Lying Game Recap Episode 6

Wow I have to apologize for not being consistent in recapping/reviewing this show. I do like it there is just so many other distractions for me at this time. Luckily this is a day I can take to recap last nights episode and thanks to the magic of I can do it in a way that will be easy and hopefully you will enjoy so lets get started.

Mercer girls, we are so awesome

Last night the episode began where the last one ended that is after the Homecoming dance. Emma and Laurel are happy as they lay on the same bed discussing the events of the night. Emma aka Sutton’s stand in being kissed in the middle of the dance floor by Ethan who actually loves Emma now, so confusing right, and Laurel’s first fun outing with Justin. Now I doubt if Sutton was the one that had the awesome night they would have had that chat but Laurel thinks Sutton is changing into a cool sister she has little clue that Emma is actually Sutton’s replacement.

I guess the one issue I have with this show is the whole switch thing which is the premise. Now I know Sutton was gone all summer to Europe and yes people change but really? How drastically can a summer change anyone? Okay well let’s put that on the burned as we continue.

During the after the fun talk Emma pulls out the picture from the photo album she took from her father last week. She asks Laurel about it but she has no idea bout the lady. Laurel briefly asks why Emma wants to know about them before Sutton, the real one started beeping her presence on the computer. Sister thinks its Ethan but Emma knows it time to face the music time.

Twin Time, Awkward

The real Sutton doesn’t hold back her feeling about seeing Ethan kiss Emma on the school FB page or whatever and she rips into Emma before Emma shuts her up with the picture of Annie and the guys. Emma explains that Sutton needs to get back home because Ted had clearly been trying to hide the picture from her. He had come in the room then taken the photo album to look at in the mean time she walked away only to return with the page missing. That is a sloppy way to handle things but I gather Ted is not the brains in thsi drama and Mom is totally in the dark.

Thayer walks in during the chat and Emma sees him before Sutton hangs up on Emma to go yell at Thayer who had to have known that Sutton was doing her nightly call to her twin.

Really Dad, breakfast?

Over at Alec’s the next morning he lies as usual to Mags. He insists he is going to let her handle her own love life this is of course after he has chatted with Eduardo. Now Eduardo is Mag’s choreographer/dance teacher that Mags has a crush on. Eduardo is not innocent either because even though he is older he likes her too ……and yes that is part of this episode. It seems today I am getting ahead of myself

Blah Blah my parents are great

Come on Laurel he is too cute to be For Reals LOL

Back at the Mercer’s Justin is bragging about his realtor parents as Mom asks him all kinds of questions. He has been coming over for three days and she is feeling like something is off with Justin. Mom’s intuition, hmmm. Laurel decides to make her mother feel better by inviting Justin for dinner the next night. Justin thinks it is a great idea since his parents according to him are looking forward to meeting them.

*wink wink* you think I’m cute right

At Char’s house she goes out for a swim to find a man in her pool well a guy LOL who says he is their pool man but she is aware he is not, he is also aware LOL. His name is Derek and he wants to ask Char out. He is dark and cute and the kind of guy that Char will fall for fast.

Later that night at Ethan’s place he and Emma kiss after discussing why they shouldn’t date. Emma thinks that when Sutton returns things will get complicated but you know honestly the complications are a given. I mean they are twins lying to all the people they know except for Ethan so things will hit the fan either way. Ethan is already crazy about Emma so he doesn’t have much to say.

dance dance dance

At dance class that next day Char and Mags discuss Eduardo as well as Derek. It’s sad that Char will go for any guy that looks her way or Justin who she liked soley for his looks and he wasn’t even in to her. Someone really needs to sit down and talk to her about self esteem. Mags is making the mistake of still trusting her father at this point she thinks he is not suddenly telling her the truth about everything. The temporary dance teacher tells her that Eduardo quit as the dance instructor and as you would imagine Mags was shocked to hear the news.

Why can’t she follow instructions

Back in LA, Sutton is still ranting to Thayer about how Emma can’t seem to maintain the status quo without making waves for both of them. You know I don’t really know what Sutton expected from Emma because if she wanted her to be a robot and not feel than she should have known after talking to her for five minutes that it would not happen. Emma just needed to be with people that appreciated her to blossom. Sutton spent all her life taken what she had for granted it seems, yes that is the difference folks. Thayer suggests that Sutton should go back home if she is so bothered about the way Emma is handling things but Sutton wants to finish what she started. She believes they are one lucky break from getting what they need. Not a few moment pass until they find a gallery that has one of their mother’s paintings in the window. Unfortunately the gallery is closed till November. Coincidence or where they aware the gallery was on that block? Sutton is ready to panic when Thayer says she won’t have to wait because he will find away.

Focus Emma I’m breaking up with Sutton be happy

In Phoenix Ethan meets up with Emma at school where she has been going through school books to find more of a connection with Annie, Ted and Alec. Ethan thinks that is great but he has decided to break up with Sutton, the real Sutton, so he can be with Emma the fake Sutton. Gotta headache yet LOL.

Where are you going?

Goodbye Sweetie

But I wore my Xanadu dress

Original Muse fashions LOL

Mags who is like a dog with a bone, goes over to see Eduardo to find him loading up his truck. He explains that he also likes her the way she likes him but he has to leave because he is in danger and maybe her too. He can’t tell her any more of what is happening so he tells her to go after they kiss.
Okay I have to comment on Mags’ dress. It reminds me of the Xanadu fashions.

Laurel gets the call from Justin that his parents were called out of town and can’t make it to the barbecue. She is disappointed then invites herself to his house but he makes an excuse about having to study and write papers or something. Now if he was going to come to the barbecue um what was he going to do about studying then……..plot hole, lame excuse?

Talk louder I can’t hear you

Inside the house Mom and Emma bond over the made up incident Emma uses to get advice about what to do with Ethan. Laurel comes inside to give the bad news about Justin but Mom suggests taking food to him. Ah yes but using the student directory to find Justin turned out to be a bad idea because Justin doesn’t live at the posted address and the older man has an eight month old baby…um that is another subject LOL. Laurel is stumped as well as you can imagine disappointed and confused with a side of angry.

I can see You

Thayer arrives with good news for Sutton about the location on where the paintings were shipped from to the gallery. He went dumpster diving to get the information..ahhh does he like Sutton or what? I think these two have been playing platonic friends for a long time but he has a big ole crush. Just when they are celebrating the news, Ethan comes on the chat. Thayer goes to the other room to listen of course, though I doubt Sutton considered that in her conversation as she reads him the riot act after she has already slept with Thayer. Ethan tells her they are over and Thayer celebrates with as smile in the other room.

In the school halls the next day, Ethan and Emma make their first offical date while Laurel and Justin have their own discussion. Laurel turns down a date night at her house with him by suggesting they go to his house which Justin does not know what to say about. It is interesting how sometimes the teens on these shows are so grown up but they at other times refuse to ask questions. I know it makes for drama but poor Justin look so sad. Oh do tell what is his secret? Well that friends is coming up.

At Mags house she tries to get her father, Adrian Pasdar aka Alec, who makes a cute yet creepy bad guy by the way, to tell her what happen with him and Eduardo. Dad is not forthcoming with answers to say the least he just plays dumb.

Older Sister knows best

Ok I guess dating a homeless guy won’t be so bad, right

It seems Laurel chooses the perfect person to tell that Justin doesn’t live where they school thinks he does. Emma who lies to Laurel by telling her she saw a documentary on street people tells Laurel maybe she needs to ask Justin what is going on. He may be on his own surviving on the street and is too embarrassed to tell her. Laurel considers her suddenly wise sister’s words, if I remember correctly I don’t think Laurel spent a lot of time with the old Sutton, shouldn’t any of this be ringing warning bells for her?? I mean Emma and Sutton are totally different. I doubt Sutton would bother watching a docu drama on street kids; she would have someone do that for her.

Things get bad in LA when Thayer comes home to his apartment to find that Sutton spent three hours not looking up the addresses he got out of the dumpster. They yell about her not pulling her weight when the entire situation is for her. Thayer leaves with the ultamatum that she needs to be gone when he returns. Whoa so Thayer is jealous and Sutton is living in the past, I want to know are they still looking for Annie? I thought that was the goal? Sutton doesn’t look to happy about being dumped by Ethan for Emma, oops has she created a monster?

Bad timing much?

In Phoenix, Ethan and Emma begin their first official date and Emma ruins it by telling Ethan that Sutton cheated on him. Um bad timing much? Ethan walks away because he believes by omission Emma lied to him; sounds like to me he wasn’t to sure of their bond? Hmmm anyone else see that? Why give up so fast when they’ve only just begun? Yeah I know she should have told him but really I think she could have kept it to herself. Honesty can be so overrated peeps. I’m just sayin’.

Mags decides to call Eduardo only to have his phone picked up by the ER nurse at the local hospital.

Desk, bed, floor are all the same 😦

Laurel goes looking for Justin’s real house to find his car parked outside a foreclosed home. Justin is embarrassed when Laurel finds he has been squatting.

Derek will so love this drese

Char is ready for her date with Derek and she tells Emma that whatever she did Ethan should be glad to even have her. Emma briefly explained what happened without details. I commend Emma for even trying to hide who she is at this point. On the other hand, it is for her benefit because her lying to them about her identity will be met in a different way than just the little white lies they tell one another, you can bet.

Ah so Annie knew more of the group, Yikes

Ok lets get outta here Derek

Derek arrives to get Char after Emma goes up to grab something for her. In the process she sees a picture of Annie with Char’s mother, Phyllis, on the wall of the stair case; in her curiosity she asks Char’s mother about it after Char leaves. Derek gave Emma a weird look when they meet but Emma doesn’t have time to consider it.

I can hear you Now

During the questioning Derek hears the conversation because he had gone back to supposedly get his sunglasses. Um when did he ever go in the house? He met up with them in the pool area. Oh and its dark, anyone paying attention ladies?? Phyllis is livid that Emma asks her about Annie; she rants about all the times Sutton has been to the house why is she asking her now. Phyllis reveals that Annie left for LA because of Ted and Alec and its why she never returned. She also suggests Sutton should discuss Annie with Ted and Alec.

But Mags I have on my innocent face

Mags arrives home from seeing Eduardo at the hospital. She accuses her father of being involved somehow before Thayer walks in the door. I want to know how far Phoenix is from LA and why everyone keeps coming and going from there LOL. I thought Thayer was some bum living on his own but suddenly he is back in Phoenix ready to face his father, this I gotta see.

See its like this

We finally find out Justin’s sad story. His parents died three years ago in a car crash. He was sent to live with a good family but they had too many kids to focus on him. He came to Arizona because of his golfing skill their school is his chance get a scholarship to college. At least he did his research; I just wonder if his story is true.

More listening, really Ted just take a seat already

At the Mercers, Ted listens as Sutton talks about Annie to Mom. It looks like him taking the picture out of the book caused more problems than if he had left it. Well then again Emma had already seen the picture and wanted to get his reaction so he just freaked for no reason she was on to them to start. Parents get a clue LOL

After dinner, Char and Derek’s, we find out that Derek is only a mole for Alec. He gets a call from Alec just as they are leaving the club, where by the way Char had to pay for dinner, sheeks girl you are worth more than this, anyway Derek replays what happened earlier with Sutton and Phyllis. It seems to be what Alec had suspected, Emma/Sutton is looking into what happened to Annie Hobbs.

Who is Emma? oops

While waiting for Alec to return from his call Char confronts Ethan for breaking up with Emma/Sutton after they only just got together. As he tries to calm Char he accidentally says Emma instead of Sutton. Char immediately thinks Ethan was fooling around on Sutton. OOPS… that should teach us about talking slow and thinking fast folks LOL Luckily for Ethan, Char gets a text from Mags to come to the hospital.

Dude you slept with my Ex…huh?

At the hospital Ethan arrives to try to explain things but before it can happen we see Thayer has accompanied his sister. In his anger after having heard Thayer had slept with Sutton, Ethan punches Thayer. I really can’t wait to see how they fix all of this.

Bad Boy Bad Boys whatcha gonna do

Meanwhile the bad boys, Ted and Alec, meet up to plan.

OH No!!

Somewhere, maybe LA, we see Sutton the real one, going to the Asylum to try to find Annie. The woman has been warned against letting Sutton in to see or talk to Annie so she lies to her. However Sutton goes in search of Annie in the asylum despite being told no finds Annie’s room. She mouths, MOM, just before someone grabs Sutton from behind, Annie screams then everything goes black.

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