Lying Game Recap Episode 13 Who is that Girl

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This episode began where the last one ended; that is Sutton showing up very much alive. They argue amongst themselves for several moments before she shows them the wound on her head. She says someone did try to kill her.

Then the theme music comes up have you ever listened to the words?
You can see them singing it below.

Back to the episode, they take Sutton to the cabin for safe keeping for the time being. They finally get the story of the night she disappeared from her. She was grabbed from her back seat before going in the water but she didn’t see who it was. She also tells them that Annie Hobbs saved her life. Okay now we are back to Annie Hobbs but I totally think Rebecca/Annie Sewell is Annie Hobbs alternate ego. It also could be why Sutton is such a raging psycho sometimes because her mother was off in the head. I think the key is to keep watching Rebecca/Annie Sewell because her moments of clarity might be random.

At the house Kristin asks Ted why he was at the club earlier only for him to move passed the explanation with a “oh just talking to Alec for a minute,” which we all know is never a good thing. He moves the conversation easily toward discussing Laurel and her heartbreak. He then asks Kristin about Rebecca because we all know her being at his house made him very nervous. He finds it odd that Rebecca went to Kristin to chat and Kristin looks at him suspiciously. She tells him Rebecca wanted to talk to someone about the Char and Phyllis situation. Ted thinks it odd since they barely know each other but really Rebecca is new in town and her connection to Kristin is through her old pals Ted and Alec. Kristin informs him that Rebecca is helping with the weeks random party since Phyllis usually helps. It’s some sort of ballet benefit. I am glad that Kristin is finally getting suspicious about her husband’s behavior and attitudes around certain people.

At the cabin, Sutton says she doesn’t remember the crash but the next thing she knew she woke up in a motel room. Annie was the one that helped her with the motel and feeding her because she saw the crash after following the car Sutton was driving. Annie also got her out of the water and was the one to see a dark-haired guy swim to shore after the car was in the water.

Now this leads me to believe that Annie at least in her right mind knows that Emma is the twin or at least pretending to be Sutton but she is keeping her mouth shut for now. Have you noticed the way she looks at Emma when she is with Mads and Char or just alone?? If she is Annie Hobbs that I believe her to be then she is setting them all up. Oh and the person in the back set with the dark hair could only be Alec’s flunky, Derek. He was the one surprised to see Emma/Sutton at school last week.

Sutton insists that they are all in danger because of the note they showed her at the house. She tells them where to find Annie to prove her story. It’s the Range Creek Motel room 134. Sutton tells them Annie was fine until she told her she was leaving; she says she flipped out and turned into another person. Yep, multiple personality disorder; I knew it. Sutton had to wait till Annie was asleep to actually leave to go to Emma.

Sutton sends Emma back to the house to keep being her while the guys go with her to check her motel alibi with Annie.

At the motel the room is empty even though Sutton does have the key. Of course that only proves she paid for a room not that she stayed there or that Annie was with her or that Annie helped her at all. There is not evidence of anyone ever being in the room. Ethan and Thayer are skeptical LOL of Sutton’s story. Thayer volunteers to check the front desk to see if anyone saw anything while Ethan waits with Sutton. Sutton does try to apologize for putting a strain on Emma being with Ethan but he doesn’t believe it’s a real apology.

After the break, we find out the desk clerk only remembers Sutton because he thought she was cute but no recollection of a woman being with her. Now I would say it might be because he saw her around the motel maybe he didn’t connect her with Annie if they were not together but we will see who is lying soon.

Emma goes back to the house only to be pulled into a pity party with Laurel. They bond for a few minutes as Emma listens to Laurel while she wonders aloud how she thought she would work out with Justin since their relationship started on a lie. He told her lies about his family and it just never got better. Laurel suggests Emma/Sutton help her still his car to put in the lake but Emma declines with a smile. Ahh so sweet, girl bonding.

Sutton tries to convince Ethan at the hotel that she is a changed person because of her almost dying LOL Ethan isn’t buying it but he listens a bit closer as she says she just wants to be friends. Watch out for this girl she’s got a gun for a tongue comes to mind LOL Moments later Thayer arrives with the bad news about the clerk not seeing Annie.

Emma starts freaking out after Ethan gives her the news because she thinks that Sutton is telling her version of the truth which might be true but either way someone is willing to kill to keep them quiet. Yep she has a point but freaking out does not help at all.

Ethan allows Sutton to stay at his place since Dan is out-of-town despite the fact that Emma doesn’t agree with the decision. Actually except for the cabin that was the only logical location otherwise there is no way to explain a none existent twin.

Sutton gets comfy at Ethan’s real fast or tries to. She mentions its odd that she has never spent the night at his place; he reminds her it was only because she never wanted to basically. We see at this point that he is bitter about that now. Keep in mind Ethan is from the wrong side of the tracks from Sutton’s ritzy life.

The next morning Sutton finds Thayer outside cooking her breakfast plus he bought her a prepaid phone and other supplies. It’s funny for a minute I wondered why Thayer was not at school but I guess he is in college despite is young look. He reminds Sutton she needs to stay inside and not talk to anyone LOL like she is three right? Despite their past together he is still willing to be there for her in her time of need it seems. Sutton has this look on her face like she is just ready to get in more trouble though unless I am imagining it.

Oddly enough Alec arrives with Ted while Rebecca is with Kristin at the house working on centerpieces for the benefit. Ted kind of rolls his eyes when he sees her at his house again and Alec comments that he is seeing Rebecca everywhere. Obvious much? Kristin tells the guys that Rebecca plans to ask a couple local musicians she has heard about to play at the benefit. I never expected her to have any friends since she has been in an asylum? Now I am confused is this really another person or is she just finding a good way to meet people.

Rebecca’s phone rings then she Rebecca wanders off to take a call then sees Laurel doing some singing. She is trying to seem so cultured and friendly not the same woman we say at the asylum at all although I will never forget how LUCID she was when she talked to Alec that time.

Next thing we are back at the trailer park and the twins are having lunch. Thayer rushes over to show them that he was able to show them footage from the place across from the motels; they let him access their surveillance camera. They see that Annie or at least a dark-haired woman drove up and got out the car with Sutton. Sutton feels vindicated by this while the others just look at her. The woman’s face isn’t clear but to me it looks like Annie Sewell.

At school Mads tells Emma/Sutton that she talked to Char and she is doing well so far with her father he even wants to by her a pony which Char is considering LOL. They see this guy named Ryan Harwell in the hallway just before He walks over to try to speak with Mads. He is back because he was kicked out of boarding school; Mads seems amused by the tale of him putting a hammerhead shark in the pool. LOL he warns her that he has all year to keep asking her out on a second date with him. Of course in the old days, Emma didn’t like Ryan and Mads finds it odd that Emma/Sutton suggests that maybe he has changed. Mads is doubtful of that. I suppose that since all these people have their own issues they don’t think that Emma/Sutton is acting odd or different.

In the halls of school Ethan informs Emma that Dan is coming back from his trip a day early so Sutton has to leave. Emma hopes that Sutton doesn’t do anything stupid since she is not answering her new phone.

Meanwhile Sutton has arrived at the house of her family and walks in looking ready to start trouble. She can hear her mother in the other room but she looks out just in time to see Kristin leave the house. She takes the time to alone to read magazines, give herself a pedicure, go through her wardrobe/jewelry and give herself a facial all before a knock on the door. It’s a good thing she is wearing a towel on her hair to cover the scar on her head because her mother walks in a while later asking why she is home. Kristin tries to check her temperature after Sutton lies to her by saying she was feeling sick at school but Sutton tells her angrily not to touch her. See here another example of random behavior and just so you know she NEVER does apologize for it.

Emma sneaks in as Kristin is telling Sutton to never speak to her that way again no matter how she is feeling before she leaves the room all hurt. Now of all people this woman has to know that something is going on. Kristin is the one that has had the most run ins with Sutton and Emma since she showed up in town.

Emma comes in the room after Kristin leaves to rant to Sutton that she should not talk to Kristin the way that she did. She almost says that Sutton didn’t deserve the life she has gotten but she stops short. Sutton tells her that sooner or later she is going to take her life back but she tells Emma that she wants them to be sisters in real life too but we can see Emma doesn’t really believe it as Sutton hugs her.

After the break, Emma is dressing to go to the benefit while Sutton bugs her about getting the wrong coffee because she can taste the caffienne. Sutton promises to be a good girl while Emma goes to the benefit but her look says different I don’t trust her at all. I have to wonder if she didn’t send the note just to freak them out then got bored and decided to show up anyway as party of a lying game. Okay I know we saw the video its gotta be Alec doing this crazy stuff but Annie/Rebecca is undoing it in her own way I think like going around helping Sutton but not telling anyone.

Ok I am going to say it; the Ryan guy looks look like a counterfeit Robert Pattinson, except his darker skin and high hair LOL. He talks to Mads at the benefit as he sees her bidding on ballet tickets. This is the first time I have disliked a British accent in ages he is just boring. It’s too bad that Mads is falling for his charm; we can tell by the smirk on her face as she walks away from him trying to be charming.

Laurel shows up with Emma and at the benefit. Laurel walks in all pouty mouth, sees Justin and is ready to leave again. Come on girl where is your Power? Emma convinces her to stay.

Back at the house, Sutton is getting dressed in the sparkly dress she recommended that Emma should wear, now why would she do that to stay around the house. So what was the whole deal about her staying behind just so she could go over to cabin later and to keep hiding? I totally think she is playing them all. She hears a noise and sees a shadow before she runs into the door in the room on her way out of the house. Now my guess is this person was Derek trying to see what is up. On the other hand this person had a key which may mean nothing who has keys ? Looking at the shadow they showed us it had to be a guy.

Rebecca claims she was asked out by a server as she talks to Laurel at the party. I found this odd because more than likely a server at a party would not feel free to ask a rich person to go out, right? Laurel tells her that some of the musicians she knows from her school; she really enjoys their music. Rebecca knows the band because they recorded their EP at her friends studio. She tells Laurel that she saw her rehearsing a few days before and thinks she is a musical talent herself. Rebecca wants to know why no one has recorded Laurel so far. Laurel confesses to being shy of crowds before Rebecca calls her selfish for keeping the talent to herself.

Thayer gets a text from Sutton about the break in with a demand that he meet her outside NOW. This girl is a trip. Why couldn’t she just get in the car, drive around and call Thayer from somewhere not near Emma? No because she really just wants her life back that is why.

Thayer meets her outside but he tries to get her away from the benefit. He covers her outfit with his coat but they don’t make it to the car because Kristin sees them leaving. They try to ignore her but she insists because she wants to make sure Sutton is okay you know earlier she was ill LOL. Thayer tries to answer for Sutton but Kristin just won’t leave them alone. She even asks Sutton if she has been drinking an odd question except that earlier Sutton yelled at her UGH!! Kristin asks straight out for her to turn around so she can see that she is okay. Thayer is like shaking his head don’t do it but I don’t know I think at this point Sutton is ready to just ready to play more games. Of course she turns around and Kristin sees the bloody forehead right away. Sutton smirks like YOU wanted to see me. Seriously evil twin I tell YOU!! “Oh my God,” says Kristin. Sutton insists she if fine she jut fell and hit her head. Wait now Ethan is inside with Emma and how they going to cover that up with all the people inside seeing them?? Oh wait the text that they didn’t show us earlier was on Emma’s phone maybe Sutton told her to get out of the room.

After the break, Ted is cleaning up Sutton’s cut. She claims she tripped on the curve as she was on the way to the car to get a lipstick. Interesting story I guess it’s better than the truth. She leaves right away but Kristin and Ted look like they know she is lying about the cut.

Somewhere else she meets up with Emma with Ethan and tells her they need to switch clothes because of the incident. Emma is hesitant and Sutton is all “we knew it the charade had to end sometime right?” She really is taking advantage of the moment to make Emma feel like the odd one out.

Inside Laurel is trying to leave to go home when the announcer asks her to come on stage to help them with the next music number. How could she say NO? Of course she didn’t LOL. I give it to her I like her singing maybe better than the acting LOL.

Alec goes over to talk with Rebecca and finds out she was the one that knew of Laurel’s talent; well she heard her sing and told someone but I guess she has the ear. Now I cannot reconcile this with the crazy Annie from before?? Still confused on that but the dress she is wearing is more confusing. I mean she is overly top-heavy so her skinny close to the head hairdo makes her head look too small. Is it just me. anyways she says she is just grateful to be able to start over. Alec says he likes the song and then she teases him about asking her to dance. It’s kinda cute if I didn’t think Alec was evil and Rebecca psycho. Did you notice that Sutton didn’t get to see Rebecca YET so we don’t know if she is her Annie. However at some point there was an Annie flashback I think it was at the beginning but it was quick but it showed the original Annie Hobbs at least the back of her head.

Over at the silent auction; Ryan puts in a five hundred-dollar bid for the tickets that Mad wants; she is standing by the table watching it and is angry to see his bid. She asks him to cross it out LOL. She has been waiting all night to win it, she says that throwing around his daddy’s money just makes people feel sorry for him. You know she doesn’t have her own money either its her Daddy’s LOL.

At the house Emma talks to Ethan about being herself again; she says she got out with what she needed I assume that means him. Ok I can see it now; Sutton comes back into the picture and freaks out that Mads even talked to the Ryan guy LOL I wonder will Mads even notice the change of heart in Sutton then? Someone has to catch on besides Ethan and Thayer.

After the break, over at the Rybecks Mads is surprised to find that Ryan had bought the tickets for her. He had them delivered in a pizza which I believe is quite Unsanitary LOL. He happens to call right after she sees the tickets which is just to timely and lame really. He kind of apologizes for being rude and impatient. Ryan agrees to go with her as friends ONLY to the ballet. He of course talked to her as he is driving down the road in his fancy car.

Over at the club, Laurel demands that Justin to tell her the truth or get the Hell out of her life. HE starts off with Your Dad killed my MOM…..not a smart move dude. So here is the incident: His mother went in for a simple appendix surgery but half way through the surgery Ted got distracted and botched it or Justin has heard from the other doctors. So Ted couldn’t be bothered to finish the surgery he just left it for an intern to do. The hospital settle out of court quickly and Justin’s dad became an alcoholic. Justin came to Phoenix to get revenge on Ted. His name isn’t even Justin Miller, big shock, NOT! Poor Laurel she knows how to pick them. Justin still wants to be with her but after everything she heard she is done with him.

Inside the club Rebecca is flirting with Alec as he tries to apologize for being a bully all those years ago. She says she only wants to move forward and not worry about the past. Hmmm if only right?

Meanwhile at the house, Sutton lies to Ted about having gotten the head wound that night. He can tell by the healing pattern she has had it for a couple of days. She says she just heals quickly. Ted asks for some of the cake she is eating and she makes a comment about him looking a little thicker than she recalls, Um….oops. WE see Emma in the background outside the glass door as she leaves the house.

Now I think she is only going somewhere to hide out like the cabin right ? Not leaving town? If she is leaving town then its with Ethan I assume but of course Sutton will NEED her again later when she gets bored of home life again. I have a bad feeling that Emma might be in danger outside that house; remember the note? Oh and if crazy Annie is on the prowl then she might grab up Emma by mistake. I can’t wait to see what is next.

Anyway interesting Episode, pls leave comments.

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