Lying Game Winter Premiere Recap – Too Many Annies One Missing Sutton

Hey all how were the holidays for you?

Well we are back again with another Lying Game recap.
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I gotta tell you I am more than a little confused about the Annie situation. The first thing we see in this episode is Annie Sewell played by Charisma Carpenter who was last seen on my FAVE show Supernatural playing a Witch of the most sexy kind. LOL Charisma aka Annie is now here as Char’s aunt. The thing is that Annie which is not a real common name happens to also be the name of Emma and Sutton’s birth mother, except her last name is supposedly Hobbs. I am sure we will get this mess straightened out real soon. I think at this point the confusion for the sake of confusion is lame. Oh and the last we saw of Annie Hobbs she was escaping the institution; she also didn’t believe that Emma was alive despite Sutton’s insistence.

Any who, Annie makes it clear to Emma/Sutton’s mother that she is now going by her middle name, Rebecca, which is all good and well for her but the rest of the folks know her by Annie so what is the point? I know my concern/annoyance is obvious but really writers is that all you can come up with for a new mystery??

*deep breath*

It seems Char was the one to invite Rebecca to the event but hmm she didn’t happen to mention it was Sutton’s birthday? I say this because Rebecca seems surprised to have seen Sutton blowing out candles. That makes less sense than the rest. Surely if a person invites you to a birthday party they usually mention who is the guest of honor. Right here I gotta wonder if Rebecca is somehow involved in Sutton’s disappearance, but that would be odd unless its to get back at Ted. So my theories expands to speculate will Sutton be held for ransom at a later date? Do others know of the twin exchange? With all that lovely money around it’s not out of the question.

Annie also mentions Emma/Sutton’s speech, “I found it stirring.” Now to me this would mean that Annie knows something; it was the curious looks she had in her eyes. Now this woman who probably knows Sutton through Char even though she has been out of the town for years seems to be more in tune with her than Sutton’s parents or am I imagining that?

Ethan meets up with Emma/Sutton after the other ladies are gone and Sutton voices her confusion about the Annie’s but Ethan is more worried about the real Sutton showing up than anything else.

Thayer arrives on the scene just after Ethan again professes his undying love to Emma. Thayer wishes like Emma that she had just told everything during her speech that she stopped when she thought she had seen Sutton outside. Emma calls Sutton again only to have to leave a message.

Before the theme music we get a shot of the phone in the water.

Inside the party Rebecca meets face to face with her half drunken sister, Phyllis as well as Ted. Phyllis is not happy to see her sister and makes it known. Char runs over to hug her aunt to her mother’s dismay. Phyllis walks away when she finds out that Char invited Rebecca which seems to be a big deal despite the way Phyllis usually treats Char anyway. Char just wanted to hopefully patch up things with the sisters but Char has no idea of what between them obviously. Phyllis walks away from her daughter with a drink in hand.

Thayer is dying to know what happened at the cabin, he says he wants to try to know Sutton’s state of mind when she left the cabin. Thayer thinks that Sutton is some where planning her revenge on Emma and Sutton.

Ted meets up with Rebecca outside where they hope to keep the past in the past. Rebecca tells him she doesn’t want anything from them that is him or Alec. She says they have all changed.

Mags comes over and takes Emma/Sutton to see if they can make Char feel better.

Meanwhile Ethan speaks with Thayer about how Sutton didn’t appreciate her life the way that Emma is at this time. Thayer seems to hear what he wants to in Ethan’s voice *Spoiler* his insistence that Emma is a better fit for the Mercers just shows in Thayers face. Now what I think is maybe Thayer is jealous because Sutton is gone rogue and he knows she still wants Ethan and not him.

Laurel walks over to the girls just before Mags goes off with Char to find Phyllis. Almost as soon as Laurel starts talking I tune her out. I don’t know what it is about this actress but I am not buying what she is selling 😦 Her boyfriend comes over to take her out to the dance for the last dance where she claims she loves him.

Kristine and Ted gather all the gifts to take home at the end of the party while Rebecca looks on. She gets to meet Laurel who has come to help then they all leave just in time for Alec to walk up. He surprises Rebecca with his presence I think. She seems less unsure than when she spoke with Ted earlier. He mentions that Ted told him she was going to stay in town since her divorce is final. The valet announces that the red Mercedes is here and Rebecca says, “this is me,” just before Ted calls her Annie again. Seems like he is the one wanting to cause problems, he is just rubbing it in calling her by her old name.

Ethan and Sutton arrive at the house to find that the extra car is missing and Dan is there taking a statement from the parents. Emma tells them that she didn’t notice it missing earlier in her time at home then she quickly walks Ethan to the door. I guess his car must have been parked at their house otherwise it makes no sense. They discuss Sutton and that they didn’t notice she was driving the spare car when they were all at the cabin. Ethan volunteers to sleep at the cabin that night so he can find out what he can about Sutton’s time there or to see if she goes back. He then gives Emma a birthday kiss, oh how sweet. Interesting thought where would Sutton hide from everyone and who was in the back of the car as it went in the water?

Oh and speaking of the water, Sutton was the idiot who drove into the lake, I am sure the person in the back seat had not planned for that eventuality maybe they are holding her for being so annoying. She is annoying remember and selfish.

Emma runs into Laurel on her way only to hear from her little sister that she thinks Emma/Sutton took the car. Now if Laurel was sooooo smart she would have figured out its not SUTTON all this time but she goes and says, “You used to be a better liar,” uh duh sis cause its not me LOL.

Dan gets on Ethan at his late arrival at the trailer, commenting that Ethan had time to get the missing car stripped and the parts sold LOL oh Dan your little bro is just in love give him some slack. Ethan slyly inquires if Dan had any murder cases or bodies show up on the previous evening but Dan only gives him a look. You know seriously Dan should have listened to Emma when she came in to confess to him so long ago; maybe he will be the one to eventually be a witness for her and perhaps for his own brother, someday. Dan is concerned that Ethan will get pulled down by Emma, interesting if it was Sutton it might be true.

Kristin teases Ted about Rebecca and wonders who else he and Alec drove out of town as kids LOL really? She married Ted after all of that; I think she was fishing to see how he would respond. I can’t believe Kristin is as innocent as she appears to be at times. I think she is just waiting to see what happens to decide whose team she wants to play for. She goes on and on about how she and Ted had talked about Annie recently. Emma walks in asking if the car had been found after Ted has gone off to work.

Kristin again brings up Emma’s big speech that had such a let down ending but Emma is saved by the phone when she gets a text that Phyllis got a DUI. She has to go comfort Char yet again.

At Chars we find Rebecca is already present to calm her niece’s nerves. She is wearing one of my favorite dresses that i found through Anywho its Char who tells Mags and Emma/Sutton that she needs to go with Rebecca to see her mother’s lawyer. I guess they are Phyllis only family in town at the moment because Char mentions she had to call her dad to come back.

Couldn’t Rebecca just have called the school or couldn’t Phyllis have called from jail LOL, hmm sorry. OH well I have to say the outfit Char is wearing is definitely something to wear to court it kinda reminds me of LILO’s attempt to look prudish.

Okay maybe not, Char at least wore a bra LOL

Okay wait a more important part of this fashion faux pas is that is not only is Char wearing an open shouldered dress but so is Emma. Now I actually mentioned this originally because on Pretty Little Liars earlier in the season they had a series of episodes where the girls took turns wearing this style. Maybe its not all that unusual but it stands out to me. I know I suddenly am totally fascinated by the fashion and its not because I am not interested in the story but I have to say that slit shoulder saved Char’s dress for me.

You know I get that Char is the one with the best little heart in the world but how can someone who is not experienced in life apologize for their mother who has been around for a while. She has no idea why Rebecca has issues with Phyllis and vice versa. *shakes head* I guess she lives in a fantasy world like most of us we see what we want to see and the truth of it be damn*d.

Oh my gosh I finally noticed Mags outfit is just a series of straps on the front, really? I want to see the rest LOL.

Yes I know I am distracted! The first time I saw this I noticed shoulder touching earrings. Okay I am trying to not think fashion I really am.

After Char gives the girls a hug she goes off to get ready to leave with Rebecca. Mags and Emma reveal that they do what they can to support Char her mother tends to be unstable and moody, basically. Rebecca hints that she might know a way to help also. When Rebecca tells them good bye we learn for sure that she has not met Mags before, ever.

At school later we see more of Emma’s dress, um yes I am still fascinated but the important part is that she and Laurel are bonding while walking when suddenly the ever so spastic Laurel realizes she is not wearing Justin’s mother’s bracelet. OMGosh its so terrible but luckily for Emma she saved from the ramblings about its importance by the appearance of the ever so yummy Ethan. She goes over to meet him to see what’s up.

Okay okay we get to see more of the dress close up. Oh Yes I am a tie dye girl I am getting me one of those LOL.

So Ethan tells Emma that he has not heard anything about the car being found and Emmma suggests they should come forward. Ethan explains the problem with them getting involved is that it will look like they had a reason to get rid of Sutton. Emma is impersonating her and they were in a fight at the cabin. I get Ethan’s point but I can also see Emma wants to move forward instead of living in fear.

Then we see a fisherman fishing and what does he pull out of the water but the missing car.

After the break, Mags reveals to Emma at the pool that Char is being taken care of by Rebecca so they don’t have to worry about going over again that day. Thayer is also by the pool and he tells Emma that he has been looking for Sutton but come up empty just before Ethan comes to tell Emma the car has been found.

At the court house Rebecca speaks with Alec about the horror of Char having to take care of her own mother. I finally have a chance to see that Rebecca is wearing booties with that cute dress and I do not like the look 😦 Anyway, Alec insists his hands are tied because its not the first time Phyllis has been arrested. Rebecca recommends that Phyllis be checked into a rehab center that she can’t easily be checked out of and Alec agrees to sign the papers. Now I suppose he is eager to do this to stay on Rebecca’s good side since we all know if she is the woman that was persuaded to leave town to protect Ted and Alec reputation then she would need some hand outs to stay quiet, right?

As soon as Rebecca walks away Alec calls Dr. Hughes to tell her that Annie Sewell showed up in Phoenix not Annie Hobbs. Okay so maybe Annie has split personalities?? That is a thought because why else would he call the doctor about someone else?? when the person in the asylum was Annie Hobbs. It would also explain why he is so eager to please her and keep her calm. The whole I don’t want to be Annie thing would make sense in this scenario also. Oh and maybe Sewell is her married name or just another personality OH.

Over at the crime scene, I mean where they are pulling the missing car from the lake, Ethan and Emma are on sight. Dan verifies with Emma that it is her family’s car.

Ethan and Emma let out a sigh of relief when the only thing inside is a purse and phone. Emma claims it belongs to her. Ethan at first confesses it was him who drove the car in the lake, they lie about having a wild night with the car. Such lame excuses and lies but what else could they say. Ethan blows it off saying they never thought the car would be found. Dan says “whatev” I’m taking you in, LOL.

After the break, at the house Laurel lets them know the bracelet she was wearing and lost belonged to Justin’s mother.

At the police station, Alec is available to get his god daughter out of jail. The parents decide of course not to press charges as well Alec is of the same mind as far as not putting them in jail. I guess him being the DA is a good thing in this case. The parents think that Sutton is going backwards as far as staying out of trouble, the last few months Emma has been such a saint I suppose.

In the holding room, Emma still wishes she had told the truth as she talks to Ethan.

Back at home, Kristin actually yells at Emma/Sutton for the first time. Except I think its because Kristin though she and her daughter were finally getting close at least some times. Emma confesses to not knowing what is going on but we all know her not knowing is a whole different set of issues.

IN the house Laurel is the person that Emma sees first. That nosey girl was listening the entire time they were outside. Laurel thinks crashing in a lake is just EPIC. “Can we save the adulation for tomorrow,” Emma tells her before she goes in her room to find Thayer hiding there. Thayer suggests that Ethan stopping Emma from confessing the truth because Ethan stopped Sutton for good.

After the break, the next morning at the trailer Dan thinks that Ethan lied for Sutton he also thinks behind ever punk is a pretty face. He is of the opinion that Sutton won’t be around when Ethan needs her of course Dan believes that Emma is Sutton and in the old days his words would have probably been true.

Love those earrings

At school Mags asks Emma if what happened with the car was some kind of Lying Game. In the old days they played them even as far as naming the car, Sylvia after an ex maid. Emma responds with oh Mags you do have a good memory. Really because how often does Mags have to hang with Emma before she knows its not Sutton?

Ethan comes out side to get Emma as well as to tell Mags that Char is looking for her.
Inside she starts to interrogate Ethan because Thayer is in her head about what could have happened. Ethan figures it out right away.

That afternoon Ethan sees Thayer while he is working at the club. Alec interrupts before things get physical. Ethan is pissed and Thayer is being self righteous, that is how I see it.

Thayer tells Mags later that he has something on Ethan that he believes he should come forward about. I can’t wait to see what evidence he could have unless he was hiding up at the cabin.

Emma hesitates to let Ethan in the house that same night. She finally allows him in the house and he says the only reason he didn’t let her confess was because he didn’t want them to fall apart after the family rejected her upon telling the truth. Actually that is what Thayer said though I don’t think that Ethan did anything.

At the house Ted says he found Laurel’s bracelet but he looks all shaken about it as he holds it with his back to his wife. Kristin of course doesn’t notice his attitude. I imagine he was the one who took it but decided to give it back.

Meanwhile Laurel decides to confess to Justin that she lost the bracelet, he looks stricken when she tells him. He gives her more of the story of his mother including the fact that she had it on when she died. UH OH I see now the connection with TED. I bet Justin thinks that Ted killed his mother as a doctor. So Ted might have recognized it when he saw the first time I guess its some kinda awesome expensive or odd gaudy jewelry you don’t forget. YIKES!! the plot thickens. Justin really wants Ted to pay so it must have been something bad that Dr. Ted has done. Justin says he lives his life wanting to make it all right, hmm how is that.

Alec is talking smack about how good the justice system is with his cronies when he sees Rebecca all dressed up in a tight green dress, waiting outside. He is about to go over to talk to her when Thayer interrupts. Thayer wants to talk about the car but Alec says to let it go. “let the Mercer’s deal with Sutton and Ethan well he is about outta lives,” Alec comments. He goes off to find Rebecca and Thayer gets a text.

The text is from Emma not sure, “Needs to see you,” is what it reads.

Alec does find Rebecca he thinks she wants to talk to him about Phyllis but she says no its about Ted. Alec looks at her like she might be insane. He knows she is not stable otherwise she would have been inquiring about their most recent discussion; that follows logic.

Emma lets Thayer in to talk it out with Ethan. She wants them all to be on the same team but Thayer thinks someone needs to look out for Sutton’s interests. Before they can talk more Kristin comes to the door and the guys hide in the bathroom.

Kristin delivers a black and with gift that she believes must have been left behind. Kristin goes on a few seconds about how the parents are concerned about her. Finally she goes away.

Thayer notices the color scheme of the gift is coded and the lack of a card is odd to him. He hands it to Emma who opens it to find a part of Sutton’s black/white dress as well as a note. “keep on being Sutton or Your next.”

Now this looks to me like someone has taken Sutton and is going to benefit by Emma’s play acting as her. Now who could that be? This will of course lead to more demands from them. My guess might be the disturbed Ms. Rebecca or perhaps Mr. Alec; but right now that’s all I got LOL. The only thing with those guesses is they will need accomplices and on that matter I am stumped.

Okay I watched that last night and do not remember a lot of it but it was pretty darn good this time around. Any thoughts?

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