Lying Game Episode 15 Recap Laurel Joins a Band

This episode begins with Emma talking to Sutton on the computer the way she used to do before they met. Emma is trying to get Sutton to focus on what happened last week with Annie Hobbs when Kristin comes in jabbering about Ethan and fevers or something. Sutton wants her to leave the room and she isn’t shy about basically saying that. Kristin assumes that Sutton is talking to Ethan but we all see that its Emma who is trying to hide just in case Kristin peeks her head around but luckily Kristin scurries away because it s not like Sutton wants her in the room.

Not much later, Sutton sees that Laurel is wearing the top she was looking for earlier and she yells at her about it Ok not yell but she is all why are you wearing my blouse? Of course we all know the sweet version of her, Emma, is the one that gave Laurel permission to wear it to begin with.

Sutton does tell Laurel that she is better off without Justin because he is not a good guy. Laurel and everyone agrees its time for her to move on. Sutton makes it clear that she isn’t really into the Laurel discussion by making a joke, “gold star for Laurel,” before she leaves. Oh my gosh she is so selfish if she isn’t the center of attention she doesn’t want to be involved.

At the cabin, Emma is telling Thayer and Ethan about how she almost got caught talking to Sutton earlier. They are concerned that it doesn’t happen again but Emma explains that the way that Sutton behaves will be the problem because she treats the parents so disrespectful.

Sutton hears them as she walks in the door.
Emma announces that they will need Thayer and Ethan’s help finding the birth mother. Suddenly Sutton says she isn’t ready to find the birth mother now because boo hoo she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again.

Emma mentions that Annie said they were still in danger. Whatever Annie knows has something to do with what happened to Sutton when she was almost drowned. There wasn’t any danger until they started searching for their birth mother, it involves the note, Annie Hobbs, the car and its all connected according to Ethan.

After the music plays we come back to see Mads on the phone with who we can only assume is Ryan. She gets off the phone as soon as she sees her father in the kitchen. Alec dutifully reminds her about mid terms though she really doesn’t seem interested but what teenager does.

Alec’s phone rings and Mads grabs the phone, “isn’t it too early to be talking to this Rebecca character,” she teases him. He actually seems to blush. Rebecca has phoned Alec to get tips on how to act and what to say at her club interview. REally? how important is this club? Basically Rebecca tells Alec she wants to join the club so badly to spend time with him. Yes that makes sense because he can’t be seen out unless he is at the club LOL.

Over at the cabin they rehash the situation about Annie Hobbs again this time they recall that she said the dark haired guy she saw was a snake. I like the way Emma just says whats on her mind. Despite Thayer’s feelings she insists that Derek is trading calls with Alec, she doesn’t think its a coincidence. Sutton all but cringes when Ethan kisses Emma; I think at this point Sutton would do anything to get back with her bad boy. Oh but its would NOT be out of love but a way to beat Emma and show that Ethan only loves her or is pretending to because she treated him badly.

Thayer stays behind with Emma as Sutton goes off to school with Ethan.

At school Mads talks to Ryan wearing a cute outfit but it looks too much like something you would wear to brunch at the club. I guess I gotta get used to them dressing so fancy for school. Ryan invites her to see a band on the next night though she is supposed to study. Across the courtyard Sutton sees them and looks angry/concerned/confused before she walks in their direction.

After Ryan walks away Mads asked Sutton to cover for her at the library the next night so she can go out with Ryan to see the band. Sutton hesitates to agree but instead insists Mads can do better. Mads asks if something else happen with Sutton and Ryan in ninth grade. Oh wait that was before Sutton stalled LOL switch that sentence around. Sutton finally does agree to be the alibi but looks weird as Mads walks away. What is with her? I know Ryan slept with her first is that it? Just because he was with her he has to be devoted to her even though she is hounding Ethan and supposedly seeing him.

In the halls Sutton sees Laurel kissing Justin even though earlier that morning Laurel claimed to be on to greener pastures. Laurel confesses she had been trying to sneak out to see Justin but it hadn’t worked so far they only see each other at school. Sutton tells her to LIE. I guess that is he answer to everything. We should keep that in MIND at all times. Oh then when Laurel says to her I thought lies were a thing of the pass Sutton says the past is the NEW Future LOL oh my gosh I can’t keep up LOL luckily I will keep trying Laurel says, “that makes no sense,” I am with you on that one Laurel. Sutton actually asks Laurel if she still trusts Justin, what does Sutton know about trust? or truth? Laurel says he loves me and she believes it but Mean Sutton tells her if you keep telling yourself that maybe you will believe it HUH??

Moving on, at the cabin, Thayer is playing on the xbox and losing from the sounds of it. Emma gives him some help then ends up playing against him. Thayer finds out that Emma has had twelve foster families; she learned not to get attached to people or things. Its weird that she calls the Mercer’s her foster family when they have no idea she isn’t Sutton. This is the kind of statement that makes me think that Emma might have some issues also we will see.

I know there has to be more to Emma then we have seen because so far she has been a bit too perfect. Think about if you had twelve foster families in less than seventeen years then you are not going to be the most stable person no matter how hard you try you will not be Emma the way she appears. I know maybe those families were mostly kind but why did she get moved? You have wonder what was going on ? WE know about Travis but they were not all like that I am sure.

Thayer apologizes to Emma for having accused her of hurting Sutton when she was missing, Emma immediately forgives him or so she says don’t worry about it. She does beat Thayer on Xbox while she is being nice to him.

Sutton complains to Ethan that because of Emma her teachers think she is going to Ace her mid terms. Well at least she has a second shot at doing a good job she should be happy.They are walking down the hall when they see Derek at his locker. He raises his hand to open the door and we see his snake tattoo.

After the break, Ethan chases Derek down the hall then holds him up against the wall, bad idea. He asks Derek where he was the night of Sutton’s party. Derek says he was home just before a teacher walks in the door telling them to get to class.

Sutton agrees to go with Ethan to talk to Derek again after fourth period, Sutton actually looks shaken for once.

At lunchtime, Justin tells Laurel he doesn’t like sneaking/hiding to see her but if that is the only way to see her then he has no choice.

Sutton and Ethan learn from Derek’s teacher that he went home early; so they miss their chance to talk to him again. Hmm so basically Derek lied so he wouldn’t have to see Ethan, smart move for him. Too bad our gang is persistent.

Over at the Greek Cafe, we see Rebecca on the phone trying to find out if Annie got back to the asylum okay. She pretends to be the nurse at the hospital which is so bogus because nurses have more work to do then to worry about ex patients. It’s not happening Rebecca go see for yourself; wait they might put you in there LOL. Kristin arrives on the scene distracted with Sutton troubles as Rebecca rambles on about getting into the club. Not a minute later, Alec joins them, Rebecca practically glows. He asks about her interview then goes on his way. Kristin looks totally stunned by his dropping by the table and I am sure Rebecca’s response to him was almost orgasmic LOL. “So you and Alec, I am so surprised after the way he treated you in high school,” Kristin says. You know she is really hung up on high school; has anyone noticed that she keep bringing it up. It seems to be stuck in her head. Rebecca says she is not the same girl as in high school and she thinks its a thrill to be back and turning heads. Kristin looks surprised again. Okay so what was Rebecca in high school? A slut? A Goth? A Cheerleader? A drug addict? What I want to know?? Rebecca leaves after telling Kristin to have a nice lunch.

Thayer, Sutton and Ethan go looking for Derek later in the day only to find his very amiable mother. Sutton gives her a story about them all being worried about Derek. They know him because he dated her friend then its been a while since they have seen him. His mother says a week ago his car broke down at the lake and he got a ride home with a cop. She assumed that when he came up in a cop car that Derek had been busted again. Ethan verifies that Dan was the one to pick Derek up that night.

After the break, they discuss the finding with Emma. Emma suggests that she switch back with Sutton so she can take her tests meanwhile Sutton goes with Ethan to find Derek and talk to Dan. If Sutton fails mid terms it could blow their cover so its just logic. Does anyone think that Emma was a bit to eager? Yeah I know she loves school but Sutton just goes because she has to go LOL.

Emma arrives in the garage and we see her putting on the bandaid. Inside the house Kristin and Ted discuss how to handle Sutton’s mood swings. Kristin wants to tell her how her behavior makes them feel but Ted thinks that is too touchy feely LOL typical guy.

Emma/Sutton walks in and Kristin decides to do the telling her how they feel thing. She says when Sutton is short with them it makes them feel disrespected, HEY I said that LOL. Kristin says it hurts her feelings, OH like we couldn’t tell that its not like she was hiding it. Emma apologizes but it probably just confused them considering Sutton’s recent attitude. Emma says she respects them both and Ted comments she has a funny way of showing it. Sutton confesses to being difficult sometimes and loving them so much.

I swear Kristin looked at her like she was an Alien LOL. She says she is lucky to have them as her parents she is sorry and her and Kristin hug it out while Ted doesn’t look very impressed. Emma’s hug with Ted doesn’t go quite as well maybe its because he is the great pretender himself.

Across town somewhere, Laurel is working on something at a karoake style bar when she sees Baz, from the event a couple of weeks back. They chat briefly about chords before Justin arrives he introduces himself as Laurel’s boyfriend. Now did he just walk in or was he not supposed to be seen in public with her? It is quite odd that Justin arrived only in time to take her home; we all know he cannot take her to the house. I imagine Laurel was a bit embarrassed and Baz totally is crushing on Laurel.

At Mads house Emma copies Mads notes but Mads looks at her oddly. Mads announces that Sutton has all A’s this semester which makes me think that maybe Mads is a slacker like Sutton. I don’t know why else it would be a big deal that even Alec is impressed. Mads uses this moment to asks Emma/Sutton if they are still on to study the next night. Emma had no idea of this arrangement so she asks her the time for the meet up Mads makes sure Alec hears them.

Ethan arrives home just in time to see Dan grilling out on the porch. Ethan wants to know why Dan gave Derek a ride home the night of Sutton’s party. Dan explains he saw the guy on the side of the road looking like a drowned rat. Dan reminds Ethan that when he and Sutton came up with their lies about the missing car that night that he was unable to pursue a possible connection with Derek and his mysterious appearance out by the lake. Ethan can’t give Dan any new information so he just walks away; so basically him and Emma blew their own case by LYING.

After the break, Thayer arrives at the cabin with Chinese for Sutton. She is on FB looking to see if Derek updated his status. He hasn’t logged in since yesterday they find before they scroll through his pictures making note he is really into cars. Thayer accuses Sutton of trying to use her time with Ethan to get him to fall for her again. Sutton thinks that Emma has gone back to her life so that she can prove she is better at being her than she is herself. Confused? LOL Thayer tells Sutton that all Emma wanted was a real family and that after its all over she should get to know her sister better because she could learn so much from her. Uh oh is Thayer falling for Emma?

The next day Dan takes it on himself to mention to Alec that maybe Derek had something to do with the Mercer car going missing. Alec says the case is closed but Dan tells him what he told Ethan before about picking up Derek that night. Alec suggest bringing Derek in is a waste of time because a confession is already on record for the incident. Hmm yeah but that can be overturned if its proved they confessors were lying, right?

In line with Ryan to see the band Mads confesses that her dad thinks she is with Sutton studying. According to her they cover for each other all the time. I never expected that from Mads I don’t know why but she seems so sweet and innocent to me. I guess trusting Sutton does make her innocent. Ryan asks if she can really trust Sutton and Mads says, “she is my best friend she would never rat me out.”

Meanwhile at the library, Emma/Sutton is waiting for Mads with no idea that Mads is not coming because Sutton forgot to mention that in the plan. I have to wonder if Sutton did that on purpose to keep Mads from being as close to Emma especially because Emma calls Mads house looking for her. I would NOT put it passed Sutton to have created that situation. Alec calls Rebecca to cancel their night because he is worried about Mads. See now how lies have domino effects.

Sutton with Ethan go over to the garage to confront Derek. He insists he was at home the night that her car went in the lake. Ethan throws him around for a minute but Derek doesn’t try to fight back. Derek does confess that what happened at the lake wasn’t as planned. He wasn’t suppose to hurt Sutton just take her to a parking lot. Sutton freaked out that was when the car went over. It was her over kill that caused her to go in the lake basically SO Typical of Sutton, DRAMA drama drama she was the one that almost got HERSELF killed. *shakes head* Why am I not surprised. Derek even says he was glad to see she was okay. Now I bet the reason is because Char dated Derek on Emma’s watch, Emma liked Derek whereas Sutton was in California at the time of course Derek had no idea of the difference he was doing what he was told to do.

Derek admits to panicking when he got out of the lake. Derek starts to get a bit wild when they ask him who told him to do what he did, he can’t tell them so he grabs the tire iron but then Ethan hits him with his fist. They see a car light from outside and get out as fast as they can, Derek is standing up when they leave he is very much alive.

After the break, Ethan gets stopped by a local cop, Harry who tells him he has a tail light out. Harry notices that Ethan’s hand is injured and Ethan lies about hurting while working on his bike. Harry lets them go with no worries. Sutton looks relieved. You know they didn’t do anything wrong except have a fight and run but they did learn somethings I guess that is why they are upset. They learned that Derek was hired to grab Sutton from an unnamed person.

Alec is returning to his house when Rebecca arrives with a bag of food. She quieres him on the fact that he has said he was staying home. Stalker much? She just showed up without being inviting which is forward even for her. Alec lies with “I was getting something out of my car.” Yes right he was either stalking Mads or taking care of Derek since Dan brought him up earlier. I would guess it was the second one because he has NO idea where Mads might be. Did you notice he went to the bathroom or in the other room as soon as he gets in the house maybe to check to see if he has blood on him anywhere.

In the house they discuss how Mads has changed over the years and he doesn’t know what to think. Really because she is a girl and a teen so give her a break. Especially the two of them who have such a horrid past from what we have heard. Becca suggests that Mads is at the mall or at the movies there is no reason to think she is lying in a ditch somewhere. Oh yeah if she is with Sutton it would be possible considering last time but she isn’t with Sutton or even Emma LOL. Blah Blah Becca tells him he is a terrific father, right she has been back in his life what like two weeks she has no idea unless she has been stalking him for a while LOL. Does anyone else think she is trying too hard to get on Alec’s good side. I think she might be setting him up to TAKE Him down or to marry him for his money. I don’t think she has come back to start over at all but to try to make a relationship using their past as a reference.

Rebecca wonders what it would have been like to have kids of her own then she tells him that she never blamed him for that?? For what? The abortion? The adoption? What? For the Rape? From the start I thought that Ted and Alec raped Rebecca or whoever the girls mother really is then made her give them up with some type of blackmail scheme. Am I the only one that thought that?? WE know they were bad boys in school maybe did drugs and too many girls. Alec just stares at her.

Over at Laurels’ she is praticing/working on a song with musician guy, Baz aka Adam Brooks.

Emma arrives a few minutes later all excited to see Laurel with Baz playing. She thinks they are great together she also gets excited about Laurel news that she will be in his band. Laurel shares that its the perfect excuse for her to go out to see Justin during the week. Emma asks if that is a good idea but of course Laurel reminds her she said she should lie.

Emma sits down to talk to Ted and everything is easy breezy until he asks to see the cut. She has to go all out Sutton on him to keep him from looking at it. “I said its fine,” she says before she leaves the room. Kristin comes down at that time, “and she’s back,” Ted says to Kristin who wonders what is up. “I went to check Angel Sutton’s cut and Devil Sutton threw a fit,” Ted says. Ted is sure that whatever happened between Kristin and Sutton the day before was a fluke LOL.

Mads arrives home to find Alec on the sofa with Rebecca but what is more disturbing is she finds out that Sutton/Emma ratted her out. Mads confesses that she was able to see one of her favorite bands because Ryan got tickets. Rebecca adds that she was lucky to go see them but soon shuts up when Alec gives her the look. Alec sends Mads to her room and Rebecca home. Rebecca offers to help him clean up but she looks oddly at the wine glass hmm.

Inside her room Emma talks to Ethan about what has been going on with the Derek thing. She ices his hand down though it must have been something he brought with him because she basically ran to her room. Emma suggests that Ethan go with Sutton to check on Derek the next day.

The next morning the cops are at the auto shop where Derek worked and they think that he was killed in a drug deal gone wrong. OH OH that means there must have been some drugs on the scene? Only someone like a lawyer or actual drug deal person can have that type of stuff lying around to set Ethan up. Poor Derek all he did was what he was told to do *is sad* he was trying to stay clean. Dan recognizes Derek right away as the guy he picked up that night.

After the break, Harry tells Dan about stopping Ethan the night before with a bloody hand. He gives Dan an hour to go talk to Ethan to see what happened to him. It’s obvious that Dan has a bad feeling about Derek’s death.

Emma/Sutton approached Mads at school to find out why she never came to the library. Mads is all you know what you did you planned it this way. I guess she thinks it was about getting at her for going out with Ryan. Well I see how these besties really get along. Emma tells her she has no idea what she is talking about which is odd for Emma she usually goes with the flow. This is another reason I am starting to wonder about her stability. Has anyone ever seen Emma NOT cover for Sutton??? Mads walks away after telling her thanks alot she is grounded for a week. I am surprised its just a week considering mid terms.

At Dan’s he breaks the bad news to Ethan after Ethan tells him about last nights fight with Derek. Derek tells him he has to leave town because of his record he would never have a fair shot at a trial. Yes Dan knows that Alec would totally go after his brother or have him in slavery like he did poor Derek. Dan gives him money and a hug then tells him to go NOW don’t stop don’t talk to anyone just go. Dan promises to find the murder but Ethan has to lay low. I am sooooo glad that Dan believed him it gave me chills. Way to go Christopher!! Oh that reminds me today is my Christopher’s birthday, Happy Birthday Christopher Ryan my child. Ethan knows if Dan can’t find the killer than he can never return; that is deep.

Dan calls Alec as soon as Ethan leaves and we see Thayer in Alec’s office just watching him. I hope he can see how shady his dad is soon. Dan lies to Alec about Ethan by saying he has not seen him since last night. Alec tells Thayer about Derek’s death and that Ethan might be involved. Thayer says no way Ethan did it.

At the cabin, Ethan argues with Sutton about switching back with Emma so they can go. She is so freaking selfish she just doesn’t want to be alone or without Ethan basically its all about her not about him NOT going to prison good grief. Thayer shows up and they all leave together.

At the school Ethan rushes in to find Emma so she can switch with Sutton but inside Emma falls trying to run in her high heels and Ethan hides as she distracts the cop who helps her out. Ethan runs out the other way during the distraction because Emma told him to GO! Emma tries to go finish taking her exams but the cop wants her to go to the stations.

Outside Ethan has to leave with a stubborn Sutton while Thayer gets out of the car.

In other news, Rebecca, the crazy version is shopping for wedding rings; what is she twelve?

Great Episode, please leave comments !!


  1. And the episodes just keep getting better! Alexandra Chando is so great at playing two different characters. I love watching her acting as the completely self-absorbed, haughty, bitchy Sutton.

    I so agree with you on the outfit Mads was wearing. Immediately when I saw it I thought it aged her about ten years. What high schooler wears that? I don’t care how rich they are, a teenager would never wear that outfit to school.

    Poor Dereck. He didn’t deserve to die.

    • Hey Ash, thanks for stopping by 🙂 *waves* Yes the whole outfit that Mads wore was totally something for someone older but most especially not for school. I mean it was cute on here but don’t think you would be putting it on after playing volleyball in the gym LOL wardrobe FAIL!

      I do LOVE to HATE Sutton she is such annoyingly selfish, its just over the top but Alexandra is doing a great Job at it. So what did you think my Emma theories? Is it about time for her to have a personality break down? LOL I do hope but those incidents that I mentioned did show some signs.

      Have a Great Weekend

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