Lying Game Season Finale Recap Happy Birthday Emma and Sutton

Hi all, I am behind on recapping because I was with the other Fab Fans of my fave show, Supernatural, in Chicago for Four Days, ………Yeah…….now its back to work for me. I am a bit behind on this show but well that is how things happen sometimes.

I will start off by saying that I had never heard of Alexandro Chando before watching the Lying Game. I enjoyed her portrayal of both the bitchy Sutton and the sweet endearing Emma. She was distinct in each character and she made you despise Sutton as much as cheer for Emma. I wanted to add that little opinion up front.

We first see Sutton as she rides a bus toward Phoenix and what she hopes will be her life again, followed by a few minutes of the family wakening up Emma to tell her Happy Birthday. There is the cheesy scene with Ted, Mom and Laurel as they gather around Emma’s bed with a birthday tray of food. Emma is asked to make her birthday wish which we find out from Laurel is usually a bogus wish aka ask for something you don’t want like, I wish I would never have a boyfriend. Yes it was lame, but the idea was to show how each girl is spending this part of her day. “I wish I could runaway and never come back,” Emma says because we all know it’s the last thing she really wants to do. She would love to stay in the bosom of love that is Sutton’s family Or how she sees Sutton’s family.

Before they can all leave the room she thanks them and Ted tells her this is only the beginning. WOW…..sign me up for that kinda birthday, breakfast in bed, a new outfit and that is only the start….LOL

While Emma is feeling guilty for getting all of Emma’s perks, Ethan shows up with a smile on his handsome face. Well hello cutie LOL. She gets a morning kiss and a birthday wish before Ethan reminds her they need to get out-of-town before Sutton shows up at any minute. Emma has decided she wants to stay around to tell everyone the truth.

After the break, Ethan tells Emma he is proud she is going to tell the truth and stay around.

Over at Char’s place while she is lounging in her pool, Derek arrives to get her back. She rants at him and just when they are trying to get things figured out some cops show up to take him away. He supposedly has a stolen car. What? oh Derek’s only crime is trusting a lawyer named Alec Ryback 😦

Later that day, at the club Alec is playing the doting father before he gets the call that they picked up Derek the way he had planned. Dan is his lackey I hope he gets tired of doing Alec’s dirty work real soon.

I feel like I’m wearing a Onesie

Laurel meets up with Justin at the club as he is practicing. He declines her invite to come to the party later and she doesn’t ask for a lot of details though she clearly wants to know. I go back and forth on Laurel because her acting skills seem a bit how do I say it, like Acting 101. I do love her spunk though but maybe its the over enthusiasm that is the issue.

Red might give me courage

Emma arrives at the club where they are preparing for Sutton’s party to try to tell them the truth. She is thankful and grateful but Mom really has no idea why. Mom thinks that she and Sutton have found the trust that had years before between them. The key to love is trust, she tells Sutton, then adds to “cheer up”. Emma hugs Ted in tears, but seriously why doesn’t Ted notice or does he not know about Emma??? Now that I think of it Annie said something about Emma dying, so maybe only Alec knows that Emma is in town. Ted may be more in the dark than I first thought. Alec is the man with all the information and probably in the end the biggest most dangerous Motive.
Emma tells Laurel she loves her on her way out of the door, Laurel makes a joke of it all because she really isn’t trying to figure it out but just being goofy.


Meanwhile, Sutton arrives at the bus station.

After the break, we see that Ethan was waiting for Emma outside. Emma goes to find Sutton before she finds her.

At the police station Char is trying to help Derek out at the police station. Alec comes out to tell Char allis well Derek is getting out but she should go home. Char tells Phyllis, her mother, that she can’t control her like she tried to do Annie but Char really doesn’t know half of what is going on.

Alec goes to see Dan to find out if he has found anything about Annie Hobbs’ disappearance. Ok so Dan is looking out for Annie for Alec..not a big shock, I knew Aleck wasn’t just waiting around to see what happened. Alec is a man of action in his white pants LOL that was kinda funny to see him in black and white. It had to be symbolic of his feeling, to him everything is black or white, stark reality that he can manipulate to his will. LOL

Sutton finally arrives at home to find it empty, coincidence much LOL. In her room she finds an incoming chat from Ethan. He believes its Emma, I guess because he is a guy he doesn’t notice she has on different clothing LOL

After the break, Ethan tells Sutton who he thinks is Emma that he loves her and can tell whenever they are together that she loves him too. Sutton is understandably stunned and makes a date to meet him in an hour at the cabin. Her mind is spinning with anger and frustration as she tries to make a plan to squash their pure love.

Sutton is livid after the chat ends she breaks a picture of Emma with Ethan then looks at the birthday dress as though she has an idea before she sends a note to Emma pretending to be Ethan asking her to meet him at the cabin at six.

Laurel has a conversation with Ted about what he said to Justin to make him act differently and Ted denies saying anything. He does have an odd look on his face as he sees the bracelet again that Laurel wears, it is a recognition expression I believe. Could it have belonged to Annie? Is Justin somehow related to them? I hope it’s not too close of a relation since him and Laurel are sleeping together. YIKES!!

Mom arrives home to see Sutton, yep the real one, dressed in the black and white birthday dress. Mom beams and is happy about how it fits her so nice but Sutton is standoffish to her like her usual self. Mom is confused by her coldness, she looks almost in tears as Sutton walks away. Wow, I do NOT know how any of them could have mistaken Emma for Sutton at all.

At the Rybacks, Mads is all ready in her Swan Lake style dress LOL its cute but over the top I think for a teens birthday. Alec gives them keys to the convertible as he makes note that it will be good for Thayer to drive a decent car unlike the station wagon clunker he drove in LA. Thayer wonders how Alec knew of the car since he never mentioned it to them. Just a reminder Thayer moved to LA to pursue his dream despite his father’s desire for him to stay home. Most of the season Alec was at odds with Thayer.

Emma arrives home to find that Sutton has been in the room, she notices the picture of her with Ethan on the floor before she sees the E alert letting her know Ethan left her a message. We all know it was Sutton that left the message for Emma, a bit of sabotage, yes.

Oh Baby I’m not Emma

Ethan arrives at the cabin to see Emma not knowing its Sutton. Another moment where I wonder how Ethan was fooled but he doesn’t realize his error until he is kissing her. Emma arrives at the end of the kiss. I gotta say I think at this point that Ethan for a moment wanted to believe it was Emma since he felt a bit of heat LOL Sutton said she wanted him. OH well then Emma walks in wearing the red dress from earlier, nope Ethan she hasn’t changed, OOPSIE. “Oh My God,” Emma says.

After the break, I am so glad that Emma told Sutton she was a vindictive little Bitch, LOL wow to get a sweet girl to say that to you takes a lot of effort. BRAVO Alexandra for playing Sutton as a Selfish Witch to the HILT!! The rant she gives to Ethan and Emma just shows she is number one in her own life, its all about her. Emma doesn’t even try to defend herself so much because she knows she was only Herself, that is TRUTH. Ethan takes up for Emma and sees clearly why he could never love Sutton. Sutton leaves with the implication that she is going to go and tell everyone who Emma really is except her version would include that she took her identity.

Mads and Thayer arrive at Char’s to pick her up for the party to find she is upset that Derek couldn’t attend with her because he had something to do. Char believes what is up with Derek has to do with Alec and though Thayer thinks its possible Mads defends her dad. REALLY, not long about she was upset with Alec and though he had Eduardo beat up. Body snatcher alert, it’s this really Mads? LOL

Ethan tries to encourage Emma to stand up to Sutton. She wants to go back to her life but Ethan insists he wants her and to be with her. Emma leaves him standing in the cabin. Oh Emma come on, how often have you had a handsome loving young man wanting you?

After the break, Emma is at the bus station waiting to leave when she decides to call Lexie. She tells her she wants to come home since Sutton is going to expose her to the family. Lexie thinks since Emma left Vegas to find a family then she should take the extra effort to stand up for herself to Sutton.

At the club, the party is about to begin, as we see Justin with Laurel enjoying the sights and sounds. Niesha arrives with several friends which annoys Mads but she is surprised to find out from Niesha that Emma/Sutton had invited them to bury the hatchet.

Justin apologizes to Ted for whatever it was he said to him at the club last week. Ted has a feeling that Justin is up to something but MOM is just happy her baby girl is blossoming. I guess the thoughts of them having sex have faded LOL.

Mads attacks Thayer for questioning Alec’s motives and intentions.

Ethan arrives to try to stop Sutton from outing Emma.
The tension builds for the big show down, Emma and Ethan against the world OR Emma vs. Sutton LOL.

Meanwhile, Sutton is driving a rental or a car from her house not sure but there is a noise in her back seat, she turns around to see a figure in a hood then her car swerves on the road. Sutton’s car goes off a pier and into the water. We can see the car sinking into the water.

After the break, Emma arrives at the party in a black halter style dress with her hair wet from the rain. She basically by passes everyone else to get to Ethan where she tells him they will go down fighting together and she loves him. They kiss and hug before Alec comes over to hug her before taking her for the first dance, Ted takes her from Alec, then Mads and Char come to join her on the dance floor.

The next scene is of the sinking car where Sutton is residing.

Then back to possible confrontation between Thayer with Alec. He insinuates that it took his father a long time to arrive. Thayer wants so bad to believe Alec when he says he saw the old car he was driving on a picture he found on Mads phone. Like Mads would leave her phone so he could see it…NOT!! She might be innocent but I don’t think she is stupid. He actually apologized to Skivvy Alec …..ugh.

They sing a happy birthday to Emma, well its her birthday too though everyone thinks she is Sutton. Anyway she starts to tell everyone who she really is then she sees someone outside and changes her mind again. UGH!! She ends up only saying that loves everyone one of them, now does that negate what she said to Ethan, if I were him I might wonder what that means though he would hopefully understand she got nervous again.

Emma goes outside thinking the person she saw was Sutton, I don’t know why she would think that. Sutton is bold and over the top she would NEVER hide in the shadows….okay writers come on now this could have been done better. Mom comes outside to find Emma/Sutton and sees the other person, the hooded person that Emma saw, is Annie Hobbs.

We then see that Sutton is still alive in the sinking car that is in the water. Sutton screams and it’s the end for Season One.

WOW, very interesting stuff; I totally cannot wait for more.
Please leave your comments.

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