Lying Game Recap S01 Episode 9 Pretending to be Emma

Hi Folks, this time we start off again with Sutton as she is picked up from Juvie by Lexie, Emma’s bestie. I’m glad they finally try to show us a bit of Emma’s life since we have so far been entrenched in Sutton’s the whole show except for the premiere when Emma left home.

Lexie the chatter box goes on and on with little chance for Sutton to say anything, she is happy just to have her friend back I would imagine. You know if Sutton really wants to come off as Emma she should get off high horse and be more free with herself. She is so stiff when she is talking to Lexie but I guess all the times she spoke with Emma on the computer she never noticed that her sister wasn’t a stick in the mud like her, besides Sutton was always seeming most interested in the Mom search LOL. Lexie offers to let Sutton stay with her but you know Emma would have known it was okay LOL is Sutton really fooling Lexie?

Ethan surprises Emma the next morning as he arrives in her room unexpectantly, really? I mean he is always coming in the room how surprised could she have been? Any who, she apologizes for propositioning him the night before while she was drunk. Ethan wants clarification on which part she is sorry about; the drunkeness or the propositioning LOL I like Ethan he is a straight shooter. Emma gets flustered and they wander off toward the kitchen where she is clearly avoiding the fact that she just told him she was a virgin, OOPS, yeah like he really believed she wasn’t. Emma still has that shyness that Sutton lost long ago I doubt he ever thought anything else.

They are almost to the kitchen when they hear Kristen and Ted discussing Sutton and her birth mother. Ted thinks it’s too risky to tell Sutton that they don’t know if her birth mother is dead or not.

Okay this is all very interesting I am guessing Annie will show up for the cliffhanger Finale next week. Lying Game already got picked up for another season but I can’t tell you more lets move on to the next scene LOL

Emma looks surprised to find out that Ted and Kristen had told Sutton her birth mother was dead. She and Ethan head back to the room to process the information.

Ted of course calls Alec who is leaving Vegas coming back toward Phoenix. He must have some serious mileage on the car he has been driving back and forth all over the place. He is lawyer but not sure how he gets his cases done unless he is the level that paralegals do all his work.

Ted is freaking out because he is losing control of Kristen. For almost seventeen years she has bee been obediently quiet. Emma picks up the phone to hear the entire conversation.

They finally make it to the room to discuss it; I was ahead of myself earlier LOL, a down side of previously watching the show LOL. Emma wants to talk to both Alec and Kristen about what they know of her mother. Ethan is trying to be supportive its evident he really cares for Emma or just he is a deep guy that cares easily for people, not sure which.

At Lexie’s house Sutton is acting so stiff and snooty its unreal. She walks in looking around like EWW but she smiles as its her best effort to even pretend to be Emma. Lexie’s mother comes home and she hugs Sutton thinking its Emma and Sutton just doesn’t even try to return the affection LOL. You know maybe Alec should have picked her up but yeah then she would have had some explaining to do since he knows who she really is.

Emma goes to the club dressed for dinner even though she wasn’t invited for dinner, HUH? She goes to chat with Alec and runs into Thayer first. This was weird but maybe arriving at the club at dinner time requires a person to dress up or she came for another reason besides seeing Alec. Anyway she tells him she wants to ask a question and he invites her to eat with them. I suppose Emma knew it would be expected of her to stay and eat. Alec has to make a call first so the others go to the table without him. Actually its Dr. Hughes from the mental institution calling to tell him Annie escaped. Uh Oh Alec you might have to answer some real questions some time soon.

Lexie who likes to document every other moment has to be getting on Sutton’s nerves, but oh well she started all this stuff. So at Lexie’s they chat about why it cost eighty dollars for a bus ticket as well as did Emma gain weight LOL and if she wants other clothes to wear she can raid mom’s closet. Mom announces that the foster-mother, Clarice is in the living room to talk to Sutton/Emma.

Clarice pretends to be nice only long enough for Lexie and her mother to leave the room. Clarice calls her an ungrateful little bitch because after Emma left town the took her foster license away from her. She can’t apply again for eighteen months and she misses that money. Yes lets give foster parents a bad name, okay then right. Clarice grabs her and Sutton goes off, “if you ever touch me again, you will be asking for a world of hurt,” Sutton says. At least Sutton now knows first hand what Emma has gone through with Clarice that should count for something. Clarice looks at her in a strange way, she can tell something is off.

Thayer has a meeting with a computer guy that was set up by Alec; its obvious to me the whole thing was paid for in advance, or so I believe. The man was eyeing Mads the entire time like does he really didn’t care what Thayer has to offer. Alec looked like he swallowed the canary he is definitely getting something out of his so-called helping his son or I just can’t see him doing this for free. LOL

Derek and Char come in the room and sit in another area. Alec notices and is not happy that Derek is not snooping for him instead is only having fun. It’s their ten-day anniversary says Mads to her group, it’s a big deal for Char. Emma asks Alec if he doesn’t remember Derek, since he helped him out recently with an issue LOL, way to go Emma. Now this is a moment Mads should have taken note of her father fidgeting, Thayer was in a success fog since the guy likes his idea I diden’t expect anything from him. I actually am surprised that Thayer gave in to the money so fast to be honest; he was the skeptic not long ago about Alec.

Emma question for Alec: How can you tell if someone is not being honest? Alec’s answer: avoiding eye contact, fidgety behavior are a couple of ways. Emma notes to Alex, “you mean like strumming on the edge of the sofa, which was exactly what he was doing LOL, he replies,” well it’s not an exact science.” Alec, Adrian Pasdar played that well, BRAVO!

Alec excuses himself with the old, I think I forgot my walled in the locker excuse. He gets up then motions for Derek to follow him outside. Derek lies to Char with “I have to go the bathroom,” LOL, these guys can they ever just be honest. It’s sad too Char and Derek seem to be a good couple.

Outside Alec rails on Derek for allowing himself to fall for Char then he tells him to break it off with her. Derek looks heart-sick at the pronouncement. Emma comes outside probably looking to listen to them but Alec sees her and despite her saying she only wants some air he takes her back inside with him. I assume to avoid her talking Derek out of what he has to do.

Laurel has a run in with Kristen when she finds a condom in the wash. You know maybe she might consider it was Emma/Sutton’s why did she think it was Laurel’s? Oh I know because she doesn’t trust Justin, just my guess. She also may know he daughter is a little too flippant sometimes about things. Laurel leaves in a huff because she doesn’t want Kristen telling her what to do. We all know what will happen right? Laurel will find out Justin isn’t who he pretends to be and she will be crying to mother soon.

At Lexie’s house Sutton can’t find a thing to wear so she takes a dress and remakes it; um yeah people do that at strangers homes all the time, right? NOT!! I’m not buying it sorry; you ask permission or just make what you find work for you….Ugh.

Lunchtime comes around and Sutton is shocked that no one notices her despite her redone outfit. Lexie wants to know why she suddenly wants to bring attention to herself she can only reply that she wants to look good, that’s not a crime right.

Some young men walk up to them and one of them is a guy whose car Emma had keyed the year before well Sutton has no idea bout it and Lexie has to reminder her LOL Obvious much LOL
The guy invites them to a casino party and Sutton is all pumped up despite Lexie is hesitant. They would normally not hang out with the jock, skank types according to Lexie. Now if it was Emma she would KNOW all of this…hello what she hit her head in Phoenix, um no. Sutton is not playing Emma at all but being herself, Lexie has gotta know right? Sutton wants to sit with the guys but Lexie again reminds her they are the den mothers to the disenfranchised basically the cast away group of kids, you had to see Sutton’s face LOL she is used to being one of the pretty people at her school.

Derek breaks up with Char then we see Emma trying to tell her maybe there is more to it than she might think. She mentions that some how Alec might be involved. Yeah I think Emma might be stepping a little to far out with her accusations but I respect her honesty. I wonder what Char will do with the info.

Kristen tells Ted about the Laurel/Justin situation and Ted says him talking to Justin might involve him beating him with his putter, um violent much, Dad??? Geez kinda vicious I think. Emma shows up wanting to talk to Kristen in private so Ted scurries away.

Kristen lies about saying anything to Ted about Sutton’s birth mother to Emma.

Sutton talks Lexie into going to the casino party with her instead of studying. Oddly enough Lexie asks her to help with a fashion look for the night something I doubt she would ask Emma to do because will Emma seems low key and not in to fashion at all. I’m just sayin; her having Sutton’s closet to play with is one thing but its not her thing.

Char gets a mysterious call only to find out its Annie, her aunt Annie, YUP the same crazy Annie who is the twins mother, she is one and the same, so the plot thickens yet again. Phyllis grabs the phone before Annie can talk to Char who was the person she wanted to speak with. Annie hangs up on her sister, Phyllis grabs the phone and Phyllis is cryptic when Char tries to find out what the big mystery is between them but no information is given aside from the basic Annie made some wrong choices and some bad people destroyed her. Oh bad people like Um Ted and Alec, you know the fathers of Chars besties. Char needs to know this stuff; all these freaking secrets. Are all these girls related?

Ahh, “your optimism is amazing,” Ethan tells Emma after she gives him the updates from the day. These two are so darn cute when they get along; which makes me wonder how long that will last.

After the break, we find Ted with Justin talking at the club, I guess its lucky for Justin is a public place or he might be bloody on the ground by now. Justin admits to sleeping with Laurel. I so wonder what lies Ted has told that have brought Justin into Ted’s life. Justin is lying I know it when he tells Ted that he is his role model, he is such a great dad. No way Justin believes that, not one bit. Justin has that picture of the family of Ted and somehow he is wanting to get back at them, that is my guess. I do love a mystery LOL. I believe that sassy Laurel is soooooo being used, its too bad too.

Laurel goes to Emma to complain about being found out but Emma goes off on her about lies and families learning to be honest. She leaves Laurel staring after her as she walks away LOL, oops, not very Sutton like, Ouch.

Lexie and Sutton make an entrance at the casino party before Lexie gives Sutton the money to play games with. Lexie is already regretting going along with the idea LOL though its not clear except for maybe she hates attention. Live a little Lexie come on, Emma might be a stick in the mud but Sutton likes to party. The cutie from earlier greets them at the door and they have a seat at a Black Jack table.

In Phoenix, Laurel and Kristen have a mother daughter bonding moment, um, okay, Laurel apologizes for lying and Kristin says its most important to be honest with each other. Her whole hug, “your my daughter I love you,” line was used earlier in the season with Emma/Sutton and I gotta say its still WEAK. It does not come across as sincere, and where do these people learn to hug?? Its so brief its not worth the effort, really? Now maybe that’s me but where is Pretending to be Affectionate Acting 101? Sign them up.

The black jack table gets to rocking when cute guy comes over to help Sutton win her money back. It was so much a set up I can’t believe Lexie didn’t notice it. I think I assumed that Lexie would be more woman of the world kinda like Sutton but nicer. Sutton goes all in the last hand and he lets her win again. Lexie freaks totally out then gets excited when Sutton wins. Sutton pulls cute guy over to let the guy know she knows he rigged the game to let her win. He tries to deny it only briefly then asks her to hang out later.

Kristen comes in to see Emma saying that the birth mother might still be alive and Kristen still thinks its Ruth Peterson. Kristen is so far in the dark its not even fair to call it dark its just pitch black LOL that lady is going to divorce Ted so fast when she finds out the truth. I gotta feeling someone might end up dead somewhere along the way its surprising there have been no murders so far.

Outside of school, Ethan thinks Emma needs to help herself and stop worrying about other people. Now this is after she tells him what Kristen had revealed the night before.

Meanwhile, Derek is listening as Char tells Mads about the incident with Annie and Phylis.

Liar Ted, lets Kristen think she was helping Emma by telling her about the birth mother LOL. He is like okay you talked me into it we can help her, um he is thinking using the information they supposedly had Kristin won’t get very far. It’s for sure he will let Alec know what Kristen is up to so he can give Ruth more money to really disappear this time; hers my be the first death who knows.

I love Derek now he has some kinda balls, he goes to Alec with the info he heard as school but he won’t give it to him until he says he can get back with Char. He even would rather go to jail than to be without her….ahhh so sweet. Only thing is when Char finds out what he is doing she will dump him; that’s how it works usually.

The orderly from the mental institution calls Sutton to let her know Annie escaped just before Lexie does the big reveal that she knows she is not Emma LOL. Yeah Sutton wasn’t fooling anyone with her germa-phobic fashion hog ways LOL.

Kristen opens the mail to find the letter from Sutton. Lucky for Emma she is there to grab it away saying its the letter she wrote them when she was angry before. Kristen suggests she tear it up.

Outside that night, Justin tells Laurel that he doesn’t think Ted is the great guy he pretends to be. Ah okay here it comes, now what can he say to Laurel though to make her believe it?

Lexie tells Sutton that she never believed she was Emma from the moment she got in her car LOL. Sutton regrets sending the letter which would get Emma in trouble. Now those girls know how to hug believable like, LOL. They can give the grownups lessons.

Emma reads the letter to Ethan before she gets all teary eyed about having to leave. Ethan says he is going with her wherever she goes….oh sweet.

……….another good episode of Lying Game…but there were parts that seem really similar to the other twin show, Ringer. I think the whole thing with one sister being selfish while the other was giving was the main part though……..I guess that is life.

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