Lying Game S01 Episode 8 Review – Travis is in town

Just to clarify this is a recap not a review LOL 🙂

This episode begins again like last week with Sutton/Emma. She is in juvenile detention and it seems she can’t get her one call until after she sees her case worker. I don’t know if that is how things really work but maybe its just about organization. I imagine they don’t get many cases of wrong identity in juvie.

At school Emma is talking with Travis on the phone as he makes his demands to keep his mouth shut about her. I suppose him being the real son of her foster-mother is why he can go gallivanting where ever he wants all over the place. It’s either that or the mother could care less about either of them. Ethan tries to get Emma to talk to him about what is going on in her life but she refuses.

Mads finds out that Eduardo’s mother had him moved from the local hospital to an unknown location. Mads of course blames herself though logically that makes no sense unless she thinks her dad had him beat up LOL. Emma can’t stay around to distract her because he has to race off to meet up with Pervy Travis. Thayer attempts to get her to explain why she has to leave but yes of course she can’t reveal her plans. Wow it must be hard to keep up with so many lies.

Travis’ plan is for Emma to leave a door open at her house so he can come inside to rob it of a few items. I suppose this means he is on his own, but more than likely its just a manipulation. I have a feeling he has used her in this way over the years; she didn’t seem too surprised that he want to rob the house. So this is the life that Emma lived? It is sad in a way that one twin could be sheltered and pampered but turn out selfish while the other could live her life in fear yet turn out easier going.

Laurel has a talk with her parents the morning after they found her with Justin at the foreclosed home. It’s decided that Ted will find him a place to live so he can stay on the golf team. Laurel insists that nothing happened with her, sexually, with Justin. Kristen the mom, looks kind of snooty like Justin suddenly isn’t good enough for Laurel. It’s weird the last couple of episode she has been annoying me, I mean the mother not Laurel, I suppose Laurel is just being a teen.

Emma is in the room looking through Sutton’s jewelry trying to decide which pieces are real so she can give Travis the others I guess LOL Laurel comes in to tell her that she did sleep with Justin and how it was awesome but strange. Laurel totally lied to her parents about that, typical right?

Alec apologizes to Mads because of what happen to Eduardo then asks what he knows about Sutton’s adoption; to answer Alec lies with the old I only know what Ted has told me.

Emma takes the jewelry, all costume, to Char to get money which she says is for charity work; funny I can’t see how Char fell for that. I don’t think Sutton is the charity work kinda girl LOL.

Sutton/Emma finally gets to see her case worked who can’t believe she actually wants a pillow protector even though I totally get it. I would be sleep sitting up with a paper towel against the wall the one spot my head would touch the wall. I am the same person who takes personal towels to hotels to cover anything I lay on LOL I know a bit germaphobic so I can relate. Case worker guy goes from being mildly amused by Sutton to being angry when she brings up the twin story. You know all she has to do if she really wanted to get out was call Thayer back; he was trying to call her earlier. She could have ask the case worker instead of trying to explain. I get why people don’t believe it because Emma more than likely had to deal with lying for Travis most of her life to avoid him attacking her. I can’t imagine Emma actually did most of what was on the list without provocation involving him.

I am not sure what happen but I think Emma used the money to buy some nicer pieces of jewelry to give to Travis to hoke. We don’t see what is in the bag but since she tells him to wait to get money for it, it has to be other items since she left hers with Char. Ethan shows up at the house only long enough to see her letting Travis kiss her so he will just go away.

At school the next day she tries to apologize to Ethan for her behavior the day before but of course all he can think of is seeing her kiss someone he doesn’t even know. He says things are good and walks away.

Ted gets Justin a place to stay at the golf clubhouse as well as a part-time job. Ted warns Justin that he can’t have Laurel up to his room or vice versa at their home. I think that is amusing you know because it’s not a bed is the only place you can have sex or have some super heavy making out, LOL, duh daddy Ted.

Ted and snooty mom, she is just acting different to me, are going on a conference/get away. The girls, at least, Laurel are going to have a party without the parents knowing, oh is that something new LOL or just expected when parents leave town.

Alec gets a surprise call from Annie accusing him of lying about Emma being dead. She says she talked to Sutton. Alec lies saying Sutton is sick with some kind of schizophrenia LOL but Annie didn’t seem to believe him. the bad things is she is so easily confused with all the medications she is taking.

At the party despite all the good will and fun we find Justin a bit obsessed with the family photo albums. AH HA I told you that kid was up to something, he looks surprised to see its a missing page in the album. I wonder if he knows where that missing photo might be now. My guess is he might be looking for his real parents too? I never believed the whole my parents died thing he might be on the run from the law like Emma or is just curious because he has no family.. Hmmm

Mads arrives with Thayer who goes off to see what is going on with Emma who looks distracted and down. Emma explains about the fight with Ethan which really wasn’t a fight but a weird none situational misunderstanding. Thayer texts someone while they are chatting them puts his phone away when Emma points out is rude to do that while talking to someone LOL, funny.
I initially thought the Thayer had called Ethan so he could hear the conversation since he goes on about how Sutton still likes Ethan. He can see that Ethan is into Emma. He confessed sent a text to Ethan saying he needed to get his sorry butt to the party. Way to help Thayer we know you LUVS Sutton, so sad for you.

Meanwhile Tom List some old friend of Ted’s sees him at the conference with Kristen/Mom but he thinks its Annie, because the last time they saw each other was twenty years before. Tom is wasted so Ted uses it as an excuse as to why he mistook Kristen for someone else, Ted is such a liar.

Emma tells Ethan about ninety-nine percent of what happened the day before because really details sometimes just add confusion right? Ethan having seen the kiss however is not satisfied since she didn’t mention it…ugh Ethan dude don’t you make mistakes too?? Why not just tell her what you saw? Man, men and their fragile egos LOL It’s like while they were on the sharing plan, it could have been all in the open but we are only half way done with the episode so we need that resistance of them not open just yet.

Char suggest they play Never Have I Ever and the games seems a bit boring to me LOL. The game involves drinking of some type of liquid, some will have wine while others will not. Ethan puts the question out to Emma do you have something to hide? Poor Ethan he is feeling betrayed, *hugs Ethan*

At the conference Kristen questions Ted about the guy mentioning Annie and him seeing them twenty years ago. I hope this will make her less annoying real soon. I really hope she waked up to her lying husband and that Alec.

The game begins with Char and her never have I ever shoplifted but it seems Derek shoplifted a belt. On Mads turn we find you she kissed a girl at some camp. Derek has never pictured the hot lunch lady with the big As* naked but Thayer has, which is where I get confused. I thought you said things you had NOT done not things you have LOL. Mads has never had sex with someone she truly loved. Ethan has not kissed someone in the last twenty-four hours so Emma reaches over to kiss him. She still doesn’t get that he saw her with Travis. Really? I mean Ethan stalks her house LOL. Ethan suddenly decides to leave and the party breaks up. Justin leaves with Laurel, that hard-headed girl, is dying to get to his new place.

At the conference, no one is sleeping and it’s not a good thing. Ted gets a text from Alec about talking to Annie. Kristen is awake on the other side of the bed no doubt wondering if Ted has lied to her.

Ethan who was the first to say he was leaving is the last one left with Emma; big surprise huh LOL. She is acting drunk but a few minutes before not so much LOL kinda not working for me. Moments before she was telling Laurel to be careful now she is all over Ethan acting drunk. Ethan dumps her in the bed then leaves.

Alec talks to Thayer at their home and suddenly he gives him a twenty thousand dollar check so he can do whatever he wants with his life. Alec promises to not interfere in his life again. Hey I can get behind that but I need a check too LOL.

Laurel and Justin can’t wait to “hook up” again at his place, though she does have interest in his mystery box. He distracts her from it easily however.

At the Mercer’s Emma wakes up at the sound of the phone ringing. She misses two calls which are actually from Sutton. Sutton doesn’t want to waste her one CALL so she doesn’t leave a message. Emma is in the kitchen when she hears noises only to find Travis in her room when she returns. He has found out the jewelry she gave him is all fakes. They are fighting when Ethan shows up at the door and punches Travis out.

After the break, Laurel just can’t resist looking in that box. Justin wakes up to find her being nosey, he gives her the bracelet that’s inside but I wonder what was in there before or what else is in there?

Ethan and Emma talk finally about all the Travis stuff as they carry Travis body outside somewhere. Emma was trying to protect Ethan from the Travis stuff in her life as well as she thought he might kill Travis LOL. They remembered the phone call and find it was from the Juvenile Department in Ethan. It’s decided it had to be Sutton.

The next morning Sutton calls again and is in a conversation with Laurel when the parents arrive. Laurel has no idea she is talking to the real Sutton. Laurel hangs up thinking is the sister from last night with only a you gotta get home figuring she is at Ethan’s. Sutton doesn’t have the time to explain; since she used her one phone call all she has as a way to communicate is to write a letter LOL, really? I guess with Emma’s rep it could happen.

Laurel explains away the bracelet to her parents as well as Emma/Sutton’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Sutton writes her letter to her parent ratting out Emma which I don’t understand why she doesn’t just fess up on her part in it at all? She says that Emma has stolen her identity, really? Has she ever met Emma? Emma is straight up Sweet, Ted and Kristen won’t believe bad things especially Kristen; however she has noticed that Emma is different from when she went to Europe. Sutton is digging herself in deep.

Kristen is browsing through that same photo album again when she notices the missing page; she can’t seem to get Annie out of her head. Ted just keeps lying; “oh I never think of her and she feel off the grid,” lies and more lies. Hey didn’t Emma tell her about the missing page a couple of episodes before?

At the mental hospital they go check on Annie to find she is gone: YES finally she is taking her life back. Oh wow Alec is going to have a fit. It’s funny when I saw her talking to Alec I wondered how she even got a phone in her room. she is more coherent than they think.

After the break, we find Travis, Thayer, Emma and Ethan at the trailer. They threaten Travis and send him on his way after they find out that Emma has been in Juvenile Detention but has been released mysteriously.

It looks like Sutton is not answering Emma’s calls which is weird. She went searching for truth and didn’t like what she got she should Suck it UP!! Not a Sutton fan right now. I think Annie being focused on Emma just ticked Sutton off, she has to understand that Annie is damaged and medicated. Sutton should be the bigger person not take it out on Emma who was only doing what Sutton asked of her. I said it THERE.

Lucky for Sutton Emma’s bestie Lexi shows up to get Sutton thinking she is Emma it’s not so lucky for Alec who was sitting outside. I bet he thought he was going to pick Sutton up and have a chat with her or manipulate her mind in some way LOL SNAP!! At least I hope Sutton learns some manners with Lexie she is way to prissy for her own good that Sutton.

Well there it is, It was a great week for Lying Game I really liked the episode. Leave your comments.

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