Secret Circle Episode 15 John Blackwell is in Town

Ah the Secret Circle isn’t so secret now anymore is it ? I do love this show its a Pure Guilty Pleasure!!

This episode begins with Cassie packing up to move out of Diana’s house. Diana had no idea she was leaving so they discuss it just before Charles knocks on the door. Looks like our resident Bad Dad has gotten accustomed to having another daughter in the house OR he just liked knowing that Jane was out of town out of his hair LOL. He even pretends to be thrilled to hear that Jane is well enough to return to normal life in Chance Harbor, I almost believed his heart felt outpouring, NOT!!

OH and not only is Cassie moving out she has gotten a job at the only coffee spot in town; it’s where the drunks go the morning after getting wasted at Ethan’s bar the only place to drink in town LOL.

After Charles leaves the room Diana teases that all the men in her life-like Cassie better……oh really? Can anyone say lack of self-esteem? I know it was supposed to be a joke but really who says that stuff? Yep people who deep down really feel like no one likes them or cares about them; its funny because Cassie really does like Diana as a friend.

Cassie arrives at her house to find the door open. She promptly grabs the nearest weapon, an umbrella, only to find that Jake is the intruder. He insists the door was already open; as far as he can tell everything was fine.

Cassie finds some dirt on the floor but suddenly Jake jumps into action. He knows that even though it looks like dirt it’s really salt and ash it’s what witch hunters use to block the powers of witches so they can attack or catch them off guard. Oh I feel a good kinda chill when he is all protective and knowledgable at the same time. LOL Jake says they are here!!

Cue creepy music

Jake insists the witch hunters are back but Cassie assures him that with only an umbrella and some individual power that she doesn’t need his constant protection. She picks up the umbrella which shoots sparks at him. He takes the hint then leaves though I doubt he went far besides he lives next door. He had only come over because he said he thought he saw someone at Cassie’s.

Later at the coffee shop its Cassie’s first day. It’s a lucky thing that her soon to be boyfriend, Adam, stops by to check on her because she has a tray of coffees and no clue to whom they might belong LOL. Ah Adam always the Hero !

Before Adam can leave Cassie confesses her no grandma Jane secret to him and he offers to come by later to keep her company in that big ole empty house, hmmm. I think they are moving a bit fast or is it just my old-fashioned self suddenly shining through LOL okay but if you saw the way he said it was very SINsual.

On this particular day it seems Melissa and Fay decided to visit the coffee shop where on most days we see them at Ethan’s place…hmm how does that even happen? Yes you would think that normally they would be “hanging” at a coffee shop not at a bar but oh well it’s a small town right. Who knows maybe Ethan owns the coffee shop too LOL?

Anyway, Fay calls out to Cassie to give them refills though I can’t ever remember a time that has happened at a coffee shop as opposed to a restaurant but again we will indulge the writers here. Okay it could be a diner/coffee shop so lets go with that or I might have to continue talking about coffee shops which is making me real thirsty for a warm beverage LOL.

Melissa tells Fay to move on past Jake and to notice that Lee is “in” to her as they wait for Cassie to arrive. Callum walks in just after Fay tells Melissa that Lee is not a power match for her. Callum invites them to a party at his place later that night. Melissa who is smitten with Callum is interested but Fay is not. OH by the way Cassie totally ignored them LOL.

Cassie father shows up later that day and tries to convince her he tried to stay away but now she needs his help/protection. Adam arrives before they have a chance to talk. J. B. has done everything to keep her from being in her current situation or so he tells her before he leaves after asking to meet him in one hour.

So I was sitting her thinking that maybe John Blackwell had come inside earlier when Cassie was gone and looked around maybe seeking something. I don’t trust this guy because if he really wanted to protect his daughter there surely had to be a way to do that while also finding a way to contact her at least after her mother died but preferably before. On the other hand, who knows for sure if Amelia knew of his whereabouts and never thought that Cassie would receive any comfort from that information. These are things I wonder about after seeing him, J. B.

Adam arrives with offers to go out to a movie or out to dinner only to have Cassie tell him that her father had only just left. She says he came because the Medallion called to him. Adam suggests that she not go to meet up with him. She only wants to get answers, you know her ONE track mind Cassie. Adam wants to go with her but she refuses of course.

Fay gets a call from Diana who is looking for Melissa who is late for an appointment they had made to meet up. Fay things its adorable that Diana is worried about her ex bestie/now current bestie being missing. Fay does pretend to be freaking out after she tells Diana that Melissa had made plans to go to Callum’s for a party that night. They decide to go to Lee’s to find out where Callum lives to check on Melissa. OH by the by, before Diana called Fay was busily painting her nails.

Lee is surprised to see the girl who kissed him last week in his shop with Fay LOL.Diana says she has no idea what he is talking about after he asks, “what no kiss this time.” He looks already for round two, its funny.

OH but wait when they knocked on his door, the garage door, he is in the house at the bedside of his ex girlfriend who is in a coma or something. Ok so now I know that Lee owns that house and he just pretends that the garage is his domain you know because the others think he is a guy who lives with his family. No family is going to let their son keep his coma patient girlfriend in a room of the house; hospitals are for that.

I was right, its Missy Bender again LOL, Lee’s girlfriend Eva. She is the same girl who recently returned to Supernatural as Emma Winchester, Dean’s evil spawn in The Slice Girls. She originally played Missy Bender in Season 1 episode The Benders of Supernatural. Her real name is Alexia Fast. It was so fun to see her again on the show, Supernatural. Secret Circle is totally the kind of show that she will blend into just seamlessly, I can’t wait till she wakes up.

Back to Lee, who can’t believe they let Melissa go alone to Callum’s party. He shares that Callum practices the left hand version of Voodoo instead of the right way. He assures them that Callum uses people and sometimes they return from his parties never to be the same again. He is going to take them or at least lead them but he won’t let them go alone.

Meanwhile, Cassie meets up with her Daddy at the pier/dock. Cassie wants answers but he can only tell her that if he had been around then they, the hunters, would have come for her and Amelia. He doesn’t have much else to say except that he wants the Medallion. She is very disappointed that he seems to have no real feelings about getting to know her at all. She feels that Adam was right to tell to not expect any thing from him. If he gets the Medallion he will disappear forever. He doesn’t like that she told Adam that he is in town.

Cassie goes to her car leaving her father on the dock but she is grabbed by Evin inside the car.

After the break, the witch hunter group takes her some place then tie her to a chair.

In other news, Melissa is with Callum at his place. It’s looks like a warehouse but it could just be a huge loft. There are people dancing, playing pool, doing voodoo looking stuff, smoking a hookah and making out among other things. Melissa looks around a bit disgusted I think. “So you are obsessed with Voodoo,” she says. He says its a hobby before he offers her some Devil’s Spirit that she refuses, FINALLY she is thinking. I guess last weeks incident, where she had too much of a good thing, has mellowed her on the drugs at least I hope.

It’s too bad Melissa hasn’t found a Good BAD BOY, one with a heart to go along with his BadNESS maybe Jake will step up after all. OH wait she loved his bro, that will never work. I am sure someone will come along for her.

Lee hands her a totem similar to the one that Fay has under her bed, then he takes another one in his own hands. He tells her to focus on it and he will do all the work. So they sit and stare at these little voodoo dolls and it seems kinda SINsual when Melissa gets a warm feeling after he slaps his palms together around the larger doll. LOL. She is like oh do that again. Lee is all wait now its my turn don’t be selfish, and they do the same thing but this time she uses the larger doll.

About this time the rescue team arrives, they divide up to save time. Lee is all ready to find Melissa and go. I think it’s because he kinda doesn’t like Callum or his ways. I know it could be because Callum probably was the one that got Eva hooked on the Devil’s Spirit after Lee told her to cool it down with the stuff. I think he is trying to help Melissa in the same way. I know its speculation but it makes sense.

Diana teases Fay that Lee seems to care about her but again I think he just doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. It would be cool if he liked Fay because GREY aka Lee is so darn cute LOL.

Back on the sofa, Melissa slaps her palms and I think Callum well …..hmm he got a bit excited about how good it felt. He decides to take her up to his room. Ruh Roh !!

Across town, John Blackwell arrives at his former home to find the new decor totally lacking in taste LOL just kidding. I am not sure why he was at his old house that is now Witch headquarters but as he is looking around Jake comes in calling out for Cassie. J. B. hides but Jake sees him and a slight fight issues OR Jake gets his arm twisted behind his back whichever floats your boat. He is looking for Cassie because he can’t get her on her cell and she isn’t at home. Jake explains about the salt ash which leads J.B. to assume that witch hunters are after his baby girl, oh me oh my what will I do as the most evil Witch to ever come through Chance Harbor?

J.B. looks worried for his new-found offspring and goes off to wander the streets and byways to find her OR just leaves because well he is new in town LOL. Actually Jake sent him off to the Boathouse because that is where he supposes that Cassie might have gone OR so he says before he goes running to the witch hunters. Jake, Jake, Jake whose side are you on? Are you bewitched by Cassie or really just searching for a sub plot of your very own? It’s okay you are so pretty we can look at you any way. Love that Chris Zylka but I still miss Nick.

Over at Witch Hunters Headquarters, Jake offers up J. B. to get Cassie back hmmm one Blackwell for another what kinda deal is that? Doesn’t it take two Blackwell’s to equal true evil LOL *insert evil laugh*

Evin is interested in the deal if Jake can deliver. Oh I am starting to think that Jake might have some kinda true love for Cassie. I guess his weakness named Fay was just a one night stand; interesting, do tell.

AFter the break, Evin is working on some sort of something dark in a bowl as Cassie awakens. He tells her that her power is of no use to her at present. Hmmm I think I would have tried anyway but oh well. HE used some sort of powder in a circle around her chair the same kind they tried on J.B. all those years ago. Evin tells her that she would be dead but since Jake has offered him J.B. that is why she is alive. Okay Evin doesn’t mention Jake’s name but we know its him. Evin gets all sentimental saying that he and J.B. go back a long way; he never expected to see him again. Cassie looks doubtful that will mean any good for her or J.B. She does realize that Evin is afraid of her father.

Then they grab her and put some stuff in her eyes and her mouth, that looks like ink before Evin chants. You know for someone who supposedly hates witches he knows some kinda match stuff. Hmm or was that Isaac that hated witches? I wonder if any of them hate witches at all but just want the power for their own uses. Isaac was all gung-ho for that Medallion and got darn nasty when it was not delivered. Just a thought.

J. B. arrives at the Boathouse looking for Cassie. Ethan comes out of the room and looks indignant that J. B. is in his place. He tries to send Adam in the other room. He can’t even believe that J. B. is alive. Here is the thing though indignance aside, J. B. is looking for Cassie and nothing else. HE leaves after finding out that they do not know where she might be. Ethan warns Adam to stay away from J. B. after he is gone.

Outside the bar, Jake has arrived he takes J. B. to get Cassie with the witch hunters. I gotta wonder what that car ride was like. “Hey um i told them they could kill you if I turned you in so I can hook up with your HOT daughter,” Jake says. “Oh yeah its all good as long as Cassie is okay, just use protection we don’t need any more evil spawns in this town,” says J. B. LOL, I crack myself up sometimes LOL.

But I digress, moving on.

OH and after J. B. is outside we see Adam watching him with awe or just because he wonders why he is getting in the car with Jake our usual fearless hero. Hmm, he speed dials Diana to tell her that he needs her help because you know Cassie is in trouble Yet Again. Dude you gotta remember that Diana is your ex-girlfriend she isn’t all about helping with your new main squeeze ever week. Sheeks Adam getta clue.

Upstairs at the party Callum closed the cage door on he and Melissa. She thinks its creepy, um YEAH me too. Strange drug dealer Voodoo dude that you willingly followed up stairs just locked you in, well kinda, is creepy. What was she expecting?

He asks her if she is a witch, but instead of answering she calls his bluff after he has locked her in the room and she feels uncomfortable with his closeness. YES!! Finally Melissa is using her noggin. She says “if I have as much power as you think I do; do you really want to test me??” He of course based his assumption on the charge he got from her when they played their little voodoo doll game. Melissa fleas while Callum is still considering her words. She runs into Fay who is looking for her. Melissa shares with Fay that Lee is using her. Now its cool that Melissa is again clear-headed enough to explain to Fay how the Totem that Lee had is like the one that Callum used; it takes energy it doesn’t GIVE it according to her. Hmm yeah that Lee but I still think he is trying to help them in other ways.

Lee shows up after Diana has told them they have to leave to help Cassie. Fay confronts him with her new knowledge and blows off his explanation that the spell is what matters not the actual doll/totem.

Out in the local snowy woods, I don’t recall it snowing in Chance Harbor but I guess its a minor detail it is winter some places. Evin arrives with Cassie to meet up with Jake and J. B. Evin is holding his hand over Cassie’s mouth. At first I thought this meant something but maybe he just ran out of tape; really I would hate to have anyone’s icky hands over my mouth but that is neither here nor there.

Evin changes the deal to trading Jake for Cassie, unharmed. Hmm the whole unharmed thing is kinda moot since we know he did something to her earlier. Evin is a liar folks are you gonna figure that out soon?

Evin then releases his hand from her mouth but she hesitates like she is waiting for instructions from him; its very creepy she is like asking permission to leave him and not just creepy because she suddenly looked like one of the Olsen Twins with her pouty lips LOL.

It’s creepy in the way that someone had to notice the strangeness of her not running away from him though in hindsight she doesn’t know her Father any more than she knows Evin LOL.

Jake has his hands bound in iron to keep from using his power but as Cassie goes off with her father she does ask about Jake which kind of negates the whole previous moment?? WTH… if she is herself than why behave that way Evin if she is not herself would she have cared about Jake?? Strange.

Jake wants to know why they didn’t kill Cassie and Evin informs him that Cassie will do that. Hmmm okay.

After the break, Callum tests Lee’s patience as he tells him that he KNOWS that Fay and her friends are witches. He insists that Lee is using Fay but I think that Lee is fighting his every urge to do that very thing despite his ill girlfriend, EVA.

In the woods, Cassie starts to make a weapon out of a stick then points it at her father doubling him over in pain. The whole stick thing was bogus I mean she can use a stick without wrapping it leaves but then again she had no idea what was happening it could have been confusing to her. She then makes a circle around her father using the stick. The entire time she has no IDEA why she is doing what she is doing, we know because she keeps saying it. She is like on auto pilot. She asks him to stop her but he says he has no magic to stop her with and she points the stick at him again suddenly the circle she made is on fire.

In another part of the woods, Evin is about to cut Jake’s throat despite his helpfulness in finding J.B., Jake insists they had a deal. Yeah I doubt that Evin cares about anything but his agenda. It seems according to Evin, Jake’s father had made a deal also but he slit his throat too.

The next thing we see is Evin flying through the air before he lands on a tree branch several feet off the ground. Jake looks stunned. We turned to find that four of the circle have arrived in all their power. I thought that was so cool!!

They unbind Jake’s lock then they turn to find that Evin is gone. I tell you this guy is FUELED by a demon; can’t they tell? He has been through hell and back and still won’t die. You don’t just jump off a tree branch and run away without leaving major skin behind or you KNOW ever.

Back at the bonfire for One, J. B. is telling Cassie to fight the spell. Okay I hate these parts I am not convinced when Cassie is trying to fight something its kinda sad. I think its the facial expressions but otherwise I usually like Britt’s acting.

The others arrive and are able to restore Cassie’s free will to her so she can make herself stop trying to burn her father alive. It takes several tries but it does finally work but she goes over to help her father up and they seem at a loss. Hmm what do you say to someone after trying to kill them? Especially if you don’t know them OR if they are known to be EVIL incarnate LOL.

After the break, five of the six discuss what happened in the forest and how Ethan was terrified of J. B. earlier. They don’t know what to think of him basically. Adam can only speculate based on Ethan’s fear of the other man.

J. B. tells Cassie he lost his powers with the others after the elders stripped them of it. He says he wished they had taken them before that time but I don’t believe him does anyone else? According to him dark magic took all he cared about. HE knows no one will believe he has change and he just wants to keep her safe. She finally tells him the truth about having destroyed the Medallion. He says he wants to stay around to protect her. Where was he before? Cassie thinks that Evin is a witch but J. B. says he is NO witch. I think that is a CLUE. I totally think he is a demon of sorts like connected to the Chance Harbor witches they said all sorts of evil would come if they Bound the Circle. Witch Hunters, Voodoo Priests, Demons and what not….they are on the way. Yet I think Witches can do good why are we having to see that it only comes to EvIL? I don’t like that at all. Of course bad can happen in any town not related to witchcraft, Come on folks lets see some more happy stuff happen for these witches not just Sweaty Hot sex LOL 🙂 I mean one of them doing a spell that does not involve a Hot pizza boy though that was fun !! Hmm maybe the do get what they want but the consequences most times are dire; if only Cassie can just be satisfied for a while there might be some not so tragic episodes.

Lee is in Fay’s room on her arrival. HE says that he will find her another way to get her the power she wants after he breaks the totem. They then share a kiss……ahh so sweet. OH and where is Dawn? OH yes she is probably following poor Jane without her knowledge trying to figure a way to bring her dead crystal back to life. LOL

Back at Lee’s house, Eva awakens but it looks like she can’t move otherwise or maybe she just has NO idea where she is. I wonder how long it has been?

Over at Jake’s, J. B. drops by to thank him for helping Cassie. Jake tells him he cares for his daughter and they agree to protect her together. Hmm so Papa Blackwell is going to be tag teaming with Bad Boy Jake this will get interesting. Will J. B. help Jake and somehow push Adam out of the running? WE will see.

Speaking of Adam, that is where Cassie went off to for her good night hugs….ohh Adam is happy now at least with her snuggled in his arms. It may be only for a moment but it looks like a bit of peace in the night.

Awesome Episode I can’t wait till it returns in March. 🙂
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