PLL recap S02 Episode 23 Toby is not just Eye Candy

Welcome Back Pretty Little Liars Lovers !!!!!
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This crucial week of the show we begin at Lucky Leon’s Cupcakes, having a chat about the mystery guy from last episode. Mystery guys name is Duncan Albert and according to Aria his front looks as good as his back LOL. Okay settle down now Aria ……you got some surprises coming this week, keep the focus girlfriend !!

Trivia Time: Hottie of the WEEK, Duncan played by Lachlan Buchanan, he is dreamy to me so I thought I give him some picture Love !! Like Jewls says Rosewood/PLL don’t have ugly guys LOL

Anyway Duncan has conveniently been in Florida over the last year; Aria so far only told him that Vivian gave her the coat but she hadn’t seen her since then. Ok well Aria hands over the proof that she has Duncan’s number because they didn’t have a chance to about important stuff just yet. Now don’t go dialing that number I already tried it LOL, just kidding. Aria also learned Duncan met Vivian at a bookstore just a little ways down from the creepy doll hospital.

Spencer suggests that when Allison put on the wig, to become Vivian she was looking for A. Emily didn’t think that Allison wouldn’t have wasted time flirting with Duncan for kicks either.
Aria suggests that she be the one to call Duncan for more information since she has already chatted him up.

Their attention is then drawn to a limo, their nemesis Benna gets out with Toby. They all stare but Spencer gets up to see Toby but he doesn’t seem happy about seeing her. Benna’s eye is bandaged, they guess that she has had the eye operation. Spencer is emotional after Toby ignores her.

What I want to know is where are the parents to Benna and Toby? There is a driver and Toby leading Benna around but we never see THE obviously rich parents.

Cue theme music….

Over at the Marin’s they argue about the ruined phone. Hanna things she can’t live without one and Ashley said she shouldn’t have thrown hers in the sink. LOL she has a point Hanna that was a bit of a grandiose experiment in hard headedness. Phones don’t grow on trees LOL I know. Mama Marin admits that a phone is a privilege not a right especially in the house where they keep the stolen money with the lasagna. I had to bring that up right LOL. If Hanna has to call someone in an emergency she can borrow Em’s phone according to her mom. She will talk to her about a new phone when Hanna tells her what is really going on in her life.

Moving on, At school Hanna gets more into Mona’s debt but getting a used phone from her; it’s all of six months old, ancient LOL. Now the fact that the phone bills to Mona’s account is not a selling point for me. I would rather that Hanna took over the account because that otherwise it will give Mona access to all of Hanna’s information regarding calls. What is she thinking? I don’t know why Spencer or any of the girls didn’t bring that up to Hanna. I guess they all assume that Hanna will get her real phone back soon. Hanna thanks Mona heartily as the others watch.

Mona says what is the use of doing something good for someone if it doesn’t make you look good LOL, Spencer comments after Mona is gone, “if we could harness Mona’s sense of entitlement we could light the Eastern seaboard” LOL. Hanna is just happy to have a phone without having to involve Caleb who she says is save in Montecito. Hmm just hearing her say that makes me think he might not be so safe YIKES! Maybe I am borrowing trouble even thinking about it. Oh and just because he is out of sight does not mean he isn’t still on the case.

Just before the bell rings Aria shares that she is meeting up with Duncan in the courtyard after school.

Emily gets a text from Maya after the others are going, it says that she is okay and will contact her again soon. Anyone else think this whole Maya mystery has anything to do with A? Hmm me either LOL.
Emily looks around hoping that she will see who sent the text because Texting is easier than walking up to talk.

On the way to class Spencer sees Toby. She takes a chance to have a quick chat with him though he has crossed arms and looks put off she forges ahead. She asks about Benna’s eye only to find out they do one eye at a time. Toby gets defensive after Spencer mentioning she didn’t think that he would be so chummy with Benna after all she put him through. He insists that Benna has been through more than any of them including him which is an odd statement. It sounds to me like Toby has been drinking the Benna KOOL-AID.

Spencer changes the subject, “I been thinking about us.” Toby says it’s too later for that isn’t it? Hmm a question or a statement? It can be taken either way based on your mood me thinks. Spencer loses her chance to answer as Benna comes out of the office ready to go.

Benna knows that Spencer is with Toby even though she is supposedly blind. I guess her nose Knows LOL just as she is walking away with Toby Hanna walks up but hides so that they don’t see her. She sees her friend looking sad and she looks sad too……hmmm. It was very touching.

Later that day Aria meets up with Duncan. The first thing he wants to know is if Aria is her real name but he wants to know as a test to find out if Aria knows Vivian’s real name. Duncan knows. He is happy to find out that Aria does know the answer to the question. He then asks about the whereabouts of Allison. Aria breaks the bad news to him.

He looks shaken up after she explains the missing body information but he gets up and turns his back to her before he asks about who killed her. I think this means something. For all we know he was grinning while he faced the other way. Of course he could have also been trying to hold back tears, he is a guy. So he turns back around to find out from Aria that Allison’s friends don’t believe that the person who killed her has been caught.

He has a strange look then like he doesn’t understand or maybe because he had hoped the case was truly closed. Duncan then shares that Allison talked about them all a lot. He even knows that Aria is the writer that keeps journals. Odd Allison never mentioned him, right? Of course she was hiding the Vivian persona.

Aria asked about Allison being afraid of anyone you know that he might know about, he then wants to stop talking about such things in the courtyard. Before he can leave though Aria learns that he spent a lot of time with Allison the summer before she died. They used to meet up near Brookhaven, the same place where they first saw him. Aria wants to know more about it but he says he will call her but he starts to leave then turns around to tell her that he saw Allison that weekend that she disappeared. Hmm now he mentions that?

Okay now…this is all and good, you know another clue even though it’s a cute guy but is it too late in the game for this kind of clue?? Hey I’m just saying it might be a too easy way to add another suspect…hmmm OH and they should totally google this guy Duncan, cute guys are creepy too right. Just because he doesn’t live in Rosewood doesn’t mean he never lived there.

On the way home that night Aria tells the girls all about the Duncan discussion. Hanna asks are we sure we believe him? I know right? I think the others need to consider that also. They hear a car speeding away, of course its Garrett. He must have gotten spooked seeing them walk up since he was stalking Benna’s house as usual. They are wondering whats up with Garrett just before they all receive an A text, well except Hanna who has that used phone. “Where there’s smoke there’s payback,” it says.

I could have gone all episode without an A text…….I don’t like them.

They dont’ have a moment to consider the text, which to me is even another reason to ditch the TEXTS. They look over at Benna’s house to see Toby, Benna with some fire department guys talking. The girls speculate that they are discussing the night they accidentally blinded Benna. I want to know why after all this time?

After the break, Benna is with Toby at the hospital. She is going on about wanting to see all the things she loves around her when her bandages are removed; this includes Toby. Toby doesn’t acknowledge her statement about him being there too. Toby does look up to see Wren across the room. Wren who took his Spencer away or so he thinks. Wren was just a pawn in Spencer’s game of Love……she really does love Toby, sorry Jewls.

Wren walks over to talk to Toby, “hopefully you didn’t take that cast off by yourself,” Wren teases. Toby confesses to going to another doctor while he was away. Wren adds he hoped they gave him exercises to do LOL. Its obvious something is up with all the testosterone flying even to Benna who takes a chance to introduce herself. Wren explains who he is and Benna says she remembers him as she blushes. Uh Oh, is she going go after Wren now? Wren then asks if Spencer knew that Toby was back in town, Toby answers with a terse Yes. Wow these two could really have a throw down LOL. Wren walks away after telling Benna its no worries about helping Toby.

“So that’s Spencer’s personal physician,” Benna asks Toby.
“Yes that’s him.”
“I bet even a Lie would sound good in that accent,” Benna says. LOL Yes I bet it would.
Toby glares at her.

Emily meets up with Spencer on the other side of the school. They discuss Spencer’s dealing with Toby, Emily’s Dad’s deployment and Maya. Emily confesses to Spencer that she has heard from Maya. Emily admits that even though Maya told her not to tell her parents she keeps thinking about how they might feel.

Back inside in the hall, they run into Jason. Spencer starts to apologize about not getting back to him; she mentions her reserves being depleted though she must have forgotten about Emily walking with her. Jason is only looking for them to give more of Allison’s things. Supposedly Maya had left them on his porch sometime before she went missing. He was surprised to see Maya was gone in the paper. Jason thought the girls would want to go through the bag to get out whatever they might like to keep from Allison. Yeah this whole Jason giving them Allison’s stuff is getting old or is that just me? New Plot Device please!!

Over at Hollis Ezra is reading on the sofa before there is a knock on the door. He looks up to see Ella. The bottom line is she came by to make sure that he understood she is not an ally in his relationship with her daughter. Ezra tells her that it does matter what she thinks of him; this seemed a weak moment for him. Ella also asks him before she leaves if she knows of anyone who might use their situation to hurt Aria. Ezra’s reply is odd, NO he doesn’t know anyone NOW that wants to hurt him, as in he thinks that all Jackie threats are over LOL, boy is he naive unless he killed her she is always an enemy of Ezria. I highly doubt she has given up though I don’t usually recall her as an A candidate we should really consider her in the running. Oh and this scene was a set up for a SCENE later on that is so much better LOL.

Over at Rosewood High, Mona is talking to Hanna about Benna; she wants to whack her with her own cane LOL I know it shouldn’t be funny. She can only imagine how bad Benna will be once she can see again. WAit wasn’t Mona a friend of Benna’s before? They were both Anti-Allison right? Anyway, Mona thinks Spencer should be happy to be done with the house of creeps. Hanna convinces Mona that Spencer still likes Toby and maybe they can do something to help her. Mona is all in for some scheming.

The plan is to get Toby alone in a room to ask him about his truck that is for sale. Mona has a cousin that needs a clunker, basically. She is in with Toby as she looks over his pictures of the truck but as soon as Toby sees Hanna he knows he was set up. Ok folks her is a clue, Toby says to Hanna, “You have No idea what I am Doing or WHY I am doing it!!” To me that means that Toby is on to something and JUST like his LOVE, Spencer he is keeping his mouth shut about it. I totally get it NOW. YOU stay close to your enemies, *hint perverted step sister*. Leave Toby alone to do his business; he knows who he loves.

After the break, Jason delivers the bag of Allison’s stuff to Spencer’s house where Emily is with her. I personally think that Jason always gives over Allison’s things because he knows the girls will eventually find all the clues that Allison kept hidden. He wants to be in good with them when they figure it all out……not sure why..its either that or he REALLY has nothing else to do LOL.

Aria drops over to tell them she is going to meet up with Duncan at Howl Acres, its a place he used to go with Allison.

Jason is hanging around while they begin going through the bag but Mama Hastings comes out of her bat cave and stares at him. He quickly slithers away. Spencer thanks him after he tells them to just drop what they don’t want off on the porch if he is not at home later. Mama Hastings is all in a snit about Jason coming over for ANY reason. She wants them to all have NO contact with Jason; Spencer looks confused.

Meanwhile, Aria meets up with Duncan at an airfield. Duncan has had a flying license since he was sixteen. He used to take Allison flying all the time. Um yeah that’s great but that doesn’t mean that Aria should trust him enough to go flying right? I think that was a huge step of trust for her with a stranger.

Back on the Treasure Hunt, the girls are disappointed to have found nothing that is a clue to lead them closer to A.

In the plane, LOL, Yeah right so very fake looking, I mean it wasn’t moving it was kinda shaking but it was very fake. It was not even a real attempt to look like actually flight. They talked about Allison and how she felt safe in the air. He makes Aria take the wheel so she could see how Allison felt being in control of the plane. He talked about how all the masks fell away as Allison flew the plane. It sounded like Allison went to see Duncan when her life wasn’t going like she thought it should go.

Duncan then mentions that he read all about what happened to Allison. Aria shares that her friends think different that the person who confessed was lying. Then an another oddity happens; after Aria gives back the wheel they show a shot of her hands like they hurt. It’s weird that they would show that. Were he hands sweating? What was that all about?

Anyway, Duncan was the one who picked up Allison from Hilton Head that day of the weekend she died. HE says he dropped her off in a field not far from Philly. He said she was different that day, she had figured something out he said. Aria surmises that Allison was in town several hours before they were aware.

After the break, Byron arrives at Ezra’s office. I love this scene, but it just proves that Mr. & Mrs. Montgomery need to confer before speaking to their potential future son-in-law LOL. Oh yes, Ezra has summoned Byron to his office. Ezra wanted Byron to know he is not going to take the position in Louisiana. Ezra says he would never know whether he took the position for the right reasons. He doesn’t want Byron to have that kind of power over him. Byron is all oh my gosh you need to leave for everyone’s sake. Ezra says I am not the kind of man to take the way out, that you want. Byron says that egos are getting in the way but Ezra asks, whose ego? He looks all happy after making his stand after Byron leaves in a huff. Ezra grabs his little cell to call Aria but has to leave a message, “I love YOU,” he says. YEAH he took a stand.

I think this is really cool because Aria has made her stand with her parents at least Ella, I know she could have been more kind to her father but he is being a real mean head LOL.

No I won’t admit its a goodbye *sniff sniff*

Speaking of Love, Emily gets an email from Maya. See above, I can’t tell if its a goodbye or I see you sometime. I guess the part where she says goodbyes are the only perfect things they get means goodbye, I just don’t want to believe it.

Over at the Hastings, Mama Hastings is all go ahead take the bag back but don’t go in the house to Spencer. Spencer insists that if they all don’t share what they know among one another things are going to blow apart. Mama says that the Delaurentis have always been the ones who wanted to blow things up; I guess that means they wanted to out Peter on being Jason’s father. Spencer tells Mama about the blackmail money but we learn that Mama was the one that wanted the investigation to try to find Allison.

After the break, Hanna is at Spencer’s. We learn that Spencer had to put the bag on the porch because Jason didn’t answer the door and the house was dark. See I didn’t say that Jason was NOT home LOL. Hanna confesses what happened with Mona and Toby at school as far as the scheme.

Hanna once again is the one to find a clue by accident. She sees that on the newspaper Michelle Obama wore the same blouse two years ago? How can she even remember that LOL. Hanna sees that there are sections highlighted in yellow on the newspapers. Spencer mentions that the newspapers are from before Allison disappeared they had assumed that Maya’s parents wrapped the stuff in the bag but it seems they were prewrapped. They were looking in the bag for clues but they should have been looking at the BAG as a clue. Spencer sends Hanna to Jason’s to get the bag back while she goes to the trash to gather all the papers they had thrown away.

Meanwhile the left and right hand finally come together at the Montgomery’s. Byron finds out that Ella talked to Ezra. She says that its possible to talk to someone without using threats. Byron is all Ezra got mixed signals from us…….Hmm ya think? Byron says the answer is really simple they are the ones complicating it. YEAH I knew it would come to this, the whole she is not eighteen things is going to be the ANSWER. Attention Parents, being under eighteen does not make you stupid either it just makes you young LOL. Ella says they should NOT back Ezra in a corner though because No one will end up happy.

Hanna uses the short cut to Jason’s house, she grabs the bag but then hears a noise. She looks in the window where Benna pops up. Hanna opens the door to help Benna which is when we see that there is smoke. Next person we see is Spencer coming around the side of the house. Why did she decide to go to the house after she sent Hanna? Spencer dials 911 then helps Hanna get Benna out of the house. They duck as there is an explosion behind them.

After the break, we find Toby at the hospital with Benna. Benna says she got a text from Jason, who needed to talk to her. Toby was gone so she took a cab to see him, she rang the bell, someone opened it but its all she can remember.

Theories: Maybe Garrett is teaching her a lesson for trusting other people, but he would show up at the hospital to gloat/pretend to be concerned. Or Jason is the sleaze we thought he was at first. HE could have easily been at the house hiding though if Garrett wasn’t the culprit why wasn’t he around protecting Benna. Actually there are so many missing people in this episode it is a long list of villians. Let’s see, Benna’s new beau for instance, where is Busy Eyebrows Noelle? Mona is all ready to be rid of Benna too; we all know she is a good liar no matter what she has to say about it. Toby knows that Benna is no good like I said before so where was he? Those are just off the top of my head.

Then Benna says she woke up in the house not able to see and smoke was in her throat; she starts to cry. I gotta say Toby does not look sympathetic, Sexy yes, sympathetic NO!! He tells her that Hanna got Benna out of the house.

In the hallways of the hospital, Aria is sharing about all she learned from Duncan with Em and Hanna. Hanna’s mother arrives and Em looks at them oddly as they hug. I guess she is thinking about how Maya’s parents need to know she is okay. Just call already….I am so over this issue.

I have to stop to say something about Hanna’s outfit. It’s not working for me. Is it fall is it summer? White shorts, black leggings, high black boots, black belt, dark grey sweater, red jacket Huh? An off day for Hanna sorry folks.

I’m a British cutie 🙂

A Close Up to Grow On LOL

In the exam room Wren takes glass from Spencer’s hand. She won’t need stitches but he enjoys rubbing on them any way. He asks about Melissa, then mentions that the “carpenter” is back. Benna is not what he was expecting, what does that mean? Is he trying to make Spencer jealous? He wants to know how Benna got into the house by herself? Hmm how did he even know that much. “Spencer I hate to break this to you but you have a very complicated life,” he says teasing her. It’s his medical opinion. “Fate keeps shoving us in the same path,” he adds. She insists they don’t confuse fate with bad luck,,,,,oh ok. Wren asks straight out if they should agree that certain things never happened she says NO, she wouldn’t take back anything. Way to go Spencer I am more confused than before LOL. They are quiet after that; or we don’t get to hear anything else that was said; who knows maybe they kissed, we missed it darn it.

In the waiting area, Jason has arrived. He sits with Aria, before he asks her why Benna was in his house. He was half way to Scranton when he got a call from the police saying there had been a fire. The first floor is damaged in the back but I guess that was all. HE didn’t seem too concerned. Aria gets up to go talk so Mama Hastings as she arrives. Jason watches from a distance as Hanna, Ashley, Aria talk to Mama Hastings. He looks intrigued.

Emily finally calls Mrs. St. Germaine about Maya.

Spencer is about to go to her mother but sees she is speaking with Jason, she gives them a moment. Yes at least Mama can’t scream, hurt, maim him in public. Good thinking Spencer.

Toby asks if Spencer is alright after he tells her that Benna wants to see all the girls in her room.
She only says she thinks so, Yes, mixed signals much there, Toby?

Benna is trying to find out who texted her but the girls insists its not their faults. Benna says she doesn’t blame them. Toby thinks they should leave because Benna starts to cry, she is not a cute crier LOL. She tells them to wait up. She asks Hanna why she dragged her out of the house; “you’re welcome,” Hanna says before she leaves.

At the Hastings they go through the stuff again from earlier. They new mystery is who tricked Benna into the house? Aria suggests that Garrett can’t be happy about Benna being around Toby again. Emily notes that Benna was supposed to die in that house, obvious. They think they are done looking but Emily finds a half of a postcard with a picture on it. The back has the number 1 on it. They don’t understand about the postcard but then they notice that some of the newspaper has notices about labor day 2009 events in Philly and other places.

They speculate that Allison may have been at an event on that Labor Day; they wonder who she was meeting there. Suddenly the jewelry box starts making music and we see the ballerina dancing before another scene arises.

Last scene, is at Jason’s torn up porch and gloved hand its walking very much like a girl, touching the trees and then they place a badge on the porch amidst the mess. I wonder if its officer Garrett’s badge?

Interesting episode a lot of information in a short amount of time, LOVED It.
Please leave comments/suggestions/remarks.


  1. Spectacular recap! It was super thorough. Plus, I ADORED all the screencaps, particularly the ones at the end of all the items in Ali’s bag. I suspect a lot of your readers will be coming back to check these out for clues, in hindsight, after “A” is actually revealed. I bet there are a bunch. (Kind of like that image of Ali in her bedroom from the Halloween special, with the poem in French on the wall stating how “twins are trouble.” But I digress . . .)

    I hadn’t even caught Hanna’s outfit from the scene in the hospital. You are right. It is patently ridiculous. The nice thing about PLL is I feel like they take a lot of risks with the character’s fashion choices, much like Sex in the City used to do, back in the day. However, I guess the problem with taking risks, is sometimes you miss. And those shorts and tights, paired with the weird belt were a big miss for me.

    I also agree with you about some of the all-too-convenient plot devices they are starting to use on the show, under the guise of giving us “A” clues . . . the introduction of new characters we see once, and then never again (ex. Jonah, Duncan), Jason magically appearing with some random item of Ali’s, the increasingly vague machinations of the Gloved Hand . . . it’s all starting to get a little old.

    That said, I’m super impressed by how much action and intrigued they squeezed into this one episode. And if this is the kind of fast pace, we can expect through the series finale, I’m all in. I’m still not any closer to figuring out who “A” is though . . . so many red herrings! 😉

    P.S. Spencer is TOTALLY attracted to Wren, regardless of how much she wants to patch things up with TOby. The eye sex doesn’t lie. Just saying. 🙂

    • Can I just say OMG OMG omg, I totally missed this uber awesome thanks for the recap that you gave me. I am totally the worse at finding these comments. 😦 Just so you know YOU were always appreciated. I hope that is not why I haven’t heard back from you on your recaps where I replied recently. Just a lot happened in those missing years …..we should chat.

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