Lying Game Recap Season 1 Finale The Ties that Bind

Hi all you Lying Game Lovers; let’s get started on this season one Finale.

This episode begins with Emma taking out her anger on Ethan by having an early morning run around the neighborhood. Ethan catches up with her but Emma has nothing new to tell him except that the truth hurts. I am not sure what she means by that statement except that Ethan has the worse timing ever. HE should have told her about that Sutton kiss when she asked him earlier last episode. The fact that he waited made him look bad like he thought he could hide things from her which was the whole point she was trying to avoid. Hmmm I don’t know if these two will ever make it. It’s like Ethan doesn’t think he can have the good girl while Emma doesn’t know how to trust the Guy everyone thinks is the Bad Boy!!

The red chairs at the table distracted me, is it just me or do they seem tacky in this big beautiful house?

Back at home Emma tells everyone that she broke up with Ethan all the well confessing that she took a Boy, Ethan, along on her chaperone duties with Lauren to Coachella. They are not happy to hear that Ethan was on the trip but they may be a little too happy about the beak up…hmmm. Of course they won’t say that.

Kristin follows Emma into the room to give her a great big Momma Bear hug. Emma explains that she doesn’t want Kristin worrying about her when she has issues with Ted. Kristin in turn tells Emma that all is well in TEDLAND, or so she thinks. Emma is relieved or seems to be though she has to know that Kristin has NO idea what is going on. Kristin does not get how Ethan could do the breaking up with Emma/Sutton. WE can’t figure that either Kristin, Emma is all big eyed and perfect, except for the whole she is human part which means she has flaws like us all.

Outside Sutton shows up to see the Mom and daughter moment. Emma tells Kristin that Ethan has feelings for someone else as she looks out the door toward Sutton though Kristin does not notice.

Meanwhile Rebecca is planning her wedding at the club as they are setting up for it since its barely two days away. This woman has some serious issues. Rebecca asks Mads to be her Maid of Honor before Alec asks Thayer who is hesitant to be his Best Man. Not a minute before the siblings were looking at Alec and Rebecca like they were nuts LOL. Thayer doesn’t officially answer but he does asks,” what is the rush?” Yeah right exactly why are they rushing to the altar? Obvious much?

Sutton comes into the room with bad news for Emma. Looks like for some reason she didn’t do her the honor of giving her call to let her know that YES Rebecca has a big ole THING for Ted evidenced by the locket she wears with his picture in it. Sutton suggests Emma should show the locket to Kristin. Emma shares that she is no longer with Ethan. Sutton can’t even feel bad for Emma she only makes suggestions that now she can go after Ethan again; well Emma said it but Sutton smiled about it.

On a drive down a road, we have a chanced to see the siblings arguing over Alec. Mads is all ready to believe that despite an eye-witness that Alec is innocent of killing Derek or being involved in his death. Thayer is on the opposite side of argument wanting to find some real proof to give them closure either way.

Sutton goes running over to Ethan to try to get him back but Ethan doesn’t want her to be around him. He calls her a lying bitch, “the feelings are gone,” or so he says. Sutton believes that he is too angry to not care; which for Ethan she might be right. I like him with Emma but I think it’s an attitude thing; he gets what he things he can get, its hard for him to REACH higher because he doesn’t feel he deserves better.

After the break, we find the happy couple chatting up the judge that will marry them. They chat a few seconds about the kids and Rebecca states, “with the two of us together things will be fine,” Yeah I knew that was the plan. Kristin walks up and Rebecca gives her a verbal invite to the wedding since she has been meaning to call her, right. Alec gets a call so he wanders off.

Kristin tries to apologize for her weirdness with Rebecca but Rebecca instead puts her own foot in her mouth. She is all I am glad Ted told her. Kristin is like what? Rebecca is all apologies then even though neither says much we all know what it’s about. Kristin looks upset now, because it doesn’t take much imagination to realize what Rebecca was going to say. Rebecca the liar, is back again, I don’t believe she is sorry or that it was an accident that she mentioned or almost mentioned the affair. She walks away without saying much more. Kristin is stunned. AWKWARD!!

Emma is outside when Kristin comes out of the club, she chooses this time to show Kristin the locket. Yeah I think it’s all over for Ted and Kristin she is all ticked off and she leaves.

Later that day, Sutton with Thayer goes to see Dan who is home with Ethan and Theresa. Thayer explains what is happening with the suspect Alec. Dan reminds them they are kids getting in way over their heads. Dan tells them they are working on the case.

At the house Laurel, whose band is playing at the wedding, is going on and on about the wedding plus her speculations about the timing, while Ted sighs and Kristin keeps her face hidden.

Laurel leaves the other two alone in the room, the tension is thick, I think Kristin will snap and hit him with a blunt object LOL, okay day dreaming about justifiable violence. Kristin is a good wife, she says NOTHING before Ted leaves the room after he went on about it will be a good night; seeing his bestie get married.

Over at Thayer’s, he comforts Emma as she is concerned about having shown Kristin the picture. Does it seem like she is a drama queen lately LOL? I know it’s a dramatic show, Thayer says it’s all coming to a head. He tells her she has been the one bright spot in all of this, here we go Thayer is falling deeper for Emma.

Okay since we know that no one is perfect I gotta wonder what is really up with Thayer because not long ago he was into Sutton even though he knew she was evil LOL. I know too much thinking on my part.

After the break, Sutton is helping Emma get dressed for the rehearsal dinner that night when Ethan arrives with a plan. He wants to break into Rebecca’s house, hmm she has a house? Isn’t she staying at her sister’s house? Hmm interesting how Char and Phyllis are missing all the fun right? Okay so Emma says fine, “dont’ get caught,” like that is what an EX murder suspect would want, to get caught??

Moving on, at the one stop shop for all events, the country club, the family arrives all together. Baz gives Laurel a kiss as he said her on the way inside, ahh so sweet. Laurel has to explain to Ted that Baz is at the event because he is a friend of Rebecca not her date. Oh I thought Ted knew that Laurel moved on okay. Emma stays behind to see what is going on with Kristin who doesn’t want to discuss the locket or anything. She is trying to be Mary sunshine again I see; those days are over Kristin you can’t go back to innocence sorry Babe.

Ethan the valet helps Rebecca as she drives up also Rebecca mentions to Ethan that she always thought he and Sutton were meant to be she was sorry to hear that they had broken up. * watch that part closely* I actually found this odd the first time but I guess we are to think she says this because she supposedly helped Emma/Sutton with Ethan. * there are other reasons* Inside the car, Ethan grabs Rebecca’s house key off her ring.

In the club, the toasts have begun for the couple. Thayer goes first as the best man, also because he is probably in on the plan that is now underway. He toasts to Love, when it comes quick as he looks toward the couple then, to Love when it takes a minute where he looks toward Emma who is not paying attention, then to Family he looks at Mads and then to Future where he again looks toward an unnoticing Emma, he can’t wait to see what it holds. Cheers!! Ted takes his turn next as Ted goes on about Alec being his pal, Kristin looks like she will throw up. He says that Alec and Rebecca have the kind of marriage like he and Kristin she jumps up knocking over her glass as she rushes from the room. Rebecca goes after her which considering its her event, I think the girls should have gone or NO ONE. It’s less obvious if it’s ignored when someone makes a scene, folks.

At Rebecca’s Ethan jumps the gate to get in but oddly enough Sutton is already inside. Does anyone wonder how she got in?

After the break, Sutton who seems to be in charge is telling Ethan where to search. Did anyone find this odd, she wasn’t doing much other than talking she should have been looking for some clues or something right? She had him doing all the work, with NO gloves on, this is breaking and entering. *shakes head*

In the restroom at the club, Kristin wants to know why everyone lies? Um kind a general right? She should demand that Rebecca come clean about what she was trying to tell her before. Rebecca does admit to jumping the gun on her talk the day before. Kristin is all Yep that is for sure LOL. She of course lies that it was brief and years ago, but why is she wearing that locket then?

Anyway so Kristin asks her what does she want to be Absolved LOL?? “You are absolved.” Rebecca is all I hate seeing you this way, you know upset/pissed off/mad at me, “Then I guess you shouldn’t have come back to town,” Kristin adds before she leaves the room. OH of course, Rebecca does NOT look upset after Kristin is gone because we all know she came to town to shake things up anyway.

Outside in the halls, Ted says he should have never listened to Alec about how to make things right for him. Alec says Ted screwed things up to start with years ago I suppose LOL. The girls arrive but Alec wanders off with them leaving Ted to talk to Kristin who they have already missed. Ted finds her and chases her down, she tells him about the locket. Is anyone else Totally embarrassed for Kristin, her husband chasing her down in the club? Yikes no class!! Kristin goes on about building a family on a mountain of lies….blah fell flat for me sorry, Helen Slater. I don’t know what was missing but it was too rushed or something. It’s almost like the acting was better with her and Charisma who plays Rebecca, odd, more awkwardness.

Outside with Kristin, Emma/Sutton tells Laurel about Ted’s affair. Kristin says she doesn’t want the girls taking sides but Um its kinda hard not too when she is the one upset and Ted isn’t there to defend his stupidity.

Over at B & E for Dummies, Sutton is playing with Rebecca’s receipts while Ethan is going through computer files. Ethan points out he would rather be with Emma which doesn’t go over well with Sutton.

They finally find something on the computer but we don’t get to see it; we do know its a jpeg, which is code for a type of computer image LOL.

Back at the club, Rebecca tries to convince Ted that Kristin will get over being mad after she realizes it was oh so long ago. Rebecca has moved on to bigger and better things, you know her murdering future hubby, Alec. She says, she is truly sorry, truly LOL. Rebecca leaves Alec with Ted. She tells him she is going home like its just another night, oh boo hoo I think Kristin ruined their party.

——————**spoiler for rest of episode below**—–
Ted is all after all you supposedly did for me Alec, you just screwed me by letting Rebecca back into their lives. Alec thinks the glass is half full because despite his quick thinking conniving ways he is being FOOLED by Rebecca and maybe someone else, *hint*. He reminds Ted, “Kristin still doesn’t know half the secret.” I know *raises hand* that crazy lady is really the Mommy of those precious twins……..sorry I jumped the gun a bit but……..anyone watching already knew it……..I knew it a while back but not so much the details.

—————-**Spoiler above***———

Ethan delivers Rebecca’s red car back to her safe and sound, I assume with the key also.
Thayer, Ryan and Mads come out to meet him. They tell him about the events of the night regarding Kristin. Ethan doesn’t care he is trying to impress Emma with his skills but she is gone home. Once Ryan has backed up out-of-the-way, Ethan shows them the picture they found on Rebecca’s computer. Oddly enough why would it be on Rebecca’s computer; it was originally on her phone or so we were meant to believe. Yeah I know she sent it but still…….its proof that A-Alec was at the scene and B-That Rebecca is aware that Alec was at the scene of the murder. The siblings are more than shocked.

After the break, Ethan shows Dan the picture of course since he obtained it illegally it can’t be admitted. They need the murder weapon to move forward otherwise it only makes the case harder to win. Emma arrives to see the photo. Does anyone find it odd that Dan nor Theresa realize that Ethan who was with Sutton the day before is now in possession of the evidence but Emma/Sutton seems out of the loop?

Ethan tries to explain to Emma after the others go inside that he only wants to solve the mystery so Emma can have a family and they can have a second chance BUT all she can think of is that Sutton was with him when he got the EVIDENCe. She thinks that Sutton is just always there……Emma says they are “done.” Hmm she should be done with her lying skank of a sister not Ethan the boy loves you……HELLO!!

At the Rybak’s on the wedding day, they siblings have to pretend to be happy for Alec even though they have seen the proof against him. He asks them to speak now or forever hold their piece, they say it’s all good basically. They bring up the Ted thing but Alec says he has no issues with it so it should be fine with them.

Mads gets a bit upset after Alec goes away but Thayer tells her to just hold on a while longer.

Laurel and Emma tell Kristin they aren’t going to the wedding even though Emma/Sutton has to go because of the plan. Ted spent the night at the club according to Laurel who can’t believe that her sister is going to the wedding. Of course Laurel is in the dark on most of the goings on.

At the trailer, Dan wonders why Ethan is not dressed for the wedding. Ethan is giving up because he doesn’t think he can ever do enough. Dan suggests that he is headed for being like him. Ethan insists that he doesn’t care any more but Dan says he knows if Ethan does nothing Thayer will get the girl.

Not much later, Dan arrives with the search warrant at the Rybak’s, Thayer lets him as Mads goes upstairs.

Emma arrives at the wedding she talks to Alec briefly. He is glad she came but she only came to see what was going to happen, at least we know that part. Alec tells her it will all work out with her parents.

Over at the Mercer’s Kristin doesn’t want to see Ted who is sporting a five o’clock shadow, oh sexy, she has Laurel tell him at the door. Laurel is all my Mommy is hurting and you are the reason, go away, basically.

Emma goes in to see Rebecca as she puts on her wedding duds. Emma tells her she knows everything, she tries to convince her to call off the wedding. It’s true Emma does think that Rebecca helped her with the Ethan trial think. She feels she owes her this courtesy I suppose.

Okay now Rebecca has NOT really been a fashionista but I really expected more than a white suit, I would have thought she would have worn maybe an ivory lace dress of tea length something to show off her curves. If she was going shopping she could have done better than a glorified business suit LOL. Seriously she picked out the ring in advance she had plenty of time go get a decent dress.

Rebecca pretends to have no idea about Emma’s claims. Rebecca says that someone doctored the photo that Emma is referring to; yeah I think SHE, Rebecca, doctored it herself or had some help *cough* Rebecca lies again about being with Alec the night that Derek died. Emma wants Rebecca to do the right thing and tell what she knows to the police. Alec comes in to check on Rebecca but she says she is having a chat with Sutton.

Also once again Rebecca should not wear her hair up ever it makes her looks crazy LOL, I know my opinion. Her lips look too thin her face looks way older, she is a person that needs her hair down, flowing around her face.

She asks Emma/Sutton to hand her the bouquet, it seems weird like she might take the chance to knock her out or something. It think this moment will come back to haunt Emma or maybe I am just looking for too many details LOL. It’s possible she only told her that so Emma/Sutton would realize the conversation was OVER.

After the break, Thayer arrives at the ceremony. Alec mentions he almost had to call for a replacement as he adjusts Thayer’s tie. Thayer says he is fine.

Over at Rybak’s they are still searching where they find the murder weapon in Alec’s golf bag. It’s a bit to convenient, it’s not like he would carry it around with him. Alec is deceitful not STUPID.

My current theory is that maybe Rebecca followed and killed Derek after seeing Alec holding the tire iron, which she of course had taken a picture of for safe keeping.

Emma tells Mads what happened with Rebecca as Mads arrives with Ryan. Emma also gives the no go signal to Thayer as she sits down. Alec notices something happening with them but doesn’t dwell on it.

The Unholy bride walks down the aisle then, she showing a bit of a pooch tummy under that jacket LOL, Wait I think it was some lace maybe lol, she and Alec hold hands as they prepare for their vows.

While at the Mercer’s Kristin is looking at photos and talking to Laurel about puzzles, mixed up pieces and putting it all together. She is in tears, she should be happy that Ted could be out of her life, good riddance, he is a liar liar.

Dan arrives at the wedding with the other cops just after they pronounce them husband and wife. They arrest Alec for the murder of Derek Rogers. Alec asks Thayer if he knew but they drag him out before he can’t say anything else.

Emma catches up with Thayer who is upset. He wasn’t expecting to feel like this, I guess all upset his father was dragged away in hand cuffs. Ethan also walks in at the same time just soon enough to see Emma hug Thayer who doesn’t want to face the coming trials alone.

Upstairs we see Sutton watching the entire incident, the hug, Ethan’s longing looks and Rebecca walks in.
“Hi Mom,” Sutton says. NOW this should have been the ending But NO……..Rebecca says, “it’s all working perfectly…just as we planned” we could have figured that last part out on our own LOL.

Oh and of course, Ted is Sutton and Emma’s pops with Rebecca, the psycho we have now….not the other Annie who was a red herring to confuse us with in he start of the season. You gotta wonder if Rebecca wasn’t the original creator of Lying GAMES!!

Great episode; I’m glad I did the recap now. Please leave comments.

Some questions to consider of Hiatus/Break till the new season begins:
1. How long ago did Sutton find Rebecca? She could have been the one to convince her to move to Phoenix.
2. Will Kristin leave Ted or return to being the annoying stay in the dark mom?
3. When will Emma tell Laurel who she really is?
4. Will Ethan ever find a girl to love that is not a twin?
5. Will Sutton finally get Ethan and then want Ryan or someone else; breaking his heart yet again?
6. Will the trial last the entire second season?
7. How long will it take for Alec to figure out his wife set him up?
8. Will Ted get back with Rebecca while Alec is on trial?
9. Will Mads and Ryan ever have a real date away from the club?
10. When will Rebecca tell Emma she is their mother?

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