Lying Game S01 Episode 12 Recap College Bound

Hi all Lying Gamers and those who are just curious 🙂

This episode begins only seconds after the last one ended. Emma is still holding the white gift box with the note inside. “Keep on being Sutton or you are next.”

She is freaking out while the guys, Thayer and Ethan try to remain calm. Ethan says it feel like a Lying Game. Lying games were Sutton’s big deal way to get back at people who didn’t pay her the homage that she thought she deserved. Uh huh, Sutton is a real winner of twin sister you got there, Emma.

Emma is still not convince because she believes a missing person is different than the little ways that Sutton played Lying Games before. Ethan describes an incident where Sutton would still things from a girl named Hilary then return them later to make her seem like she was losing it I assume. Hilary ended up changing schools. I guess Evil Twins behave that way some times.

Thayer suggest the best way to win a lying game is to not play, they just have to pretend nothing is up.

On the way out of the house the next morning, dressed for a party I might add, Emma is side tracked by the parents who want to talk to her about college. Luckily she gets a text that Char needs help at her house so she runs out after only a few seconds.

At Char’s house Emma arrives to find Mads cleaning up the pool area. It seems it took her and Char to get Phyllis inside because she was so drunk. They discuss the fact that Char’s dad is in Miami as well how much Phyllis dislikes Alec and Kristin so Char can’t stay with either of them. Its a wonder how the girls have a chance to hang out at all with those stats.

At school Mads is talking to Emma when she sees Derek outside. Emma gets all riled up because of him breaking Char’s heart. Emma is talking to Derek about hurting Char while he is apologizing for something else. It’s obvious to me he was surprised to see Emma/Sutton at school. She rails him out about his behavior before he shrugs. We can see as he walks away that he pulled out his phone to call someone. My guess is its Alec to tell him that the girls have NO idea what is up or well it could be Sutton I guess, hmmm.

Ethan walks over as Derek walks away then we clearly see he is using the phone. Ethan hugs Emma and tells her things will be okay, ahhh.

At the club the parents discuss Emma before they see Rebecca. Kristin gets rid of Ted immediately so she can chat with the other woman You know I think Kristin is finally waking up. Rebecca informs her she is applying to join the club. Kristin tells her that would be great, you know since they are there like every day LOL. Rebecca jokes about having kids and stuff but for some reason Kristin isn’t amused about that; yeah she is on the trail for some information, I can smell it. Then Kristin makes up a lie about wanting to surprise Ted with a California anniversary trip or something. She asked Rebecca for reccomendation since that is where she has been for twenty years. Kristin asked her about Santa Barbara and Rebecca says she has never been there. Now in another episode an old acquaintance of Teds had mentioned he remembered the good time they all had in Santa Barbara, Ted, Alec and Annie. So Kristin is putting two with two and getting the idea that someone is lying.

Over on the tennis court, Emma is distracted by a man watching her. She goes after the man as soon as she is done playing just before Ted comes up to remind her that Randy is a scout from a college. They talk about college, scholarships as well as visiting the college to check out Texas Sutter North. Emma decides to go for it which surprises everyone including probably herself LOL.

After the break, Thayer meets up with Ethan and Emma at the club out front where Ethan is a valet. They talk about her decision to go to Texas then decide it might be just what they need to get Sutton out in the open. She is intrigued by the idea of actually getting a free ride to a school where she can play tennis. Hmm does Emma really want to give up everything that bad? I get it though she wants to just be real again, not pretending.

At the club, Justin is practicing golfing with Ted when Laurel arrives. She says hi then informs Justin that she found the bracelet. Justin gets all weird looking as she brings up the bracelet. I guess its because his mother died in an accident and its becoming clear that he blames Ted the doctor. This storyline is way past time to be done with though.

Next we see Alec with Rebecca sitting in the car discussing having Phyllis put away. The discussion is one of those circular reasoning things. The talk but they get back to the same solution they begin with. Rebecca wants to stay at the house to watch Char while Phyllis is away but they know Phyllis won’t approve so Char has to go to Miami to stay with her distant in more ways than one father. Basically the scene was to show us how well Rebecca works with Alec. I see a romance a brewin’ LOL

Girl time in the Mercer house; we see Laurel bonding with Emma while they do their nails on the bed. This is certainly not something Sutton would have ever done with Laurel. Emma does learn something from the random conversation about not letting Ted ever find out that Emma/Sutton doesn’t really want to go to college in Texas. According to Laurel it will be “Nana’s funeral all over again.” Who is Nana wasn’t she just in Pretty Little Liars?? LOL just kidding. Everyone has a Nana but some of us call them Aunts, Grandmothers or God mothers you know those people that can let you get away with anything and still love you. I hope we get some explanation for that soon.

Some time later Emma meets up with Ethan and has decided to go to the police, you know Dan, instead of going to Texas. They drive out to the trailer to find that Danny boy has company named Alec and they are “rumblin'” The way that Alec and Dan are standing inside by the window they may as well have been outside LOL.

After the break, Ethan and Emma meet up with Thayer to tell them about the night before. Thayer talks Emma into going to Texas like they had discussed before. Ethan agrees but only if its what she really wants to do. Ahhh so sweet. How often do you wonder of Ethan is too sweet?

Later on Ethan arrives at the trailer to find Dan outside. They bond for several moments about things they don’t agree about you know, Alec, Sutton, college and the like. Ethan tells him he saw him with Alec talking the night before. Dan finally reveals why he owes Alec. As a young lad he was blamed for an accidental overdose of a girl friend of his. Dan was looking at twenty five to forty years for dealing but Alec made it all go away. “How do you know you paid off the debt?” Ethan asked but Dan has no answer.

At Alec office Thayer asked him why he was helping Derek out all the time. Alec lies of course he just says he likes helping the under dog and you can never tell when you might can use another friend.

Meanwhile Ted is with Emma in Texas. They stroll the college grounds hand in hand, okay not exactly but they are both excited that Emma/Sutton has decide to consider it as an option. Ted can’t stop smiling, well that is until Emma mentions that Alec scars her sometimes. Smooth move, Em. Ted is all but how much Alec has done so much for this family and he is your godfather.

Later that night Emma chats with Ethan by video phone. She is excited that maybe things will eventually be good enough that she can really consider going to college on her own merit. Ethan is glad that she is happy. Then suddenly Dan is in the video and he runs the mood. HE makes comments about how Ethan can never go to college then Emma hangs up. Ethan goes off on him telling his brother that he still has hope and he is not Alec’s bitch like Dan is LOL

That night Emma dreams that Sutton is dead, she wakes up the next morning after over sleeping her alarm. She looks spooked as Ted looks oddly at her.

After the break, Emma has a chance to watch the tennis team practice as well as talk to a coach. It seems the old Sutton had a reputation for being a mean girl. Emma can say with honesty she is a totally different person LOL.

Ted in the same scene talks to Randy as he tries to find out is Emma/Sutton has what it takes to play at the college level. Randy is sure she does but Sutton was the only not to return the packet saying she had interest before. Hmm so her being around now does looks suspicious will Ted note that ? or is he just being an alum dad all excited with no insight?

Back in Phoenix we see Laurel waiting for Justin. He finally shows and she goes over to take him a drink as well as to ask why he missed their earlier date. Now that seems simple and none threatening right? Well Justin acts like she is intruding in his life and is a real jerk. He first behaves as though the missed date was nothing, then he finishes talking to his friend. They are alone then he breaks up with her because Justin says she thinks he can’t do anything right. Now who is reading whose mind, even though he accused her of doing the very thing.

The real problem here is that now he has basically told Ted that his mother died in a car accident then Laurel is no longer needed as the middle person. Either that or his desire to hurt Ted in a way that his mother dying hurt him is something he has decided not to do. I am so over this little sub plot. I did like Laurel dress even though it was too old for her; oh and she threw the drink she had bought for him on his shoes. You go Girl.

In Texas Emma is nervous about the meeting with the Counselor or Dean. Ted goes on about how raising her has been so awesome. Blah blah then he hugs Emma who of course he didn’t raise. The phone rings saving Emma from more hugging. The call is from Alec even though they had been expecting it to be Kristin. Alec wants to know how Emma/Sutton is doing. Ted tells him that Emma/Sutton has been asking why he is so intense and he suggests that Alec tone it down a bit. Yeah we know what all that means,,,,,NOT! What is it that Alec has done for Ted that is so important. I do wanna know LOL

Alec gets a call from Dan and has to hang up from talking to Ted. Dan tells Alec that Ethan over heard them at the trailer.

At the house, Laurel boo hoos to Kristin about the break up. Kristin can’t quite shed a tear for her daughter but she tries to be open to listen. Laurel wishes aloud that Sutton where around to talk to you; because her mother is a bad listener right? How rude LOL Kristin says she is sorry, is it because she is not Sutton. I know I am being fascisious but its kinda funny. I guess its not to Laurel but if she knew that Justin was just using her than she would be pissed that he took her virginity and not crying about losing him. She needs to find out so she can come out Fighting and not sobbing.

Okay now in the meeting with the Dean/Counselor or whomever the woman is Emma does one of those things. She starts out good then she goes from trying to be Sutton to being Emma and a confused look crosses the lady’s face. Could Emma be crazy like her mother, Annie? She has got to know it makes her seem crazy. People who talk in like that are usually psychotic or unstable. Okay maybe I am looking at it different than most but think about it. She is grateful I get it but if she is playing the role she needs to learn to watch what she says and not just go by her heart all the time. She needs to toughen up. She can do that and still be Emma, just a smart Emma. Oh and she needs to keep her answer simple, straight to the point.

After the break the weary travelers return home. The first news they get from Kristin is that Justin broke up with Laurel without even giving the girl a reason. After Emma/Sutton goes off to console Laurel the other two agree its what they wanted to happen. UH HUH that is why Kristin wasn’t that sympathetic I thought it was the acting for a minute. YIKES

Emma suggests to Laurel that Justin owes her an explanation for the breakup. Laurel goes on her way after she receives the advice from her suddenly caring sister who in the past we were told was not so nice to her. Hmm did Laurel forget this? Of all people she should be able to tell the difference. Now that she has no boyfriend maybe she will finally notice what is up with sister.

The next day at the club Emma talks to Ethan about the missing Thayer and the dream she had while in Texas. The think that its possible that Sutton is dead. Thayer went to check on another possible lead but he was fague about where he was going.

At Chars the next day the remenicse about middle school as they sit with their feet in the pool. Char is getting ready to go off to Miami to be with her father while her mother is in rehab. Rebecca comes outside a few minutes later to tell Char is time for her to take her to the airport. It’s funny how the first few time we saw Annie Hobbs she was unattractive and in the asylum all drugged even though she knew how to call Alec. Now this Annie Sewell is pretty and well scrubbed LOL. I so believe she has different personalities. I wonder if Sutton’s appearance triggered it somehow before.

Back at the house, Ted is surprised to see Rebecca at the door what must have been a while later. Kristin drags her in the house then wanders off with her while Ted looks shocked. I think the last thing he wants is for his old friend, Annie, to be alone with his wife.

While Kristin talks to Rebecca, she mentions how a person doesnt’ just take another person’s child. Krisitin looks oddly at her though they are discussing Char who wanted to stay with Rebecca but had to go to her dads. Rebecca is all teary eyed that Kristin agrees with her.

Ted is on the phone with Alec of course some time later. HE is all riled up about Annie talking to Kristin. Alec tells Ted to relax, people change LOL. I don’t think Alec has changed at all, EVER. He gets a call from the psychiatric clinic while talking to Ted and has to go.

Laurel goes to talk to Justin. He says that he was trying to let her down easy. He is carrying a bag of food which makes it seem like he is seeing someone else. Laurel walks off but Justin is really alone. Upstairs Justin kicks the mystery box in the room he has been carrying and we see an autopsy report. It is from California but I can’t read the date though it is for a woman and Los Angeles is on the top.

Emma is with Ethan outside his trailer talking about what if Sutton was dead. She thinks she is sick to even think that way. Thayer drives up in his little car, gets out, then tells them he thinks that Sutton is dead. He also thinks he knows who killed her.

After the break, Thayer says after they stopped suspecting each other than he had to expand the search. He tells them that Annie Hobbs broke out of the asylum last week he thinks that Annie may have killed Sutton. Emma is all about going to tell the family; which I don’t know at this point is the greatest move you know with no body or real evidence LOL. Yeah she always wants to do the right thing but it comes off as a bit half a**ed to be honest LOL.

They arrive to an empty house of course. They go to her room and start remeiniscing about Sutton’s life. They look at pictures and share memories. Thayer confesses to having been in love with Sutton since he was seven. Ahh so sweet.

We then see Ted at the club drinking outside and he suddenly sees Justin near the fire pit. What do you want to bet he goes over to see what Justin put in the fire? He will see someone he knows or at least recognizes among the ashes, I betcha LOL

At the wake with no body, Emma goes on about the first time she heard Sutton’s voice. They are all sad and solemn then Sutton walks in the door. The Bitch is Back !!

So what did you think? A winding road right? But it was pretty darn good I give it a 6 🙂

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