The Pilot

Okay so this looks interesting though I wonder how they are going to maintain the mystery in this one. This will be a quickie review I think.

Alexandra Chando is doing double duty on this show as both Emma and Sutton; look out Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev.

Emma Becker who lives with a foster family is set up by her foster brother for a petty thief from the mother. The cops come for Emma and she escapes. Luckily for her she is in contact with her twin sister, Sutton Mercer, who lives in a better home, upscale. Sutton efforts to find her parents is what led her to Emma. It has been three months and Sutton is dying to go out and do some real investigating on her own.

Emma phones Sutton when she has to get away from home to ditch the cops; Sutton agrees to let her come to her home town. Emma arrives to find that Sutton has a plan for them to switch identities.

Okay the idea is not original, hmmm Parent Trap much LOL. Long story short there seems to be only one person who can tell Emma is not Sutton at least in this episode and that is Sutton’s real boyfriend, Ethan. It looks like Sutton and Ethan have been hooking up on the side well out of anyone’s sight. During most of the episode he watched, stalked and stayed in the background as he tried to figure out what was going on with Sutton.

Blair Redford, plays Ethan and I have seen him all over the place. The first show I remember him was on 90210 as Ivy’s close friend. He showed up recently on Switched at Birth as Ty, Daphne’s old friend.
He is one good looking guy and I look forward to seeing him on this show and around.

Emma aka Sutton has a tennis match against her arch nemesis, Nisha played by Sharon Pierre-Louis and wins though it looks as though it was unexpected. How do they account for that is televisionland, just something I considered.

Another thing is her supposed boyfriend, Luke does not noticed she kisses different, hmmm that should have been a dead give away.

When Sutton/Emma arrives back at home from revealing the truth to Ethan she finds the cops; they have been called because of a break in where only Sutton’s laptop was stolen. The laptop as all of her life on it according to Sutton’s statement to Emma. Now this is something straight out of pretty little liars, how do you break into someone’s room in a well to do neighborhood and no one knows what’s happening? I guess we will see if this mystery is as good as the ones we are used on the ABC Family.

The last scene is of Emma gasping as someone gets into her borrowed truck.

A note on Sutton’s besties, Char and Mads, as well as her sister,Laurel,aren’t Mean Girls, except for Nisha all the other girls just seem rich but not snotty.

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Photo Credit: ABC Family

TV show trivia: Sharon Pierre-Louis(Nisha), Alice Greczyn(Mads) and Blair Redford(Ethan) are all Lincoln Heights Alumns 🙂 I loved Lincoln Heights.

Just some things to consider while watching the pilot.

I think it has potential; I look forward to more episodes. Please leave your comments.

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