hunt. The office building door says Morningstar Endeavors, CUTE use of titles from the set team, Lucifers other name is Morningstar LOL 🙂 So Lucifer takes some time to tease Sam about killing himself which must be his end game.

Back over at the hospital Bobby has a run in with Dr. Gaines/Leviathan. He remembers Bobby from when he saw him through Castiel’s eyes but Bobby is able to escape from him as far as we can tell anyway.

When Dean arrives, the real one we see that they had driven to the place, an abandoned shack using a van from Bobby’s place, everything that Sam saw was an illusion created by Lucifer.

I don’t know it made me laugh but when Sam was confused about which Dean was real he fired his weapon in the direction of Lucifer and the real Dean said, “this discussion does not require a weapon’s discharge,” it reminded me so much of Papa Winchester I guess I miss him. While Dean tries to convince Sam what is real he grabs his hand and squeezes his sore hand to prove to him that is what is real. Lucifer starts to disappear after that.

Bobby called to tell them that the Leviathan bled black ooze however when they arrive at Bobby’s to find it his place has burned to the ground, Dean calls Bobby again to tell him that he is on edge and he needs him to be alive. Dean is convinced the fire was set. Leviathan mechanic shows up in the junk yard with a few other to kill Sam as well as Dean; they are on the hit list. Sam and Dean both end up injured but in the ambulance we see Lucifer again, hmmm curious as to how long Mark Pelligrino will stay around, that is a question for the con LOL

Wow I am liking this season and to be honest I think it might be the lack of female complications um like last season’s fiasco called Lisa, but hey that is just me. I am loving the season so far. I really can’t wait for more.

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