Lying Game Recap Episode 19 No More Secrets

Welcome back Lying Game lovers…… we go again I hope all of you are liking the recaps, feel free to make comments/suggestions/or just say hello.

This week we start off with Emma’s only true friend Mads stopping her from driving impaired. The impairment is her rightful anger at Sutton. Sutton told her she slept with Ethan like she was giving her a weather report LOL, wow the nerve of that girl. Mads takes over the driving so that Emma can get a break.

Oh and get this not only does Mads take over the wheel she takes Emma to Ethan’s to confront him so she can hopefully get some real answers. I love Mads in this scene she takes over the knocking on the trailer door with some TRUE force, Homegirl is ready to get her Pal some answers she isnt’ going to be IGNORED.

Dan opens the door but tells them they are supposed to be at school; he threatens to take them to jail for skipping. HE then thinks better of it and tells Sutton/Emma if she has a message for Ethan he will pass it on but she says she has her answer, basically by Ethan’s lack of coming to the door himself even though his car is outside. Yeah like how can he still be asleep in a TRAILER with someone banging on the door? NO one.

Cue Theme Music

Some time later, Ethan is hanging out at the trailer like he has no where to be. His excuse to Dan is that he didn’t want to be the only former murder suspect at the pep rally. So what is that optional now? Dan then asks him WHY he sent Sutton/Emma a way earlier? His answer was he didn’t want to see her which Dean replies “You are an idiot then,” He explains how Sutton/Emma stood by his side after everyone else had written him off. He adds, “With a girl like that you don’t just write her off.” We of course know that Ethan thinks Emma slept with Thayer thanks to lying Sutton. HE is all wounded pride with No thought to the fact that maybe he was fooled.

At school Emma rants about Ethan to Mads about him not being man enough to face her but Mads reminds her about how she should also be on the trail to slapping Sutton who Mads believe is lying about everything.

Inside they run into Ryan who has been missing his little Mads since she started helping Emma. Emma who she cannot tell Ryan is not Sutton; it has to be hard on Mads to keep the secret. I am sure that is why Emma has not told Laurel though surely Laurel will take the whole twin thing with a grain of salt. I think that time will come.

Ryan is persistent in his wanting to talk to Mads so he pulls her aside. He doesn’t understand where he stands in her life but she can’t say anything so he walks away.

At Charlotte’s house where Becca is staying; though I don’t understand why because doesn’t she have her own place? Hmm Anyway, she and Alec are all lovey in the bedroom after sexing it up; I say that because she is lying half-dressed on the bed. She wants to know what happens next in reference to the picture of Alec? He wants so see what the next move will be from the people who sent it to him. If I am correct I think that was sent by Becca though I do not know where she got the picture unless she just photo shopped it herself than someone has to be helping her? OR was Becca also at the scene that night she showed up at the house just after Alec returned……. Becca admires him because he is not scared, or does not appear to be scared about what could happen to him.

Meanwhile Ted arrives home early and I could tell by Kristin’s face that she was not exactly happy to see him as he walks in. She looks to be investigating something with several books spread on the counter.

I mean hey, admit it, she is the country club wife, all she does is charity functions, yoga and through house parties. How often would she do research; no offense to anyone.

Oh she starts closing the books and pages as he walks her way to give her a kiss. A moment later Ted starts freaking out because what she is reviewing is Justin’s mother’s case. He is all this is my stuff, my case, this stuff happened to me.

Emma walks in and hears them fighting as she stands behind the wall.

Kristin insists it affected both of their lives but he doesn’t want to keep reliving This whatever that means. I know its more than about the Justin’s Mother’s case but it has to do with the time period that it happened.

Emma goes to see Sutton at the cabin after being summoned by her. Sutton gives her money to leave town. Sutton says since Emma and Ethan are done then she has no reason to stay in Phoenix. Emma wants to know from Sutton what happened with Ethan.

Sutton starts to describe Ethan kissing her and Emma slaps her across the face LOL, finally some back bone baby. It’s about time. Sutton seems surprised but she doesn’t really show it because she makes a remark about violence and the foster system to make Emma feel bad because of her background. Emma says that Sutton can think what she wants but she isn’t done with the family yet. She plans to come clean to Ted and Kristin about everything.

After the break, Emma finds Kristin at the country club crying. Kristin thought working out with help her feel better but it hasn’t. Kristin changes the subject by telling Emma/Sutton that she wants her to go to Coachella with Laurel and the band. Kristin believes it’s a good opportunity for Laurel. Emma sees Sutton sneak in the door about that time. Sutton looks angry. Emma/Sutton confesses to having heard her arguing with Ted about Rebecca but Kristin won’t discuss that. Emma suggests that maybe Kristin thinks Ted has cheated or been with Becca. Kristin just hugs her with no answer. Sutton looks thoughtful before she leaves the locker rooms.

Sutton surprises Emma by being inside the car after she gets in it; hmm well it is her car right. Sutton can’t believe that her parents aren’t as happy as they always seemed to be. Emma can’t believe it either. Sutton wants to know what they can do to help. Emma is like, um WE? I know right the B*tch wants your help? Oh hun don’t trust it.

Okay don’t laugh, but when Mads showed up at the cafe in that wrinkle looking trench coat; I thought she was going to tell him she wasn’t wearing anything under it LOL. Turns out it was just a wrinkled coat jacket LOL Anywho, Mads explains that she is trying to find out if someone she knows is involved in something bad but she can’t discuss it with him which is killing her. He suggests its best to find out the truth and deal with it. Hmm so strong and wise for one so young LOL

Moving on, Emma, who has grown to be quite stubborn shows up at Ethan’s again. I tell you this time I totally thought it was Sutton. I am such an Emma/Ethan shipper if the episode ended here I would have gone to bed happy. They finally figured out that Sutton was the culprit in the whole sham about who did what to whom and they kissed and made up. Hmm however Ethan did lie by not fessing up about kissing Sutton which can only lead to a bigger mess later………*spoiler* You see it’s all about timing; this would be the TIME not later on..ugh

After the break, Thayer, Ethan and Emma arrive back at the cabin. Sutton is all look who patched things up and I knew you would make it work out. After Emma threatens to hit Sutton again they all have a seat, calmly where they discuss Rebecca and the other grown ups.

Emma shares how she found out that Kristin never really trusted Becca but she got a shake of the head from Sutton on not giving out all the details. So what, they working together now? Did they switch places? I gotta weird feeling. Sutton working with Emma now will bring Emma only heartache I predict.

Emma announces that she and Ethan are going to chaperoneLaurel with her band on the road to Coachella. Sutton acts like that is fine with her she doesn’t want to do a road trip anyway. Minutes later, Mads arrives all ready to know the truth on Alec’s activities.

Over at he courthouse, Theresa arrives to see Dan. She invites herself over to his house for grilled fillet. Dan is all for it.

Outside at the customer service desk, Derek’s mother is not happy that no one seems to be looking for Derek’s killer. Alec’s whole we will be on the case speech has meant nothing to her since he doesn’t return her calls. Dan assures her its personal for him too; he will look into why Alec is not returning her calls.

Over in Buford Falls, California the road trip has hit a bump. The van is not working so they pull over with hopes that Ethan can fix whatever is wrong but Baz has no tools. The next thing they decide to do is pray for cell reception.

Dan stops over to Alec’s office to find out how things are going on Derek’s case. Funny thing we see them outside drinking coffee instead of in the office. I gotta think it’s because Dan hanging around Alec’s office is not something Alec wants. Dan wants to know if there are any new leads that he does not know about but Alec says, NO. Hey what about that picture on Becca’s phone, hey that is a NEW lead.. tell him Alec, oh come on pretty please, its a nice picture of you holding the murder weapon. No oh ok LOL.

Dan wants to know how Alec found Ethan at their dads house he also wants to know why Alec suddenly dropped the case. Yep me too, its all kind of mysterious-like. Oh of course, Alec doesn’t like Dan’s tone, go figure what tone would he like ? I mean basically its like this…what are you hiding? If you need some translations…..Uh DOH!! OH then he says that he bent over backwards to spring Ethan… NO he was the one all gung-ho that Ethan did the crime. He said he wasn’t going to even try Ethan as a an adult. I know Dan is laughing inside Alec is back peddling so bad. Yeah I can translate that for you – he is lying.

Back on the road trip, the mechanic states the obvious, the van is quite broken. Give that guy a cigar. The mechanic/tow truck owner brags about his skills but he can’t do anything without parts that he can’t get till tomorrow morning. Laurel is excited because if the van is truly fixed the next morning they can still make the Coachella gig. She hugs Baz as the others look on.

At the house Ted talks to Kristin about letting the girls go to the gig as they cook together. Kristin loves seeing the girls together so she thought it would be a good time for them. Ted is all yeah that is fine we can talk. Kristin wants to know one thing up front, did he sleep with Rebecca. He says No, but Kristin starts quoting the deposition. Blah Blah about the night that he got a call and left oh here we go again. I think Kristin is asking the wrong question. Any who she wants to know who called that night to make him leave/and or lose his focus. Now she is thinking it was Rebecca. She is bringing it up because every time she does he shuts her down. He is trying to protect her, so he says. He says it was the fertility doctor that called. Um hey now wait, wouldn’t another doctor know better than to call during a surgery ??? Yep he is LYING again. What he says is that the doctor called to say that the treatment hadn’t worked even though the technician had said they saw a baby………uh what? Just lies Kristin all you going to get from TED is lies. Kristin thinks then it was her fault because it was about the baby SO SAYS lying TED. I think this time she KNOWS he is lying, even as he says NO more secrets.

After the break, Ted meets with Alec the Lie Master himself. He of course, tells Alec he lied to Kristin yet again; or maybe it was the original lie but anyway its all the same lie. Alec says he has his own little hurricane brewing but he does not share the details with Ted. Interesting how Alec supposedly helped Ted but he doesn’t share his problems with him. It’s like he is the problem fixer but Alec doesn’t have any real friends just people he helps. Alec brags that Rebecca has been a big help to him; we can see that Ted seems a bit jealous. His jaw clenches he has that weird look in his eyes.

In other news, Theresa is with Dan at his trailer eating outside. Dan explains how he became indebted to Alec while in the police academy. He was told by Alec that he could get him off but basically he had to work for him on the inside of the force. Dan crime was being with the wrong crowd basically but Alec has taken advantage of his guilt for years by holding it over his head. Theresa suggests they should try to bring “bully” Alec down because something about Derek’s case stinks. I guess they agree by kissing because that is what was next then more kissing that I think ended up inside the trailer or who knows maybe they just “hooked up” outside in the middle of no where. LOL

Back on the road trip, Emma/Sutton bonds with Laurel over guys, guitars and singing. Laurel tells Emma its too soon to be going after Baz since Justin only recently stop leaving messages. Laurel changes the subject to why Emma/Sutton is in her room when Ethan is two doors down. Emma confesses to being a virgin which I find stupid if she is truly not going to tell Laurel the truth. Of course Laurel is shocked she even falls off the bed LOL because Sutton the real one is a slut LOL.

After the break, Thayer is with Sutton at the cabin digging up dirt on Rebecca. She was married to Marvin Gins a record producer. They lived in Beverly Hills and Thayer found a photo of her on the red carpet with Bono and Kelly Clarkson. They didn’t find any articles on her being divorced however which gives Sutton the idea to call the guy to chat.

The maid, Carmella, answers the phone though Mr. Gins is not around she does get a bit chatty. She was sad that Rebecca moved away after the divorce; she had been her housekeeper for eight years. Hmm I smell a rat. Why do I get the feeling that Carmella was never Rebecca’s anything but maybe a friend. Oh well so she does verify for THEM that the two are divorced. Carmella was happy to hear that Rebecca returned home to Phoenix to her first love. Rebecca always wore a locket with a picture of her love in it around her neck. Carmella decides after she tell them that Marvin never even knew the locket opened; she realizes has said too much because Sutton wants to know who is in the picture. Carmella hangs up; Sutton says Marvin so needs to fire her LOL Yep Carmella is a gossipy maid the kind that gives other maids a bad name.

Thayer thinks that maybe the love of Rebecca’s life is Alec but he wants to know for sure which means they have to find the locket.

The next day, Laurel teases Sutton/Emma about what she could have been doing with ALL those guys if she was a virgin. “Are you one of those everything but girls?” LOL.

Just then the Mechanic shows up with bad news. He was given the wrong water pump so they will have to wait another day to get the new one. The mechanic does know of a place they can play locally since they can’t get to Coachella. They take him up on his offer because they have nothing else to do. Laurel suggests Emma/Sutton stay behind to be with Ethan you know in the biblical way LOL.

Side Pony anyone? The answer is NO LOL!!

What I want to know is WHO brought back the Side pony tail? I heard not too long ago it was a DEFINITE NO NO. Yet every show I see they have them now this YEAR LOL.

Any way, Ethan comes out wondering where everyone has gone off too only to hear from Emma they are staying behind to do “the nasty” you know its their first time and all. Oh but her spill on the whole we gotta do its way more romantic. We are in LUV and we been through a lot and I am tired of humping my pillow pretending its you OOPS …she didn’t say that but you get the drift right? Instead of Ethan being all excited he is feeling guilty Yet Again because he Lied before. WE all know where this will leave him.

The first thing I noticed in this scene is it’s a sunny shiny day…..I won’t say anymore use your own imagination …….but ..wait……..

At the cabin Sutton has an idea, but Thayer hates it so I won’t even bother. She is going to help him find the necklace by going with him, invisibly to look for it while he distracts Becca and Alec by talking to them.

Now that its no longer day light Ethan goes to Emma’s room. I guess “doing it” in the light of day is too barbaric for some….. LOL Either that or Emma needed time to get ready ……I have no idea what that would mean but she answers the door in a tee-shirt and black underwear.

After the break, suddenly Alec is concerned about whoever sent him that picture. AT the beginning of the episode he didn’t care. Oh well the fact is the person is right in front of him, you know her, Becca with the long legs and dark hair his bestie from another lifetime. She assures him it has only been a few days, they need to be patient she insists as she drinks her wine.

Blah Blah he spent his entire career fighting for the good guys, so he says. HE is acting like a little girl suddenly all worried. It’s not like Alec, I think he is baiting Rebecca and she is falling for it or pretending to fall for it.

Over at the NONE Coachella gig, the band is playing at an old folks home LOL they do at least have a good attitude about it. I applaud them for that. Baz confesses to wanting to spend time with Laurel it wasn’t all about the gig. Laurel then kisses him before they start to sing. Ah they are so cute; their band is good also.

Mads arrives with Thayer at what must be Char’s old house where Becca is crashing. Alec announces that he has something to tell them then Becca holds up her hand that has the ring on it, you know the one she picked out a while back. What did she have it in the house? We know he didn’t have a ring? right?
Becca’s solution is of course to have him ask her to marry him because spouses can’t testify against one another, yep I know that is why he done it. Mads and Thayer look surprised to say the least.

Upstairs Sutton is looking for the locket frantically. Sutton can’t find the locket I guess because she is more concerned with Rebecca’s taste in fashion. Thayer comes in and finds the locket right away. The picture in the locket if of Ted LOL.

Back at the hotel Ethan is with Emma, I gotta say all the big build up to first time sex is nothing but a set up for disappointment, I’m just sayin’. All I can see that Emma did during the interim time is to light a bunch of fire hazardous candles. So they are in the room kissing, more kissing, Ethan takes off his shirt so he only has on shorts, then more kissing, then they are on the bed, more kissing. La la la la then he make his big MOOD ruining confession. I kissed Sutton……DOH!! What? so it’s now not the issue of kissing Sutton but the ISSUE is he LIED. Oh wait he does say things with Sutton and him were complicated while they were at the ranch/RES/Ben’s house LOL yes Ethan make the confession even worse.

Emma thinks that him and Sutton will never be over and he doesn’t know what to say. She thinks he kept her from making the biggest mistake of her life………drama much?

Oh well that was all for the week…….see I told you if only we could have kept that earlier view of them. Now I don’t know who I am rooting for any more LOL

Till next week………please leave comments.

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