Chloe King Recap Episode 9 Roses, Compliments and Kisses

Hi All hope you have been well 🙂 This Recap contains Major Finale Spoilers Warning!!

This episode begins with Chloe coming in her room to find roses on her dresser as well as Alek in her room. I will say upfront I actually liked Alek most of this episode though he and Chloe were a bit Mom and Pop for some it like two people that have known each other for too long. Chloe recognizes that the roses are from her neighbors yard and Alek confesses its true he has come to see Chloe to come to start over hence the reason for the flowers. ahhh so sweet right. Alek asked Chloe out on a real date but she already has plans withMeredith, it seems Brian has been relegated to friend by Chloe though we all know its to keep him safe from her death kiss. Again I am saying I do not think there is a death kiss I think its something the Order has orchestrated.

Before Alek can actually leave, Meredith comes in to collect laundry as well as chat with Chloe about her day. All the while Alek is hiding on the floor not far from where Meredith decided to sit. Meredith who seems to be stalling sees the flowers from Alek and though she didn’t initially like him he is grown on her she comments. LOL Alek is on the floor hidden near the reading what looks to be Chloe’s journal.

The upcoming family dinner is all about meeting Frank’s daughter which has Meredith nervous. Oh okay I think it would be more realistic if Frank had a boy and then Meredith might have reason to be nervous. A woman who has practically raised a daughter on her would have been confident with another girl in the house or is just me?

Brian meets up with Chloe to go over the letters he found in the storage. He is happy to have found things from his mother but still uneasy about why it was all hidden from him. Chloe plans to continue helping him figure out the mystery. We ease out from the close up of them to find someone is taking their pictures. It is a man in a hood. Okay so ABC Family has a thing for villians in black hoodies, hmmm. Chloe gets a feeling she is being watched, must be nice to have such enhanced abilities.

At work that day while Paul and Amy are hanging around, Amy sees she has gotten her paycheck. It’s the magic paycheck the one that is the final one half of the down payment for her car. Meredith made a deal with her that if she could do her part with getting the money she could get whatever car she wanted.

Jasmine arrives looking for fashion help because she has a date with some Mai guy that we have yet to meet. It seems most guys aren’t brave enough to ask her out. Now all the shirts she tried on seemed over large on top like did they even try to get something cute to fit a teenage girl. Of course the point of the scene is to provide us with a look at how far Jasmine and Chloe have come as far as being friends. Oh and this guy is from the New York pride, um group of Mai’s, in town going to school. Now is that college? Or some special school, its not made clear why he just showed up besides that he wanted to meet Valentina. The shirt she chooses is peach with gold flat brackets on it. Its on okay shirt but I would imagined she had some at home that were that basic.

Over at Brian’s dad’s office he is consulting with the redhead on the status of killing the UNITER. The new plan involves killing everyone who is trying to protect her. I think that is an intense plan; they ever consider something that does NOT involve loss of life? Ah oh but its about revenge for the dad, I can’t wait to hear exactly what the Mai did that was so bad.

The stalker/Camera guy takes pictures of Jasmine as she leaves the store but she senses him and goes after him. She gets the camera after he drops it while he hastens to run away after falling.

At home Meredith and Chloe prepare for the arrival of Frank and his daughter, Vanessa. Meredith is stressing and worried but luckily Chloe knows how to go with the flow. I am not a fan of the whole dinner concept of meeting the daughter it would have been easier on everyone if they went out to eat somewhere open air which would have come across as fun and friendly instead of pressure filled.

Dinnertime with Frank and Vanessa was a bust because Vanessa was not lets say engaged in it. She only said what she had to even with that it was forced.

Jasmine finds photographs of Chloe with Brian on the camera and they decide the man with the camera is after her which means he is some how involved with the Order. Alek is affected by seeing Brian with Chloe on the pictures more than he wants to discussed you know being a man/guy and all. Jasmine’s date, Zane arrives just as Alek is taking off to go check on his charge, Chloe. Alek seems to approve that Jasmine has a date. Now this was the beginning of me wondering about WHY the MAI don’t sense things about people? They just go along as though they are not all in mortal danger especially those guarding Chloe. I do not like that they were not suspicious of this stranger.

In Chloe’s room after the dinner, Chloe tries to bond with Vanessa who is spending all her time texting on her phone. She seems like a brat but Chloe is able to empathic her way around the barrier that Vanessa puts up to find that Vanessa has a guy. Vanessa gives Chloe her online screen name before she leaves now that she feels close to her. Mom is impressed that Chloe was able to get Vanessa to open up, “girl talk the great equalizer,” she says.

The next morning Vanessa turns up missing and Chloe has an idea it has something to do with Vanessa’s beau. Chloe is blames herself for telling Vanessa to tell the guy she liked him. Meredith insists its certainly not Chloe’s fault.

That same morning Amy echoes Meredith’s sentiments about Vanessa as they take a walk; there was nothing that Chloe could have done. Alek shows up a few minutes later to show Chloe the camera and explain why she should be careful. Brian texts that its time for them to meet so Chloe can help him with his research which leads Alek to behave jealously. Chloe emphasizes that Alek should never even consider hurting Brian.

Chloe is distracted while she chats with Brian. Brian reveals that his grandmother who he presumed died when he was four wrote letters to his mother in the last five years.

Alek enlists Paul’s help on getting Chloe to like him. It’s actually a cute scene especially when Paul gives the terms to giving out the information Alek wants. It’s going to be a question for a question. Paul wants to know about Mai. Bottom line from Paul to Alek, “you have to be less Mai protector and more of a friend.”

At the work meeting LOL Chloe and Brian go through the letters looking for clues. Brian spends a lot of the time just staring at her of course. LOL

I had a thought about the Mai. ***SPOILERY*** though it is I am beginning to think that Whitley, Brian’s father, may have found out his wife was intimate with a Mai and had her killed because the Mai is his arch enemy for some reason. Or the wife died as a result of a flirtation with the Mai. I also keep coming back to the idea that the redhead woman is hiding Brian’s close association with Chloe. I don’t know what that means at all; except she wants to be the one to kill her. **spoiler big time**

Chloe gets a call from Amy while she is still with Brian, that Vanessa is online. She makes a plan to meet up with Vanessa to try to talk her out of doing something stupid but Frank is there and Vanessa leaves upset that Chloe ratted her out to her father. We see the man Vanessa is supposedly in love with; he is a guy in his twenties. The guy Cody has feed her a bunch of lies about loving her and even Chloe knows that just by instinct. Vanessa runs off when her father shows up to get in the car with Cody before they leave.

Chloe and Meredith pow wow over the phone after Frank gets the police involved.
Alek follows Colby and Vanessa then breaks into their car after they get out of it. Well that’s one way to be proactive LOL>

Brian is in his room researching the letters still when he father decides to come in the room to chat. Since Brian found the letters from his grandmother he has been a bit hostile toward his father but who can blame him right. He does seem to make an effort to get along however most of the time. The advice from his father when he informs him he is no longer with Chloe is that he needs to fight for what he wants in life. I am sure Brian is just happy he is still friends with Chloe at all; he father had his own motivations behind his advice I am certain. In an effort to get his father to tell the truth Brian makes up a dream about his grandmother but his father only says he is sorry that Brian is having nightmares. Gee he is a hard nut to crack LOL

Instead of going on their intended date Zane and Jasmine decide to stay home in case Alek or Chloe need her to come to help them. Oh Zane is acting like such a nice guy; I can see how Jasmine who receives little male attention would be deceived by his compliments and kisses. ** spoiler for those who have not seen this episode yet ** he is not what he seems that Zane.

Amy uses her computer skills to search for the cruise ship that Vanessa informed Chloe that Colby was taking her on for their big get away but does not find any leaving that night.

Meanwhile Colby is still sweet talking Vanessa as they walk into a shipping yard where he hands her over to some guys that are human traffickers……….YIKES…..beware of smooth talking guys ladies, you never know who they may really be. There are already five other girls waiting to be taken as they put Vanessa in the holding area.

Alek shows up with clues from Colby car just before Brian arrives. In this one instance Brian seemed in the way and it was unwelcome even by me who is Team Brian. It could have been that they were in a time crunch and the whole I am Chloe’s friend but I really like her drama was misplaced I don’t know. He shows Chloe some letters and explains how the are similar but the main point is that they have an address and Brian thinks its his grandmother’s home.

Alek and the other discover that some of the parking receipts from Colby’s car shows he was in and out of Hunters point which I guess is the shipping yards, several time that weak. oh wow so some of those other girls might have thought they were his love too just like Vanessa thought, wow what a scam, what a loser jerk. They check the cargo ship schedule to find that one is leaving, in an hour from hunters point.

Brian starts a fight with Alek when he comes over to tell Chloe so they can leave to go find Vanessa at the ship yard. Brian insisted he thought Alek was man handling her the way Alek grabbed her arm. Chloe is upset about the fighting and tells Brian to go just before Alek is about to go all Mai on him. Well Brian finally listens to his father and this is what happens…….geez.

With very few complications Alek and Chloe rescue Vanessa as well as the other girls; thanks to great hearing plus excellent fighting skill. Only briefly is Alek put down but Chloe finds him just a few minutes later even though she is momentarily captured herself. They lock Colby in one of the containers briefly before they call the cops.

Chloe has the you can’t tell anyone that I am Mai discussion with Vanessa before she takes her home. Chloe also makes certain that Vanessa knows she is really her friend not just pretending.

The next day Brian shows up at Chloe’s job to apologize for his behavior. He admits to acting like a macho jerk; she in turn warns him he cannot do it again. He is about to leave when Chloe volunteers to go with him to see his grandmother when the time comes.

Back at home, Meredith arrives with a surprise for Chloe but before she announces it she informs Chloe that she broke it off with Frank. Frank is going to make Vanessa his priority; it did show Meredith that she can get out an date. I think this is a lame excuse if he can’t date and deal with a teenager than he will never be dating, teens only get older not younger but whatever. Meredith shows Chloe the signed agreement stating that she was going to get a car when she saved half the down payment, oh see Meredith remembered. It’s just so darn sweet. Amy is waiting outside with the Kia Soul that Chloe wanted so badly. She is excited and we are excited for her, well I was at least though I think its an ugly vehicle that is just me. Way to go, Kia, product placement, much LOL

Up on the roof top that night she is talking with Alex and they almost seem intimate but I think its just cold and its good to have someone to talk too. LOL They end the scene with a kiss even though they are supposed to be just friends too. I guess that is a loose definition of any none sexual relationship these days. I have to say its funny to see young actors kissing; they do just as taught which is only move your bottom lip LOL

In the more fancy part of town the redhead is in a car waiting to get pictures from the hooded camera guy; he takes off his hood to reveal its Zane, yep. Red head takes the pictures back to Whitley, Brian’s dad but she shows him all but the one of Chloe and Brian. I do not know why she wants them to be friends but the other pictures are of Chloe’s protectors, Alek, Jasmine, Meredith and Valentina.

Thanks for reading. I will work on the Summer Finale Recap tomorrow……it was Exciting until then check out the video at the link 🙂 Feel free to comment.

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