Lying Game Episode 18 recap Phoenix Most Wanted Man, Ethan

This week we start out with the cops/fbi bringing in America’s Most Wanted Teenager, our local Phoenix Bad Boy, Ethan Whitehorse. Ethan sees Emma and because of his time with Sutton he looks downtrodden and guilty. Emma tells him she loves him but he does not reply as they continue to direct him inside the Scottsdale police station.

Meanwhile Rebecca watches the news showing this very event. She looks thoughtfully at the proceedings.

The theme music seems to play early this time not sure why I guess it’s a jammed packed night on the show.

They book Ethan with Dan watching near by. Dan gives Ethan a pep talk and the first thing Ethan asks him about is Emma/Sutton. Dan says he had her wrong she has been a “Rock”, Yes because It’s NOT Sutton. You know it would Behoove Ethan to keep in mind that Sutton is capable of ANY and ALL LIES he should know them apart by now…….*spoiler for later*

Outside of the station Alec is trying to make everything fall in order for his bid for some office or another. HE assures everyone he will have Ethan tried as an adult because the crime was murder. He just sickens me. His lying tongue is going get twisted. *more spoilers LOL*

Let me just stop and say I was a bit emotional in parts of this episode; I know it’s just a SHOW but when you watch shows you can get emotionally involved. It happens, just so you know. Alec also insists that Ethan will not get bail and he himself will not be involved in the case but his office will. OH and get this Alec admits that Derek was a friend of his…..really? Why would Derek have been a friend of the D. A. Is anyone listening to this man. It’s like saying hey he was my drug dealer or my stool pigeon either way it’s not something he should admit too.

At school Emma who is still wearing that white trench coat is wondering why everyone is staring as she walks in with Laurel. Looks like everyone who has a pulse knows about Ethan and Emma/Sutton; big surprise it was on the television get over it move on.

Baz tells Laurel in the hallway that they have an opportunity to play at Coachella. Luckily I know what Coachella is so let me share. I totally want to go to this two-week street musical and arts festival in California.

Emma meets up with Mads who tells her that Thayer is on the way to pick up Sutton at the reservation. I want to know why suddenly she called Thayer when Ethan was gone; I have to wonder if she didn’t turn him in so she could get back to civilization, though I still think that lady visitor turned him in. I had another thought too, the night that Ben talked to Dan someone might have been listening outside his place, someone working for Alec.

Inside the barn Thayer tries to talk to Ben after thanking him for coffee but Ben isn’t real friendly. Sutton comes in trying to show Ben some photos she took to remember the Visit. He makes a point that I watched my son dragged off in handcuffs for murder I think I can remember the visit. Sutton then goes to get her stuff. Duh Sutton this wasn’t vacation.

Thayer tells Ben that Ethan is innocent but Ben thinks innocent men don’t run. Thayer points out that Ethan was framed. Somewhere along the way Ben tells Thayer that he is innocent if he thinks that Sutton is NOT Ethan’s girlfriend. Ruh Roh, so Thayer knows something is going on with them now will he make a move on Emma again?

Sutton actually hugs Ben then he tells her to tell Ethan to be strong and he is welcome back home anytime her also. She really has him fooled. She almost fooled me with that hug.

After the break, we find Dan having a shoot out with some bottles at his trailer. Emma drives up and rails him out for not doing something more constructive like helping out Ethan. Dan doesn’t have any money but he thinks he might know someone to help Ethan that isn’t involved with Alec like Ethan’s current court appointed attorney.

Stuck on the road between the reservation and home Thayer repairs a flat on his Mini Car while Sutton waits. Every other word he says is Emma this and Emma that which annoys Sutton LOL. She tries to make Thayer believe that being at the ranch/reservation made her re-examine things.

Yeah I look GOOD, just like when I was on GH, I miss that show!!

Later that night, Dan meets up with his ex-girlfriend/lawyer friend to tell her that Ethan is the guy on trial for murder that is such a big deal in the news, basically. She is surprised to hear this but how can you know about a case and not even have heard who the suspect is?? Wait I will answer; YOU CAN’T especially in the town where your EX Beau lives and you know he loves you still LOL

Anyway, over at the cabin Sutton arrives all upset that she has to be in hiding again. UH huh I bet she is missing the reservation now. She just wanted to be near the action so she can cause trouble or she would have stayed in hiding. Thayer leaves Mads with Sutton who is not that happy to see her ex bestie. Mads is hurt that Sutton never told her she had a twin and about the whole hitting on Ryan thing. Mads says that Emma is a friend for life and she can’t say the same for Sutton. OUCH, that’s gotta hurt but its what Sutton deserves. Mads then leaves too. I can totally get that because how many times did Mads get screwed over because Sutton and Emma had switched places and had no idea what she was talking about?

Emma/Sutton finally arrives home late and Ted is all over her about being on tv when Ethan was brought in and being at the jail trying to see Ethan. HE basically doesn’t want her associated with the trial but she wants to be there for Ethan. Kristin tries to be less judgmental but Ted just talks right over her. Laurel is sent up to bed after she defends Ethan. Emma insists that people are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY, then she goes off to bed ignoring their protests. Emma hears Ted arguing with Kristin before she gets to her room; she looks surprised.

Here is another moment where I have to wonder about her mental capacity; to her fighting is BAD even in the case of a couple. She really has had a messed up life.

At the jail the court appointed attorney talks to Ethan about what happened on that faithful night. Theresa Lopez, Dan’s ex arrives to take over Ethan’s case. She knows him from years ago and though Ethan is surprised to see her he willingly fires the other guy LOL.

The next morning at the trailer,Theresa is there with everyone: Sutton/Emma, Thayer, Mads and Dan. She shares that she is on their team and needs to know all that they know. Emma tells her about what the Frat guy/pledge said and suddenly Mads is all upset. She has to know in her heart that her dad is a bad guy but its hard for her to admit it.

At school, Sutton/Emma tells Laurel that Theresa lost all her confidence as soon as she found out that Alec might be a suspect. Emma gets all nervous even talking about it in the hallways; Laurel can’t believe that Sutton/Emma thinks that Alec has anything to do with it. Laurel says he might even be their godfather or something. Laurel is easily distracted from the topic by a note on her locker which is obviously from Baz asking about the Coachella thing. Laurel then asks Sutton/Emma if she is going to confront Alec but she is unsure since it didnt’ work for Thayer.

Emma/Sutton chooses to go to Rebecca for help. She tells hear about the pledge guys story but that also she feels it in her gut that the guy is not lying. I got chills when Emma said that she loved Ethan more than anything in the world even after Becca warns her if she is wrong about Alec it could ruin his career. However I am not sure about trusting Becca she seems to have her own agenda. I think she wants the Rybak name or to just take down Alec not sure yet. Becca decides to help Sutton/Emma she promised her to make sure it works out.

Thayer with Emma meet up with Theresa with evidence against Alec including phone records, descriptions of his clothing the night of the murder and such. Theresa says if she had known that to get Ethan off she had to bring down the D. A. she might have run away from the case. Omg but why if he is in the wrong then he NEEDS to be brought down. Emma says if she can’t help Ethan then they need a better lawyer; you tell her girl YAHOO. Theresa is all I am the best, yeah but you SCARED!! Theresa gives Emma a personal message from Ethan: he is counting the minutes till he cans see her again. Theresa says she understand she felt the same for Danny, Dan, Ethan’s brother was her LOVE!! “You aren’t the first person to fall under the Whitehorse Spell.” Theresa is going to try to get Emma/Sutton a minute alone with Ethan.

That night dinner time at the house is another fight with TEd and Kristin. Laurel tries to calm them saying that Sutton/Emma will be home soon. Ted just wants to fight I think; he knows he has done so much wrong that he can’t even discuss it just comes out this way. He even tells Laurel to stop covering for her but they know where she is so what does it matter what Laurel has to say. These people need to spend LESS time thinking about what others have to say and move on just being themselves.

Laurel chooses this time to ask about going to Coachella but as she suspected it’s immediately put down as a NO way Hosea idea.

At dinner that night Becca listens to Alec go on and on about work stuff as she drinks her wine. Alec tells her that Ethan is a bad egg and always has been one after she asks if he is concerned of having the wrong guy. She says even so it doesn’t make him a murderer.

Ah just in time Rebecca’s plan goes into effect; a waiter delivers a note to her table it says, Dont’ Trust Your Date, on it. Alec just balls it up and throws the note on the table, he says its silly. She asks him if it upset him but it does NOT. I hope you got more up your sleeve Becca. A long list of people might say something about him; Alec works with the dregs of society according to him. He has a steamer trunk full of hate mail. Becca wants to know if maybe it has something to do with his current case. They decide to leave before either of them says something they might regret since she mentions that he was a bit quick to accuse Ethan, not sure I totally understood what happened. I know she is baiting him though.

At the cabin, Emma tells Sutton how crazy it is at the house. If she were to return they might ship her off to boarding school because of the whole Ethan thing. Sutton is not in a hurry to wear a uniform so she decides to wait till after the trial.

Sutton rambles on about the peaceful/spiritualness of the ranch aka reservation where she was with Ethan. She says he always talked about how much Emma would like it. Her idea of trying to make Emma feel better or feel jealous not sure.

Emma gets the parents are looking for you text from Laurel about the atmosphere at home;then she goes to put her plate away only to miss the text from Theresa telling her she can meet up with Ethan at ten that night I guess. Sutton DOES see the TEXT. Sutton replies Yes to the text but also deletes the message so Emma never does get to see it.

Emma meets up with Mads after she leaves Sutton so I don’t know really what happened earlier if it was Laurel or Mads. Anyway she actually tries to tell Mads that maybe Sutton is changing but its obvious that Emma is an INNOCENT if she believes that. If she has only knew how PSYCHO crazy Sutton was she might have just stayed in Vegas with Pervy Travis.

You know though as Emma is looking a her phone seeing there are NO messages shouldn’t she have at least had a message from her text from LAUREL, maybe she will remember that later in the next episode or am I too detailed LOL.

Meanwhile at the jailhouse, Sutton arrives pretending to be EMMA to see Ethan……..this part I hate soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. How can she treat he sister so badly? her own flesh and blood? Oh and Ethan who she claims to love?? ON the other hand, surely maybe even Theresa had to notice a difference even though Sutton tries to act all DEMURE the way she thinks that Emma behaves.

Theresa makes an excuse to leave Sutton alone with Ethan, obviously it was part of the ploy to give them a minute alone.

Ethan confesses to having kissed Sutton and how much he just wanted to be with her/Emma not Sutton. Ethan goes on about how SICK he feels about what almost happened. He even says that SUTTON means nothing to HIM. Oh I bet it made SUTTON Sick to hear him be so against what they almost did that is whys she lies to him saying that Emma slept with Thayer. DAMN that was just EVIL; Ethan looks sad/sick/disgusted.

I do think he will get over it but it could be a while though everyone would know its not true; everyone who has met EMMA know she loves Ethan even Theresa and Rebecca.

After the break, Emma apologizes to Ted and Kristin because in her mind the arguing/fighting was about her. They say Blah Blah couples fight and it’s not you fault we were being annoying. They even tell her they are willing to go to court with her and assume Ethan is innocent. Emma says that she hopes she and Ethan have a good a relationship as them LOL yeah right she has no idea. Kristin just turned around at that thought.

At school, Emma/Sutton shares the news with Laurel because she thinks things are all better know she has no idea what is coming next. Laurel finds it odd they changed their mind.

IN the hallway, Laurel tells Baz that she can go to Coachella. Odd I gotta feeling that Laurel is lying I can’t see them changing their minds on that but I get the feeling she figures if they volunteered to go to court with Sutton then maybe the will change their minds eventually. Baz says he plans to be a gentleman while they are away.

ON the way to breakfast, or from breakfast we see Becca with Alec holding her phone. I found that odd but I figured she was still working on her plan. Suddenly, of course, she gets a text she lies at first saying it’s about a shoe sale but Alec takes the phone only to find a picture of himself holding a tire iron about to hit Derek. The message: looks like the got the wrong guy. Alec looks stunned as does Becca.

After the break, supposedly Becca has tried to find where the message came from but it’s not working. Alec is all flustered then he comments that someone is playing him also that Dan isn’t smart enough. Becca looks at him strangely then like why would he feel that way. She knows he is dirty I know she knows it. She asks him why he never told her he was at the scene of the crime. HE is all you never asked I didn’t want to muddy the investigation.

According to Alec, Derek had texted him several times that day but on his arrival Derek denied sending him texts at all. Derek told Alec supposedly that Ethan has attacked him that afternoon but Alec only grabbed him by the shirt then told him to knock it off. Hmmm doubtful right. Becca is like okay then why you holding the tire iron in the picture? Then Alec changes his story, he says he took the tire iron from Derek, hmm but a minute ago Ethan had already been there earlier. Alec wants to know how anyone even knows about the tire iron it wasn’t released to the public. Becca wants to know if they can just call the police about it but Alec isn’t wanting to do that. She finally asks him if he killed Derek.

At the courthouse Becca sees Emma/Sutton and tells her that things have a way of working themselves out, wait long enough and your day will come. Oh baby I think Emma will need Rebecca again when she turns on SUTTON!!!

IN the court room they dismiss the case do to insufficient evidence; Ethan is happy but he can’t even look at Emma. That stupid SUTTON just screwed up everything. Emma is heart-broken after all she went through. No one has any idea including Dan, Mads, and Thayer as to why Ethan didn’t say one word to Emma.

Kristin tries to make Emma/Sutton feel better that night but she hasn’t a clue then Sutton shows up. Sutton lies to EMMA about Ethan sleeping with her. Now she has lied to them both……..boy her judgment day better be a GOOD ONE you hear me WRITERS !!

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