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Supernatural Renewed S14

11 Apr

I don’t really know what to say about this. I do love those guys, its hard not too once you meet them a couple of times or more in person LOL.  Honestly in my heart I know they have to take care of their families and supernatural can be amusing.  I am not seeing where it can go from here, I suppose.  As a from day one fan, with many fan fictions all over the internet, I have a lot of supernatural experience.  I used to devour news about the show and the people with the rest of the DAY 1 fandom.  If you been around a while you know things got pretty crazy for a while, now its settled a bit.  I imagine if you have been to any cons then you will have experienced some drama of one sort or another but that is not here or there.


Okay but what is your take on all of this? More supernatural is a good thing for TV or is all greed?  I want some feedback.  Some real sharing here.  I am not your mom or your priest just want to see how you are thinking about this move from the CW.

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Mama Winchester – Back on Supernatural

24 Feb

You may know I am a die hard Supernatural fan but this post is on my thoughts about the return of our beloved Mama Winchester.

The original issue I had with this topic of bringing back the reason the show existed aka it was Mama Winchester’s death that had the guys chasing the demon.  How in the world does she suddenly show up?  I wonder how many fans Supernatural lost over this very concept.

I believe we have reached Jump the Shark territory. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with the character, Mary Winchester or the actor, Samantha Smith at all.  I actually enjoy that she is on the show, they needed a woman to balance all of that J2(Jensen and Jared) testosterone. It is odd that this character before now was seen only in her nightgown, except that one time when she was in the heaven episode. However, the young Mary was in several episodes such as “In the Beginning: where Dean meets his grandparents and finds out his mother was a raised a hunter.

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