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Sneak Peek for Episode 18 of Season 5 PLL

2 Feb

Here is a link to a spoiler post for tomorrows episode, ENJOY!

I will just say that any person that comes into their lives is suspect in my eyes, that is the fun of the show right.


Secret Circle Spoilers Episode 19

11 Apr

You can see it at YOUTube, Here

Nick Returns to Secret Circle

28 Mar

Hmm I guess unless you have been at my house or in a closet you might already know this but NICK is coming back to Chance Harbor. OMGOSH I had NO idea until like NOW!! I am elated to say the least I was so devastated at his parting.

See the Link for Details, HERE

“We are thrilled to have Nick back, but he’s not the same person as he was before,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. “The Circle is stunned, but those closest to Nick, his brother Jake and girlfriend Melissa, find themselves on opposite sides as they struggle with how to deal with his unnatural return.”

PLL Season 3 Spoilers

19 Mar

Okay just a few LOL; Read at the Link


Are Spencer and Toby going to work things out? I miss them! — Emily

Toby’s back in the finale. But “work things out”? Unlikely, from the sounds of it. “We find out where Toby really stands in the finale,” teases Bellisario. “And I will say that it’s shocking and perhaps not completely to Spencer’s liking.” (Hale offered her theory: “He’s a woman!” But Bellisario retorted, “With those abs!? What woman has those abs!? It’d be like a GNC commercial.”)

What’s the early intel on season 3 of Pretty Little Liars? — Larsen

The girls don’t know much about what’s in store when they go back to work on April 2 — except that they won’t be sporting much clothing! “[Executive producer] Marlene [King] texted us saying that we were going to be in bikinis in the first episode,” Bellisario dishes. “It was funny, she texted us literally as I was sitting down to brunch, and my French-toast plate arrived. So I took a picture of it and said, ‘What am I supposed to do with this then!?’ Marlene’s awesome, though. She was like, ‘EAT IT!’”

See the Rest at the EW Link above.

Secret Circle Sneak Peek for Episode 16

13 Mar

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Clip S02 Episode 16

11 Jan

More PLL Season 2 Spoilers

2 Jan

Thanks to my pal Jewls at TV Recappers Anon for giving me the link to YET again MORE fun Season 2 spoilers for PLL. I really can’t look because more I know the harder it is for me recap LOL. I need to be in the moment of that episode. YOU all ENJOY them though.


Spoiler Pictures for Secret Circle

2 Jan

Is anyone else getting Psyched for the Next Episodes of Secret Circle besides me?? I can’t wait.
I remember Grey Damon from the Nine Lives of Chloe King it will be good to see him again.

Here is a sample picture the REST are at the link.
Photo Credit: DreadCentral.com

Spoilery Clips for Lying Games

29 Dec

Check out the link for more info but see one of the clips below 🙂

Lying Game, Episode 10, the Juicy Spoilers

8 Oct

I decided to just link this page it has such cool information.

You can find it Here