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Your Favorite Shows

3 Apr

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Curious to know what has everyone excited in 2018, thanks for sharing.


Pretty Little Liars Update Season 7

8 Aug

It has been a few years since I created a PLL Review, my life has changed but I am dedicated to sharing my thoughts so in the coming days I will post the last season of recaps for this show.  Thanks in advance for following my blog. pll banner

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Update 2/21/2018 You might have noticed I did only a few of the season then a final review. Enjoy!

PLL – S03 Episode 8 Recap on Video

1 Aug

Secret Circle Recap for Return is Up

21 Feb

You can find it HERE

Just a reminder that I rename all my recaps to names I choose. The name of this episode on the CW is Return.

Secret Circle Recap is Up

16 Jan

You can find it Here

My first Revenge Recap is Up

8 Jan

You can find it Here

Supernatural S07 Episode 6 Recap is Up

3 Nov

Last weeks Superntaral Episode 6, recap is now UP, HERE

Secret Circle – Wake Recap is Up

26 Oct

The recap for the Secret Circle’s Episode, WAKE, is Up, Here

Secret Circle UPDATE: Nick’s SHOCKING Demise

14 Oct

Okay so I was more than a bit shaken by them literally drowning Nick last night. I really thought he would revive then today Jewls let me know that he is really gone. I decided to do a search and this article is what I found HERE

Bottom LINE: Louis Hunter knew he was going to die from the Jump but they still staged everything on the show to give us the idea he was one of the regulars for good.

I’m thinking HUH? WE fall for Nick’s Blonde good looks his connection with Melissa, his tragic back story , his trying to fit in and BOOM he is dead. Read the article then come back and leave your comments Please.

An Excerpt from the article:

Zap2it: How was it to film the actual drowning? It was a great showcase for you and for Gale Harold.

Hunter: It was really fun to film, actually! It was a rush. I mean, half an hour later when I was dry again, I thought, ‘Man, that was fun,’ but during the scene, I guess you could say it was a little bit nerve-wracking. It was a mix between acting and real fear. I talked to Gale beforehand and I said, ‘Listen, don’t hold back. Really go for it.’ You don’t have to act that much when you’re being shoved underwater. I actually felt like I was running out of air, so that was all real. I hope it looks real.

Zap2it: After such an exhilarating experience, from the acting to the press attention and the fans, was it tough to say goodbye?

Hunter: Of course it was. Mostly because I became really close to both the cast and the crew. We became like a family, and I also just began to get used to the lifestyle of filming a TV show. Waking up at a certain time, doing certain things during the day, seeing certain people every morning. It was a little strange to break out of. I don’t want to complain about leaving, though, because I had such a fun time on set and I’m really grateful for getting to do those five episodes.

I found a more detailed article HERE also……

The Secret Circle S01 Episode 4 Recap is Up!

12 Oct

Season 1 episode 4 recap of the Secret Circle is now Up Here