Supernatural S07 Episode 4 Recap – A New Judge in Town

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Hi all you supernatural fans welcome to another recap of our favorite show.
This episode begins with a man running down the street as he is chased by a car. He can’t seem to get away from the car even after going inside his place. He turns around to find the car yet again. The car runs him over inside the building. Well you might say that was a little surprising even for this show, I would agree LOL.

The boys roll into town wearing their spiffy suits and are quite happy to be working with they would classify as a regular case. I suppose compared to last season’s odd lot of strange creatures this one they believe will be more monster of the week. Sam takes a moment to thank Dean for not killing his friend the week before which of course is an ominous warning to us all, note to viewers LOL

The EMF meter goes crazy while they look around the apartment where the man was crushed to death by the car in the tenth floor apartment. They find red dirt on the carpet and a ten year sober AA piece as well as repaeated charges for a Jane’s on a credit card statement in the man’s apartment.

Dean goes to check out Jane’s while Sam goes over to the local AA to see what they can find out about the dead guy. It’s funny Dean says AA give him the Jeebs? I can imagine he loves his booze.

Sam finds out the man had almost had a drink which lead him to phone a fellow AA member or sponsor not sure which, for help the night he died while Dean arrives at Jane’s, which is a florist. He finds out the man was sending flowers to the grave of a ten year old on a monthly basis. Recently he had paid three years in advance.

They go back to burn Elizabeth’s bones after having viewed the grave previously as we see a man being chased by a dog. At this point they think its an open and shut case. Ok wild guess the dog has a beef with this guy LOL. The guy runs into the diner then to the bathroom where he calls 911 before he turns around to see the dog is in front of him. Now I thought maybe its a ghost dog, hmmm. The dog kills him or at least blood splatters everywhere not sure exactly what happened.

After the break, I gotta say I am stumped on this one LOL. The guys find out the man killed by the mystery dog had been arrested for a dog fighting operation. After he served his time he volunteered at a animal shelter and raised a bunch of money for animals. Sam finds that the man has red dirt under his fingers after a looking at his corpse in the morgue.

They are able to trace down the kind of dirt to the location most likely to have been the source. The place is a barn not far from town. On their way they almost hit an older black man that runs out in front of the car. They take him back to their hotel room to talk to him. He was just put on trial for killing the owners of the liquor store he being paroled having served thirty years. He was jumped and woke up in a court room with a judge but it was in a barn the one they guys were looking for. I can see Dean judging these people a mile away, he has become a big hypocrite. He lied to Sam about not killing Amy but he wants to judge others? Sheeks get a grip Dean life is NOT black and white. Anyway, he takes Sam outside to basically tell him that so far he thinks the ghosts are on the money on this case. Sam thinks they need to remain objective. Dean goes to check the bar where the older man was drinking when he was pulled into the barn and Sam goes back inside to check on the older man.

The older man gives Sam the page where he has drawn the symbols he saw while he was in the barn. Sam goes off to find the barn as he tells Bobby about the symbols. It’s so SEXY when a man can multi task LOL, go Sam !! Sam leaves the old man inside a circle of Salt because he insists he has seen the people he killed. Sam tells him not to move but you know if you don’t understand something you are more than likely not going to listen to instructions. Would you just set in a circle of salt if you had no clue why it would work against ghosts?

Over at the bar, Dean talks to the busty blonde. He orders a scotch and ask he if she works the night shift. Mia is her name. “I’m a captive shrink with unlimited alcohol,” she says. I noticed a man watching Dean not far away from him wearing a hat the first time I saw this but was unsure of his significance. Dean tells Mia that he has done something behind someone back and not feeling so good about it. Mia suggests if you HAD to do it then why bother to feel guilty. I guess that makes a lot of life subjective LOL or GRAY in Dean’s opinion.

Dean and Mia make a date for later so he switches to beer so he won’t pass out before the fun LOL, now that’s my Dean its all about women and booze.

Sam arrives at the barn, sees the red dirt then gets a call from Bobby. Bobby tells Sam the symbols are Egyptian, like book of the dead types. They identify the God Osiris who he is judge and executioner. He shows up does his thing and disappears. He hones in on people that feel guilty.

It’s been a while but I still no what to do, I’m Dean Winchester 🙂

Dean is outside the bar when he is grabbed and he phone is left behind.

Sam calls Dean for the third time only to have Mia pick up as she stands outside looking for Dean.

Over at the hotel the television goes white noise, the lights flicker then the older man runs down the hall and is shot by the ghost of the people he killed.

Sam arrives at the bar to get Dean’s phone then goes back to the barn to find him. I suppose the whole thing about hunters feeling guilty gives him the idea its where Dean will show up to see the judge.

Osiris the judge mentions he watched Dean at the bar before Sam is brought to light in his hiding. Sam offers to defend Dean and Osiris allows it. “I was prelaw,” Sam says, “Yeah Pre,” Dean responds LOL

Osiris has his own laws and his first witness is Jo. Jo says she worked with Dean then we see flashbacks from episodes where Jo appeared. The judge says that she had more feelings for Dean than just friendship but Jo denies it. I am not on the Jo and Dean team at all she would have made a great little sister for the guys though. I would have preferred her as the other sibling instead of Adam but that is just my thought on that issue.

Sam is allowed to ask Jo questions and he asked why she became a hunter and she says it was her father. The judge makes her disappear before he calls Sam as the next witness. The judge seems to know all about their lives. We get more flashbacks this time from Sam’s past.

The judge finally says His only role is to weight any guilt that is already inside of a person not any thing else. He says that we all want to be judged, when your heart is heavy a punishment is mercy.

Dean and Sam decided they know how they can survive the test. Sam says that Dean feels he is innocent. Sam asked Dean a few questions but more in a way that Dean is not guilty but that he is sad because of the things that have happened.

The final witness which we all think would have been Amy is not called but the judge pronounces Dean guilty in his heart. He tells him to get his affairs in order. Sam is a bit stunned because he has no idea who the other witness would have been. They have no idea at this point how to win the game with Osiris.

After the break, the arrive to see the old man is the missing and assume the corpse they saw outside was him. They begin their search to try to save Dean immediately after.

Lucky for us, Bobby calls to tell them that they need a rams horn to stab Osiris. Sam goes to get the horn while Dean waits for Jo to come and haunt him. As soon as Sam leaves we see that Jo is already in the room.

Sam is interrupted while getting the horn by the Rabbi, who says, “Your not here for barmitzvah lesson are you?”

In the room, Jo talks to Dean as he stands in the circle, about how she doesn’t blame him for her death. Dean goes on about how he pulled Sam into the life and how Jo shouldn’t have started. Ok the violins in this part bored me, I do like that she thinks that Dean carries all kinds of crude that he shouldn’t carry. We get more flashback of Jo as she turns on the gas.

It’s kinda confusing because outside Osiris grabs another victim before Jo is about to light up Dean’s hotel room.

Ah I see, Sam killed Osiris while he was grabbing the woman. So it didn’t matter what else was happening as long as the judge died, Jo couldn’t kill Dean. NICE!! Jo disappears leaving Dean alive.

We end with Dean lying about who could have been the last witness as they have their normal stand by the side of the road talk with beers.

An interesting episode to say the least though not real fond of the Egyptian God monster of the week it was different.

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