Secret Circle Episode 2 – We Belong Together

Hi we are back for another recap/review of the Secret Circle, a show but the same people that make the Vampire Diaries, lets get to it.

We start by watching her read the letter and book that was left behind by Amelia her mother. She basically apologizes for not letting Cassie know she is a witch with strong powers that people will come for and might try to harm her to get. She also mentions something I recalled while watching the episode. Cassie is not to trust everyone who might be trying to befriend her. Now that is something the viewers need to keep in mind. My guess would be that those who try the hardest to be her friends might be the one to look out for and not the most obvious persons like Fay. Her mother also wrote that power is what will keep her safe which as a slight spoiler reminds me of the Preview I saw for the third episode.

Cassie tests her gifts by trying to light a candle, “give me light,” she says soflty. The first lesson she learns is that its not about asking its about commanding. When she changes the cadence in her voice the sun comes up behind her, now that is some kind of power; hey forget the candle command the sun, wow.

Next door Melissa has spent the night with Nick the peeping tom blonde whose name I never remember. I hope we get a story on Melissa soon so far she is just a pretty stand in for a person of color in this coven of witches. She is ticked off when Nick says he won’t tell anyone they slept together, she calls him an A**, but Nick doesn’t care he is already looking out the window to see what Cassie is up to.

In an attempt to close the curtains Cassie commands the closing of the curtains but instead his window slams shut and breaks. Oops ease up on the cool aid, Cas.

Over at the bar across town Adam is warning his dad to make nice with Charles. Charles who is Diana’s father and also over the town council. His father does not agree to behave I notice but he might be wondering why this son has to tell him to act nice when he is the grown up. I would hope he is taking notes to make a change in behavior.

She shows up ready to school dressed a little sexy for her mother’s taste. Fay only laughs it off by saying its just what mother would wear if she had the chance. On her way out the door Fay runs into her grandfather who has come to town on a visit.

Granpa Henry says he has arrived to take care of business but we find out that Dawn and Fay live in his house. Now I assume that means that Dawn’s husband had inherited it from his father so technically it is his house though maybe he was only the original owner. I know I look at the details and try to figure things out LOL.

At school Cassie runs into Sally Matthews, the class president, who asks her to help out on a project, you know since she is new and is fully qualified for everything, not!! Sally pitches it as a way to meet people but I am like Fay because new people are usually not the ones working events at schools they are just getting used to being around.

Fay tries to convince Cassie that the binding spell is a bad idea because then they will no longer have individual powers. Now I thought about this and now i agree with Fay because it may help in one way but won’t that mean they all have to agree to do anything from now on? Cassie insists she has no interest in agreeing with Fay but like I said before maybe Fay is not the enemy here, we will see.

Dawn calls Charles to see why Henry is in town instead of just asking him herself.

In Chemistry class, Melissa and Fay, bring fire without flame to their glass beakers then Fay does the same to Cassie’s across the room but Cassie freaks out and hers explodes before she goes postal/gets mad on Fayes causing it to flame up.

Adam races out in the hall to talk to her, he offers to help her because she still thinks something is happening to her. I am not convinced Adam is the good guy here either always eager to help but then again anyone with a brain knows he will end up with Cassie in a minute or sooner LOL. Now I am not of the mind set that she is not getting this witch thing by now. I mean she read her Amelia’s diaries has done some experimenting. I think she needs to get on the I am a witch train already, yes I am impatient but Really?

Diana’s mother’s book of shadows is the reason that any of them know they are witches. There are other books but hers is the most powerful or so they think; this is the information that Adam reveals when he takes Cassie away for more training in the old house. Binding the powers limits individual abilities but strengthens them as a group. Adam thinks the binding is a great idea as well as Diana but Melissa and the rest are just going along I believe. Cassie is questioning all of it.

Meanwhile, Ethan meets with Henry where he tells him that Charles used magic on him. Henry doesn’t believe it at first but when Ethan explains when and that Charles thought he was talking to much to Cassie about Amelia, Henry begins to have doubts.

Back at training session, Adam gets Cassie to trust him in lighting a bulb with their minds. Yes kinda lame trick again, how many times does she have to do things before she believes its real? Well because of Cassie’s emotions related to Adam not only does the bulb light but it bursts…..she is some kinda powerful. She of course runs away afterward.

At the carnival, Cassie has decided to help Sally out by selling tickets. They bond over their mutual dislike of Fay or at least her behavior/attitude. Over at the ring toss, Fay and Melissa show off their gifts by winning the game without even looking at they throw the rings. Henry is watching them and notices they don’t even take their prize when they win; a sure sign that something is up since winning is usually the point, I’m just sayin’

Dianna catches up with Cassie to talk. She lets Cassie know that Adam told her they practiced the night before. Diana tries to explain that the energy needs to be contained to keep others from being hurt. She is more concerned about the ritual than that her beau is hanging out with a new girl. Now I wonder if maybe Diana is being pressured by her Pops, Charles. Is it possible he put the book where it could be easily found……hmm or again maybe I just love a good mystery.

Melissa, Fay and Nick discuss the binding spell as they sample some liquid he made using a spell from Diana’s book. I don’t know what it was supposed to do but Melissa is not happy that Fay is all in his face though Fay doesn’t seem interested in him either except to play. Melissa is obviously jealous so she is the one that really likes him.

Dawn runs into Henry while she roams the carnival. Henry is in a huff because of what Ethan told him about Charles as well he tells her he saw the kids using magic. Dawn lies by saying basically he is imagining things that their circle, the last generation before hers, took care of them not using magic since the accident that killed the other parents. Ahhh so we learn something new. This secret circle has been around for generations before now. Henry says with them all together they can awaken to their full potential, oh that sound ominous. He wants to take care of it, which can only mean to shut them down. Dawn offers to help him set things straight but instead she goes to Charles to get the one crystal they have between them. I guess this is how he killed Amelia as well as threatened Ethan.

Mr. Southern charm, Charles is hesitant to give up the gem to her. Anyone notice how the crystal is reminiscent of the moonstone in the Vampire Diaries LOL.

After the break,
In the bar, which must be near or part of the carnival, Cassie talks to Ethan about their families. He talks of legends, destinies and astrological lore. He recalls how he had an attraction to Amelia that was hard to ignore.

At dusk, we find Adam with Cassie sitting watching the sun go down. Ok she was there and he invited himself to sit down. Cassie is falling for Adam though to be honest I am not sure why at all; he is nice enough but not that appealing. I digress, anyway, He was asked to come over to convince her to be involved in the binding. They are convinced binding the circle will give them more control over the energy. Diana watches as Adam does the convincing before Fay comes over to put a bug in her ear about Cassie falling for Adam. Hmm so its not a secret the way the light up around each other or Fay just likes to give Fay a hard time LOL.

At the party on the pier, Melissa is upset that Fay is dancing with the blonde before Cassie shows up to distract Fay. Fay gets Cassie all riled up in about a minute flat. She offers to do some magic with her before she starts a storm. Cassie of course had no control and starts freaking out again. Unlucky for Sally she chooses that time to come confront Fay about her superiority complex, well she ends up flying off the piere do to Fay’s lack of control of her powers as she pushes her. Cassie runs down to see if Sally is okay but yells, “she’s not breathing.

ooooooooooo and the CW needs to get rid of the Hell Cats Promo since they canceled it is really depressing to keep seeing it 😦

After the break, Dawn arrives on the scene to use the crystal to heal Sally who basically had died. Charles confronts her about using the crystal but she insisted she didn’t want her daughter to have that type of guilt since she was the one that pushed her.

The six meet after the accident where they all finally with reluctance agree to bind themselves. I think there is an outside force working here. They agree to meet at the beach at midnight but some looks especially ones form Adam and Diana are sinister to me. Again I love a mystery and I really think Diana’s dad set her up to do this though she may not even be aware. I don’t know if he has a way he can control them if they are bound or something.

Henry shows up at Dawn’s talking about the crystal, accusing her of having had it all the time. Henry does not think the current world needs witchcraft. Dawn says but all that power tell me you don’t miss it; she basically confesses to him that she knows about the kids using it. He wants to go to the elders to report what is happening but instead Dawn makes him ill then threatens to give him a heart attack. Okay well who is in charge now? The last time we see him he is collapsed on the floor.

After the break,
We find Adam dropping off Diana at her house to get the book while she sends Adam to go get Cassie to beach. She confesses she has no idea if what they are doing will even work. Okay these are close up scenes where we see that without a doubt these actors are a bit to lined in the face to be playing high schoolers LOL, ok I digressed again. Diana is insecure so she asks Adam is she needs to worry about he and Cassie, he gives her a kiss after she says she loves him. ahhhhhh so sweet.

At Fay’s her mother tells her grandpa has gone back to the lake. Dawn berates her for her bad behavior but still gives her a hug. Fay tells her everything will be okay, she even thinks that binding is a good idea now it seems she scared herself with her little drama.
Adam picks up Cassie as she makes her trek toward the beach. He again assures her they are doing the righ thing. As soon as she gets in the car the nearest light bulb goes out; they have some kind of energy connection I see WHOA !!

The music they use before they gather for the ritual sounds like the kind they used in the movies like TROY before an epic battle LOL

They gather and Diana recites the binding oratory, they all agree before the fire expands as though it is in agreement also.

I know this started as a review but quickly became a recap; I guess I am just long winded.
Please leave comments/questions about the show or for me. Thanks.


  1. Excellent recap! I’m definitely intrigued by the inter-generational element of this show. How all the parents of these kids also seemed to go to the same high school, and had children THE SAME YEAR, even though, the parents were all just getting out of high school at the same time. I mean, that would have been considered unusual even in the 90’s, wouldn’t it? I wonder if we are ever going to get a flashback episode, where we can see Charles, Diana, and Cassie’s mom as teens.

    I’m with you on not seeing much chemistry between Cassie and Adam, aside from the script calling for them to STARE AT ONE ANOTHER all the time. So, far my favorite character on the show are Faye and Charles. (I know, I know, I always love the bad girls and boys!) So, if Faye could get a fun love interest, maybe that’s a couple I could SHIP. Because so far, Adam/Cassie, Nick/Melissa, Adam/Diana, Faye/Nick aren’t really doing it for me.

    I’m loving the show, in general though. It’s lots of fun, and keeps getting consistently better with each episode. I predict it will really hit its stride around episode 6, just as TVD did.

    • Wow had no idea you had commented on here. So cool, that people still enjoy recaps from before. Would love to chat again, thanks for stopping by even though it was a while back, glad you liked it.

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