Supernatural S07 MidSeason Finale Its Reaper Time

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Well here we are again, it’s almost Christmas so HELLATUS is upon us. Luckily for you all I do my recaps a week later so here is some Supernatural Goodness for you indulge.

Last weeks episode began with the guys realizing that Bobby was unresponsive in the back of the van. As Dean raced toward the nearest E.R., Bobby is getting flashbacks in his mind as well as we well see later other interesting events.

Flashback ONE
Okay so its only part of a flashback because this time around while they are looking at Sheriff Phil in a tree Bobby’s head is also bleeding. Hmm that didn’t happen first time we saw this scene in How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters. Back at the cabin Bobby begins to figure out that the world he is seeing with Sam and Dean is not his real present world. I am glad he at least has an idea of what he is dealing with but the “guys” are more than a bit lost on his reasoning. Bobby writes down some numbers before he puts the note in his pocket, he says the guys will need to know it. So basically he is preparing himself for when he gets back to the world where he is going to be in the hospital.

Flashback TWO
In the blink of an eye Bobby is at home with his wife when she was young and pretty. HE just stands there looking at her, its gotta be a shock for anyone LOL to go from place to place in a blink even if its mental. She sits down to talk with him but her hears a noise outside then goes to the window. He doesn’t recall a storm the night the original event took place. It is a clear outside but he sees a young boy running from behind his shed. “Mother Mary I got a messed up fruit cake,” he says to himself. He leaves her only to end up standing behind Rufus on a case.

Flashback THREE

I have to say it was sooo good to see Rufus again. I miss that guy even though he was only in a few episodes. Bobby tries to explain to Rufus whats going on but Rufus runs inside before Bobby can follow him he sees the young boy again. Hmmmm I am sorry *Spoiler ALERT* but I knew right away the boy was Bobby. He had to have known what he looked like at that age too. Rufus comes out the door again to tell Bobby to hurry up. Just when Bobby is about to go in the boy is standing in front of him with his hand on his arm, “Gods going to punish you,” he says then Bobby looks down to see a spilled glass of milk. I was like HUH?? Well it had to be something from the past right? Milk? A young Bobby? A warning? Bobby finally goes into the church after Rufus, suddenly the ground shakes. The choir people who were practicing look around in surprise then they all disappear leaving Bobby standing alone since Rufus has gone forward on the mission. The lights go out then the Reaper is behind Bobby, “Your time is up,” he says.

After the break, Bobby distracts the reaper then goes off to find Rufus. Run Bobby Run !!

Flashback Four
Bobby ends up in a place where Dean and Sam are discussing who is the bigger bad A** Jet Li or Chuck Norris. MWAH!! Bobby goes toward the kitchen but ends up at his old house where his mother is waiting for him to come down to supper. “You are filthy,” she says to his stunned look. She looks upset at him because she thinks he is not orderly only to get his father upset. Yeah lady that makes sense maybe he is just being a kid LOL. You know I have to stop here and say I don’t like when Parents put too much responsibility on children. Yeah they can clean up for dinner but don’t expect them to be able to always please a belligerent parent because YOU as a parent can’t cut it…..their jobs are to be children…….Okay Rant over.

Blink again and Bobby is finally with Rufus again. Bobby can’t get Rufus to listen the other man pulls back his hammer to hit the coffin in the mausoleum where they are working the case and then BOOM we are in the hospital where they are wheeling Bobby to the emergency room. Sam and Dean want to know when they can get the bullet out of Bobby but it can’t be done until the swelling goes down and IF it’s in a good spot etc… They are basically out of luck until the conditions are right.

BOOM! back to Bobby and Rufus on the case LOL

Bobby is trying to leave because Rufus is not listening when he is called a heartbreaker by the ghost they are trying to kill, before she grabs for his heart. Okay I think she was relaying some message from the spirit world about him. I think that because of what happens later LOL at this point I had no idea who she was or what was going on.

BOOM! Back at the hospital again. Okay I a not a fan of all this switching around but in this case it kinda works. We see Sam and Dean’s Pretty anxious faces.

BOOM! Back to the case. Rufus is able to distract the ghost then it goes after him while Bobby burns the bones.

BOOM! Back at the hospital “Blood pressure 130 OVER 90.”

BOOM! Back on the case Rufus is still out from the ghost dropping him on the concrete, Bobby just notices this. This was the one job where Rufus was almost killed, “You gonna be useful even if I gotta carry you,” Bobby Says.

BOOM! Back at the hospital Bobby is now stable. Dean looks stricken like he might cry and Sam looks like he is having a panic attack.

BOOM! Bobby is looking for Rufus but sees the young kid again. Just when he thinks he knows who can identify the kid Rufus comes out of the hospital being pushed by a nurse. He whispers something to her about calling him LOL, then he gets up to walk toward Bobby. They discuss what is was like for Rufus when he almost crossed over. Rufus explains it was flashes of when he was a kid, “I wanted out,” Rufus says.

Basically Rufus explains the way out of seeing the good and bad of his life was to go DEEP. That means to go to the place where you have forgotten or didn’t dare to look at again in your mind. Bobby finally reveals what is happening to him to Rufus. He asked him to go with him to find the way out. “Aim for your worse memory,” Rufus reiterates.

Flashback Five
They end up back with Bobby’s wife and she is telling him basically thanks for nothing. I guess all the years she wanted kids Bobby never did so she feels she wasted her time, yeah I guess it didn’t matter about all the love? Kids or noting huh? She somehow find out he didn’t want children and it Broke her heart but she says Bobby broke her heart. Um wonder why Bobby didn’t want kids? WE find out it was only three days after the flashback incident that his wife got possessed. Okay not sure how are why but maybe it something to do with her anger or emotional distress. Rufus doesn’t understand why Bobby didn’t want children. According to Bobby he breaks everything he touches. The incident was the biggest regret of his life it wasn’t that he had to stab her to death. Rufus tells him to try the door out now.

After the break, BOOM! Rufus and Bobby are still on their journey.
Flashback Six
Young Dean is walking with Bobby in a park before they throw a baseball around. Rufus says for a guy who would rather break his wife’s heart than give her a kid, Bobby makes a great Nanny. LOL “Shut up,” says Bobby before he starts looking for another door out.

They walk toward a shed or something in the park as they do their grumpy old men imitation, arguing all the way LOL. Rufus insists that the thing that Bobby is avoiding by not talking about having kids is the thing he should be looking for to get out of the maze of memories.

Flashback Seven
BOOM! The door takes him back to his house as a kid. Bobby’s mother is in the kitchen again but this time his dad who he has just told Rufus was a mean drunk, is sitting at the table reading as Mom puts the food on the table. The young boy we have seen this whole time runs in the room to sit down to eat. Mom makes an excuse for the kid, Bobby, being late to dinner, it’s an obvious lie. Young Bobby in effort to pass this father the biscuits right away knocks the glass of milk on the floor. Of course, Dad gets pissed, Young Bobby apologizes and the mother grovels, “let’s have a nice supper”. UGH such a sad sight!! Dad throws his plate on the floor and has another drink of course.

Bobby closes the door then argues with Rufus about it. He insists that could have been any given night but not the incident they are looking for even though Rufus says Bobby is just scared. The earth begins to shake again; Rufus knows is the reaper. Bobby decides they have found away to stop the reaper.

BOOM! At the hospital they are giving the guys and update on Bobby’s condition. The doctor says they are still waiting on the swelling going down, it’s really all up to Bobby. There is a man watching them with glasses he comes out to talk to them. The man is the insurance man. He asked them if Bobby has let them know if he wants to donate his organs. Dean gets angry before he punches a glass case behind the man. “Walk away from me,” Dean tells the man. Poor Dean and Sam, haven’t they lost enough people in their lives? How much can these guys take?

After the break, Dean goes outside and sees Dick Roman in the limo just sitting. Dean threatens him in front of several people with cameras though they can’t hear what he is saying. He tells Dick, “you are either laughing because you are scared or because you are stupid,” HMPH LOL I love Dean so passionate. I do hope he gets to kill Dick like he got to kill the Yellow Eyed Demon.

BOOM! Back with Rufus and Bobby they are I think at Bobby’s old house the one that burned down, not too sure. Bobby finds an old bible with a special compartment that has a rosary in it I guess they plan to use it to work some mojo to slow down the reaper.

BOOM! Back at the hospital, Sam and Dean update each other on what’s been happening. Bobby is breathing on his own as well the swelling is down a bit according to Sam. Sam suggests that Bobby might die but Dean doesn’t want to even consider it. Sam squeezes the sore on his hand so make sure that he is really awake; unfortunately he is.

BOOM! Rufus and Bobby are working on a get rid of the reaper spell.
BOOM! Bobby sees a flash of him talking to Daddy Winchester on the phone. He is telling John that he and Dean threw the ball around instead of shooting guns. “He’s a kid John,” Bobby says on the phone. Bobby hangs up on John after it seems that it the other man mentioned that he wasn’t Dean’s father LOL.

Then we see Bobby making the reaper trap as Rufus watches. They chant using the rosary they found and the reaper appears in the trap. The reaper tries to convince Bobby to give up the fight. Bobby says that Sam and Dean are his boys just before the young Bobby shows up again. Bobby tells Rufus thanks then goes off with the boy leaving the reaper in the trap.

After the break, we are back to the night of the fight were his father threw the food on the floor. His mother is cleaning up the mess when the Dad slaps her. She blames Bobby for provoking the father instead of standing up for the child. Young Bobby goes running out. Old Bobby goes off on him he tells his dad he was so afraid of being him he didn’t have kids of him on. Bobby says he adopted two boys who become Heroes in defense of his father telling him its good he didn’t have kids.

BOOM! Back to the present, Bobby is showing signs of responsiveness.
BOOM! Back to the past, young Bobby shows up with a gun. The dad grabs the mother by the hair and Young Bobby shoots him in the head. The mother is an ungrateful BIATCH she says that young Bobby is going to be punished by God. Older Bobby tells him he did good and to go get a shovel to hide and bury the body. The reaper shows up and Bobby goes running out the back door.

We are back at the hospital. Sam says thanks for everything then Bobby’s eyes open up. Bobby writes the beginning of the numbers he put on the note pad on his hand but he goes out again after. I think he is dead?

After the break, a bunch of nurses and doctors rush to Bobby’s bed side as the Boys watch helplessly. The last flashback is of Bobby at the house with guys as they fight over which movie food is best LOL. The reaper is there trying to tell Bobby its the end of the line. “Okay Bobby stay or go?” the reaper asks in the last scene.

I am Yelling STAY STAY was anyone else yelling that ………well that is the Midseason Finale Cliffy.
Please leave comments for this exceptional episode.

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