Secret Circle Recap of Episode 20 Traitor

Hi all you Witch lovers welcome to another recap of the Secret Circle. Are we all HOPING for a renewal of this show? I certainly am.

Here we go, this week we start off with the WAKE for dear departed Jane. Cassie is wandering around in kind of daze. It’s a sad occasion of course. I do hope Jane at least returns as a ghost, we haven’t had any ghosts on this show as far as I remember but that would be cool. I really hate that she left Cassie alone in the world with only her father and half-sister, Diana to calm her.

Cassie runs into Diana who is trying not to freak out about being possibly the missing child of JB. Cassie is all for her being her sister but Diana doesn’t seem that excited since she and the others have mixed feeling about JB and for good reasons.

Jake arrives at the event in a huff, he has been told that witch hunters killed Jane. It’s the rumor that JB is passing around within the circle. Fay thinks they just need something to take off the edge.

Across the room, Dawn speaks with JB, she is all if I had my powers I could help you go after the witch hunters LOL JB says just take care of yourself it’s what you are best at LOL. Yeah like he isn’t the lying murderer of Jane already. He couldn’t care less, if he was a good man he would have just emptied the Kruet to save himself not change it so it killed her.

Adam follows Cassie to her room where she is trying to hide out to grieve alone. Jane was all that Cassie had left of her mother. No one else knows her like Jane and Amelia did. Adam knows her inside so he says and she kisses him then JB knocks on the door.

JB explains he was with Diana’s mother only once; he loved Amelia more than anything. They can’t lose their focus because the witch hunters need to be destroyed. Cassie insists they need the crystals because she wants to destroy the witch hunters yes lets do that. NOW he is feeding her dark magic by focusin on what they can do to supposedly get things turned around. He is not concerned with Jane’s death.

Cue Creepy Music

Downstairs Fay and Jake are hatching a plan to get something to take off the edge of all their tension and sadness LOL interesting usually they would just get Freaky LOL.

Fay and Jake use their combined powers to push over Mommy Dawn’s purse where the good drugs are supposed to be hiding. Jake goes over to grab the bottle from the bag LOL. Fay diverts Dawn’s attention by pretending to be sad about her grandpa LOL

Later at Diana’s she talks to her father about JB; he warns her to stay away from him. Charles says that JB will prey upon her. Yeah listen to your pops who is also a Conniving liar. Charles at least feels bad when he lies though.

At the meeting over at the old house later JB tells them the crystals that they have will help them find the missing two. The crystals point them to Jake’s house. The missing members at the Meet Up are Diana, Fay and Jake.

Speaking of Jake and Fay we find them making out at his house. They reach to get the bottle that Jake grabbed from Dawn’s purse earlier to find it contains the crystal. Oh are they surprised I bet it was an exciting moment.

After the break, Fay arrives with Jake and the crystal at the old house. Unfortunately the crystal is out of power. Now its strange that Fay didn’t wonder why it was out of power since her mother is not a practicing witch yet she carries it around?

Adam’s crystal is the only one missing. Diana is the only person not at the meeting. JB sends Adam to get his crystal and Cassie to find Diana.

Diana tries to get Cassie to consider that maybe they should NOT be doing everything that JB tells them too but of course Cassie is not listening. She is as usually on a quest to get things done in a hurry based on someone else’s intel. REALLY hasn’t she learned from past episodes not to trust every tom, dick and harry that comes to town especially her FATHER who is always full of excuses and blaming the supposed witch hunters.

Melissa is with Adam at the Boathouse or at the boat looking for the crystal. Now that I think of it didn’t we already get the crystal that belonged to Adam gramps from last week when Callum took it???

Anyway, his grandfather loved to use cloaking spells on everything so they are looking but he thinks it might be cloaked. I think he and Melissa make a cool couple but he is again talking of Cassie and how she kissed him earlier LOL UGH why not love the one you are with Adam? Melissa suggests they have a drink to loosen up for the search.

Meanwhile at the old house, Fay doesn’t get why Diana is refusing to show up to help with the project of getting six crystals to turn into one. As far as she is concerned its a no brainer considering the witch hunters *cough* jB, has killed in the last twenty-four hours.

Diana does arrive to tell them the news about being the daughter of JB just like Cassie. They are discussing JB when suddenly there is a wind rushing through the room. It’s the crystal oddly enough doing it, it throws everything off the table then disappears into the table. weird stuff.

After the break, they determine that it was the witch hunters who used magic to get the crystal from outside the house? HUH? How is that even possible. Anyway they believe this theory and there is some kind of dust outside the house to support it.

Jake suggests that he go talk to Isaac to try to get him to help against EBIN. Diana doesn’t believe that JB needs to know they are consulting with Isaac. Cassie, Fay and Jake agree this one time.

Charles calls JB to meet up. Uh oh I wonder how unhappy he might be considering the circumstances.

Back at the Boathouse Melissa is stil with Adam. Melissa mentions that maybe Adam and Cassie can get together as more than friends naturally like they were not together before. Adam believes the lie of the curse so he doesn’t think it will happen. He notices his grandpa’s lucky coin on the wall.

He shows Melissa how the coin can be cloaked after he takes it off the wall. He does not know how to uncloak it which may have something to do with the drinking LOL.

IN the forest the others are seeking someone probably Isaac since Jake was going to meet up with him or at least attempt to do that very thing.

IN a public place maybe the coffee shop, JB meets up with Charles. JB goes for Charles neck but Charles recovers and grabs him by the neck. He is upset about Elizabeth, whom JB slept with and Diana who is JB’s daughter. I think he has a reason to be pissed off but I doubt that Elizabeth was totally innocent in the matter. Anyway, way the face off is very public. I think that is a bad idea. Finally some guys get the nerve to surround them as Charles threatens to take Diana away from Chance Harbor. The attention gets JB to let Charles go; he leaves and JB just looks around like OH were you all looking?

At the Chamberlain house Dawn notices her crystal is missing.

Ian who wore the pig mask at halloween, arrives in the place of Isaac who he tells Jake is Dead by the hands of EBin. The girls are upset about having been threatened within an inch of their lives before. You know back on the boat the first time they were tied up after Cassie came to town. Cassie gets up in Ian’s face because she is sure they killed Jane. Ahhh calm down young weedhopper, you are being lied to left and right. Settle back and look over your discoveries learn the truth.

Only Diana is able to get through to Cassie as she is determined to kill Ian with her mind. She threw Jake to the ground, OOPS. I can see why Diana doesn’t want this dark bloodline. YIKES
Ian says he tracked the witch to Chance Harbor that was a threat to them. HE only showed up to talk to Jake because he used to be close to Isaac. Some of this confuses me but I guess the traitor witch that I think is either Dawn or JB was who Ian came to Chance Harbor to find. This traitor was the person who killed Isaac and to me that has to be JB. Diana suggests maybe they can make a deal with hunters to stay alive but Cassie reminds her its how things went bad before. I think.

Moving on, at the meeting place the four of them try to use the crystals to find the last one. I guess they forgot that Melissa and Adam were also working on that project. Diana insists she would NEVER want to use her dark magic the way that Cassie does. Hmmm never say never hun. They trace the crystal to some place that Fay calls the creepiest place on earth.

The Boathouse or Boat is still the place we find Adam with Melissa. Adam remembers or thinks he recalls that he has to say the words on the coin. HE gets the words but after he says them there is a hidden panel in the wall that reveals itself. TADA They believe that all cloaked things are now revealed no matter where they might be, kinda cool right. Of course all as in the ones his gramps cloaked. On the other hand that means it could be in a place where anyone can now get to it.

JB arrives at Dawn’s house after the fight with Charles. Dawn is surprised that Elizabeth had his child, Diana. Dawn had tried with JB but they couldn’t get pregnant. JB promises Dawn her power back if she will make sure that Charles does NOT take Diana away. He needs the Circle’s power to do what he wants to do. He also plans to get rid of all the elders who might object to his plans. Dawn promises to talk to Charles.

Adam pulls the boxes from the wall but they still do not find the crystal. Melissa suggests they need the crystal locating map. Yes that sounds like a good idea but are they going to bring it to boat? I think there might be a better way.

At Hudson Fields, the scary place that Fay mentioned, they get out and now its raining. Don’t all horror movies involve rain? They go inside the gates as we see someone watching them outside.

After the break, inside the closed Carnival they decide to split up to find the crystal. Diana reluctantly with Cassie while Fay stays with Jake. Considering the power of the Blackwell sisters they jump at every corner and scream LOL REally?

Dawn goes to talk to Charles all the while pretending she has no idea what has happened. JB wants his own private army according to Charles but he will not allow JB to take Diana. Dawn tries to bond with him by telling him about Fay giving JB her own crystal.

Fay walks with Jake alternately talking about their dating in the past as well as freaking out of clowns. Finally they come across a sway which transfers powers from mortals to witches. The very place where according to Jake the traitor witch has been hiding out. Ohhhhhhhhhhh ok, hmm never mind LOL

Meanwhile the Blackwells are fighting over the use of their powers in the deadly way when they see someone run by them. They go on a chase after who they believe is the traitor witch. Cassie stops him with her power and thanks to Diana she doesn’t kill him. He turns out to be none other than, Nick. Oh Nick is back, YES, but it doesn’t look like the old Nick or the Nick that knows them. They seem in shock as he runs off again. Now just because they were looking for a traitor doesn’t mean its Nick that is the traitor. HE could just be hiding out for other reasons like he might have some issues having been dead and all.

In the clown crazy weird house Jake finds photos of his parents with a baby, kinda makes the idea that the others found Nick go together nicely. It also makes sense that Melissa is not among them she would be a wreck seeing him.

That is the end of the episode, WOW, I love this show. Please leave comments.

Questions to consider:
1. Why is it that this independent group so easily led?
2. Why is Dawn so power hungry?
3. Is Dawn really Abaddon?
4. John Blackwell is evil but why? How was he raised that he is determined to be the bad seed?
5. Where has Nick been all this time? Why would he hide from them instead of seeking the circle out for help?

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