Lying Game Recap Episode 14 Ethan Loves Emma

It’s Lying Game Recap time;
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Sutton, yes the real one is back in her house acting like the proper entitled chickadee she always has been. She comes to the kitchen out of her room all happy about having slept in her bed with the three zillion count sheets and I gotta wonder don’t her parents find this odd behavior? Oh but Sneaky Ted and Almost Useless Kristin are just happy to have her at the table with them.

Kristin pulls the dress for the weeks event out of a box and Sutton looks like she might throw up. Yes its obvious that Emma has chosen this rather plain frock. The dress is for the black and white Ball, her initiation into the club a a junior member is what’s its all about.

Sutton doesn’t hide her distaste for the dress at all; which again should have raised a red flag to the parents. Kristine quotes Sutton as having said that the dress was very Audrey Hepburn. Now I think that Kristin won’t remain useless, she is the noticing the changing as well as receiving the brunt of Sutton’s displeasure. Remember last week, Sutton yelled at her not to touch her head. YIKES!

Ted mentions that the dress cost them three hundred dollars but Sutton doesn’t seem to care; hey its not her money she isn’t working why would she? Kristin shows Sutton the program she is suddenly in a better move as she sees that Emma/Sutton had Ethan Whitehorse down as her escort. “Now that I like,” Sutton says before we see Emma outside the window/door.

Sutton takes the dress with a comment about making it work then excuses herself to go to her room.

Emma had to leave the trailer because Dan came in early from his night shift; she had no where else to go. Emma is happy to see the dress she picked out for the ball even though she cannot go now. Sutton reminds her that she has to go with Ethan and Emma agrees. Can you imagine your boyfriend having to go out with your bratty twin to keep you safe?

Emma doesn’t know where to go and Sutton does not have any suggestions, they just look at each other.
Theme music plays.

Sutton now suggest that maybe Emma should go back to Vegas which Emma doesn’t understand because they both know that won’t work for her. Laurel knocks on the door and Emma leaves the house, sadly.

Laurel comes in totally unaware that she is not talking to the none sympathetic sister though she is another who should know a difference. Laurel spills the beans about what Justin told her about Ted, his mother dying, the phone call the whole nine yards. Laurel shares that Justin also said he had fallen in love with her for real. Sutton is all you have to tell dad, and mom and maybe the police YES like she really wants to be involved with the police right now. Laurel gets her to promise not to talk to her parents just yet.

At school we see Mads with Sutton who is another person to preoccupied too notice her bestie is different than the one last week LOL. Ryan comes over asking her some lame question about the ballet and Sutton looks like she can’t believe he it talking to them. The guy walks off and Sutton goes on about ninth grade Ryan who I assume was short and I guess in love with Mads then also.

Mads mentions that only yesterday Sutton told her that people change and that Ryan was cute. Ahhhh so maybe one of these people will see what is going on, eventually. Sutton says, “lots changed since yesterday.”

Justin sees Laurel and proclaims his undying love again but she doesn’t buy into it especially because when asked why he didn’t chose Sutton he can’t answer. “I was an easier mark right,” Laurel guesses.
Wow that has to hurt to be chosen by someone because you look gullible.

Ethan confronts Sutton in the hallway at school about kicking Emma out with no where to go. He is going to put Emma in Sutton’s family cabin. Sutton says that Ted is checking her head every night so she can’t help but stay at the house. She then changes the topic to the Black & White Ball. Sutton tries to make it about getting things right with Ethan but its really about making the lie of them look real which basically Ethan tells her. Emma was the one to bring him out as the boyfriend. He is with EMMA! Emma was the one who put his name on the list to go to the ball to begin with BUT for that very reason he is stuck going with Sutton. Wow I had no idea being a twin was so much drama LOL. Sutton’s main reason is because someone is watching and they have to act as though nothing has changed.

At the cabin, Emma is convinced that Sutton is just trying to get rid of her. She doesn’t understand why Sutton isn’t even trying to figure out who broke into the house or tried to kill her.

Ethan’s idea is that Emma go off with him to live on Lake Canandaigua oh so sweet and illogical. He used to go there with his grandpa when things got bad with his father. He loves that lake and he wants her to see it. She says she loves him; oh when she says it to him it just seems real. GREAT JOB Alexandra !! Woot WOOT!!

OH wait I didn’t realize that Ethan meant to take her that night LOL Ethan man. Emma says he has to go to the dance to keep up the charade because someone did try to kill Sutton and it will looks suspicious if he doesn’t go. Emma begs him to go for her because Sutton is her sister.

After the break, we hear Mads complaining about the fact that they have to attend a Black and White Ball luncheon which she has to take Thayer too because he will also be her date that night. Ah that is so sad though she says it old fashioned LOL. Thayer suggest she could still ask Ryan but Mads comments that Thayer has a man crush on him LOL.

Alec shows up to get them for the lunch but he acts as though he is of course going alone. Mads suggests he should ask Rebecca Sewell. OH and speaking of crushes Mads seems to be crushing on Rebecca LOL. Thayer accuses Alec of blushing when Rebecca’s name is mentioned. LOL I never thought I would see Alec have feeling for anyone but himself this is a new side of him.

Meanwhile, Ethan takes supplies to Emma but has to rush off to go the dreaded luncheon with Sutton. He does mention a plan to Emma that he wants to put into effect with her blessing but we don’t get to hear it just yet.

Over at the club, Kristin is explaining how Laurel left early to speak with Justin when Sutton just blabs the secret to them both. Ted who I have always put in the bad boy category with Alec, actually seems to be surprised to learn that Justin is who he thought he was at first. Remember all the mysterious stares and the way he looked at the bracelet that Justin gave Laurel? I think it finally clicked. Ted mentions the case happened in LA. HE goes off to find Justin.

Ted walks in on Laurel telling Justin to leave her alone. The first thing he says is that Sutton told him. Ted tells Justin he can’t believe its really him before he demands that Laurel leave the room but she stays. Ted admits to what Justin has said about him all the time; Justin wants to know what was so important that he had to leave the operating room. Ted confesses to having thought he recognized Justin but Laurel freaks out saying they are both liars then she leaves the room.

Ethan arrives on the other side of the building. Emma is all smiles because the family drama is not about her. Really? but she started a mess just because she couldn’t keep her sisters secret for a day. I wonder how she kept Emma hidden all that time? Oh yeah that was about her.

Ethan tells her his plan; to publicly break up with her so everyone knows. He wants to do this so he can leave with Emma and have a clean slate. The idea is to let the person who is after Sutton see them break up and stop expecting them to be together. Ethan can then leave without putting Sutton in danger.

Laurel comes out of the club in tears with Kristin following behind her, so typical. Laurel yells at Sutton that its her fault. Ethan says that Emma would have never ratted out Laurel to her parents. LOL Sutton has no idea who her sister really is I guess, they are not at all alike except for looks. Ethan confesses the only reason that Laurel ever told Sutton anything is because of the relationship Emma had built with her.

“Nice to see you are undoing all of Emma’s good work on your first day back”, Ethan says. Yep so true.

After the break, Thayer arrives at the cabin with Emma to bring her comfort foods, his selection includes double stuffed cookies. YUMMY!! Emma speculates that Alec may have been the one that tried to kill Sutton but I think she is right despite Thayer’s disagreeing. I just think Alec had Derek do his dirty work.

Mads is at Rebecca’s helping her with her dress. Oh no here again she wears an odd dress for her shape. It’s shiny and looks bulky on her despite being short. I do like that Rebecca has her hair down around her face I hope she doesn’t put it up. I think a shorter sleeve and lower neck would have been better in this dress.

Mads is glad that Rebecca agreed to go with Alec to the ball and confesses to having been the one to convince him to ask her. Rebecca is surprised by this information, “your dad does not strike me as a fearful,” person she says. She then finds out that Mads is going with Thayer instead of a real date. Rebecca thinks there should be a million guys vying to take Mads to the ball. Mads admits there is one guy that might go, you know Ryan. Mads but she shares that she and Sutton used to hate the guy though now hmmm she is having second thoughts. Rebecca comments that its perfect its just like a movie, you have to fight the first ten minutes before you walk off into the sunset together. Mads asks if that is what is going on with Alec and Rebecca thinks maybe. “I can either choose to be miserable or choose to be happy,” Rebecca says wisely. Mads asks is it that simple, “I know it is,” Rebecca replies.

See Charisma is beautiful but some of the hair and clothes they put her in is god awful.

At the house, Kristin tells Laurel that Ted was devastated about Justin’s mother’s case he had to give up his residency because of it. It’s why they moved from LA back to Phoenix. She insists that Ted would not intentionally hurt anyone.

According to Ted there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesnt’ think of that surgery; itw as one of his deepest regrets. Justin asks again where he was going in a hurry that day but Ted still won’t answer. I get the feeling that maybe Justin knows huh? Justin asks if he will lose Laurel but Ted doesn’t know.

Sutton comes by to bring Emma clothes. She basically does not like the other girls style so its a change for her to buy more LOL. She says she doesn’t want Emma to leave but we ALL know she just doesn’t want Emma to win Ethan because Sutton loves her little games and most of all she loves winning. She promises once they find who attacked her then they can tell Ted and Kristin about Emma OR so she says to Emma just to get her to stay. NOPE do not trust Sutton at all, EVER.

Emma wants to believe her way too much for her own good.

After the break, Emma tells Ethan that she wants to stay around a while longer in case Sutton is telling the truth. She really wants a family as well as him …….oh so sweet and stupid LOL. Ok I get it family is more important especially when you only have one LYING sister otherwise. Wow that sounded bitter. Anywho, Ethan says okay he will go to the ball let everyone see him then come back to spend the night with Sutton, no break up at this point.

Laurel tells Sutton she is back to what she used to be a few months ago, selfish, vindictive and mean, she should have known it would not last. Laurel believed Justin and she believed Ethan when she took the fall for him just because Emma/Sutton trusted him. Its kinda sad because Sutton is seeing that she really is the bad person in all of this. Laurel says its what sisters do, Sutton comments that “I don’t know anything about sisters and she is the big expert.” “Who?” Laurel asks. Sutton get out of your head and focus.

Ethan arrives all dressed nice and looking PURDY!! Sutton can’t keep her eyes off him. She makes a joke about tuxes then straightens his tie. Sutton tells Ethan she has wanted to be a junior member since she was eight.

Sutton Penelope Mercer? Margaret Margo Ryeback? Oh my gosh where do they get these names LOL. They present each junior member and call their entire name; its kind of like a coming out ball I guess.

Justin is at the ball but Kristin refuses to let him speak with Laurel, she says you might have had a some come to Jesus moment with my husband but I don’t even know why you are here LMAO oh my she has never been my hero until now…..YOU GO Kristin, even though she was mislead and I think he should talk to Laurel *giggles*

A while later Ted is dancing with Sutton then happens to look up to see Alec just as he is about to tell Sutton some secret. HE changes his mind. Wow Alec you bully. Ted says why bring up something that will only hurt people to Sutton before Ethan cuts in for his one dance.

Sutton asks for Ethan to dip or twirl her and he complies. She then asks for a kiss which I think is beyond the call of duty but she says everyone would expect it. Yeah I doubt a room of club members really cares one way or another about them kissing. She adds, “you would do it if it were Emma.” He pecks her on the lips but she of course wants something more intimate. She kisses him, “there now there is no mistaking me for Emma.” Ethan looks sick.

After the break, Ethan is outside trying to leave. “I did my duty and a whole lot more,” he says. LOL She fake apologizes with the old “I was trying to make it seem real.” OH give it up Sutton it’s not happening with Ethan that ship sailed when he met your twin. Ethan doesn’t care that it will look weird if he is gone besides she is good at making up stories.

Thayer comes outside just in time to get her to dance with him; I wonder how much he heard of the conversation. I also wonder how much like Alec, Thayer might be.

Oh my gosh they screwed up Rebecca again. That turd thing on her head makes her look like a mental patient for real. Why oh why do they do that to her? Charisma aught to complain I tell you!! I guess its her role but still she is so pretty with her hair down. Even just something framing her face or soft curls near her face. ATTENTION Hair Department!!

Rebecca sees Mads getting her own drink and wonders where he date has gone off too. Mads explains that Ryan is getting her treats. Mads thanks her for convincing her to ask out Ryan and vice versa about Alec.

Alec walks over to see them together and Rebecca explains that Mads likes having a woman to talk too not that she can’t talk to her dad. Rebecca wants to know what happened with him and his wife but he cuts her off by reminding her they weren’t talking about the past. She says oh I thought we were just not talking about the other past. She then winks at him making me believe that she totally does want to talk about that other thing and will eventually.

Ethan dances with Emma at the cabin dressed in his tux and her in her cute black and green dress. He confesses that Sutton kissed him briefly. He is trying to be honest but Emma feels like an idiot for not realizing Sutton was still up to her tricks.

All thoughts of Sutton aside they decide it’s the night to take that step to the next level.

Meanwhile Ryan is looking for Mads and finds Sutton. Interesting information is revealed at this point, it seems Ryan was Sutton’s first hook up back in ninth grade. He has kept the secret and so has she hmmm I can see that Mads will eventually find out and be devastated. He was Lying Game patient 0, she had him come to a party dressed in a costume while everyone including the cops thought he had called them. Looks like Ryan has a great memory I wonder if his going after Mads is a pay back to Sutton. She says she is sorry but I doubt its true. She then flirts with him then takes one of Mads treats, “Just let me know when you get tired of Mads.”
Wow the nerve of that girl no wonder someone tried to kill her.

Ted asks Alec if he and Rebecca are dating but we soon find out that Alec is just keeping Rebecca close to keep her mouth shut to supposedly keep the lid on all the secrets. Alec says Ted should be glad that if the Justin thing ends now then maybe no one will find out the real reason his scalpel slipped. Deputy Dan interrupts about an urgent police matter that takes Alec away.

Dan informs Alec they found Annie Hobbs talking to herself on a park bench near the Mercer home. Okay hmm I guess Rebecca is not Annie Hobbs but they have to know it was confusing. I mean Two Annie’s in one show LOL. The cops took Annie Hobbs to Phoenix Presbyterian to a private room just like they were instructed.

Luckily for our gang, Sutton heard the information.

Over on the other side of the club Laurel sees Justin outside and confronts him again. He insists he loves her and wants her back. He wants one more shot because he loves everything about her.

Don’t come knocking if the cabin is rocking, should have been on the door because Sutton walked right in on Ethan and Emma about to do the “nasty.” Sutton tells them they have to get to the hospital to see Annie Hobbs before Alec moves her.

After the break, Alec is on the phone with Dr. Hughes making her aware that he found Annie. He doesn’t want Annie lost again or basically released.

The girls make it to the room to see Annie after Alec has seen her. Annie has all the answers or some of them; she was the one at the motel or so she says. I still say it looked like a guy but she could have had a hat on. She came to see Sutton the night of the break in. Annie says that her baby was born the same day as they were born. She is not their mother, however.

Kristin wants to know the truth about what happened in LA, she was under the impression he had nicked an artery but she has heard the other version so now she doesn’t trust him. Finally and not trusting him is a good thing lady. Ted is quiet after that; he will break before Alec I just bet.

When her baby died Annie says she lost her mind. Annie confesses to stealing them from their mother that was going to give them up. She took Emma but she says there was a fire. Annie doesn’t remember the name of the woman down the hall; Jane Doe or something she says now I wonder if this confession is true. Emma asks how Annie knows Alec and why he wants to keep her in the hospital. Suddenly Annie thinks she has said too much.

She insists they are in danger and the man who tried to kill Sutton was a snake according to Annie.

The nurse comes in the room to tell them to leave.

Alec is back at his office so he had already seen Annie. HE calls Rebecca who acts surprised to hear from him you know since they only spoke hours ago LOL. He offers to take her out again; she seems all excited. Her expression changes after she hangs up the phone. WE see she is at the hospital though I wonder how she knew Annie was there. “Oh Annie what have you done now” she asks Annie Hobbs as she glares at her.

Alrighty so my guess is Rebecca is the mother that gave them away maybe and the last thing she needs is for Annie to figure that out and tell them.

Great Episode………rating 8 !!
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