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Merlins Adventures Continues… for Me

15 Jun

So for a while now i have been Watching the Adventures of Merlin over and over again. I thought something was seriously wrong with me that I enjoyed this show so much Suddenly it hit me, its not just Bradley James’ pretty face, though I do enjoy him as eye candy.

Turns out, I am literally starved for GOOD Wholesome viewing content!!  What I find that I enjoy about the show is the Principles and Ideals of the characters.  In our modern world this may seem unrealistic, prudish or old fashioned.  Dying for a kingdom or giving your life to save a friend isn’t something we regularly hear about.  I am not saying it doesn’t happen, because I am sure in real life it does in other countries more than America I think.

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Secret Circle – Wake Recap is Up

26 Oct

The recap for the Secret Circle’s Episode, WAKE, is Up, Here

The Secret Circle S01 Episode 4 Recap is Up!

12 Oct

Season 1 episode 4 recap of the Secret Circle is now Up Here

Episode 3 Secret Circle Recap is Up

5 Oct

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