Lying Game Recap Episode 17 Ben Confesses

Lying Game Lovers, OH my gosh it was so funny that I had actually forgotten about the big reveal from the end of last episode. I almost squealed in excitement as I saw it again.

This episode begins with Emma and the Rybak duo outside talking about her identity as well as what has been happening since she arrived in town. Mads is shocked that Emma had been playing Sutton but she exclaims it explains so much, understatement of the year right LOL She wonders aloud if Emma can trust Sutton away with Ethan.

Speaking of Ethan he finally talks with Ben in the barn, its agreed they will try to stay out of each others way for the next week while he is around. Ethan tells his father there is a side of Sutton he doesn’t trust after Ben finds a picture of Emma on the floor after it had fallen from Ethan’s bag. He has no way to know its not her. It’s a play on words because we all know Sutton is the untrustworthy twin.

In the house, Ethan arrives in the room to find Sutton in a towel. Now why would she be walking around undressed in a strange house? She is all smirks as she sees that Ethan is embarrassed to see her half clothed. Yep, Emma has reason not to trust this one; she is so playing games. She makes a big deal about thanking him for the blanket he brought her because we all know she does NOT say thank you. I promise its just a set up for her to make him think she is suddenly changing.

Cue Theme music

And we are back but this time in Phoenix or at the Scottsdale Police Station. Dan is on the phone with Alec. Dan wants to find the real killer but Alec wants him to bring Ethan in even though Dan still says he doesn’t know where he is. Dan also asks him at what point in time will their arrangement ever be over. Dan hangs up on him.

At the hideout Ethan is working on a fence while Sutton notices that Ben is talking to a lady in the yard. Ethan informs her the lady is named Angie, she owns another farm on the reservations some place and comes once a year to buy horses. I can’t even describe how much warning bells went off for me seeing this woman who is basically a stranger while Ethan and Sutton are hiding out. I mean couldn’t Ben have warned her to come another time; say he was busy? I totally thought she would tell the cops on them.

Ethan says that Angie has always liked Ben but he has never been interested. Ethan and Sutton do some play acting; pretending they know what the other two are thinking. It’s amusing for a few minutes. I think its more Emma’s kinda thing then Sutton’s though. I do believe its why Ethan got into it. I still think Sutton is playing along so she can prove she can have Ethan when she wants. It maybe harder this time but its obvious she gets what she wants.

At school the gang talks to Dan to try to see what they can do to help Ethan’s case. Dan tells them that he is aware that Ethan is innocent but that Alec wants him back. He also tells them where ever Ethan is he is safer there than in town with them the way Alec is behaving.

They send Thayer off to find out the college guy that was involved with Derek. It’s a good thing that Thayer has the time to do the errands right LOL!

Meanwhile Justin catches up with Laurel as she works on a song at the club in the restaurant. Justin asks to look at her new song but she declines saying it’s not done. She acts real uncomfortable with him as he suggests she will finishing working on it with Baz; she doesn’t deny it. Rebecca shows up near the door so Justin leaves after Laurel tells him that Rebecca knows her parents. He just looks so broken-hearted its sad too, I think that Laurel has truly moved on from him but he just doesn’t get it.

Rebecca tells Laurel that a producer has agreed to make a demo for her band adding that Laurel can bring Justin too but Laurel just says please don’t tell anyone that you saw him talking to me. Rebecca agrees but she wants to know all the gory details, wow nosey much?

I still do not get the logic of the next scene that came up on my television. Ethan and Sutton are on the run but Ben allowed Angie to stay for dinner. I guess it maybe it would have seemed odd for him to say NO since they know each other but can he TRUST her not to tell anyone his Murder suspect son is at his house??????? UH NO!! Yeah you guessed Sutton was behind the whole plan to have some sort of normal dinner. Sutton tries to play some meal time game where you ask what person dead or live you would like to meet. She wants to meet Coco Chanel, Ethan chooses Johnny Cash and Angie says Joan of Arc because nothing beats a woman with a horse and a sword. Ethan tries to call him out on leaving the table because he doesn’t want to play games. Ben says he doesn’t do small talk or parlor games. It’s his house and he does NOT have to do what he doesn’t want to do. Sutton says if he had of staid she guesses he would have said Clint Eastwood.

It’s really too bad Sutton is a bad seed because she did make Ethan smile twice so far that one day. She mentions that fact to him adding, “it looks good on you.” WARNING she is setting you up for a fall dude.

After the break, Laurel gives her parents the good news about Rebecca helping her produce a demo. They are not ecstatic but happy I guess. Ted mentions that it might not be a great time since she tanked her mid terms. Kristin volunteers to take her to the studio the next day with the promise she will get her grades up despite Ted’s obvious disapproval. It’s kind of nice to see Kristin coming out of her cocoon. I remember when she was the dutiful kind of stupidly quiet wife at the beginning of the show.

At Rebecca’s she tells Alec the news but he wonders why she is getting involved so much with Laurel but she only says the kid needed a break because she is talented. He mentions that she, Rebecca, was given a break by him; I wonder what that is all about. I would love to know the more of the mystery of Ted/Alec/Rebecca.

Emma/Sutton talks to Laurel a few minutes later, about missing Ethan. I wish of all people who Emma would tell Laurel who she really is because I believe she is the one that can most benefit but maybe that is wishful thinking on my part.

Laurel shares that she really doesn’t trust Justin any more and that the song she is writing about Justin is not a love song. Emma says that she should just be honest with Justin, Laurel is surprised because normally Sutton says just lie. “not any more,” Emma says under her breath after Laurel leaves. Here we go again now did she say that because she thinks Laurel won’t be back ever or that what she is confused?

Sutton tells Ethan he should just talk to his father just like she should have talked to him about all she was doing to find her birth mother as well as the thing about finding her sister. Sutton thinks things would have been different if she had just shared everything with him and he agrees. No I still don’t trust her; she has a plan with all this truth-telling country girl act is not what we all think it is. I can see it in Ethan’s face that he is cracking he is starting to have feelings for her in one day, ugh!!

Thayer, Mads and Emma meet up after dinner. They have found the name of the guy that Derek was dealing to, his name is Gavin Turner. He is a college student and Frat President of Phi Sigma Deta who also has an ALUM named Alec Rybak.

After the break, Emma suggests they need to go to the fraternity to talk so someone. Mads is all up in arms because Thayer and Emma seem to think that Alec is some how involved with Derek’s death but she wants proof. She suggests they talk to Alec but Emma and Thayer are hesitant to do that but of course they have been dealing with that possibility longer than Mads. Lucky for them there is a frat party the next night that they plan to crash, because according to Mads Frat boys can’t resist girls.

Ethan goes in to talk to Ben but Ben does all the talking. He confesses he was too hard on him and drove his mother away. Ethan looks stunned that his father said he was sorry. Hmmm now how hard was that? Yeah Men don’t communicate well folks, wasn’t I saying that on another recap ? LOL

At the studio Laurel and her band are playing a catchy tune as Rebecca and Kristin watch. I seriously like the new Laurel she really has some kinda singing/playing violin gift. I had to google her to see if she was really a singer because she is just that good; well she is I am so glad I finally looked that up LOL. Her real name is Allie Gonino LOL I know maybe everyone knew but me but all this time I thought she had another name. Oh and Allie is from my home town YAHOO Dallas Texas Baby !!

Rebecca mentions that maybe Laurel got her singing instrument playing gift from Ted who used to play guitar, Kristin get all shifty in the eyes. What is going on with her and Rebecca? It’s so weird. Kristin makes an excuse to leave after that claiming she has stayed too long. Rebecca follows her out though I have no idea why. They are actually done for the day seconds later LOL. The producer guy thinks they did great.

Baz comments on the song that Laurel wrote saying it’s about a pretty messed up relationship. He asks if it’s about the guy before Justin? OOPs but Laurel say No its him. Are we maybe being a bit too honest with Baz but not with Justin? hmm She and Baz are practicing the chorus getting almost close to a kiss BOOM Justin has arrived asking if he is early. She is all Justin why are you even here you could have been seen by my mother who just left? He says he is sorry but he brought the Chinese. Baz leaves but Laurel doesn’t look happy to spend time with Justin though he is happy enough for them both.

Ethan thanks Sutton for the good sense to tell him to talk to his father, DOH, like he couldn’t do that on his own? They see out the window Angie has returned to buy that horse and the Ethan with Sutton can tell Ben is apologizing. They do the whole thing again where they pretend to know what the other two are saying is lame this time; I know Sutton is playing Emma trying to be all good and nice but well she just doesn’t really have it in her. Sutton even tries to go in for a kiss but Ethan resists.
I just don’t get why a man would have anyone over to his house when he is harboring his fugitive son, I don’t care if its on a reservation its just dumb.

The gang arrives at the frat party and are spotted by their target immediately. He approaches them letting them know without a doubt that he does not know them. Gavin does flirt with Mads and invites her in to dance with him, after she verifies that she is eighteen. He says her friends can stay if the girl, Emma smiles and leaves her boyfriend, Thayer behind, I don’t know what that means but they do have one foot in the door.

Emma notices a scrawny guy watching them; she says he was at Derek’s funeral. They are then eager to chat him up. Emma says she recalls thinking he doesn’t go to school with me.. Hmm I guess she knows everyone at school though I guess she might have seen all the kids in her grade by now LOL

Back at the studio, Justin apologizes after the food has been eaten. What did they do while they were eating? I guess talking wasn’t included in dinner LOL. He says he didn’t think her mother would be at the studio but she confesses she didn’t either, so why was there an issue? Hmm because she knows she likes Baz and she was interrupted from kissing him. Here she ate all of Justin’s Chinese food then she tells him that she does not trust him and she is betraying her whole family by staying with him. Every time she looks at him she turns into someone who is crazy and stupid she wants to be honest. She is breaking up with him. Justin says he Loves Her, but all she can say is she is sorry. She leaves him to clean up the dirty plates and mess they left from dinner which is so wrong!!

Ethan tells Sutton at the hide out thanks for trying to help me with my dad but they need to keep their distance. Ethan walks in to find that Ben has been talking to Dan on the phone; wow seems like a bad idea huh? Ethan asks if Dan mentions Sutton but is informed she didn’t come up. Ben thinks she can’t be too bad if she got he and Ethan to talk….oh boy oh boy who is what she wants him to think that she is good and nice….hmm bad idea. Ethan looks unsure now; never a good thing right.

At the Frat party Mads seems to be having fun she is dancing with president still shaking her buns while Emma corners the pledge guy the one she recalls from the funeral. The pledge seems nervous or so Emma reports to Thayer.

Then we see Gavin has cornered Mads asking who told her there was weed at the party; I guess that was her cover story. They all question Gavin about Derek’s death but he says he wasn’t involved and he wants them to leave because he is no longer having fun. Bottom line: time for them to move along and out of the party.

Outside the pledge tells them that after the charges were dropped for Gavin he was still buying from Derek. The only difference was that he started to send pledges to get the drugs, this pledge was there the night that Derek was killed. He saw Alec arguing with Derek the night that he died. Mads looks like she doesn’t believe it she just slowly shakes her head.

Meanwhile Alec is slow dancing with Rebecca. She pulls Alec’s phone from his pocket as it rings; she walks away but we here him tell someone who he is looking for Ethan Whitehorse.

After the break, Mads with Emma meet up with Rebecca to try to get Alec’s alibi for the night Derek died. Rebecca lies by saying she was with Alec all evening, no big shock. Ted comes in to grab Rebecca away to chat outside where he tells her to stay away from his family in a none too nice way. She looks upset too. He is screaming so loud someone has to come out to make sure everything is fine especially after he finds out that Rebecca knows what happened to Justin’s mother. She teases him saying I hope nothing happens like in L.A. why you are operating. HE’s says you know what happened in L.A. Hmm seems like Rebecca is gathering information. He leaves after that but Rebecca looks shaken she is so playing some kind of a pay back game.

Ethan decides he needs to talk to Emma I guess before he does something stupid with Sutton. He gets to tell her he misses her then Mads is on their trying to take up for Alec who Emma has not even though Emma has told Ethan about the evidence then Thayer is all you gotta get off or you will get caught then the shut down the computer. UGH so frustrating, “I love you,” he says to no one but we see Sutton standing in the hall looking all evil with a smirk. Is there anyway that she set this whole thing up to get him alone? Or she is just using the time she has to trick him?

Kristin is all in Ted’s face when he gets home telling him she is tire of him lying and she wants the truth. Tom let her know about the incident at the club, TEd says nothing is going on and we are not having this discussion. Huh? I bet she won’t move out because of it LOL but I hope she keeps looking for answers.

Rebecca tells Alec at dinner that she had lunch with the girls but they kept asking about him and the night that Derek died. He says they were all good friends with Derek but Rebecca looks oddly at him; she has to know that he is lying. She adds that Ted came by the table but she doesn’t give a lot of details, Alec says that She teases Ted but she insists it’s not in her nature.

So I am thinking maybe Ted and Alec used to both date her and someone got her pregnant and she gave away the twins but there is some strangeness still I don’t get yet.

At the hideout Sutton tells Ethan that Emma loves him and will do anything for him. They talk about being honest for a few moments then he says she should try it. Sutton then says she always loved him and suddenly the fire is making her blush and him too……BORING!! I like Emma with Ethan better sorry gang. She touches his face then they kiss. Well that faithfulness didn’t last LONG at all. I know I know Ethan was with Sutton at first right?

At Emma/Sutton’s we see more of Thayer falling for her too; she is trying to figure out where Sutton was when they chatted with Ethan earlier which to me is odd because what does that matter. Thayer promises to be there for her, she says he is a good friend. I doubt that was what he is hoping for.

Sometime later, the FBI comes calling for Ethan. Where is Ben? Is he with that Angie? Ethan says he is alone in the house as we see Sutton look out the window. yeah I tell you that Angie called in Ethan I just bet she was doing her civil duty. If not her than who else? Maybe it was Sutton herself she was the one pushing Angie to hang around that night? She could have been tired of hiding out but she didn’t go with him…..hmmm.

Great episode please leave comments.


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