The Lying Game Episode 2 Review – I’m Not Sutton

Okay so I have seen the first two episodes about three times now and I am not sure that I am going to get into it enough to do a detailed recap but I will watch and see. The thing is for now I will try to do a quick review. I know my reviews are usually less than quick but I think in this case I can accomplish that.

In the second episode Emma is on the edge of telling anyone who wants to hear that she is not Sutton. Luckily Ethan is able to convince her that for her safety and Sutton’s they should keep quiet. You see last episode when Sutton didn’t arrive at the cabin to meet Emma; Ethan got a bad feeling as to why that might have happened. I personally thought that Sutton had been picked up by the cops in Emma’s place. I mean that was the cliffhanger of the episode with Sutton looking at the camera in shock.

At one point Emma goes to Ethan’s brother the cop to confess who she is but since it seems Sutton was a bit of a liar/game player the guy did not believe Emma. Afterward she receives a text from Sutton telling her that she is fine and well on the road to finding their parents. We see that Sutton is not only doing well but hanging out with Mags’ brother who also has skipped town to do his own thing. Oh and Ethan is the town black sheep by all accounts, good looking guys are always the rebels why is that ??

I think that is it in a nutshell. There was a part where we learned that Mags Father has a secret that is somehow related to Sutton’s parents. I gotta feeling it has something to do with the big reveal that Sutton herself is investigating. Mags father is the one that had Sutton’s laptop stolen. So far Char and Mags are still the best bestie’s I have seen on television since Pretty Little Liars, though I am sure their secrets will be revealed as we continue to watch because no group of friends is as well adjusted as this group seems to be.


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