Supernatural S07 Recap Murderer Next Door

Hey all, welcome back to another recap , this episode was directed by my favorite supernatural actor, Jensen Ackles, yep I am one of them, Team Ackles YES!

Note: This is a RECAP of Episode 3
Screencaps Credit:

This episode was the first one directed by Jensen this season also the first one they filmed in July. It begins where the last one ended with the guys in the hospital. This same hospital is the one where the Leviathan set up shop last week. LOL despite Dean’s horror at finding he is at the hospital with the monsters he wakes up fine. He pulls the tube from his arm and promptly falls on the floor in his attempt to leave the room. It’s the first time he notices his cast. I gotta say Jensen/Dean has such cute legs LOL I giggled.

Anyway Bobby walks in the room dressed in a nice suit looking all slick. Dean is surprised to see him alive considering his house burned up and Bobby was no where to be found. Dean is glad to see him as much as we all are Yippee. Now I have to say momentarily I thought Bobby was Lucifer you know since Dean is on morphine and all. hhmmm let’s go along with what they showed us though for now LOL.

Bobby hands him his clothes then smiles protectively at Dean before he runs off to get Sam from the MRI room. The plan is to meet up at the ambulance, I suppose Bobby procured in advance. How does a guy in a suit get away with driving an ambulance, the magic of tv I guess.

Dr. Gaines is scrubbing up for his next meal, when he gets a call that the Winchesters are on deck, um I mean in the hospital.

Back at Dean’s room he is trying to sneak out on his crutches but the drugs are doing a number on his vision.

Bobby gets Sam in the hallway, then we see Gaines and his nurse going looking for them.

Dean is weaving down a hall somewhere else trying not to look obvious.

Bobby makes it outside just as Gaines finds Dean gone from his room, he must have come from the other direction LOL.

They split up to look for the Winchesters as Bobby puts Sam in the ambulance, Dean is trying to find the exit at the same time. I gotta say it was kinda exciting LOL.

Bobby is in the ambulance waiting as the monsters come out the door; luckily Dean jumps in the ambulance then. Fangirls all over released the breath we were collectively holding ….:)

Several weeks later at Rufus place, that is five days from when Dean’s cast is to come off so I am guessing; we see them watching soap opera television and talking of world events. Hunters are running into weird events like before and the Leviathan have set up shop in different hospitals. BUT what I don’t get is they keep forgetting the name, leviathan, I don’t believe that is true to life. I think they should know by now that its THEM, no stuttering needed.

Anywho, Sam phases out during the conversation just after we learn the doctor and nurse disappeared from the hospital. Sam insists he is fine like he always does even though he was hearing voices in his head. Despite Sam’s obvious checking out a few moments before Dean sends him to get grub and pie, oh Dean that pie is so going to catch up to you some day.

After Sam leaves Dean discusses him with Bobby who thinks they should give Sam some slack he is doing the best he can. Dean is waiting for the other shoe to drop with Sam instead of just enjoying having him around in one piece, typical Dean. I guess he would be better if he could move around without the cast though LOL.

Bobby goes off to pick up the copies of all his old books he has conveniently stored in different locations. WOW, he is the be prepared kind a guy, love that Bobby.

At the gas station Sam eyes a newspaper with headlines about an ice pick killer so he decides to buy it but I’m not sure why except because he is a guy and looked interesting LOL. Well he uses a credit card to pay for his items and somewhere his card triggered some guys search program and the guy/leviathan reports it to one of the head monsters. Now the only way they would know to use that name is if they use the pattern of them the Winchesters using rock star names or the intel came from Castiel’s former vessel. Anyone have other guesses??

Sam arrives back to hide out with cake for dean instead of pie; seriously I think Dean would have come out of his cast with anger LOL but now we only see half a reaction. Sam tells Dean that he is managing his hullicinations the best he can. Hey that’s all you can ask right.

Dean falls asleep a while later and Sam has a flashback, lincoln Nebraska 1998. Young Sam is talking to Young Dean on the phone; he tells him its a kitsune, they stab you behind your ear to get to your brain.

In real-time, Sam leaves Dean a note as he takes off.

In a dark alley some where, a woman tries to make a drug deal but doesn’t have enough money. The sound of a police car fills the silence so the dealer runs one way and the woman the other. The dealer is attacked by something in the dark, he falls to the ground with blood coming from his head. YIKES

After the break, Dean wakes up to find Sam gone; he of course calls Bobby to rant like the mother hen that he is, Dean not Bobby LOL. It’s like Bobby have you met Dean? Impatient is his middle name, telling him to wait to see what happens and let Sam have his alone time actually was a waste of screen time LOL.

Dean takes off his own cast before we see Sam playing Cop/FBI/detective.

A little later we see Sam ignoring Lars Ulrich aka Dean’s calls, while Dean is riding around like a soccer Mom in a station wagon, classic Supernatural fun LOL so funny I love these guys.

Dean founds out at he local gas station that Sam bought a newspaper, Dean takes a copy for himself.

On the case, Sam is looking at a dead body in a morgue. The victim is the dealer guy who had his pituitary gland removed. We see a flashback of young Sam and Present day Sam, studying the same type of case. Oddly enough young Sam says he has been looking at the case for eight years, so why didn’t they get the person the first time? I guess this is like the case with Dean where he was the reason Dad didn’t kill the shritga in Something Wicked. He and Sam used the young boy to get him the second time around.

Sam sets up to wait near the park and has another flashback of his young self. Young Sam sees a cute girl on the way into the library. This is the same library that he told John earlier in the flashback, that he was headed to do the research, I assume. Inside the library he is distracted by the pretty girl.

Present day Sam watches as someone drives up in the parking lot, he hides from them.

Young Sam searches the stacks for more books to look over. He calls young Dean back and tells him to stab the kitsune in the heart then he asks if he can have a normal life for five minutes LOL. Even young Sam had girl issues it looks like. So I am thinking Sam was with Bobby while Dean and John were on the road hunting but Sam was still the researcher, am I getting that right? He then asked Dean, “How do you talk to girls?”

Young Sam goes over to the girl to say hi and she tells him to go away because she isn’t supposed to talk to boys. Outside Young Sam sees the girl leaving with a couple of guys following her he kicks their little behinds then asked if she is okay.

I’m Nico on the right side 🙂

Supernatural Trivia:
One of the punks that messed with the girl was the same kid that played Lucas Barr in Dead in the Water Season 1. I recognized him right away just now; his name is Nico McEown. Welcome back Nico 🙂

Young Sam finally learns the girl’s name is Amy after the guys go away.

Present day Sam follows a girl into the woods as she watches a man getting in his car; yes, its Amy again wearing the star and heart necklace she had on the first time he met her.

After the break, Sam confronts Amy with a knife but we then take another trip back to the past with young Sam to show us what is going on. Yeah I am not a real fan of tv flashbacks sometimes though I do love Colin Ford aka Young Sam.

They are now at young Amy’s house where she is tending to his wounds. Young Amy goes to the fridge to get him a soda where we see brains in jars. Okay to her it was normal to the audience just EWWW. In the living room they chit-chat about music; but did the rest of us just wonder how the girl could be normal after what we saw or was it just me? LOL They also share similarities like both have parents that travel often; John travels for work and Amy’s mother is like a hippy. According to Amy all the coolest people are freaks like them including Jimmy Hendrix and Picasso. They kiss and we are suddenly back to present day Sam and Amy.

Until recently she had been a regular woman as much as she could but she had to kill the last three guys for reasons she wont’ reveal. Hey they all say that right? She then kicks Sam’s butt LOL because he won’t listen and wants to kill her. She leaves Sam lying on the ground, I think she just took him by surprise he didn’t look hurt.

Hi I am directing this episode and have little screen time !!

Meanwhile, Lars/Dean LOL is tracking down Sam. He is at the morgue looking at the dead drug dealer talking to the doc who tells him the similarities of the victims. You know the missing Pituatary gland.

Dean calls Bobby to give him an update; we miss him trying to hobble, that sucks, Dean and his bowed legs lol. Oh but I guess without the cast he is totally healed, Hells Yeah LOL

Sam shows up at Amy’s house as she trying to clear out. He looks pissed to say the least, I mean she got the jump on him and left him. I thought they were pals. Sam notices her hand is bloody, she killed again after she left him. He waves the knife around before she tells him her sad story. Little violins play as she explains about her sick son, ok not really but its kinda sad in a creepy way. Now that he has fresh brains he is feeling better, hey some people eat meat from animals same thing right? oh they don’t kill the animals themselves so they are better…..hmmm NOT!! Yes, I am a vegetarian but I’m not pointing fingers just sayin’. I ate meat most of my life but now it doesn’t like me but I digress and terribly at that LOL

Okay I gotta ahead of myself just like Young Sam when he got his kiss. Yes we are flashing again. He tries to put the soda can on the table after the kiss but misses and Young Amy gets a towel to wipe it up before they discuss that they have angry parents especially when they drink. Its something else they have in common. Neither of them wants to be like their parent.

Present Day Sam then has Amy explain what I wrote above LOL cue violins now.

She is a mortician so she normally feeds on the dead, the kid, Jacob, was dying until she got him fresh meat. She reminds Sam that he owes her for what she did for him. Guilt trip much?

Flashback again, Young Amy hears her mother coming and tells Sam to hide quickly. Mom comes in saying the guys in the crap Impala, huh, have caught up with them and they have to leave. Oh no you mean the research they got led them right back to Amy and her Moms. Interesting little twist hmmm. Amy distracts her mother who would have opened the closet where young Sam was hiding but instead she goes to warm up the car so Amy can pack. Young Sam informs Young Amy that the guys in the Impala are his brother and father. Oh No Amy says all the boys I meet are hunters, uh not really, oops. After a few tense moments of do we really want to kill one another Sam leaves with Amy’s blessing.

Sam arrives at the new hotel room to a punch in the face by Dean, well how do you do LOL, nothing like an older brother left behind right especially when you have taken is prized possession.

After the break,
Dean rants about Sam going off on his own and taking the car; he whines about all the things he imagined Sam was dealing with LOL, play Mommy much Dean LOL. Dean gets confused and flustered when Sam tells him he didn’t kill the kitsune and so we got another flashback. Yes I think they were overused this episode but its good to try different things right.

Young Sam was caught leaving by Momma Kitsune. She brings him inside to show Amy she isn’t as smart as she thinks. Mom slaps Amy after she says Sam is food you can’t have friends, but Amy recovers in time to stab Mom in the back therefore saving Sam’s life. Ahh that is what she is holding over his head. The old I killed my mother to save you defense….hmmm, but you thought your mom was all kinds of wrong so Amy that’s why you really killed her but now you are the same as her so give Sam a break, right?

I guess Sam never told Dean because he didn’t want to be ribbed about being saved by a girl LOL okay I know it’s not funny but kinda yeah. Seriously what do you all think of this? If it were a real life situation would you kill someone who has killed four people even though she saved you once?? I don’t know but I think that her killing people is still a crime now even if they are drunks, dealers and such who by rights could still turn their life around its it justified? Serious stuff right? Dean thinks she should be killed because she is killing.

Another flashback, I so don’t recall all of these even though I watched the episode LOL
Young Sam tells Amy to go get outta town he will take care of the Mom’s body. She asks him to go with her but Young Sam declines.

I do love Colin Ford and I guess this was good for his resume but I do think it was excessive use of flashbacks, I mean for a few words here and there, and some longing looks. They couldn’t have been in love he knew her about a minute before he mother showed up. Yeah they are both freaks, but hey aren’t we all really just freaks as in different and feeling alone at times?

Back in Present day Dean says he gets that there was a spark with Amy but she is a freak. Sam takes offense because he believes Dean thinks the same of him. Sam tries to convince Dean that Amy is done killing so Dean says he won’t kill her.

After the break, Dean lets Sam drive to their next hotel. Sam is happy and feeling like Dean trusts him now I guess. On arrival at the hotle, Dean gives Sam the excuse that he has to go get meds for his leg so Sam goes to check in.

Dean is at Amy’s hotel when she arrives. People are who they are no matter what and he tells her she will kill again. He uses it as an excuse to stab her in the heart. Her son is at the door and sees the act of violence. Dean turns to him and asks if he has someone he can go to he also mentions if the son ever kills anyone he will come back for him.

The boy says the only person I will kill will be YOU!! Okay I think that is to show they are born killers or the kid is upset over his mother either way he had a creepy voice. It’s obvious Dean hadn’t planned for it to end that way. I telling you the kid gave me the chills he looks like he just had a PGland snack to me LOL

Last scene is the computer guy looking for Sam at the convenience store, because Sam hangs out there lol, where Sam used the card I think. He talks to the boss leviathan then teases his food. Don’t you just hate it when killers tell the victim all the details in advance? He has the man tied up and tells him everything is better with cheese, nacho cheese of course. We see the camera go in tight on the cheese container as the monster supposedly pours is on the other guy, but I thought they ate organs not whole people…..hmmm kind of inconsistent. He should have taken the organ then dipped it in cheese LMAO…….so not funny but it would be accurate at least.

Okay well that was an interesting episode. I like the first part with Dean at the hospital it showed great promise. I wasn’t too impressed with all the flashbacks though I do like Colin Ford as I said before. My opinion bottom line: a busy episode covering too much ground.

What I learned from this episode:
1. Even leaving Dean a note does no good if your name is Sam, you must stay with big brother.
2. Ex friends that are freaks will always be freaks
3. Bobby Singer has a “tight” looking suit in his closet watch out ladies
4. Dean watches soap operas, I guess they replaced Oprah
5. Nacho cheese isn’t just for corn chips

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